Kevin K “Tramp Stamp”

Sometimes it only takes one song to tell if an album is going to be good or not though at other times you can also get disappointed when the opening song is the only one worth listening to… It also gets harder and harder when you already released 20 albums before, but here the opening song “Tramp Stamp” is not a false promise. Then, “Doin’ Alright” is a dancey catchy song in the typical KEVIN K way and “Just The Girl” is reminiscent of The CLASH despite its obvious RAMONES references so by now, you know that the CD will get into your player again. Melody is always right in the centre of Kevin’s work and that’s why you get songs like “Dreaming Again” or “Wild For You” that get stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Sweet masochism.
Kevin also wanted to make a darker record this time, a mood you’ll find in songs like “Damage Control”, “City Kill”, “Nowhere Safe” (a song with a LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH vibe that was written by Kevin’s brother Alan but that never got released by The ROAD VULTURES) or “Love Crimes”, a complete BLACK SABBATH rip-off in Kevin’s own words!
10 songs and no fillers, this is how I like my albums… Well, 11 songs actually since you’ll find a really cool tribute to The WANDERERS as a “hidden track”./Laurent.

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