Demon Vendetta “Guardians Of The Bitter Sea”

DVendettaNasty Samy gets back to surf rock with this 8 song vinyl. While he used to play bass in HAWAII SAMURAÏ (one of the best French surf bands!), he now uses his guitar to bring us this horror movie influenced project.
This is surf music, but not in a traditional way, think of DICK DALE jammin’ with M.O.D. or The BEACH BOYS partyin’ with Rambo! Surf guitars, punk rock beats and thrash metal riffs altogether is what you get on here. Quite an original recipe and some great moments (“The Force Of Gravity”, “Retaliation Stomp”…) DEMON VENDETTA even offers us their own version of JOY DIVISION’s “Transmission” (here rebaptized “Transmission Mono” as they don’t play it by the book), the song that got me into Ian Curtis’ band back in high-school! Just another proof that a good song can work in many different music styles.
Sometimes not far from the MAN OR ASTROMAN? in their vision of surf music, DEMON VENDETTA created a new monster with this debut release, call it crossover surf, surf metal punk or whatever, but that swampy creature will get you if you let it approach you… /Laurent C.

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