New Toys “Made In Buffalo”

30 years later, Kevin K (who used to be the band’s drummer!) and friends reunite to record a new album of their first band! NEW TOYS stopped playing in 1982 after 4 years of activity and a relocation in New York City. This is where Kevin and his brother Alan decided to stay and formed The LONE COWBOYS and ROAD VULTURES after the NEW TOYS split.
The band decided to get together again and play a show in last May before thinking of recording songs for an album: 15 songs among which you’ll find 8 new versions of original NEW TOYS tracks, 2 1980 demo songs and 5 live songs.
The songs on which Kevin sings (“Do You Really Know”, “Delirious”,”Talking About You”, “Stay Away” …) are catchy power pop tunes that sometimes get very close to Kevin’s glammy bubblegum punk pop solo songs while the other ones sung by Doug Tyler and Meat Cleaver sound more melodic punk rock’n’roll (“On Our Way”, “Bosco Boy”…) or even pub rock ; “Let Go of My Heart” for instance can sure appeal to any DR. FEELGOOD fans for instance. To top it all, “Running Away” and “Instant Suicide”, the 1980 demo songs are killer early punk tracks that should have become classics in a perfect rock world!
Whether you’re familiar with Kevin’s carreer and works (if you’re not, then you should be!) or not, “Made In Buffalo” is a great way to start where it all came from… The album is available both from Tornado Ride Records (Europe) and RealKat Records (USA.) /Laurent C.

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