The Soda Pop Kids “Teen Pop Dream”

If I got the band’s approach to this new album well, than I would say that this is about mixing in a subtle way 70s glam with 50s rock’n’roll. It’s a bit like imagining the SODA POP KIDS sneaking into SLADE’s dressing room to steal their clothes before going for a jam with Marty McFly at the Enchantment Under The Sea. Radical change? Not really because even if the punk fever that the SODA POP KIDS had on “Write Home” went down a little bit, the after-effects of this disease that hasn’t been cured very well make of “Teen Bop Dream” a various album that is just amazing. More singings than screams (with class!) this time, these new songs will carry you away with the help of female backing vocals that sound really good.10 little euphoriant pills that will take you high and make Chuck’s suits, Little Richard’s moustache and Brian Connolly’s platform boots turn up around your head… I would naturally think that the talented writer Diet D! is the essential piece of this rock’n’roll machinery, but I can’t think of another way for him to express his talent since there’s such a rare cohesion in this band. This is an obvious 5 piece puzzle even though it wasn’t probably that easy to put them together at first. Don’t make the mistake of not getting this new work of our Portland brats, a “Teen Bop Dream” that makes me think about a Coke bubble spilt on the corner of a bar : a bunch of sparkly, energic, sweet little bubbles that are deteriorating the paint, leaving a trace that you will never be able to clean off… /Franckie.

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