Farewell Dude! The Music Underground Mourns Loss of RIKKI X!

by Anguish Young "All the best art work is on the bottom of a skateboard somewhere." (-David Lee Roth) "Look at the world through the eyes of the weak and vulnerable."(-Dr. Cornel West)"How I hate those dedicated to producing conformity." (-William S. Burroughs) "When will it be official that Obama is nothing but a douchebag... Continue Reading →

Gary Sunshine (is one of Anguish Young’s favorite American artists…)

“It's a disease. Nobody thinks or feels or cares any more; nobody gets excited or believes in anything except their own comfortable little God damn mediocrity.” (-Richard Yates, Revolutionary Road) "It is only the outcasts and the rebels who keep truth and intellectual inquiry alive. They alone name the crimes of the state. They alone... Continue Reading →

Vaseline Tuner (-by Anguish Young)

"The celebrity trolls who currently reign on commercial television, who bill themselves as liberal or conservative, read from the same corporate script. They spin the same court gossip. They ignore what the corporate state wants ignored. They champion what the corporate state wants championed. They do not challenge or acknowledge the structures of corporate power.... Continue Reading →

International Rocknroll Overthrow by Anguish Young…

"There are some bad people on the rise..." (-Morrissey) CORPORATE ROCK STILL SUCKS... Sometimes, it seems like "most people" still don't get it. How consolidated-media exists only to distract the many, from the horrific atrocities of war and to train the ever-dwindling, consumption-oriented, debt-slave middle-class to uncritically worship talentless heiresses and right-wing blowhards and to... Continue Reading →

Sal (Electric Frankenstein)

Our friend SAL from ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN is recovering from major surgery and will be unable to rock for a few minutes, so while he is using his super powers to recover, I call upon all of you in the underground who've been touched by their music, or helped by his generosity, to go to their... Continue Reading →

Twisted Sister “We’re Not Gonna Take It” Wal-Mart Commercial (-the usual, overcaffeinated rant by Geordie Pleathur)

IT'S THE PLUTOCRACY, STUPID!! THE DIVIDED STATES OF EX AMERICA..... "Both Republicans and Democrats have falsely claimed that they have an electoral mandate to cut public spending. They have used all of their collective political will to make this cutback program a reality. In fact, if this were a real democracy, the government would have... Continue Reading →

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