Flashboys “Dyin’ For Somethin’ To Live For”

My wife loves it, my children love it, my dog loves it and I even saw my crazy rabbit dance to it in his cage as soon as he heard the first guitar chords of “Move”.
So, yes this new FLASH BOYS album is loved by all for the simple reason that it is a true marvel, a real pleasure for the brains used to DEAD BOYS, HUMPERS, TURBONEGRO, DOLLS or STOOGES guitar riffs and melodies.
Of course, I must admit that my ears got naturally attracted to the songs in the style of the EASTSIDE SUICIDES, but you can’t blame me ’cause I’ve promised myself to worship this band until my last breath.
Rock ? Glam ? Punk ? Whatever, “Dyin’ For Somethin To Live For” is an intense album without any idle time and no fillings.
I was already impressed with the band’s debut, but the FLASH BOYS have now reached a new higher level (and without disrespecting his predecessor, I think Nick Curran is no stranger to this!) and bring us a work of art that will matter!
If you don’t want to hear my opinion, then just download a song, get married, have children, adopt a nice dog, a psycho rabbit and listen to it loud.
Then, just look around…/Franckie.http://www.myspace.com/theflashboys1972

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