Fuel From Hell “Easier Said Than Done”

Despite the bio saying that this album is a must have for MÖTLEY CRÜE/POISON/QUIREBOYS fans, what we have here sounds more like DOKKEN/GREAT WHITE/GOTTHARD/ WHITE LION or other melodic hard rock acts. Maybe the band was more into sleazy rock when they started back in 1998.
Anyway, the Italian band’s music is pretty solid and songs like “Poison Whiskey”, “House Of Love” or “Some Girls” manage to make you move your feet and head without any difficulty, and a song like “17 & Wasted” reminds me a bit of MADAM X. As far as the guitars are concerned, they also sometimes gets close to 80s OZZY OSBOURNE (“Nowhere In The Night”), so expect the job to be done well.
This album is available from Street Symphonies Records./Laurent C.http://www.facebook.com/fuelfromhell

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