Dancing Crap “Commercial Crap” (EP)

This Italian band has chosen quite a weird name and is not afraid of flashy colours and cheap cover art, maybe not too inviting at first, but these 5 songs are worth checking. The two first songs off us some pretty rockin' glam pop punk with a good dose of humour ("Ronnie") and punk rock'n'roll... Continue Reading →

Kurt Baker “Brand New Beat”

First time I ever hear about to Kurt Baker (former LEFTOVERS member), and the name that immediately comes to mind when listening to this album is Butch Walker! Kurt's voice is close to Butch's, and songs like "Don't Go Falling In Love", "Qualified" or "She Can Do It All" could have been on a Butch... Continue Reading →

Kevin K “Tramp Stamp”

Sometimes it only takes one song to tell if an album is going to be good or not though at other times you can also get disappointed when the opening song is the only one worth listening to... It also gets harder and harder when you already released 20 albums before, but here the opening... Continue Reading →

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