Miss Guy

TOILET BÖYS’ flamboyant singer Miss Guy just released a new video for “Don’t Stop”, from his first solo EP “Dumb Blonde”, so we had to ask him a few questions about his solo career, the BÖYS and more.

You released your first solo EP “Dumb Blonde” in January 2012, how was it received by TOILET BOYS fans, the media and other people?
I can’t speak for all Toilet Boys fans of course, but I got some really nice responses from some fans. I don’t think they expected me to do a solo project that sounded like Toilet Boys but they did seem to like the harder, more rock sounding songs on the EP. I got some great reviews as well which was exciting for me since this was my first release on my own.

Tell us about the song writing. Were all the song ideas recent? Did you have the finished songs before recording them?
I started writing about six months after Toilet Boys broke up. I had one idea that came to me on our last tour which is the first song I wrote and recorded called Crying InThe Rain. That’s going to be on my next EP. I did about 20 songs with producers Super Buddha over a five year period.

Have you played these new songs live? If so, who plays with you as a backing band?
Yes, I’ve done a handful of shows and worked with different musicians, trying different things. I’ve worked with Matt Katz-Bohen who plays keyboards in Blondie. He plays guitar in my band along with Dave Purcell on drums and Mike Greco on keyboards. They’re all incredibly talented and it’s great to work with them.

You had the chance to sing with some of your favourite singers (Deborah Harry, Boy George…), didn’t you think about a featuring with one of them on your EP?
I didn’t want my first EP to be about guest vocalists but I’m releasing the song with Debbie next. As for the song with George, he wants to re-record it and release it on his next record.

What are the TOILET BOYS up to? You guys had the chance to open for GUNS N’ ROSES at The Ritz in last February. Can you tell us about this crazy experience?
We haven’t done anything since the Guns N’ Roses gig. We will eventually play more shows and possibly record some new material but as for now, I’m focusing on my solo project. The G N’ R show was hectic leading up to the show but ended up being a fun very fun night.

TOILET BOYS opened for a lot of bigger bands. Any special memory? What do you remember about your European tour opening for The RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS?
It was a highlight for us for sure. They were such nice guys and treated us very well. It was a perfect way to end our run as a touring band. We didn’t know it’d be our last tour when we were doing the tour but things had been brewing for a while and deep down I kind of knew it was over. I’m sure we all did in fact.

What are the best places to hang out in New York these days? Any new band you’ve enjoyed lately?
I like to hang out at Hotel Chantelle. I actually DJ a super cool Thursday night party there. As for current bands, I like Hussle Club a lot. I love Fiona Silver and Neon Music. The Nuclears are a cool hard rock band. I think Breedlove is doing something new and innovative. Shadow Lover are making some fun music too. These are all New York bands and artists that I like. Beyond New York, the list gets too long.

Do you like SEMI PRECIOUS WEAPONS? Were you familiar with Lady Gaga before she got famous?
I love Justin and think he’s a dynamite performer. I’ve seen the band once or twice and he is what I love most about the band. I think they’re talented and play well. I knew who she was though the club scene and we have mutual friends but we never knew each other personally. We’ve met once or twice and she seems very nice. I think she performed at a party I used to DJ at in the mid 2000s. I like her music and what she does quite a bit.

Were you ever asked to perform in Hedwig & The Angry Inch?
No because that was John’s thing. He was great when I saw the show but I never saw it again or with anyone else playing Hedwig. And I have no interest in doing that type of performance, so I’m glad I was never asked.

What about “A Rock’n’Roll Fairy Tale”, the documentary about Jobriath? Are you in?
No, but I was interviewed for the Divine documentary coming out soon. I’m a big Divine fan.

You’re also a DJ. Do you usually have play lists ready or just choose the songs on the spot? Some of your favourite songs to play?
I only have an idea of what I’m going to play if it’s asked of me when I’m hired and that’s usually for corporate gigs or special events. I like to play whatever I feel like hearing and I’m good at reading a crowd, so that usually dominates what I play.

5 favourite albums with blonde singers?
Eat To The Beat by Blondie, Too Fast For Love by Mötley Crüe, the first Runaways record, the first Madonna record and Beauty and the Beat by The Go-Go’s. And Dumb Blonde by Miss Guy of course!

You wrote for a few magazines/websites in the past. Can you tell us about it? Do you still occasionally do it?
Yeah, I’ve done that on and off since the 90s. It’s a fun thing to do once in a while but I didn’t really like doing it regularly. It’s something I prefer to do a few times a year, not weekly or monthly. I still write for a few different magazines. I just did a really silly interview with Debbie for the 35th Anniversary of Punk Globe.

What about the self-portrait pictures you post every day on Twitter? Are they part of an art project or something?
It was something I did about five years ago. I photographed myself everyday for a year starting on my birthday. I decided to do it again since I’m on Instagram now and figured it’d give me a reason to post photos everyday. Sometimes, however, I’m not in the mood or I feel like I look awful so then I do things like wigs or hats or sunglasses and that makes it interesting for me. I love Instagram.

Any plan to come back to Europe?
I haven’t been since last summer and I’m ready to go again. So yes, I suppose I’ll be there at some point in 2013. I love music fans there. They’re so much more open minded than they are in the USA. Rock is dead in America and has been for many years but thankfully it’s alive and well in other parts of the world.


Toilet Boys “S/T” (2001)

Although this is being billed as the boys debut LP I’m fairly certain that ‘Come and Get It’ was released under that same banner a couple ears ago. Indeed the track listing is very similar, including such already well-loved tunes as ‘Another Day In The Life’ and ‘Party Starts Now’. What we also get here though is some very high production values- the whole thing is so polished you can probably see yourself in it.The Toilet Boys aren’t so much a part of the down-n-dirty sleaze revival headed by The Backyard Babies/Buckcherry et al, but, even more unfashionable, real old bubblegum Glam. Think hairspray,spandex, pyro and song titles like ‘Saturday Night’, which also make up most of the lyrics and cover little deeper than drinkin’, rockin’ and fucking. The over-production, keyboard sparkles, love of 80’ssleaze, short-but-sweet songs and cheekily flirtaous lyrics all remind me of Rachel Stamps debut album.The Toilet Boys however are even less afraid to wear their taste defying influences on their rhinestonedsleeves, and where Stamp tone things down and manage to capture the teeny-metaller market, Miss Guy and co. inject touches of Poison, KISS and guitar solos. And all without a trace of irony in the 21stcentury – full marks.

Miss Guy “Dumb Blonde” EP

There must be more than a few Veglam readers who are familiar with the TOILET BOYS, the amazing glam punk band from New York City that litteraly set the world on fire in the early 2000s.
TOILET BOYS’ lead singer Miss Guy has always been busy haunting the colourful NY nightlife before Lady Gaga and SEMI PRECIOUS WEAPONS, even when his band wasn’t doing much. He’s been Dj-ing around and even co-wrote songs with his magnificent mentors Deborah Harry and Boy George. Here he is now with this 5 song solo EP co-written with producers Super Buddah (Barbara Jean Morrison and Charles W. Nieland who wroked with famous names such as Rufus Wrainwright, BLONDIE, SCISSOR SISTERS, Antony & The Johnsons, La Roux…)
Musicwise, you’ll find various influences in these songs, it seems like no boundaries can resist Miss Guy, whereas we’re talking about “Dumb Blonde” and its 70s KISS/Bowie glam rock feel, X guitar riff and modern arrangements or sleazy electro song “Take It Off” that would have worked well as a duo with PEACHES for instance.
You’ll even find some bubblegum pop heavily flirting with the BEACH BOYS in “Magic”, a contemporary sweet soul pop ballad (“Don’t Stop”) and a darker ethereal song (“Sometimes”) to close this EP.
This is a new adventure you shouldn’t be afraid of, c’mon! You don’t even have to bleach your hair to join the party./Laurent C.http://www.missguy.net/Miss_Guy/Home.html