Sassy Society “Lipstick Love Affair”

This glam metal band from Hamburg, Germany was founded in 2012, they released a 6 song EP, and now bring us this new 12 song album. The opening song (“Don’t Mess With The Boys”) sounds a bit surprising when the singer tries to hit those heavy metal high pitched notes that makes you look twice if any glass has been broken around. Luckily, “Sassy Time” sounds much better, more melodic, and “Broken Baby” confirms the melodic hard rock direction, in a DOKKEN way, while “Ashley” brings more SKID ROW to mind.
Unfortunately, the Axl Rose impersonation doesn’t work too well on “True Love”, “Game I Play”, and “Black Roses”, the band sounds far better on “Lipstick Love Affair”, definitely the best song on the album ; at least the one you’ll sing after listening to the record.
There’s some good potential here, but SASSY SOCIETY will probably gain a lot when breaking away from their (too) obvious influences./Laurent C.
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