Mud City Manglers “Give Me The Hammer”

20 years(!) after their debut album, MUD CITY MANGLERS are back with a new record on Spaghetty Town Records/Beluga Records and Ghost Highway. “Give Me The Hammer” opens the album on a raw punk’n’roll note and things don’t really slow down after this. Names like ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN or NASHVILLE PUSSY come to mind while listening to “The Way It’s Gonna Be” and “Hangover Hurricane” has a bit of GANG GREEN in it. “One Of These Days” and “Bring It Down” are dirty in your face garage punk hits while “Better Off Dead” is a cool mid-tempo heavy rock song. Sometimes the band has a bit of an 80s British punk edge in “Cheater Bar” or in “Armstrong Park.” If you’re more into sleazy rock’n’roll then “One More Mile” will be the one for you. Whether you like NEW BOMB TURKS, GBH or MOTORHEAD, you’ll dig this album, and probably even more if you like them all! /Laurent C.

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