Idol Lips “Street Values”

Italian punk rock'n'rollers IDOL LIPS are back with a new album on German record label Wanda Records. Although the band still owes a lot to JOHNNY THUNDERS ("Too Loose"...), you'll hear some obvious TURBONEGRO influences in "Don't Need Your Love", "Waiting To Die Around", or "Too Loud For The Crowd", and the band's snotty spirit... Continue Reading →

Idol Lips “Scene Repulisti”

A new 10 song CD by Italy's best '77 lovers! I quite enjoyed their first album "Too Much For The City" as well as their 7" "Love Hurts" so I still had an eye on them and was glad to hear that they had a new release out. You don't need a musicology degree to... Continue Reading →

Idol Lips

We wanted to know more about those exciting Italian Lips who love their Dolls and like their Boys Dead while singing "Hey Ho Let's Go!". Drummer Dee Blade answered our questions... Can you introduce the band? When did you start and how did you meet? Well, we're the Idol Lips, a punk rock band from... Continue Reading →

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