The Supercopters “Psycho Heroes”

Sometimes you can’t help but judge a book by its cover or a band by its name. Thus, it would be hard for The SUPERCOPTERS to hide their influences. It wasn’t obvious from the start though since these French guys from mustard town Dijon started 10 years ago as a thrash metal band and released two albums under the name BREAKPOINT.
“Psycho Heroes” is the first album from the band taking the new hard rock’n’roll/punk direction.
The guitars follow the path of TURBONEGRO and not too surprisingly The HELLACOPTERS, and you’ll even get a few harmonica and Jerry-lee Lewis piano notes on “Hippie End”. The SUPERCOPTERS sometimes remind me of The JOYSTIX (“She Drinks Gazoline”…) when they get heavier than the typical high-energy rock’n’roll stuff.
You can tell that the band is still experimenting with their new style but it gives birth to a few enlightened moments in songs like “Splashback” or “N.R.A.” for instance. Unfortunately, 13 songs might be a bit too much as the whole thing tends to slightly fade away on the long runn but let’s keep an eye on them before they fly away too high./Laurent C.

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