Razorbats “Mainline Rock’n’Roll”

Three years after their album “II”, Norway’s party rockers RAZORBATS offer us 10 brand new songs. Although the opening song is named “Rock’n’Roll Kills”, the band sounds alive and well delivering some fine poppy rock’n’roll with a DARKNESS kind of guitar riff. The vocals and arrangements bring the 00s pop punk scene to mind when you listen to “Working For The Weekend” but “Rebel Soul” and “Big Time” have American power pop roots and “Little Ms. Crazy” sounds like a good old classic rock ballad, not in a cheesy MTV way but more in a D.A.D. vein… On the other hand, if you like your ballads cheesier, then you’ll have to listen to “Venice.” The 80s hard rock influences can also be heard in “The City”, “Nightcrawlers” or in “White Trash Radio” and we get to think of MARVELOUS 3 while listening to “Cocaine Karma.” They say that this new album is a tribute to the rocker lifestyle and we believe them! Just fun rock songs that will sound perfect with the first Spring sunbeams. /Laurent C.

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