Kevin K “Broken”

KEVIN K gets heavier with this new album that was recorded in a cold basement in Detroit after living under the sun of Florida. Opening with a heavy metal guitar riff on “Broken”, Kevin then pays tribute to The LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH with a song of the same name made up of a collage of their lyrics. The garage sound gets even dirtier with “Wrong Way To Hell” and its nod to BLACK SABBATH and the mood turns heavier with “The Lost Seahorse.” You’ll also hear a tribute to 70s punk and rock’n’roll fallen heroes in “Prayers Of Life”, some ’77 punk (“Lonely Soul”) and some chaotic punk rock’n’roll with “On The Other Side”. The LORDS‘ ghost appear again in “Right Roulette” and things calm down a bit with the grungy instrumental “Winter 22” before going full SABBATH on “Catacomb Heart.” You’ll even hear some double bass drum on “Truth Is The Sword” and one of Kevin’s favourite covers : “Caught With The Meat In Your Mouth” (DEAD BOYS.) This is quite an adventurous album for KEVIN K who played all instruments on it. His black album for darker ages. /Laurent C.

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