The Yoohoos “Up Goes The Rocket”

Pop punk is always better with some bubblegum added to it, and The YOOHOOS from Germany definitely know about this! This German power trio with both male and female vocals are influenced by GROOVIE GHOULIES, CHIXDIGGIT and 90s indie college rock, but songs like "Hello", "Planet Heart", "Spread The Magic" or "Decisions" could have been... Continue Reading →

The Soda Pop Kids “Teen Pop Dream”

If I got the band’s approach to this new album well, than I would say that this is about mixing in a subtle way 70s glam with 50s rock’n’roll. It’s a bit like imagining the SODA POP KIDS sneaking into SLADE’s dressing room to steal their clothes before going for a jam with Marty McFly... Continue Reading →

Kiria “Let me In” Single

Pink punk princess KIRIA is back with "Let Me In", the third single from her full-length debut album "Radio". "Let me In" deliciously mixes Brit Pop melodies and violins (reminding of MORRISSEY or the MANIC STREET PREACHERS) to bubblegum punk hooks and glam rock handclaps. A great song to start the day with! You'll also... Continue Reading →


England's new candy pop sensation KIRIA is bringing back sexy pop punk with bubblegum hooks and attitude in the UK. She tells us about her debut album “One”, her songwriting and influences.... And you'd better believe her when she sings “I'm not one of those fussy, fussy girls”! Can you introduce yourself? What have you... Continue Reading →

The Soda Pop Kids

The SODA POP KIDS have just released their first and awaited album, a good opportunity for us to know more about this colourful band through their amazing singer Jonny P Jewels. How was the recording of your first album « Write Home »? Recording "Write Home" went exactly how such things are meant to go,... Continue Reading →

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