Black Cat Rebellion – Look What The Black Cat Dragged In!

Since BLACK CAT REBELLION’s “Lovers Of The Bizarre” is one of the best albums we have heard these last months, we wanted to know more about them. Singer Brad St. Patrick tells us more about BLACK CAT REBELLION and his impeccable tastes…

There’s not that much information about BLACK CAT REBELLION online. Can you introduce the band?

Black Cat was formed from a plot to make rock n roll dark and dangerous again. We spent the first few years touring as a three piece. We took a short break, recruited a fourth member, and came back mean and have been hitting it hard with an ugly stick.

You’ve just released your new album “Lovers Of The Bizarre”, can you tell us about it and its recording?

The album is made by, for, and about weirdos. Rock n roll was not intended to be appropriated for the conventional.
We consider this our first true album, and for a reason. We gave it everything we had. Every bit of us is in there. The production, the mixing, all of it. We didn’t want a polished eunuch. Unconventional sounds and mixing have given it character. Don Hogle (of The New Void/The Messengers) did a great job of helping us capture that. We chose Rob Bartleson to master because of his recent work with The Cry.

Is the album available on vinyl?

Soon. This album has been entirely self-funded. The shows we play and the merch we sell got us this far. A vinyl release is the next step, funded by those who purchase the disc/download it and come see us live.

Why 9 songs? This is an unusual format for an album.

A couple of reasons. Nine is a number that often appears in supernatural culture and mythologies. Also, we wanted the album to hit hard and fast, and (hopefully) leave the listener wanting more. No filler. Nothing overstays it’s welcome.


You covered SIOUXSIE AND The BANSHEES’ “Love In a Void”, you seem to have influences ranging from punk rock’n’roll to postpunk/goth rock… What bands had a strong influence on BLACK CAT REBELLION?

We love the ones that did it their way. IGGY was hungry and savage. The Cramps were strange and crawled out from under the 50s/60s punk garage. The Rolling Stones were gypsies. TSOL were messed up and morose. Anything Stiv Bator(s) did was frustrated, but honest and fun. The Damned were wild and theatric. Nick Cave‘s words were a slap in the face. Siouxsie had that kind of beauty that would bite if you got too close.
Of course, anything in garage or glam’s shadow worked for us. A lot of first wave/early punk and postpunk/goth is in rotation at home base. The former was great before it came with a uniform and persona. The latter was best before it knew it had a name. Sisters of Mercy, Alien Sex Fiend, Death Cult, early Cure and Gary Numan/Tubeway Army… All that.

You seem to have toured quite a lot in the US. What are some of your favourite cities to play? Best shows to date?

Cincinnati’s scene, Long Beach’s hospitality, NYC was a hell of an experience, Louisville, Chicago, SLC. We did Oranje Art Festival in Indy and felt at home. Drop Dead Fest was a blast. House parties are a guaranteed good time, probably our favorites to play because you can really feel the pulse of the crowd— we’ll take a house party in any city, any time!

Can you tell us a bit about Indianapolis? Best places to see band? Record shops, other cool bands, etc.?

Indianapolis is a pissed off middle child! Punk Rock Night at the Melody Inn is the CBGBs of the Midwest. The HiFi in Fountain Square is great. Hell, that whole area is… Radio Radio, White Rabbit, etc. There’s a lot of great cretins keeping the flame alive.

What are your favourite American bands at the moment?

That’s a tough one… Modern bands? The Lustkillers, The Cry, Biters, The New Void, Wyldlife, We Are Hex, Brothers Gross, Burnt Ones, Lost Tribe, Hunx and His Punx…I’m probably leaving some out. I think I may be European on this question…

5 albums you can’t live without, and a few words about them?

Crossing the Red Sea with The Adverts
It’s everything you wished the Sex Pistols were.

Is Nothing Sacred?” by Lords of the New Church
You can shake and makeout to it. You can also secretly hate the world and what it’s become. 😉

Exile on Main Street” by Rolling Stones
I’m sure everyone knows the history on this one. You can feel it in the songs.

Friend or Foe” by Adam Ant
Glam, new wave, whatever. It’s fun and it has an Oscar Wilde/libertine kinda vibe.

In The Flat Field” by Bauhaus
Powerful and to the point, pushing into the depths of the human psyche.

What’s next for BLACK CAT REBELLION? Any chance to see BLACK CAT REBELLION in Europe?

We’re working on putting together a music video and the vinyl release of “Lovers Of The Bizarre“, of course. Beyond that…who knows?! Lots of touring, I’m sure. If you want to see us live, play the album for others. Where there’s enough of you, we’ll come – U.S., Europe, anywhere! You want more music? Spread the best bad words and keep the flame alive.
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