16 Ton Rockers “The Vintage Retro Tapes 1977”

16TonFrontGood to hear from our Swedish rock’n’roll friend Spinx B’ Stard (SWINDLE-A-GO-GO, SALVATION STAR BRIGADE, SUICIDE PACT, etc) again. It’s been a while!
Back with 4 punk rock pistoleros, Spinx’s vocals still sound as good as in his previous bands. These guys got together last year, and chose 3 songs among lots of material to introduce the band under its best light:
“Pistol A Go Go” opens in a mid tempo rocker way, with a killer chorus made to seduce all of you HANOÏ ROCKS/SEX PISTOLS fans!
“Somebody Save Me” is probably the most surprising tracks here, a good surprise full of melodies, powerful guitars and vocals sometimes bringing the MANIC STREET PREACHERS to mind.
Last but not least, “All The Fucks” is an in your face ’77 street punk rock’n’roll song which leaves you definitely wanting more… And we want more!/Laurent C.

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