The Hangmen “East Of Western”

One of our favorite institutions still limpin’ along the side of the proud highway, led by the charismatic white trash poet laureate of the emergency room, Bryan Small, and Angelique Congleton, one’s of underground rock’n’roll’s hottest bass-players. For the uninitiated, my condolences, but just imagine a torn and frayed cross between the Sea Hags and Gun Club, with a severe George Jones fetish, who look like somebody’s goth girlfriend got everybody jobs at the small town gas station even though they’re all on probation. While Supersuckers superstar, Ron “Rontrose” Heathman played guitar on their latest CD here, word at the downtown Macon Greyhound station has it that Coma-Tones/Barrio Tiger/Rock City Angels gunslinger, the legendary Jimmy James has returned to reclaim his rightful place onstage, with one of America’s last enduring REAL rock’n’roll bands. Inger Lorre of the Nymphs co wrote a tune on “East Of Western”, so you know it is essential listening. Particularly, if you like Stiv Bators, Lazy Cowgirls, or Motorcycle Boy. All that praise they heap on that over-rated hack Gap pin-up, Ryan Adams ought to be goin’ to Bryan Small, if you ask me. But I’m old-fashioned. (-review by Free)

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