Rakel Traxx

These guys from sunny Marseille, France chose Jack Daniel’s over Pastis and are now ready to hit the roads and spread their sleaze rock’n’roll over Europe. Following Roxx Gang and Vain’s steps, we asked them a few questions about the band and the European glam metal scene…

Can you introduce the band? You had some line-up changes lately, right?

Hello!!!! we are RAKEL TRAXX, a French Sleaze Glam band with a mix of 80’s influences and Punk/Metal sounds – We have recently changed our line-up, because we had some trouble with Nikki about his motivation for the band .We have a new bass player named TRICKSTERS since December and we think we‘ll have from now a modern bass sound with him.

Tell us about your album “Bitches Palace”, where did you record it? How many days did it take? Was it hard for you to find a record label to release it? (It’s been released on both French record label Shotgun Generation and US one DemonDoll Records.)

“Bitches Palace” was recorded   at Alien Studio, near Marseille (where we live) it’s a studio owned by a friend of ours. We took a lot of time to record it because we all have jobs besides the band and it was very hard for us to conciliate these two works .We have found with Dom from Shotgun Generation a friend to help us for the distribution of the album, and we were contacted by Demon Doll Records from California one year before our album was released to be distributed in the U.S.A..

How many shows have you played so far? Where? Best memories so far? Worst ones?

Oh yeah I think the best memories are linked to the show in Italy for the opening act of Pretty boy Floyd because for us it was a pleasure to play with this band we all watched on tv when we were young  ,so we have good memories there because Italy is a very ‘rock n roll’ country. We also had good times in Switzerland and Belgium.

There’s been a glam metal revival (in Northern Europe especially) these last years, but I personally think that those bands are often just heavy metal bands with a glam/sleaze image. I wish there was more rock’n’roll into it. You guys seem to be aware of that since your songs have this rock’n’roll/punky element in them…Do you get some interest from Northern Europe?

Yes it’s true all these Scandinavian sleaze bands are more ‘Heavy Metal’ because I think  they keep the influences of their countries, with RAKEL TRAXX we have chosen to have the 80’s influences from bands like Vain, Motley Crue, Cinderella … but with a more ‘Punk Rock and Metal’ side to sound modern. We pay a particular attention to these northern bands because we play in the same categories, but we realize RAKEL TRAXX’s interest lies more in the U.S.A and South America than in Northern Europe.

Don’t you think the boundary between 80s influenced glam metal bands and parody bands (Steel Panther…) is sometimes a bit thin?

Ah ah!! Yes the boundary is very thin, and it’s easy to fall down into parody, but I was at the STEEL PANTHER concert in Paris recently, and I can tell you that they are amazing musicians.

Your 5 favourite 80s glam metal/Sleaze rock albums? Why?

WARRANT – Cherry Pie – for his fun side and for Janie Lane’s voice.
ROXX GANG – Things You‘ve Never Done Before – Because it shows a ‘dirtier’ music, like the FM bands like Motley Crue or Poison.
GUNS N ROSES –Appetite for Destruction – This is the best GNR album, with a decadent and nasty sound.
PRETTY BOY FLOYD – Leather Boys with Electric Toys – It’s the most representative expression of Glam, both in the music and the attitude.
MOTLEY CRUE – Girls Girls Girls – This album is for me the most important Motley Crue album, recorded at the heart of the 80’s glam years.

Any 80s hard rock band that you really don’t like? Why?

I can only speak for myself and not for the whole band : I m not a big fan of DEF LEPPARD  and BANG TANGO for the drums and bass parts ,but above all I think there is WRATHCHILD, whose music I just can’t listen to.

The best shows you’ve seen these last months?

Humm!  I think the best show I’ve seen these last months was VAIN in Italy for everything it reminded me, and it was really a dream because I couldn’t imagine seeing Davy Vain on stage one day.

The ANGELS used to sing “Deal me the card that take my blues away, take me away to Marseilles”… Best things and worst things there?

Ahahah !!  I’ve never taken notice of the lyrics, so I’ll listen to the song 
In Marseille a sleaze Glam scene is emerging ,Every year there is the GLAM FEST event in May, and we have some friends like ENGRAVED or PRIVATE HELL who have a foot in this punk heavy glam music!! So the metal scene is also represented with bands like DAGOBA or ETHS who play in another genre.

I’ve read somewhere that you’re already working on a new album?

Yes it’s true the second album is in preparation, we have already played 5 new songs during our last French tour in March and we had some good feedback about them!!!  I hope we’ll need less time to record it than the first one.

Anything else to add?

Yes we’re actually on tour in France and Italy, Here are the upcoming gigs:

-May 04th @ Theatre Club of Milano (Italy)
– May 05th @ Alle Streghe Pub of Padova (Italy)
– May 26th @ Korigan of Marseille (France)
– June 29th @ Fuzzfest of St Raphael (France)
– July 07th @ The Secret Place of Montpellier (France)

We hope to see you there !!!!!


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