Idol Lips “Scene Repulisti”

A new 10 song CD by Italy’s best ’77 lovers! I quite enjoyed their first album “Too Much For The City” as well as their 7″ “Love Hurts” so I still had an eye on them and was glad to hear that they had a new release out. You don’t need a musicology degree to see that The NEW YORK DOLLS’ and HEARTBREAKERS’ spirit are still haunting these power pop hearts (“Down By L.U.V.”, “D.T.K.”…) but I certainly won’t complain about it!
There’s something I partuclarly like in IDOL LIPS: They have this very live/raw energy in their sound (“Don’t Want You Around”) and every band knows that it’s not always an easy thing to do in the studio… On this album they also did the right pick by choosing Rik L. Rik’s “Soul Power” and FIRE’s “Rockin’ On a Rock” as covers. I sometimes think of those cool French bands that were around a few years ago like NEUROTIC SWINGERS or The HATEPINKS when listening to IDOL LIPS. They sure have something in common.
Enough talking! Put on your best punk chic outfits, don’t forget your BOYS and DEAD BOYS buttons, get this record and start the party ’cause it’s definitely “More Than Fun”!/Laurent C.

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