Kevin K “and The CBGB Years”

The CBGB was KEVIN K's own rock'n'roll highschool, a classroom in which students would carefully study the RAMONES, the DEAD BOYS and the NEW YORK DOLLS. This is an 18 song live retrospective CD of Kevin (and his brother Alan) K's years in New York City's rock'n'roll temple, from 1984 to 1997. It starts with... Continue Reading →

New Toys “Made In Buffalo”

30 years later, Kevin K (who used to be the band's drummer!) and friends reunite to record a new album of their first band! NEW TOYS stopped playing in 1982 after 4 years of activity and a relocation in New York City. This is where Kevin and his brother Alan decided to stay and formed... Continue Reading →

Kevin K “Tramp Stamp”

Sometimes it only takes one song to tell if an album is going to be good or not though at other times you can also get disappointed when the opening song is the only one worth listening to... It also gets harder and harder when you already released 20 albums before, but here the opening... Continue Reading →

Kevin K

You’re probably used to read KEVIN K CD reviews on this website now. We’ve always wanted to interview him as well because Kevin always has interesting things to say, so the release of his brand new CD “Cool Ways” was the right occasion for us to do so. Enjoy! Tell us a bit about your... Continue Reading →

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