Highlight Enemies “S/T (EP) + Covers”

This is the new band of Revlon and Suicide from French punk rock’n’roll band TRACY GANG PUSSY. Stuffy (HIGHSCHOOL MOTHERFUCKERS, PLEASURE ADDICTION…) is on bass and the singer Magnus MP comes from Swedish band STARRATS.
Opening song “(As Soon As I Forget) The Bad Times” introduces a band that is mainly influenced by SOCIAL DISTORTION, but the Swedish scene (BACKYARD BABIES, The HELLACOPTERS…) is always in the background too when listening to “Broken Bibles” and “Sick and Broken” (in which you’ll find a cool guitar solo in the Dregen style circa “Total 13”.)
HIGHLIGHT ENEMIES also recorded a few covers for a split record with PSYCHOPUNCH. No big surprise when it comes to the choice of the songs (RAMONES, SOCIAL DISTORTION, The DAMNED, The BOYS, SEX PISTOLS…), but they’re all played well and with a lot of fun, so this is a compilation you should play at your next punk rock’n’roll party!… Paris has never been so close to Stockholm./Laurent C.

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