Hellectrokuters “Rock’n’Roll Beggars”

AIRBOURNE probably helped AC/DC influenced rock’n’roll to get back to the top of the bill. Bands playing the good old Angus kind of riffs can be found everywhere around the world nowadays. HELLECTROKUTERS, from Paris, France are a good example of what a band should do when they want to celebrate the power of Australian hard rock’n’roll. Shooting off with songs like “Hey Baby”, “Action” and “My Rock’n’Roll”, it’s quite easy to see that these four guys don’t want to write a new page in the book of music’s history, but would rather have a good time playing rock’n’roll. “Have a good time, all the time!”, right?
It’s actually quite surprising to find Watcha (French nu-metal band)’s singer Butcho fronting this gang, but he’s doing a great job on these 10 songs. Just listen to “Break The Rules” or “Another Night” and “Raised In Hell” (two songs that sound closer to US hard rock.)
“Rock’n’Roll Beggars” seems to have been written to be played live, just how it should be in this style, so don’t make the mistake of not checking it out if you like rawk’n’roll./Laurent C.http://www.hellectrokuters.com

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