Pleasure Addiction “InDependence”

PLEASURE ADDICTION has been around for a while now in the Parisian rock scene, but they went through several line-up changes over the years. They now have Butcho (HELLECTROKUTERS…) on vocals and the other guys all play in other bands as well: Carvin is one of the guitar players in AESTHESIA, Stuffy plays bass in HIGH-SCHOOL MOTHERFUCKERS and HIGHLIGHT ENEMIES among others, Pamyz is his bandmate in HSMF and Bady plays in SWEET SILENCE. They mostly want to have fun with this band, playing their colourful 80s influenced melodic hard rock in our grey world, and it seems like there’s a good chemistry between the band when listening to this album.
A song like “My Superstar” sounds much better now with this new line-up and if you’re into bands like DOKKEN or XYZ, then you will love “Shout It Out” or “Couldn’t Live Without You.” They sometimes sound more glam on a song like “Saturday Nite” for instance and also go into more melodic territories with “Melody.”
As usual with Shotgun Generation Records, you get a cool colourful booklet with this CD, so get the physical version rather than the downloadable one./Laurent C.

Pompei Nights “Midnight Mistress” Promo Single

Street Symphonies records introduces Swedish band POMPEI NIGHTS with this promo single as they’re going to release their debut album on the Italian record label.
5 young rock’n’rollers who seem to know what they want: playing 80s influenced hard rock with a modern sound. “Midnight Mistress” sounds a bit as if DOKKEN stole Mick Mars from the CRÜE in 1987 and “I Want It” reminds me a bit of bands like LILLIAN AXE.
Musicwise, this is solid and thank God, they don’t have that comedy band image you can unfortunately often see in 80s influenced hard rock bands from Northern Europe these days, so keep your eyes and ears open on what these cats will bring us next!/Laurent C.

Fuel From Hell “Easier Said Than Done”

Despite the bio saying that this album is a must have for MÖTLEY CRÜE/POISON/QUIREBOYS fans, what we have here sounds more like DOKKEN/GREAT WHITE/GOTTHARD/ WHITE LION or other melodic hard rock acts. Maybe the band was more into sleazy rock when they started back in 1998.
Anyway, the Italian band’s music is pretty solid and songs like “Poison Whiskey”, “House Of Love” or “Some Girls” manage to make you move your feet and head without any difficulty, and a song like “17 & Wasted” reminds me a bit of MADAM X. As far as the guitars are concerned, they also sometimes gets close to 80s OZZY OSBOURNE (“Nowhere In The Night”), so expect the job to be done well.
This album is available from Street Symphonies Records./Laurent C.

Dune Hill “Big Bang Revolution”

This Brazilian hard rock band is only 2 years old but already show that they really know what they want. They like their powerful guitar riffs and melodic vocals, reminding of the famous New Wave of British Heavy Metal at times.
The band also sometimes get close to a band like GOTTHARD for instance, and “Soul Love” heads more in the DOKKEN direction. DUNE HILL can also show a more 90s hard rock side during slower songs like “Season”, but don’t worry, solo fans will get their fix too, just listen to the end of “Big Bang Revolution.”
I can’t say that this is my favourite music style, but these 5 songs are quite promising in that genre./Laurent C.