“The House has just passed the largest war budget in US history at over 850 BILLION DOLLARS. Only 80 members voted against it. Where are our priorities? More money for death and destruction while millions are struggling to survive.” (-CODE PINK FOR PEACE)

When it comes to funding the military-industrial complex with obscene amounts of our tax dollars, there is overwhelmingly bipartisan consensus. Too bad the same is not true for healthcare.” (-Medea Benjamin)

“There are differences between Democrats and Republicans in the sense that there’s a difference between punches and kicks. In a kickboxing fight you don’t strategize to be punched so you don’t get kicked, you strategize to KO the one opponent who’s doing the punching and kicking. There’s no valid reason to hitch your wagon to the Democrat-aligned faction in their partisan agendas against the Republican-aligned faction. They’re not doing anything helpful or real. They’re just having friendly tickle fights over the steering wheel of empire. The Democratic Party-aligned mainstream political faction is not functionally different — or indeed even separate from — the Republican Party-aligned mainstream political faction, and it’s crazy how many well-intentioned socialists don’t see this.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“If Sanders had decided to defend a progressive agenda he would have had more power than Manchin. He has proven to be a sheepdogger as Bruce Dixon said and nothing else. I feel for those who believed in him.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“We’re supposed to believe one is slightly less evil. That’s the whole game. Americans have no idea their government is the most corrupt, evil & murderous nation on earth. They can’t even begin to wrap their minds around the amount of corruption in $856 Billion of war spending.” (-Jimmy Dore)

Remember this the next time a bridge fails or a highway washes out in your neighborhood, or part of the 1960s electrical grid goes out, or an airport has to be shut down for safety. Your taxes fund the Empire.” (-Fnordly)

This barely gets a passing comment from the doyens of the American liberal chattering classes which tells me how useless and complicit they are.” (-Lampintheedark)

“Kyrsten Sinema is NOT an independent. She is a corporatist who puts her big money donors over her constituents. A true independent does not take bribes from corporations and billionaires.” (-Ryan Knight)

“By vote of 149-6, UN says Israel must give up its nuclear weapons.” (-Medea Benjamin)

Medea Benjamin on Twitter: “The mammoth 2023 Pentagon budget of $858 billion is more than the combined military budgets of China, India, the UK, Russia, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Japan and South Korea. Little wonder we don’t have a national healthcare system! @codepink” / Twitter

Fiorella Isabel on Twitter: “BREAKING Peru, police in Lima are arbitrarily detaining demonstrators in favor of releasing former president Pedro Castillo. There are reports of beatings. The National Coordinator of Human Rights (Cnddhh) of Peru condemned this move. Protestors demand the right to assemble.” / Twitter

Take Action: Virginia Families Forced to Choose Between Smart Meters or No Power At All • Children’s Health Defense (


Our friend Rick used to say he might release an in depth compilation of all the Comatones stuff on DVD someday but I feel like he gave up the ghost or something caue we were talkin’ about that way back when I wrote for Hit List magazine and that was half a lifetime ago. So yeah I don’t care too much for any of those fake Orange County corporate punk bands or heavy metal namebrands doing their forever tours. I can’t even see how some of ’em manage to milk the same three songs for forty five years but what do I know? All my favorite bands are usually ignored or forgotten, but I keep on loving them just the same. Aside from MAYBE the Beasts Of Bourbon, the COMATONES are my favorite rocknroll band and have been for many years. I met Gio and Divo when I was workin’ on the Sunset Strip, they had on some really cool like patchwork leather jackets from the sixties and like bolero pants and concho belts. I was like whoa, farout man. They were like two twin Jim Morrisons. Nice guys, I liked ’em instantly. I was having rent problems, paycheck problems, girl problems, pedestrian problems and going into seizures problems so I never really got to hang around those guys unfortunately but their big supporters Larry and Tom used to actually go out of their way and make it a point to send me a cassette tape of every new Comatones demo and I’d hype ’em in my fabulous fanzine that only about 25 people read. My buddy Nick made me a cd burn of some old Romeo Cowboy songs and I keep it in the cd player, ya know it’s my go-to on the extremely rare occassion when I get to slip away for a half an hour, and play some loud music. I love the motherfuckin’ Comatones. I don’t really even see the point in discussing many other bands that came after them, I think they said it all and did it all, and the general public were just stupid, and being intentionally poisoned and dumbed down and miseducated and sadly trained by

demonic muzak biz industry dickheads to like awfulshite like Korn and Kid Rock. Man, that’s not my fault-that whole world of warped festivals and nu metal, rap metal, industrial metal, monster mask mook metal, none of that has anything to do with rocknroll. Rocknroll sounds like the Comatones. What if Jim Morrison sang for the Ny Dolls?

$3 Mess – Spanish Song @ Churchill’s 10-31-09 – YouTube

$3 Mess – Only the Angels @ Churchill’s 10-31-09 – YouTube

The Comatones Live @ Churchill’s 9-30-06 – YouTube

The Comatones – Routine Bleeds – YouTube

The Coma-tones – Sexual Intellectual – YouTube

COMA-TONES viper room west hollywood 3-1-1995 a punk concert filmed by Video Louis Elovitz – YouTube

COMA-TONES las palmas hollywood 2-4-1994 a punk concert filmed by Video Louis Elovitz – YouTube

The Coma-Tones – “Extended-Play Forty-Five” Side B – YouTube

$3 Mess – Kick In THe Head @ Churchill”s 10-31-09 ZOOM0005.MOV – YouTube

$3 Mess – Slow Death @ Churchill’s 10-31-09 – YouTube

$3 Mess – Walk Like Johnny Thunders – YouTube


Twitter “Shadow Banning” Is REAL! – Twitter Files Vol. 2 – YouTube

Why is Establishment Media Finally Defending Julian Assange? – YouTube

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “Tired of dehumanizing jobs, soaring costs of living & dire climate future – while our tax $ are wasted on endless war endangering us all? Come build solidarity for direct action & mass mobilization. 12/10, 3pm ET on line & Boston. 12/10 @ccbjustice” / Twitter

Randy Credico Live On The Fly on Twitter: “ICYMI link to today’s Lice on the Fly/ Assange Countdown special @wbai Guests @cmurrayjustice @DrJillStein & @unjoe” / Twitter

Manolo De Los Santos on Twitter: “A small 🧵with much needed context to what’s happening in Peru: The Coup against Pedro Castillo is a major setback for movements in Latin America. He was democratically elected in 2021 with more than 8.8 million Peruvians voting for him (50.13%) against a far-right candidate” / Twitter

“174 Democrats and 176 Republicans just came together to pass an $858 billion war budget for 2023, which is the biggest in history. If you haven’t figured out that both parties exist to preserve our decrepit capitalist and imperialist system then you’re not paying attention.” (-Ryan Knight)

This is why I am done with the fvcking GOP RNC War mongering pigs. I switched from being a lifelong registered Republican to an Independent. As did my wife and 2 voting age children.” (We The People on Twitter)

I left the Democrats and registered independent for the same reason. Both parties are war mongering pigs.” (-Ryan Knight)

The Democratic Party is NOT LEFT. The Democratic Party is a rightwing corporate party of war. Every time people like Elon Musk call the Dems “Left,” they’re selling you the lie that the GOP end of the duopoly is more credible. They’re both trash.” (-Danny Haiphong)

What’s woke about supporting capitalism?

What’s woke about supporting wars and war criminals? What’s woke about supporting the police? Democrats aren’t woke and you’re an idiot if you believe they are.” (-Unholy Rom3 on Twitter)

“There’s a difference as big as the US military+police budget between being woke and actually eyes open awake.”

(-Peace Sells But Who’s Buying on Twitter)

Democrats are actually inching dangerously close to being further right than the right.” (-Alex on Twitter)

“Yes, Twitter censors people + has close ties to the National Security State.

However, now people are not focusing on how SBF is about to get away with a billion dollar Ponzi or how the WHO is about to establish a global biosecurity authority, etc.” (-Whitney Webb)

“Merkel reveals the Minsk Agreement was a stalling tactic that allowed the West to militarize Ukraine as an anti-Russian proxy and fortify it for an inevitable war. I’m struggling to find any coverage or analysis of this remarkable confession in English language mainstream media.” (-Max Blumenthal)

Fiorella Isabel on Twitter: “This needed to happen. A good thing.” / Twitter

The Jimmy Dore Show – YouTube

JOHN KIRIAKOU: The Lies Spies Tell About Assange (

US Intel Lays Out Assange Attack (

John Pilger Describes Being Spied On – YouTube

Whitney Webb on Twitter: “People, including myself, @VanessaBeeley and @AlanRMacLeod , have been reporting on the cozy relationship between social media and the US govt long before the “Twitter files.”″ / Twitter


Everybody’s still mad at Sebastian Bach for the stupid and needlessly reckless shit he did in his superfame twenties, the homophobic t shirt, throwing that glass bottle at a girl’s eyes, but part of me always thought he was doing all that dumb shit to score tough guy cred with his screechy idol, Waxl Rose. I loved “Night Train”, “Mister Brownstone”, “It’s So Easy”, and “Move To The City” as a wayward teen strugggling to escape from the clutches of a corrupt and unholy school to prison pipeline and abusive juvenile corrections sytem in a smalltown tankplant hellhole. Oh yeah, and ESPECIALLY, “It’s So Easy” , I really loved that one cause growing up, I’d always been hated from a young age by dumb motherfuckers who never even knew me, they were just driven to crazy rage that some pretty girls liked me, I was smarter than the sporto lynchmbobs, and refused to get a golf shirt, feathered in the middle Hardy Boys haircut and lobotomy to be more like them. I really initially saw those Indiana Guns as kindred spirits. Maybe Izzy was, but by the time that Waxl started writing all his songs about wanting to beat up fans who took his picture, his supermodel girlfriends, and journalists who did not treat him precisely like the groupies under the table at the Rainbow Bar & Grill, it was pretty clear to me this guy was too much of a dumb, power seeking, typical corrections guard redneck to ever again be confused for a ginger Mike Monroe-ya know? He was a pretty big disappointment. Maybe not as bad as Bono, but bad enough that I was no longer interested in hearing his Nazareth covers Dylan bullshit, really, I mean their “Sympathy For The Devil” made me cringe and Jane’s Addiction were already doing it way better. So yeah full disclosure is I really believed in Guns N Roses when I was sixteen and seventeen, still got at least one well ripped Circus magazine pinup of Izzy and Axl taped to my wall in the cold garage. It reminds me of the time of my life when it felt like for one brief shining moment, I had a chance of escaping a life of fast food drudgery and malls and church on time and court ordered stupid human tricks involving urine tests and being on probation forever cause Judge Judy says white trash males all need to be working, on the clock, scrubbing those urinals for minimum wage, or incarcerated in Gitmo-patriotic abuse gulags, and forced to labor for less than slave wages, forever, Amen. For a minute, way back in 87-89,  we had something, a way out, a band. Some protest songs, girls who made us clothes, famous people saying we should “Move To The City”. Seemed like the kids were united. It did not last long. All the people from middle class backgrounds got soft overnight and yearned for the hot tubs, grills, gas cards and free cable of their easy livin’ mama moolah white family homes in deepest suburbia. A couple of the poor guys were so traumatized by her fuckedup upbringings, that when they saw their chance to make it out, even if it meant breaking up the band, or abandoning the teenage dream, they went for it, married up or went to college, never regretted it, and never looked back and part of me ain’t mad at ’em, to borrow a phrase from Tupac Shakur. About ten of my old rocker friends and one beautiful Depeche Mode girlfriend joined the fucking army. One guy killed somebody and went to jail, he used to be the soundman for summa my former bandmate’s bands. About five of the old crew were murdered, several suicides-mostly, the people who stayed in that torturous place working at factories or gas stations, getting busted again and again for DUI, all that bullshit the sytem does to keep the poor in line. They never get off probation, just keep forkin’ money over to the Man all their days, so yeah, too many of ’em were found dead. Here we are thirty five years later, Axl Rose issues some fake apology to an older woman with black n blue bruises who he busted in the face, while throwing his micstand in the crowd. If you’re a rich guy, people always wanna sue you and get a piece of your fortune, just cause the world is full of scammers and I get that, and this guy’s caused havoc in the past with his crazy behaviors and rage issues and provoked riots and gotten people killed in the frontrow sea of music festival bodie, so I guess he aint got it in him to really experience any sincere regret about harming some lady fan, instead, he goes on his superfame platform, barking about how she should’ve known about his thirty year long mic throwing ritual “tradition”, but since she’s complained to the press, she has ruined it for everybody now, and henceforth, he pledges the firm will no longer pass out picks or shirts ormerch or anything from the stage ever again and it’s all her fault. Axl’s the real victim, you see, she shoulda taken her bruises and thanked him. Rockstars always leverage their superfame against any critics. Emperor’s New Clothes look an awful lot like Korn’s old clothes. That’s what we mean when we say we hate rockstars, or rockstars suck. 

We aint talkin about Tex Perkins or Texacala Jones, or Jim Jones or Gio Vitanza. We’re talkin’ about Me Show babies and aspirant kings on borrowed thrones. I can’t stand any of ’em. Certainly never liked the grungers. Money always, always, always corrupts absolutely, they all lose any ability to empathize with the dirty poors, the dishwashers and riffraffs and unspecials, it’s all about their fucking worship me as a richman egotrip and who needs that shit? Not me, man. I remember laughing when he still had that Chinese Democracy Band, or whatever that shit was, before Duff and Slash came back and they were charging people obscene prices for t shirts and handshakes-not with Axl mind you, but you could buy a $500 fan club package and shake hands with one of his no name employees who helped him perform covers of songs he wrote with GUNS N ROSES, the band, before they became the brand. I tried to like that generic formulaic “Hard Skool” shit-I really did. I liked that Ricahard Fortus guy’s work with Richard Butler in Love Spit Love. I liked Tommy in the Replacements. Mostly, though, anything to do with make a buck capitalism, barking blowhard megalomaniacs in mansions firing people, sports, redneck violence, bullying, the NFL, lawsuits, lawyers, bodyguards, spiritual advisors, badly screeched overplayed covers, glorifying the powerful, bitching about the powerless, that’s the Murkkkan mainstream way-the hot garbage culture of abuse and gaslighting, winner takes all, law of the jungle, might makes right, never sincerely saying you’re sorry for anything, like George Bush-ya know? That’s war machine garbage, not my jam at all. I’m into rocknroll. Izzy said, “Bullshit, they did not want to split the loot equally. Moving on.” I moved on a long time ago. The Heatmeiser is into money, power, and punching people. I’m into like, real rebellion and people who can write songs. I tried watching some heavy metal doc called “Celebrate The Chaos” or something, but about halfway through it flipped into a Duff and Dr. Drew “Just Say No” anti drug, partying is bad but real estate is good commercial, like an Oprah episode, wow, was that ever a drag, talk about bait and switch. Like when Bernie Sanders turned into a Hillarybot Rusiagate Sellout and endorsed Gropey Joe. Now we’re in this whole quagmire in the Ukraine and Murkkkans are all being tricked into cheerleading some bogus proxy wars again. Terrible. I’m not into the Dick Cheney forever wars, not under Obama or Trump or Biden or any of ’em. Not into corporate rockers, either. I guess I kinda still like Duff, only slightly less, only slightly less than I used to. I’d probably go with Alvin Gibbs at this point.

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “Tomorrow is International Human Rights Day. Brace yourself for the height of hypocrisy. The tweets are coming.” / Twitter

The Season Finale Of The Hit Show ‘Proxy War’ (


So yeah like I said previously, I can’t stop listening to “Cactusville”, the Hangmen’s best record in my opinion. I already wrote this paragraph earlier but somehow it vanished so I’m kinda goin’ back and retyping it and it aint gonna be half as spontaneous or heartfelt as it was before, but let’s just say they kept to the code, remained pirates, still fuckin’ rock, when almost nobody else still does. Of the maybe 400 remaining motherfuckers who still remember how to make real rocknroll, four of ’em happen to be in the Hangmen. Bryan Small writes his guttersnipe poetry in the key of alleycat. I love his voice and his songs and his band and that he has kept flyin’ the black flag for freedom all these years. When people compare my singing voice to Bryan Small or Billy Hopeless, heck, I take it as a compliment. Jimmy James is one of the finest guitar players in the sleazy rocknroll underground, you know the COMATONES were the greatest of all time, in my opinion. Maybe even better than the Four Horsemen. The Hangmen and Rank Outsiders and Dramarama are the only bands from USA, USA that have really stayed true to their school, stuck to their guns, never gave a fuck about trends, or fitting in, or chasing the filthy lucre. I love those bands for those reasons, but also, songwriting is important to me. I can listen to “Black Boots” by the Hangmen all day. Jorge E. Disguster hammers the cans like nobody’s business-those kinda heavy pounding, pro cowbell, walloping drummers are harder and harder to find in this day and age. There’s Clem Burke, John  Tyree, Marty E., Pat from Junkyard…see? I’m already running out. DEE POP passed away and he was who I always had in my head to be the drummer when imagining another round on the rocknroller coaster. (RIP) If ya ever heard that guy play with Gun Club or Joey Pinter on that “Blame It On Mom” cover you’ll know why I thought he was just right. Ya know it’s just SHOCKING how many people I dig are on the other side now-ya know? Everybody’s leavin’…just dyin’ suddenly. Everywhere I look, more obituaries, it’s a bummer, man. That’s why it’s important to show your appreciation for these hardknocks rocknroll lifers while they are still here. ya know? The Hangmen are probably my fave band from this country at this point-they’ve made a  lot of respectable records over the years but those songs on Cactusville are all so hard hitting, poignant, they have depth and even some vulnerability. So yeah the Hangmen are IT, babies. They got it all. Angelique’s husband was even a close friend of my dead guitarist KM. I’m under the impression the Hangmen will probably be touring again by the time you read these words I write in early December.

The Hangmen “Downtown” – YouTube

The Hangmen – Rotten Sunday live Harmonie Rockpalast in Bonn Oct. 5, 2021 – YouTube

THE HANGMEN – Man in Black’s Hand [Official Music Video] – YouTube

Death Valley – YouTube

Blue Light – YouTube

Blood Red – YouTube

The Hangmen – “Homesick Blues” – YouTube

The Hangmen Live in Hollywood CA 1992 The English Acid Incedent 60fps HD – YouTube

The Hangman – Live in Los Angeles 1987 [Full Concert] – YouTube


“Jack Dorsey lied under oath about Twitter censoring and shadow-banning users. ” (-Kim Dotcom)

The Democratic Party is first and foremost an anti-communist party. Its first and foremost job is to divert all leftwardly inclined sentiment away from revolution and leftward movement and back toward capitalism and empire. That’s literally its fundamental role. (-Cait Johnstone)

Caitlin Johnstone (@caitoz) / Twitter

Margaret Kimberley on Twitter: “Police shows are #copaganda, all of them. Whether dramas or comedies, regardless of race of the cast,they are Copaganda meant to fool you. People confess to crimes they didn’t commit because of some dumb show they watched. Don’t watch cop shows.” / Twitter

Veritas on Twitter: “@ProudSocialist GENERAL SMEDLEY BUTLER the highest decorated US Marine “I was a muscle-man for big Business a gangster for capitalism” “WAR IS A RACKET conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the masses” What once was public is now private” / Twitter

Press Freedom Champions Renew Call for DOJ to Drop Charges Against Assange (

The Constitution Has Already Been Terminated – Activist Post

The Professional Managerial Class is GASLIGHTING ALL OF US | Premieres at 715PM ET (

New Article, Podcast, Livestream today (

Shocking Details of Zionist Biological Warfare Against Palestinians Exposed (

Or-ly Barlev ~ אור-לי ברלב on Twitter: “Israel’s incoming government is overrun with corruption, headed by an indicted defendant attempting to evade justice, joined by extremists and convicted criminals. Israel is in immediate danger of losing its Democracy. International journalists – Beware of Netanyahu’s lies 👇🏼” / Twitter

Gill Bates on Twitter: “Whitney Webb (@_whitneywebb) dropping so many INSANE bombshells right now on the @jimmy_dore I don’t even know how to summarize this. FBI director being sexually blackmailed for being with minors & other men..” / Twitter

The WEF Reveals The Agenda For Davos 2023 – Activist Post

Sabby Sabs on Twitter: “⚠️”Do any of you have kids… what happens if your kids get sick?” “My wife was hospitalized for 25 days & during that time, I still had to go to work.”⚠️ -w/@railroadworkers” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “Soro Funds Justice Dems | Matt Gaetz on TYT | Tulsi Pushes Grassley | Netanyahu back in Charge | Thom Hartman pushes Russiagate | Biden meddles in Brazilian Election | Joy Reid says GOP taught Americans INFLATION | Joe Biden Confronted” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “AOC is a Tool of the Democratic Party Establishment WATCH NOW –>” / Twitter

“One of the things that happens when ppl go thru class struggle is that a good portion of them get pushed to the left and many get radicalized. Also- the strike itself being heard about changes the folks who hear about it.

The point is to build a larger, more radical movement.” (-Boots Riley)

The Coma-Tones – “Extended-Play Forty-Five” Side A – YouTube

Jack the Ripper – YouTube

he says a lot of important off script, set breaking, adbuster, propaganda challenging stuff in spite of having been married to big boobied, monarch programmed, black magic promoting, occultic popstar Katy Perry. I don’t really trust any of these big famous media professionals, but there is more in depth, well reserached, triple sourced, facts based, scientific method and distrust of known liars happening over at Russell Brand’s cyberspace than anywhere in fakestream CIA/Mossad/WEF controlled pig-media. I’ve been told that universities used to be where people could freely exchange radical ideas, but not anymore. Remember when that honor roll kid got tasered and beaten and arrested and blacklisted for verbally confronting Skull N Boner John Kerry about the fake Jim Baker/Roger Stone/Supreme Court/Diebold exec/Katherine Harris sabotoge of the recount in Florida during the fix is in W Bush selction? They beat a kid and dragged him away for asking too many astute questions of a supposedly elected representative in a college forum setting and Kerry did not stop them proving he is indeed unfit for command but he’s still involved in all the nefarious billioanaire not so secret anymore ongoing plans for a cashless microchip society and ongoing desecration of the Bill Of Rights. You’re not supposed to fear new facts, or real science, or difference of opinion, or people asking childlike questions of authority figures, or free speech. Misinformation and fake news is what the millionaire media class and corrupt politicians do all day while still crushing dissent, hiding evidence, outlawing free speech, and censoring the left. Texas Terri used to say, “NEVER SHUT UP!”

“No One Is Talking About This!” – M.I.A – #043 – Stay Free with Russell Brand (

Russell Brand (@rustyrockets) / Twitter


Last I heard from ole David Roach, he’d gone deep into an undergound truck stop kitchen world. I think Nashville, maybe. I like that guy. He’s blue collar like us, probably more rough and tumble. I dunno if they are on hiatus or what cause I’m proudly locked outta social media by the censor spooks for too much antiwar posting, but JUNKYARD are a mighty, mighty rock band-they make goos records, play wild shows, are totally connected to their fans and run a high quality merchandise booth. That’s the rocknroll dream come true in my eyes. Maybe they aint got helicopters and shit like the Offspring and Guns N Roses, but that one with the people shit is probably why they can still write some great song like “Lifer”, or “Faded” or “Cut From The Same Cloth” or “Last Of A Dying Breed”, whereas Guns N Roses can just remix that awful “November Rain” overstuffed epic hot garbage, and resell the too long, no song, pompous “Use Your Illusion” prog rock disasterpiece again, or drag out some commercial country chick to sing “Sweet Child” for ’em, or release some sub “Spaghetti Incident” halfhearted ripoff punk with a fake English accent ala “Absurd”. Absurd, indeed. They died the day they lost Adler and without Izzy they became a twenty piece bucketheaded sports stadium orchestra performing covers of old Izzy Stradlin songs with some Izzy lookalike. I’m not into it. I understand Duff’s pancreas exploded, but man, they lost any real punk identity decades ago during the supermodel phase with the Kid Rock bling, the bicycle shorts and the dolphin videos. I still like Izzy’s solo stuff okay, but of all the Headbanger’s Ball bands, only Hangmen, Junkyard, Circus Of Power are still vital and alive. Faster Pussycat have done some okay stuff since Danny Nordahl came aboard, I like Greg and Brent though and think it’s sad that Mark Michaels disappeared. I did like the Sea Hangs back in the day. Bands like Vain were just too screechy metal for me. Long live Junkyard!

Junkyard – Live in Austin 1989 [Full Concert] – YouTube

Junkyard – Lifer – YouTube

Junkyard – Faded [ Official Music Video ] – YouTube

Blooze – YouTube

OFFICIAL site for Punk & Rock & Rollers JUNKYARD (

Back On The Streets – YouTube

All The Time In The World – YouTube

Junkyard – Hollywood – YouTube


THE MOONCHASERS -Tribute to The Comatones – YouTube

Cheap Trick with Fred “Sonic” Smith – YouTube

Stocking Stuffer | The Fleshtones (

🇺🇸 Suicide Kings – High ‘N’ Mighty (Full Album 1991, Vinyl) – YouTube

Stella Stray Pop | Facebook

Junkyard – “Misery Loves Company” [Official Music Video] – YouTube

Vicious Kitten Records



SHIPPING NOW: Kill A Punk For Rock & Roll – 1976-2019 Photographs BOOK by Marty Perez – HoZac Records

MTV 🎸 It Came from The 80’s ☆ Heavy Metal 1990s – YouTube

Cosmic Psychos – Fuckwit City – YouTube

“Drunk on Rock Volume Two” Various Artists CD I-94-006 – I-94 Recordings

Cosmic Psychos – Nice Day To Go To The Pub – Live at The Tote 2012 – YouTube

I-94 Recordings 45 Adapter

Cranford Nix “Drinkin’ With Some Angels” vinyl LP I-94-010 – I-94 Recordings

Cosmic Psychos – The Man Who Drank Too Much – YouTube

Cosmic Psychos – Self Totalled (Full Album) – YouTube JIMMY DORE rocks-those other people aren’t even real journalists.

The Stooges – No Fun – YouTube

The Fleshtones (Official) | Facebook

Suzanna Regos, The Fleshtones, at Our Lips Unsealed 8/20/22 – YouTube


I perused some ex friends sleep walking, mantra reciting, teleprompter obeying, official narrative repeating, false virtue signaling, consumer zombie, oligarch trusting, status quo defending Twitter accounts and was so sad to see ’em all falling for every phony baloney DNC fictitious fakenews fabrication-they repost stuff about how Zelensky, Hillary, Bill Gates and Doc Fauchi are coming to save them with GMO foods, Bayer/Monsanto medicines, Bill Gates geoengineering experiments, Bezos and Musk dick rockets to mars, Super Science Warp Speed safe and effective medical breakthroughs, and sensitive shows on cable about toddler celebrity cross dressing, and transkid’s California hormone rights, and Canadian euthansia, and feelgood anti Trumping justice tweeting and P.C. safespace etiquette, and cancelling Chapplelle and Rogan some more and appealing to privileged Gender voters as if Gina Haspel, Liz Cheney, Condoleeza Rice and Hillary Clinton are friends of the poor and oppressed and downtrodden, rather than pants-suited agents of the global finance mafia and endless war empire. It’s mad, absolutely daffy. Goldwater gals like Warren and Clinton make all the gotmines in the beautiful houses feel good about non stop tech surveillence, billionaire control of all media, spies on the news shows selling Pentagon talking points to varying market-groups, etc. etc. When ex progressives like Naomi Klein or Keith Olbermann start pushing pro Nato forever war talking points, it’s easy to see why people are so easily confused. The fraud squad take turns being the lone progressive vote, so nothing changes for the common good of the wokers or the vast majority’s better interest. Rotating villains like Manchin and Synema and the magical mysterious Parlimentarian you never heard of previously are deployed to kill anything that benfits the poor. “Gridlock” except if it benfits weapon makers, oil plunderers, tech billionaires or big pharma. Kyrsten Sinema is Klaus Schwab Davos billionaire controlled hot garbage, but if you are baffled by identity politicks into believing “it’s all good”, so long as some token members of once marginalized demigraphics are in on the class war and outright crimes against humanity, you probably will continue to vote blue no matter who, and cheer for AOC when she helps bust unions, or superfunds the racist police state, or gives more billions to nazis in the Ukraine. When I was a kid, they taught us to judge people by their character, not their body parts or skintone or sexual preferences but appearances and menaingles labels have been weaponized by identity tricksters, race hustlers, empty pro noun peddlers and Thank Obamas. Ruling class tools to divide and divert us and keep us all seperated. You aint no rocknroll rebel if you support the mainstream worldview, cashless society one world government, central banking micochip billionaire agenda. These authoritrians think the people will never see through their wolves in sheep’s clothing bullshit chicanery. Some people are gettin’ hip, though. Child cages and drone assassinations, coups on socialist democracies, mass surveillance and mass incarceration don’t become overnight okeydoke and magically delicious just cause private plane Pelosi who reminds you of your drunk aunt tells AOC to sit down and shaddup. They are all frauds and puppets.It’s up to you to see through the empty tweeting about the politest pro nouns, pretty models reading teleprompters, and media smokescreens.

Indignation as Michigan Judge Drops Flint Water Charges Against GOP Ex-Gov Snyder (

Kyrsten Sinema Leaves Democratic Party, Becomes Independent – Rolling Stone

War Industry ‘Celebrating Christmas Early’ as House Passes $858 Billion NDAA (

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Is this made-up. Are they actors? Folks this is what has been happening in Ukraine for months but your “free press” won’t cover it. This is the character of that regime. But hey, I don’t expect this to move the same people who can proudly support Israel.” / Twitter

70+ Lawmakers Tell Biden ‘You Can and You Must’ Provide Rail Workers Paid Sick Leave (

No. But they’ll keep generating empty headline grabs about it in the humor the Karens, feelgoodist, soothing toned shitlib press, just like they did endlessly under Obomba. Opinion | Guantánamo: Will America’s Forever Prison Finally Close On Biden’s Watch? | Karen Greenberg (

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Man my friend Joey V died and we go back to like the eighth grade together. I loved that kid, missed his funeral, even missed the rebroadcast on the hometown catholic church elementary school web

The Hangmen “East Of Western”

One of our favorite institutions still limpin’ along the side of the proud highway, led by the charismatic white trash poet laureate of the emergency room, Bryan Small, and Angelique Congleton, one’s of underground rock’n’roll’s hottest bass-players. For the uninitiated, my condolences, but just imagine a torn and frayed cross between the Sea Hags and Gun Club, with a severe George Jones fetish, who look like somebody’s goth girlfriend got everybody jobs at the small town gas station even though they’re all on probation. While Supersuckers superstar, Ron “Rontrose” Heathman played guitar on their latest CD here, word at the downtown Macon Greyhound station has it that Coma-Tones/Barrio Tiger/Rock City Angels gunslinger, the legendary Jimmy James has returned to reclaim his rightful place onstage, with one of America’s last enduring REAL rock’n’roll bands. Inger Lorre of the Nymphs co wrote a tune on “East Of Western”, so you know it is essential listening. Particularly, if you like Stiv Bators, Lazy Cowgirls, or Motorcycle Boy. All that praise they heap on that over-rated hack Gap pin-up, Ryan Adams ought to be goin’ to Bryan Small, if you ask me. But I’m old-fashioned. (-review by Free)

The Hangmen “In The City” EP

Bryan Small & The Hangmen are the Witnesses For The Defense. Still scroungy, after all these years. Hard livin’ street trash, just barely gettin’ by, in that rat’s nest apartment above the Mission.
Gettin’ high, and daydreamin’ in the A:M about all the lost loves, and dead friends, again. And you know what they say–that dreaming men are haunted men–big dreamers never sleep, no they don’t. All those old records, traded for dollar bills, outta desperation, to that greedy, smirking, yuppie prick at the “rockabilly” record-store: Sea Hags, Only Ones, Uncle Sam, Johnny Thunders, even that Coma-Tones e.p.! It’s all gone, now. Along with the red hollow body guitar ‘his ex- girlfriend gave him, traded, in a short-sighted impulse, right after the break-up, for drinks, and less than half of one month’s rent. Michael Rank-from Snatches Of Pink, was right, when he said it gets harder and harder, to come by suitable musicians to form rock groups with, as you get older. All your old cronies die-off, give up, get mercenary trying to go pro, or just drown sadly in their I-Me Ego-Shows, proudly dominating control of the channel-changer, alone. Meanwhile, the new people you encounter, most often, in emergency-rooms, bus-stations, and waiting in lines, at various government agencies, don’t always appreciate the subtler nuances of art and poetry, cos they’ve all been force-fed a false bill-of-goods, their whole lives. Desperation makes us meaner, not stronger. Old habits die hard, but dreams die harder. You can’t help but notice how all those people in the expensive cowboy shirts who liked Devil Dogs and Social Distortion so much, seem to own several souped-up automobiles, and their own homes, with all the fat cash they made off their tattoo shop, when they got out of rehab, supposedly, ten years ago. ‘You wanna come over and look at his campy collection of imported religious trinkets, velvet paintings, and vintage jukeboxes? No, me, neither.
THE HANGMEN still make music for those of us who are too broke to even THINK ABOUT paying for new tattoos. On his last album for Acetate Records, “Metallic I.O.U.”, Bryan Small covered the Lords Of The New Church classic, co-written with Tony James from Generation X, “Russian Roulette”, and none other than the Great, Brian James, endorsed this band, on the promo-sticker. This time, he covers Stiv’s “I Will Stay”, and while I’m often particularly critical of groups who all-too-frequently, just desecrate Saint Stiv’s songs; he does it justice, with as much soulful authority, as anyone, besides Michael Monroe. This e.p. was produced by the Poster-Boy Of Reformed Old Reprobates, Mike Ness, who seems a suitable sponsor for these still mangey Hangmen. Every last jack-ass who dyes their hair blue/black has a website, record deal, and hard-luck story, nowadays, but the HANGMEN still live and breathe dirty rock’n’roll. From the gutter, but more importantly, from the heart!


The Hangmen “Lost Rocks”

An import-only, Finnish “Best-Of”…The Hangmen were always one of my favorite bands from the “Metal Years”-the scuzziest, snottiest, most authentic, alley-punks, out of all those scarf wearing, eighties glam-metal bands.
Legendary gutter-prince, Bryan Small, has quite a way with his unforgettably familiar storytelling, and S.T.D.-catchy melodies. If you like dirty rock’n’roll, along the lines of Cranford Nix and the Malakas, the Humpers, Stiv Bators, or the Lazy Cowgirls, this retrospective will melt your hot pants. My favorite era of the Hangmen’s long and colorful career is when blues punk guitar-god, Jimmy James, joined their rascally ranks. Jimmy James, as most of you know, was the relentlessly creative guit-sling for some of the best bands that ever slinked around the Sunset Strip, including Rock City Angels, and the under-appreciated Coma-Tones.
‘Put it this way: I absolutely love the elegantly wasted songwriting genius of the Hangmen, and being a bitter old nowhere songwriter, myself, I hate almost everyone else. He’s got a tinge of that spooky Robert Johnson/Jeffrey Lee Pierce, haunted bluesman thing goin’ on, a dash of the Deadboys/Ramones streetpunk attitude, and more than a whiff of that old outlaw-country eye for detail.
There are few bands left on the scene, who have the unspeakable essence possessed by Bryan Small’s ragged crew of torn and frayed ramblin’ men. Mike Ness produced the Hangmen’s last E.P. for Acetate Records-the essential, “In The City”, reimagining “I Will Stay”, a song I used to think Stiv Bators wrote, with the same potent soul they injected into the Tony James classic, “Russian Roulette”, from the album before that.
There are dozens of black-haired dudes imitating Iggy Pop, and Stiv Bators, but the venerable Bryan Small is a genuine songwriting talent, whose highly memorable tunes are in league with Pat Todd’s very best work. You can even compare much of his material to Tom Waits. He’s very nearly in a category all by himself. I really respect this cat for his songs, and a remarkable roll-call of underground rock’n’roll’s most important statesmen are trotted out, to testify here, on the Hangmen’s behalf, in the handsomely put-together liner notes.
If you’re a haggard old rock’n’roll animal, like myself, all your faves are here: “Bent”, “Rotten Sunday”, “I Luv You”, “Can’t Stop That Train”, “I Wanna Be Loved”, and “Desperation Town”, along with some half-forgotten, or recently unearthed, other gems, aptly-described by the title of this important retrospective.
The booklet-cover is a beautifully rendered parody of an Old Rolling Stones dust- sleeve. A perfect collection of devilishly catchy hits, flawlessly designed to win the hearts and minds, of any late-comers, or young people, who have yet to experience the exceptional punk’n’roll gutter grace of the Hangmen.
If you like the Dogs D’Amour, Keith Richards, Snatches Of Pink, Izzy Stradlin and the Juju Hounds, the NY Dolls, or anything like that, this record smokes most everything else I’ve listened to, in recent years. An instant classic from a class-act.
Lovingly customized for the Real Rock’n’roll People to have and to hold, I’m strongly urgin’ all you motorcycle-punks, sequined strippers, lonesome fugitives, culture-war casualties, street musicians, mohawked drifters, and other dapper no-goodniks, to do whatever you have to do, to track this disc down, and get it playin’ on that boombox, with the busted speaker, and all the old glam band stickers on it, as soon as possible. There is nothing else that will rock you any harder than this. The absolute nazz!!! Would I lie to you?ALSO RECOMMENDED: THE OUT OF PRINT, SELF-TITLED DEBUT, “METALLIC I.O.U.”, “WE’VE GOT BLOOD ON THE TOES OF OUR BOOTS”, “LOTERIA”, and “IN THE CITY”.

(-Anguish Young)

The Hangmen

The HANGMEN are just back from a 3 week tour going from Southern to Northern Europe. The perfect time for us to hear Bryan Small talking about this tour, the past and the future of this cult band…

How was the audience reaction during this recent European tour?

It was pretty good in most countries and it keeps getting better every time we go there. We’ve been there four times before and we’ll try to come back next late summer.

Can you feel a difference about the audience reaction from one country to another?

Yes definitely, but it just depends on the country you know.

I’ve heard about a little problem in Belgium..

That was on the tour before, our drummer got into a bar fight, but things were ok on this tour.

A tour like this is probably exhausting, isn’t it? How about the conditions (food, money…)?

No, not that much. In general, the bands I know get treated better in Europe. The best thing to get good treatment in the States is to open on a tour for a band like SOCIAL DISTORTION for example.

Talking about that, Mike Ness produced your last 7 song CD ; How did that happen? Did you play with SOCIAL DISTORTION before?

Maybe like 6 or 7 years ago, Mike came to our show and he fell in love with the band. he asked me if he could produce the next record, he just wanted to do it and didn’t even want to get paid or anything. I think the result is good.

Your first album was released by Capitol records, yet it seems like they didn’t care much about promoting it outside of the US since it wasn’t easy to find when it was released. How was the situation for the band in the US at that time?

Yeah, I don’t think I even cared at that time. I was very disappointed with big record labels and didn’t like the production on the album. I liked the songs though.

In those days, you were wrongly labelled as a “hair metal band” but you seemed to have blues and punk rock roots, right?

Yeah we were definitely not part of the 90s Sunset Strip bands. The record label was just trying to get as much money as they could.

The band’s line-up has changed through the years. How did you meet Angelique, Rane and Dino?

Rane was in SMACK when they came to L.A and he stayed here. Angelique has been in the band for something like 10 years…

You’ve been working for some time with Acetate records, are you satisfied with their work?

Yes, I am. They let us do what we want to do and don’t change anything about our records. They also help with getting our music on TV and stuff like that.

There’s also a psychobilly band called The Hangmen, doesn’t it bring too much trouble?

Yeah, we own the name but we haven’t pursued any legal action… but that’s something we might do in the future. It’s just annoying for the pictures or when people are looking for information about the band online.

How do you feel about this Internet age? It has changed so much for music…

Yes, it definitely has. I think it’s all for the better. It’s giving the power and the music to the band. It’s healthy in the end. But there’s still no way to fake a good song. If it’s a good song, it’s a good song. You can play it on acoustic guitar or whatever.

You already played and recorded songs from The Flaming Groovies, The Lords Of The New Church, The Rolling Stones and The Lollipops… Any idea of who you’d like to cover on your next releases?

I’m not sure yet. When I hear a song and think that it would be the pefect song for the band to do, then I just choose this song. It has to have a great melody that fits with The HANGMEN. It’s very simple.

Do you still have blood on the toes of your boots?

Last time I’ve checked yes! That’s a funny question…

A few words for your European fans?

I just want to thank everyone that came out to the shows. We had a great time and we hope to see everyone again soon.