16 Ton Rockers “Limited Edition Deluxe”

We've been following 16 TON ROCKERS since their first demos. Here they are again, back with a 12 song CD under their arm. While songs like "Pistol A Go Go", "All The Fucks" "Shake Riot & Roll", or "On The Other Side Of Midnight" were released before, you'll also find new songs such as "Limited... Continue Reading →

16 Ton Rockers “Shake Riot & Roll/Other Side Of Midnight” (Single)

Swedish rioters 16 TON ROCKERS are back with only two songs, one ("Shake Riot & Roll") was released before on "Kung-Fu Kicks and Recycled Licks", and was re-recorded a bit faster, which underlines the CLASH direct line of descent, although you'll hear a very Johnny Rotten kind of end! "Other Side Of Midnight" is influenced... Continue Reading →

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