Idol Lips

We wanted to know more about those exciting Italian Lips who love their Dolls and like their Boys Dead while singing “Hey Ho Let’s Go!”. Drummer Dee Blade answered our questions…

Can you introduce the band? When did you start and how did you meet?

Well, we’re the Idol Lips, a punk rock band from Ceccano, Italy. Mr. Adrian Valentine is the singer, Tony Volume plays Junior TV, and Vale Blade too, Luke Voltage plays bass and Dee Blade is on drums.
We started about four years ago as Idol Lips, but we came from long time attending in various punk rock bands.
How did we meet? There’s not many people who like playing rock’n’roll, and who love Johnny Thunders…so it’s quite obvious that we finally end playing together.

Your NEW YORK DOLLS-HEARTBREAKERS-DEAD BOYS influences are quite obvious. Do you think that real rock’n’roll stopped in the 70s?

Maybe the best, but fortunately there’s someone who try to keep the faith alive…not many more, but someone…rock’n’roll really stopped in New Orleans, on april 23 1991 (this date doesn’t need no explanations…).

You seem to get a lot of inspiration from living in a city. Do you think that writing songs about living in a city is a kind of therapy?… And did you ever get the idea of writing a song about crazy car driving in Italian cities?

Living in a city could really destroy you, you have to know how take care of you, and this is what we put in two fuckin’ minutes of a song. We don’t know if it’s a kind of therapy, but it’s the only way we know to write a song. Everything around us could be an inspiration, good things or bad things, but it is an inspiration.
What about a song about crazy car driving? Nowadays here in Italy there’s a lot of talking about drunk or doped car drivers…but it’s only talking, it’s only media hype…

Your music isn’t really the typical kind of music you can hear from Italy. Is it harder for an Italian rock band to get some recognition in your country?

We’re dead and gone, no time and no interest for recognition now. We played and play a lot of shows here in Italy but there’s no actual recognition; our best experience was out of Italy, when we played some gigs in London as opening and backing band for Rick Blaze and the Ballbusters, from NYC. Guess who was in the audience one night? We met the great Steve Dior from the Idols…wow!!!
At last: ‘The only way you get respect is when you die’ said the Patron Saint of the losers…Italia is spaghetti and mandolino, you know…

Your album was released on an American label. How did that happen? Did you choose the label or didn’t you have any other opportunity to release the album ?

The album first went out on Italian label Bondage Records, only on vinyl, later it was reissued on the American label Zodiac Killer, who asked us to put out a cd version for a US distribution. We’re very satisfied about its sound, it was recorded with 70’s analog equipment, you know, it’s not like being in the Seventies but we tried…

We can read ‘This one is for Johnny and Jerry’ on the cover of your 7′ Love Hurts. What’s your opinion about the NEW YORK DOLLS reunion?

The reggae version of ‘Trash’? Next question please…

Would you have Silvio Berlusconi as a guest for backing vocals on your album?

For sure!!!!!!!!! He’s got the hottest groupies in the world…didn’t see that on tv? Every chick on italian tv has sung at his microphone…and of course he would be better as a singer than politician…

Do you feel close to a band such as TAXI?

We’re close friends from the very beginning, but we think we don’t have not so much musical affinity with them. They’re cool guys but we’re a world apart, lost in NYC ’76-’77.

Any other band you like in Italy?

Not many more…rock’n’roll is a rare thing here. Besides Dissuaders, Taxi and Silver Cocks, you know, the scene is quite distressing…if not dead.

What albums have you listened to today?

We grew up with Heartbreakers, NY Dolls, Dead Boys, Dictators, Ramones…we think we don’t have to name the same names. We left our hearts in New York City…the drugged big apple…

What’s next for IDOL LIPS?

Who can tell??? At first playing playing playing…We’re workin’ on some new cool songs, and we hope to put them out as soon as possible. We have to diffuse the gospel everywhere we can go…it’s a mission. Sooner or later we would like to take part on a Johnny Thunders tribute. That’s all folks, kiss me in italian.

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