Erotic City Come Alive: Holy Holy PRINCE Raved Unto The Slut Glamtastic by General Labor

"He took it all too far, but boy, could he play guitar..." (-Bowie) "Won't you tell your Dad to get off my back, tell him what we said about 'Paint It Black'..." (-Big Star) "Death is everywhere, there are flies on the windscreen reminding us, we could be torn apart, tonight...come here...kiss me, now...." (-Depeche... Continue Reading →


The Last Show Of Mötley Crüe “Nuit du Long Couteau et du Rêve Américain“ – Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA 31/12/2015

Je n’étais pas vraiment prédestiné à me trouver là ce soir, je n’avais encore jamais écouté un seul titre de Mötley avant les années 2000, et pourtant on est devenus très intimes en peu de temps, ils font désormais partie de ma culture musicale et de chacune de mes visites en Californie. Ce soir c’est... Continue Reading →

“Catch ‘Em While They’re Still Alive!” Roy J. Morgan’s Fifth Annual Johnny Thunders Memorial Concert Saturday, April 26th!!!!

The rocknroll underground was recently shook by the tragic death of Alistarr from the Ultras, Hollywood's coolest glam band; as well, as the sad departure of Detroit Rock City's Pusherman Of Love, Bootsey X. Lots of us rebel rockers, jetboys and mystery girls are still reeling from the loss of such important and much beloved... Continue Reading →

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