Hellectrokuters “Rock’n’Roll Beggars”

AIRBOURNE probably helped AC/DC influenced rock’n’roll to get back to the top of the bill. Bands playing the good old Angus kind of riffs can be found everywhere around the world nowadays. HELLECTROKUTERS, from Paris, France are a good example of what a band should do when they want to celebrate the power of Australian hard rock’n’roll. Shooting off with songs like “Hey Baby”, “Action” and “My Rock’n’Roll”, it’s quite easy to see that these four guys don’t want to write a new page in the book of music’s history, but would rather have a good time playing rock’n’roll. “Have a good time, all the time!”, right?
It’s actually quite surprising to find Watcha (French nu-metal band)’s singer Butcho fronting this gang, but he’s doing a great job on these 10 songs. Just listen to “Break The Rules” or “Another Night” and “Raised In Hell” (two songs that sound closer to US hard rock.)
“Rock’n’Roll Beggars” seems to have been written to be played live, just how it should be in this style, so don’t make the mistake of not checking it out if you like rawk’n’roll./Laurent C.http://www.hellectrokuters.com

Undercover Slut “Amerikkka Macht Frei” (2009)

From cold Parisian catacombs to hot California sun! This new UNDERCOVER SLUT album was recorded at the Chop Shop studio in Hollywood and this is no surprise, the SLUTS finally have the sound they deserve on CD!
Despite the line-up changes throughout the years, the band still waves the industiral glam punk flag high and never sounded so good with songs like “Shadow Song”, “Anna Nicole Smith” my favourite track on this album or sleazy modern trash song “Dear Dead Prez”.
The band wasn’t afraid to experiment a bit as well on tracks like “Black CNN” and its gangsta rap influences, “Kastration Kar krashes” and its jungle drum beats or “Creature feature” and its electro loop. While the band’s spirit is not that far from The NEWLYDEADS, there’s also a bit of a Marilyn Manson feel in a song like “WHITE WHORE Conspiracy” or a bit of MINISTRY in “What Kinda Lamb Do Ya Think I Am?”.
To complete this dark and decadent party, you’ll find a few guests on this album, people such as Eric Griffin (MURDERDOLLS, SYNICAL…) on “Kastration Kar Krashes”, Teddy Heavens (from L.A’s shock rock kings REBEL REBEL) on “Dali Was A Junkie” and more surprisingly Charles Manson’s son Matthew Roberts on spoken word duet “Jesus Kills! Coroner Saves!”. Sure this was recorded in sunny California but that doesn’t mean you’ll find happy party songs on this album. Singer and lyricist ‘O’ still mixes his dark personal feelings and hate towards the system to social issues like animal liberation.
The best album I’ve heard in that style in a long while!/Laurent C.



Fresh from a killer gig opening for Nashville Pussy carrying a new album “Shattered Idols” under their arm, Parisian hard rockin’ band AESTHESIA tell us a bit more about their history, their new album and the French scene.

Can you tell us a bit of history about the band? When did you guys start? How did you meet?

/JULIEN/ In the beginning of 2005, I remember that Nico & I were really tired about our previous line up which had just blown up, then we tried hard to find the good members, those who really wanted to plays music, not just for fun, but the musicians who want to write songs, play on stage, go on tour… no pain no gain you know what I mean?

/NICO/ Yeah, I remember these times. We decided to leave our tiny town for Paris, the city of lights you know? It’s there that the story really begun. We wanted to build a real rock n’ roll band, you see? It was not possible with all the jerks that were surrounding us in our cheap gloomy town. So we decided to move. At this time, Ox Comrol on bass and Mike Marcia on drums replied to some ad and joined us in Aesthesia. Then Voodoo, that we met at a Velvet Revolver concert, reached the band a little later.

It was when we wrote songs like “Burned Macadam Road”. It’s crazy how this song is still driving the audience crazy. We recorded our first demo, 5 tracks, “Take It As a Last Chance” in 2005, then our first album “Serious Conspiracy” in 2007. We made our first real tour in 2009 in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Begium and France. We had some changes in the band, Johnny Lips came on bass, and, just before recording our new album “Shattered Idols”, Jetblack officially replaced Voodoo on the second guitar.

Tell us about your new album “Shattered Idols”. What is the meaning behind this title? How did you get Thomas Silver (former HARDCORE SUPERSTAR member) and Kenny Hàkansson as guests?

/JULIEN/ The late 90s- 00s Scandinavian scene with bands like Hellacopters, Babckyard Babies, Hardcore Superstar & the youngest Babylon Bombs…. has been a great discovery for me, so far as I remember during the 90s, only bands like Michael Monroe, The Quireboys or the The 69 eyes debut album sounded rock n roll like that, really dirty guitars with funny chorus & looking so great, but saddly a lot of swedish bands were really hard to find in France if you didn’t have a good record shop around.
Also, we had the idea to invite these musicians to this album cos we really like their own bands! J Lips & I, have met Kenny during the Hellacopters “tour before the fall”, we have spent a great time with him after the gig and stayed in contact then, he was ok to play on one song, he’s a really cool & lovely guy! Silver was ok too for playing a solo on the album, unfortunately it was too hard to meet Thomas and we did the recording using the Internet. you know I think Hardcore Superstar is really not the same with Vic Zino, even if he’s a good guitarist, the feeling is not the same now….

/NICO/ The meaning of the title? Well, it means many things. The songs are about people we meet, people that you believe in but in whom you can’t believe. When you open your eyes, you are just fucking alone. They are speaking about betrayals, or all the bullshit some people can tell you, Girls who are not able to make any difference between love and prostitution, bitches I met. You see, it’s like a moment when your naivety ends, you open your eyes, and see things on their true side. You believed in good and beautiful things but everything is fucking wrong. That’s what “Shattered Idols” means.

Nico, your vocals are often compared to Axl’s, are you sick of it or do you just take it as a compliment? What do you think about the new GUNS N’ ROSES?

Well, first, to be honest, I really love what Guns n’ Roses, mean in the 80s and 90s. At first, in the beginning of the band, I was a little sick of this comparison. I tried to change my way of singing, but I realized it was more artificial to try to sing another way than going on like this. Because my voice is like this, that’s all. After all, I think it’s more a compliment than anything else.

You opened for bands like ROSE TATTOO or MOTHER SUPERIOR. What are your best gig memories so far?

/JULIEN/huummm, we played with the Vains of Jenna last year, they’re really cool, we spent some good moments with them in a famous boat in Paris(lol), same with Babylon Bombs with whom we played at a festival, they’re so funny.. I was really sad when I learned that they broke up…We had great moments during the last tour too, at Paunchy Cats, really great audience.

/NICO/ Recently, we opened for Nashville Pussy too. Well, I think it’s one of my best memories. When we came on stage, we were in front of a big audience. Everybody was waiting for what we would show, and they became really crazy as our show was going on. It was such a good feeling. At the end of the show, we signed autographs to the fans with Ruyter Suys. We were joking together, Yes, it’s one of my best memories. Hope to have more like this.

Tell us a bit about the rock scene in Paris nowadays…

/JULIEN/I Think the rock scene in France is doing better since a few years, we started to have several bands which are touring in a lot of foreign countries and play in good places…. and with good songs hahaha, but it’s always hard to sell records and have a good venue to play, even with the Internet, also we need you in the audience everywhere we go.

/NICO/ A few years before, we were alone with Tracy Gang Pussy. Now the scene is growing more and more with new bands like Sticky Boys, Blackrain…. I think it’s a good thing.

How come there’s usually between 300-400 people at the glam metal boat parties in Paris and, on the other hand it’s hard to get 100 people at club-sized gigs?

/JULIEN/Hahaha…. So sad, yes I often ask myself the same question when I m going to “little” clubs in Paris with a good band, there is often less than 50 dudes in the crowd, even if it’s an 80s Glam rock band From L.A. or someone else….where are the boat people??? you could ask the same things with the Guns n’ Roses audience, why did they have more people at Guns n Roses than at Ozzy Osbourne?… don’t know too (stupid guys) I just noticed and it’s important man that a lot of real music fans come from far around Paris and drive a lot of kilometers to come and have fun at concert, no matter if the band is wellknown or not, respect dudes!!!

/NICO/ I think people only go to concerts or parties today to have some fun, listening to songs they already know. They are sure to dance on “Welcome to the Jungle”, “Walk This Way” and “Roots Bloody Roots”… Things like this. Meanwhile, it’s not the same trip to go to a concert of a unknown band or going to a metal boat party. For many reasons. But I have the feeling that things with this kind of parties that the bands and concerts are going to be more attractive too.

Favourite 2010 albums?

/JULIEN/Blackberry Smoke “Little Piece of Dixie” but I think it was released in 2009.
Danko Jones “Below the Belt”.

/NICO/ Maybe “Nightmare” from Avenged Sevenfold.

Favourite show you’ve seen in 2010?

/JULIEN/LA GUNS & Pretty boy Floyd & the Quireboys.

/NICO/ None.

The intro for “Hoodoo Queen” is quite reminiscent of the ROLLING STONES. Keith Richards once said “Everyone talks about rock these days; the problem is they forget about the roll”, what do you think about this quote?

/JULIEN/Rolling costs are very expensive in France because of the gas price, FUCK OFF!!!

/NICO/ Well, about the quote, I would say that everybody’s speaking about Rock, when they speak about leather clothes, new haircut… they try to give their music a kind of attitude, but that’s nothing but fake, you know. Nothing authentic, real. But here we are now! Ah a!

What’s next for AESTHESIA in 2011?

/JULIEN/ we had a lot of great feedback with the album, thank you everybody, we will try to make the best to go on tour and play as much as we can.


Undercover Slut

“Amerikkka Macht Frei” , the new UNDERCOVER SLUT album has been out for a few weeks now. I guess this title could get a brand new meaning in these election times…. The darkest industrial glam punk band from Paris, France recorded this new album in Los Angeles and are now ready to conquer the world. ‘O’ (lead vocals) tells us about it, year 2008 and the future for UCS…

You have a new CD out, can you tell us a bit about it and give us details about the recording? Any anecdotes?

‘O’ : Allelujah! “Amerikkka Macht Frei” is finally out after a million issues, delays & fuckin’ drama! started pre-prod. w/Stevo Bruno, who I chosed for his work on Brides Of Destruction 1st album. Stevo was a cool cat, but way too fucked-up on blow & smack to properly finish “AMF”. Fake started recording his drum parts on Tommy Lee’s drumkit at the Chop Shop, we were supposed to come back to Next Level for the rest of the recording, then fuckin’ Stevo got evicted from LAPD for shooting guns inside Next Level, then everything went downhill. after a while we had to stop working w/Stevo & finally ended up recorded the entire “AMF” album @ the Chop Shop with Chris Baseford (Rob Zombie, Tommy Lee, Genitorturers). As far as anecdotes, Divine played a couple songs on Mick Mars’ Les Paul. Matthew Roberts, Charles Manson’s son came in for a duet with me on “Jesus Kills! Coroner Saves!” after being introduced to me by Marilyn Manson’s ex-girlfriend. It was great recording there at that huge studio. Amazing place, I have great memories of being there!

There’s been some line-up changes in the band, can you tell us about the current members?

‘O’ : The least we could say is there’s been tonsa line-up changes. So much, I don’t even remember who the fuck played in UNDERCOVER SLUT. So far, Divine is the best songwriter ever. Drag is a fuckin’ driving force. Kraze plays drums the way Swiss make Rolex watches! The vibe is all good and that artistic partnership is fuckin’ killer!

Can you talk about the evolution of the band? Some new elements have been added to UCS’ music on this new album.

‘O’ : I don’t see the point of releasing the same album twice. That would be fuckin’ pathetic. Musicwise, I enjoy a million bands, all influences are so diverse, “Amerikkka Macht Frei” is that monster we created on those Hollywood hills.

You have a few guests on the album, how did you get the idea of inviting them?

‘O’ : Teddy from Rebel Rebel is my man, no question about it! I know Eric from Murderdolls/Wednesday 13 fame since early stages of Synical. Matthew Roberts (Charles Manson’s son) was introduced to us by Marilyn Manson’s ex. Nikki Sixx was supposed to make it, but his busy “Heroin Diaries” schedule wouldn’t allow him to guest on “AMF”.

How did you get to meet Dean Karr who took the photos for your album and filmed your video for « Shadow Song »?

‘O’ : Dean Karr belongs to that Chop Shop clique where we conceived our monster known as “Amerikkka Macht Frei”. When it came to the point of finding a video director/photographer, it was a logical step to work with that tinseltown fuckin’ genius!

Your CURE cover « Killing An Arab » finally doesn’t appear on the album. Any chance to see it released on another support?

‘O’ : Patience, “Killing An Arab” should be out on a vinyl format later on in 2K9.

You have this shock rock image and attitude but you also speak out for animals for instance. What kind of reactions do you get from people?

‘O’ : Love and hate. Nothing in between really.

Since year 2008 has just finished, can you give us your own 2008 poll?:

Book of the Year :

“The Hyena & Other Men” by Pieter Hugo

Movie of the Year :

“There Will Be Blood” by Paul Thomas Anderson

DVD of the Year :

“Salo” by Pier Paolo Pasolini (Reissue!)

Show of the Year :

Semi Precious Weapons. @ House Of Blues (L.A., CA.)

Album of the Year :

“Chinese Democracy” by GNR

Song of the Year :

“Beautiful, Dirty, Rich” by Lady Gaga

Album cover of the Year :

None worth mentioning really

Most underrated band of the Year :

Way too many to mention!

Most overrated band of the Year :

same as above

Hottie of the Year :

“…That bomb Iran prepares…”

Motherfucker of the Year :


What about this book you started writing a while back?

‘O’ : “yOur gOd is my whOre” isn’t done yet, didn’t have enough time to finish it yet, will be available soon or later though! My publisher wants to release it, just need enough time to finish the whole drama! It will be worth the wait though…

‘O’ : Promote the hell out of “Amerikkka Macht Frei”, play as many decent shows as possible! A bunch of UCS propaganda toys will be released here and there… All info will be posted on a regular basis both on http://www.undercoverslut.com and http://www.myspace.com/undercoverslut