The Hangmen “East Of Western”

One of our favorite institutions still limpin' along the side of the proud highway, led by the charismatic white trash poet laureate of the emergency room, Bryan Small, and Angelique Congleton, one's of underground rock'n'roll's hottest bass-players. For the uninitiated, my condolences, but just imagine a torn and frayed cross between the Sea Hags and... Continue Reading →

The Hangmen “In The City” EP

Bryan Small & The Hangmen are the Witnesses For The Defense. Still scroungy, after all these years. Hard livin' street trash, just barely gettin' by, in that rat's nest apartment above the Mission. Gettin' high, and daydreamin' in the A:M about all the lost loves, and dead friends, again. And you know what they say--that... Continue Reading →

The Hangmen “Lost Rocks”

An import-only, Finnish "Best-Of"...The Hangmen were always one of my favorite bands from the "Metal Years"-the scuzziest, snottiest, most authentic, alley-punks, out of all those scarf wearing, eighties glam-metal bands. Legendary gutter-prince, Bryan Small, has quite a way with his unforgettably familiar storytelling, and S.T.D.-catchy melodies. If you like dirty rock'n'roll, along the lines of... Continue Reading →

The Hangmen

The HANGMEN are just back from a 3 week tour going from Southern to Northern Europe. The perfect time for us to hear Bryan Small talking about this tour, the past and the future of this cult band... How was the audience reaction during this recent European tour? It was pretty good in most countries... Continue Reading →

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