Miss Guy “Dumb Blonde” EP

There must be more than a few Veglam readers who are familiar with the TOILET BOYS, the amazing glam punk band from New York City that litteraly set the world on fire in the early 2000s.
TOILET BOYS’ lead singer Miss Guy has always been busy haunting the colourful NY nightlife before Lady Gaga and SEMI PRECIOUS WEAPONS, even when his band wasn’t doing much. He’s been Dj-ing around and even co-wrote songs with his magnificent mentors Deborah Harry and Boy George. Here he is now with this 5 song solo EP co-written with producers Super Buddah (Barbara Jean Morrison and Charles W. Nieland who wroked with famous names such as Rufus Wrainwright, BLONDIE, SCISSOR SISTERS, Antony & The Johnsons, La Roux…)
Musicwise, you’ll find various influences in these songs, it seems like no boundaries can resist Miss Guy, whereas we’re talking about “Dumb Blonde” and its 70s KISS/Bowie glam rock feel, X guitar riff and modern arrangements or sleazy electro song “Take It Off” that would have worked well as a duo with PEACHES for instance.
You’ll even find some bubblegum pop heavily flirting with the BEACH BOYS in “Magic”, a contemporary sweet soul pop ballad (“Don’t Stop”) and a darker ethereal song (“Sometimes”) to close this EP.
This is a new adventure you shouldn’t be afraid of, c’mon! You don’t even have to bleach your hair to join the party./Laurent C.http://www.missguy.net/Miss_Guy/Home.html

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