Lester And The Landslide Ladies/Kevin K Frantic Tales For The Fast Living Split CD

Distance sometimes seems to be a bigger thing than it really is: Italian power pop trash darlings LESTER AND THE LANDSLIDE LADIES meet American LAMF rock’n’roll world traveller KEVIN K on a record and it’s quite obvious that these guys could easily spend a whole night talking about The RAMONES, The NEW YORK DOLLS, their Polish origins while eating delicious pizza and drinking good French wine!
LESTER AND THE LANDSLIDE LADIES start the party NY punk style with “Fuck Me Mommy”and show us that there’s nothing better than a catchy chorus with “Don’t Wanna Be With You” and “Cherry Stitches”. They say their life is a party and these songs make us realize that they’re ready to rock’n’roll all night with their early KISS ways… and what else could help to cure heartbreak (“All That We Got”, “My Ever Last Yearning”) better anyway?
KEVIN K would never refuse joining such a party and answers back as if the DEAD BOYS were jamming with the DOLLS (“Too Much Too Soon”)! Kevin’s New York days will always be a big part of him as you can hear in “La Vida Loca” or in “If I’m Alive” (a song that would have deserved a guest appearance by Stiv Bators in a perfect world!) but he’s never been against a bit of British punk rock flavour as well (“Crazy Squeeze” and its guitar riff à la The Clash!) Also, Kevin has never been against experimenting a bit with new sounds from time to time, here you’ll find a hard rock meets hip hop influenced song, “Picking Oxycotton” (think FASTER PUSSYCAT’s “Babylon” or AEROSMITH/RUN DMC’s “Walk This Way”) and a quite surprising KATY PERRY cover (“Teenage Dreams”) with Father K as a guest vocalist!
The best split record I’ve heard in a long while!/Laurent C.http://www.tornadoriderecords.com/

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