Radiations “S/T”

For some weird reason, I've just recently found out about this '77 punk influenced band from Paris. Unfortunately, they're not around anymore, and this 9 song vinyl record was released in 2008... In the 00s, the '77 punk revival was mostly happening in the South of France, with the Marseille scene (The HATEPINKS, NEUROTIC SWINGERS,... Continue Reading →

The Jones “S/T” EP

The JONES are a new rock'n'roll band from Paris, France, but these guys are no newcomers since Thierry Jones played in BAD LOSERS, Laurent Ciron used to be in the DOGS and the rhytm section Gerard Coulondre and Rudy Serairi also shared stages with quite a few rock bands! 4 songs on black vinyl with... Continue Reading →

Dead Sexy “Rodeo Boys”

French electro-glam-punk band DEAD SEXY are back with 12 new songs wrapped in flashy pink. Now based in Berlin, the runaway boys logically added some sound influences from the capital city of Germany in their music ("Panorama", "Plastik Emotion"...), but they also kept their love for poppy dancey rock'n'roll alive, mixing The STOOGES and BLUR... Continue Reading →

Highlight Enemies “S/T (EP) + Covers”

This is the new band of Revlon and Suicide from French punk rock'n'roll band TRACY GANG PUSSY. Stuffy (HIGHSCHOOL MOTHERFUCKERS, PLEASURE ADDICTION...) is on bass and the singer Magnus MP comes from Swedish band STARRATS. Opening song "(As Soon As I Forget) The Bad Times" introduces a band that is mainly influenced by SOCIAL DISTORTION,... Continue Reading →

Pleasure Addiction “InDependence”

PLEASURE ADDICTION has been around for a while now in the Parisian rock scene, but they went through several line-up changes over the years. They now have Butcho (HELLECTROKUTERS...) on vocals and the other guys all play in other bands as well: Carvin is one of the guitar players in AESTHESIA, Stuffy plays bass in... Continue Reading →


Fresh from a killer gig opening for Nashville Pussy carrying a new album "Shattered Idols" under their arm, Parisian hard rockin' band AESTHESIA tell us a bit more about their history, their new album and the French scene. Can you tell us a bit of history about the band? When did you guys start? How... Continue Reading →

Undercover Slut

"Amerikkka Macht Frei" , the new UNDERCOVER SLUT album has been out for a few weeks now. I guess this title could get a brand new meaning in these election times.... The darkest industrial glam punk band from Paris, France recorded this new album in Los Angeles and are now ready to conquer the world.... Continue Reading →

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