Gutter Gospel by General Labor Amerikkka’s Favorite Dishwasher 

The passage of time and all of it’s sickening crimes is making me sad again…” (-The Smiths)

“Anybody that still believes the United States is fighting for Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights anywhere has been hopelessly brainwashed by America.” (-Black In The Empire)

“US politics are so fu@@ked up! @RepMTG has a more anti-war position on Ukraine than@AOC

!!??!! So shameful that the US, under Biden now, continues to link Cuba to terrorism.” (-Medea Benjamin Code Pink For Peace)

“Nobody is helping re-elect Trump more than the Democrats. Their failure to deliver for the people is paving the way for Republicans in 2022 and 2024. Americans are struggling to afford housing, healthcare, and groceries and instead of doing anything about it our government is sending troops to Somalia & $40 billion to Ukraine to fund a proxy war with Russia. Biden is expanding the wars abroad & neglecting our problems at home.” (-Ryan Knight)

“Can’t believe empire managers have the gall to keep babbling about “disinformation” even as they work to extradite a journalist to the United States to defend the empire’s right to lie to us about its war crimes.” (-Cait Johnstone)

“Youtube deleted hundreds of thousands of historical videos from prominent antiwar journalists and activists including Abby Martin, Chris Hedges, and Lee Camp, is demonetizing political content everywhere in an effort to defund antiwar efforts.” (-Suzanne Burrall)

The paternalism & outrageous attempts by big-tech aligned with the U.S. state (is this “disinformation or opinion?) to police speech & thought will forever undermine any critique by the “democratic” West against “communist or socialist” totalitarianism. (-Ajamu Baraka)

“The mass media have been cranking out atrocity propaganda about what’s happening in Ukraine since before the invasion even started, like when they reported in February that Russia has a list of dissidents, journalists and “vulnerable populations such as religious and ethnic minorities and LGBTQI+ persons” who it plans on rounding up and torturing when it invades. Funny how we just completely stopped hearing about that one.

And this is all happening at the same time the western political/media class continues to shriek about the dangers of “disinformation” and the urgent need to strictly regulate its circulation on the internet, even after US officials came right out and admitted that they’ve been circulating disinformation about Russia and Ukraine. I guarantee you none of these completely evidence-free claims will be subject to censorship by the “fact checkers” of social media platforms.

The fact that both Silicon Valley and the mainstream news media have accepted it as a given that it is their job to manipulate public thought about this war tells you everything you need to know about how free and truth-based the so-called liberal democracies of the western world really are. We are being deceived and confused into consenting to agendas that could very easily lead to nuclear armageddon, and if we ever raise our voices in objection to this we are branded Putin propagandists and disinformation agents.

It’s getting very, very bad. Turn around, people. Wrong way.” (-Cait Johnstone)

 “With US media now forced to tacitly admit that the Clinton camp was behind the demented Trump-Russia conspiracy theories they pushed for many years, they’re still downplaying it. The server allegation wasn’t “uncorroborated.” Like everything else Russiagate, it was *fabricated.*” (-Aaron Mate)

“Good morning. The Clinton campaign fabricated a completely false story about Trump having a secret server with a Russian bank. The 2 servile partisan “reporters” who most pushed it —

@FranklinFoer and @NatashaBertrand — have been repeatedly promoted. This has long been known but the proof is emerging now because Hillary’s lawyer is on trial for lying to FBI – ie, they not only planted this disinformation with the press but also with FBI. Hillary’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, says Hillary personally approved the press leak. Hillary’s campaign not only used the media and FBI to spread this lie (FBI investigated and quickly determined it was bullshit), but Hillary herself used Twitter to spread this disinformation in a viral tweet which (of course) remains up with no label. Maybe it’s naiveté, but I just can’t believe that the media outlets that spread all these lies — especially the CIA lie about Hunter Biden’s laptop being “Russian disinformation,” which even NYT/WP/NBC now say is false — just refuse to acknowledge this let alone retract it.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

“Assistant Special Counsel Deborah Shaw told jurors that Sussmann took advantage of his relationships with the FBI and its then-general counsel James Baker to plant data about a potential Trump tie to Russia while hiding the fact that Sussmann was acting on behalf of the Clinton campaign.

“This is a case about privilege … the privilege of a lawyer who thought that for the powerful the normal rules didn’t apply, that he could use the FBI as a political tool,” Shaw said in her opening statement in U.S. District Court. “The defendant lied to direct the power and resources of the FBI to his own ends and to serve the agendas of his clients.”

Shaw said Sussmann and the Clinton campaign hoped that the FBI would jump on Sussmann’s report and launch an investigation that would embarrass Trump as voters prepared to go to the polls.

“It was a plan to create an October Surprise on the eve of the presidential election — a plan that used and manipulated the FBI ……a plan that largely succeeded,” Shaw declared.” (-POLITICO)

 “George W. Bush – war criminal, killed thousands. Donald Trump – war criminal, killed thousands. Barack Obama – war criminal, killed thousands. Joe Biden – war criminal, killed thousands. Bill Clinton – war criminal, killed thousands. Any questions? It’s not that complicated.” (-Lee Camp)

 “In 2002, GW Bush signed into law the Hague Invasion Act. It states the US military can be authorized to literally conduct a military operation in the Netherlands to liberate any US personnel who are brought there on war crimes charges.” (-Lynn Keefe)

“You’re not welcome/To the gated community, We bought the block/But you gotta have cash/If you want one/You gotta bring your soul/You gotta pay the down the money…..

I’m a bit obsessed with what’s happening with these big financial corporations like Blackrock and Blackstone buying up houses, becoming landlords. They pay far beyond a house’s value, putting home ownership even out of the range of the middle class — much less working class.” (-Kim Gordon, one of the o.g. big city, middle class gentrification, brand building empire, altenative-hipsters I always blamed for helping make punk rock unaffordable to working class yobs like me. You should not have to have a college degree to be able to live in a city, or rent a downtown rehearsal space, or have a band. Seems like she gets it, now.)

“Imperialism is bi-partisan – there should be no ‘ifs, ‘ands’ or ‘buts’ to defend Assange!” (-Margaret Kimberly)

“While neglecting dire needs at home, our government is not only sending troops to Somalia & spending $40B on UKR proxy war, it’s also spent -$773 B for the pentagon this year -$21 T for militarization since 2001 In other words, “our” government is working for the MIC, not for us.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“For might makes right, until they see the light, they’ve got to be protected, all their rights respected, ’til someone we like can be elected”. (-Tom Lehrer, “Send the Marines”)

Yes, yes, everybody has some big know it all opinion about everything, everyone’s an expert, cause tv or Twitter, or their navel-studies class or whatevs, but I can’t help but notice how everybody thinks their own shit don’t stink, that their political party are the nice ones, and “the others” are the bad guys. Unforgivable if Trump has border kids in cages, totally woke and scientific and feminist, if Gropey Joe does the same, or doubles or triples the border gulag captive populations. It’s fuckedup when Trump wants to impress Netanyahu and Addelson, says, “hold my beer” and drone kills a general in Iran for kicking their black-ops proxy mercenaries asses outta Syria, but when Gropey Joe does all the same shit with even higher stakes, handing a trillion to the mercenary proxy armies and weapon makers to attempt to overthrow “RUSSIA”, ya’all cool with that, right? Is that one woke and scientific cause they cast a Marvel super hero actor in front of the blue screens? Trotted out fucking long gone over to the dark side, Bono? I’m different from that. First of all, I don’t believe anything I hear from your special tv friend, or tv friend’s special expert advisors, who are always coincidentally, from the CIA or MIC or big-profits pharmaceutical company, so I don’t cancel artists who said something offensive, I still Love Chrissie Hynde who many shitlibs slagged for writing to Trump politely asking him to free Assange. I got problems with all your pinup fakeass liberal postergirls who AIN’T  demanding freedom for Assange. See that? The way you still worship Hillary and Obama and AOC and her Fraud-Squad phonies even though they ALL co sign big bullshit wars based on lies, still complicity mass incarcerate poor people, separate immigrant border families, outright lie everyday, and abandoned every single issue they ever campaigned on? But they’re still your magic happy savior friends cause they in a pants suit? I don’t get that shit, at all. They aint never done anything for you, but look a certain way, or talk pretty, and then, Obey Pelosi AND pivot hard right.  The  shitlib dems are NOT ONLY, NOT PROGRESSIVE, but if you observe their actual voting records, you will see with crystal clear clarity how they are infinitely more aligned with Dick Cheney and yes, all purpose boogeyman Trump, when it comes to  imperialist wars based on lies, the blank check support of Israel to keep it’s boot on it’s neighbors, the KSA mass exterminating dissidents and torturing and killing journalists, the CIA coups of socialist democracies all over Latin Amerikkka and Africa, and superfunding the racist police state here, the squad applauds Gropey Joe saying “fund the police” after an unpopular protest occurred;  than any identity-politricks media paychecks will ever admit, even on their deathbeds. Obama drones teenagers and hospitals, and you thank him for keeping it classy. Obama helps cover up the crimes of BP and the poisoned water of Flint, and you say, well, he’s not Trump. Israel bombs the Associated Press or Al Jazeera building or guns down a universally known journalist and you say, well shucks, golly gosh, but they are “a democracy”. You just mad when some pop culture motherfucker goes off narrative. I still love Exene, Kat Williams, Chappelle, Morrissey. NOT SHOCKED when Lydon, the perpetual contrarian, steps out of his wife’s mansion to shock you. The pop culture mf’s at least all created works of lasting value that enhanced my life. Where is AOC’s or Chelle Obama’s courageous statement? MIA like when she refused to force the vote for universal healthcare but will always help fund iron domes and missles for Ukraine. Morrissey was correct about more shit when I was growing up, than all the headmasters and teachers or professors or experts everybody else trusts to be their conscience. More than anything else, he was right about the songs being the only ones that ever stood by me. Thanks, Morrissey. It was not the bomb, but your songs that brought me and many of my dearest, fondest, heartfelt loves together. He’s still got it.


“I’M OFFENDED” when Kamala Harris jails black parents for teenage truancy. I’m “offended” when she keeps non violent reefer prisoners incarcerated longer to benefit forced labor prison shareholders. That shit “OFFENDS” me. I’m “offended” when Democrats take money from murderous regimes that harm women and children. That “OFFENDS” me. Or how ’bout this one: it insults my intelligence when Jagger is promoting shit he knows is complete illumanati-pop garbage like Youngblud and Machine Gun Kelly as any kind of legitimate rocknroll-now that’s OFFENSIVE! But I probably ain’t ever gonna quit listening to “Beggar’s Banquet” or even, “Some Girls” because of it. I’m “OFFENDED” that Liz Warren called Bernie Sanders a sexist, but provides cover for gross as shit Uncle Gropey Joe. I’m offended the entire big paycheck mass media ignore Biden’s forty year record of supporting racist policing but now lets him lecture anybody about racism as if he’s some kinda civil rights beacon. If you want to be “woke”, you need to stop falling for identity politics bullshit or making excuses for Condoleeza Rice or Kamala Harris, and start paying attention to Margaret Kimberly at Black Agenda Report and Ajamu Baraka from Black Alliance For Peace-that’s genuine article civil rights and anti-imperialist consciousness, rather than bullshit Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima empty-suit tokenism. How you gonna let Uncle Gropey McFakeness bleat on and on about gun control AS IF all his wars all over this world aint involving gun violence and hate symbols and racist as hell? Also, evil, imperialist, and based 100% on total bullshit lies?! Libya provided their people with the highest standard of living on the continent of Africa, so Hillary and Barack killed their leader and called that woke and classy feminism or something. Gaddafi’s people lived better than many Murkkkans. How do college people just stubbornly ignore those irrefutable facts? If you’ve ever endured any kind of like behavior modification bootcamping, you know the screws are trained in not just standard carrot and stick techniques, but they also apply like invisible powers superstition pressuring and endless motherfucking gaslighting. Now when I was growing up, either that wasn’t the trendy self help buzzword it is now, or it was just something in the college textbooks, but nobody gaslights like the US government. Except their big 5 state media. It’s all abusive manipulations now, like Lucy stealing the ball from Charlie Brown. How do we fall for the same old bullshit, every fucking time? By picking teams and ignoring any fucked up shit our hometeam does, and blaming every fucking thing on “the others”. No principles, no conscience, just blindly loyal allegiance to the team you decided to “identify” with. I never seen no college educated property owners with health insurance unpacking no motherfucking privilege-rich white college people are just looking for some hardworking poor person they can berate with their “it’s all YOUR fault” college script, because it shifts attention away from the people really responsible for our collective oppression. THE RICH. You tell Nany Pelosi to unpack her motherfuckin’ privilege, please. Or Hillary “ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha” Clinton and her Saudi friends. If you mostly worry about gender issues, maybe suggest she give those billions she got from the depraved beheader Saudi kings back. No one is more fuckedup to women and poor people than those KSA fuckers, except maybe the US ruling class who hide behind identity politricks marketing models. Bottomline is majority of Murkkkans have been trained to agree with whoever has the most money and power. So when somebody with more money and power than you got, fucks you over, you’re just supposed to eat it, tell yourself it was for science or the public good  or you unpacked your privilege for wokeness and scientific one world government. It’s some fuckedup shit, everybody I know has trauma and Stockholm Syndrome. It’s like TMZ hot potato where we live. People are afraid to do what is right, they just don’t wanna be pummeled or Twitter mobbed for being off script. That fear got nothin’ to do with being woke or wokeness, that is just fear mongering, tyrannical, abuse.Ever feel like you been played, or notice that both the Republicans and Democrats are broadcasting a nearly identical narrative right now? The CNN and MSNBC media whores are still relentlessly hammering away about how Trump’s Qanons perpetuated a big lie by assembling on Capital Hill and breaking that window, while Fox and Breitbart headlines all emphasize how it’s been proven in a court of law that Hillary made up the whole “Russiagate” story, a big lie, if there ever was one. Our ruling class like to keep us focused on red versus blue, he said/she said, boys versus girls, Amber vs Johnny, left versus right ping-pong, so we don’t get wise to the REAL BAD, crooked shit the shady Davos billionaires been cookin’ up for this planet. Then, we might start prioritizing our little issues. Ya know we got big problems and little problems. Corporate police state all up in all our bidness, and non stop big tech censorship of the REAL LEFT? Big problem. Comedian say something we don’t find funny? Little problem. Shitlibs got it all turned around. Threat of WW3? Big problem. Morrissey say something cranky to the NME ten years ago? Not so much. I see you college people all disagreeing, cause you been bamboozled and hoodwinked. Same exact mf’s who we all know lied about Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, ya’all on the edge of yo seat watching their Disney made for tv bullshit about good guys vs badguys in the Ukraine. That’s why we don’t talk anymore. Ya’all invested in the sickfuck status quo forever wars, I’m a big-media boycotting conscientious objector. If you are ever confused about what’s going on, because you know you have been shamelessly lied to, for years, by every pig-media authority figure in the world, and you are mortified that all your so called peers are either oblivious to it all, or just flat-out so impressed with their own comfort and privileges they are plain okey-dokey with all the mass murder and corruption and think tank manufactured unreality pumped 24/7 into their devices by the military industrial complex/billionaire surveillance-tech propaganda juggernaut, just know it’s always money related. Always ask  “who benefits”. In my travels, I was often puzzled and horrified how “some people” were allowed to flagrantly commit these horrifying atrocities and be applauded for them, while less loved motherfuckers did some stupid shit like steal a bicycle when they were eighteen and got hounded for it and punished and excluded from jobs and renting apartments everytime they got background checked, all the way into their late fifties. You know you been brainwashed l.a.m.f. if you are certain that some un-woke speech was violence, but actual violence, real life slaughter of innocents is wokeydoke scientific and diverse, so long as the powers that be sat a row of people of color and diverse pro-nouns peeps behind the city hall conference table, or teleprompter podium. It started with the 700 Club seating women of color next to that old racist evangelical who’d nod along eagerly agreeing that it’s good to mass-incarcerate half the black male population of this country, fore Jesus, and nowadays, it’s full-on batshit crazy, all the time, everyday. Bruce Jenner was a rightwing, offensive, patriarchal oppressor, but TA-DAAA, Cait Jenner is a beautiful and courageous all knowing and all seeing woke scientific guru, or some shit. Nahh. Nothing to do with the Kardashians for me, ma’am. The way the college people feel about some mook comedian like Joe Rogan interviewing off script inventors and scientists, that’s maybe approximately how other people feel about their beloved shitlib politicians lying about healthcare, or all you rubes who praise their fucking holiday decorating wives for being so “educated” and photo op bullshitters who only ever hugged a military widow for the cameras, or posed with some fat kids in front of an organic garden, you gonna thank them for their brave service some more. And stan for sicko billionaires who wanna tear down the rain forest, buy up all the farmlands, occupy entire countries to steal their minerals and control their drug trade, or control your personal choices. What happened to my body/my rules? I knew shit was fucked when all those college gender-focused people agreed it was okay to be groped in the airport, jes cause Michael Chertoff and John Kerry said so. The World Economic Forum and Davos billionaires have admitted in public they plan to force a new world order upon you, but media has tricked you into presuming that’s gotta be a “conspiracy theory”, with all the “Men In Black” and “X Files” programming. Anyone who suggests that events take place beyond your knowledge of control must be a whackadoo conspiracy theorist-even people you trusted in the past like Oliver Stone, now pig-media had convinced you that Lyn Cheney is a sensitive feminist like Hillary, that W Bush is a folksy painter friend of Bono and Chelle’s, and Gropey Joe’s censorship-squad is protecting you from Maga conservative fake news, but this whole country has Stockholm Syndrome. Millionaires and billionaires are not there to help you stay healthy or inform you of world events from the perspective of their victims. Trump’s always been a fat oaf, where you been? So why you act like you STILL so shocked he told a Bush that women will even let him grope their bodies cause he’s rich, but NOT AT ALL, appalled at all the endless footage of videos where Gropey Joe NON-CONSENSUALLY gropes and sniffs all those UNDERAGE childen AND women? See if you really care about women, children, or marginalized  minorities, you’d care about ’em even if your sports-team is “winning”. K? If you love women and children, you can’t also love Madeline Albright who thinks it’s fine to mass murder a million for oil companies. You can’t be mad at Susan Sarandon who still fights to get us poor people access to dental and optical when your Fraud Squad Superstars abandon the cause. If you love poor people, you can’t be mad at Jimmy Dore, who keeps fighting the good fight for us, when Bernie totally capitulated to the corrupt Hillary and Podestas controlled DNC, and even motherfucking endorsed a Libya destroying sicko like Hillary and a Crimebill writing old racist like Gropey Joe. So yeah, I’m different from your Maddow watching shitlibs. I’ll tell you what happened to The Left in this country. People who have to pay to go to college get used to having to memorize official narrative for a grade from an authority figure, and when they leave college with their big debt, the TV becomes their trusted authority figure. They are all too terrified of ever being wrong, or getting a bad grade, or offending an authority figure, they just obey celebrities on tv, rather than follow their own principles. They never had any principles. Just the blind dummy worship of wealth and power. I would not bat an eye if the tv told me tomorrow that Kim Kardashian is running for president and her comedian boyfriend was to be known as the first lady. If Lyn Cheney runs as a Democrat you will probably vote for her. Bloomberg been an oligarchical rightwing prick all his life, but when he overnight put a big D in parentheses behind his bad name, all just to undermine primary support for Bernie Sander’s tax the rich platform, ya’all became Bloomberg Democrats with him. If politics was real, Sanders and the Fraud Squad would not be serving the same interests as the Republicans. Big pharma and weapon makers. And surveillance-tech overlords. I feel bad for the TIK TOK young people, they think this unreality-tv horrorshow is real. Sadly the show behind the show is even worse. Ever notice how all the good and righteous motherfuckers who make a difference for the majority are imprisoned, killed, or die young under mysterious circumstances, but every evil old cannibal s.o.b. gets to live to be 100? If you cared about REAL NEWS you’d be more concerned with FREEING ASSANGE than you are with censoring any motherfucker who said something you found “offensive” or that threatened your worldview. FREE ASSANGE.


SOURCE: John Kerry’s remarks at “The Great Reset: Building Future Resilience to Global Risks,” World Economic Forum,, November 17, 2020, (Remarks begin just before the 26-minute mark.)

“Professor Sheldon Krimsky was a leading critic of the corporate takeover of science. The commercialization of science, especially at the nation’s universities, led to bad and secret science for profit along with political manipulation…” (-Ralph Nader)

RALPH NADER SAID TO READ THIS: Sheldon Krimsky, Who Warned of Profit Motive in Science, Dies at 80 – The New York Times (

“Elon Musk is really doing an incredible job educating the public about how capitalists end up aligning with fascists to maintain their wealth and limit the power of the working classes.” (-Max Berger)


“Late last month, the Joe Biden administration publicly confirmed that a “Disinformation Governing Board” working group had been created within the Department of Homeland Security. The news prompted a flood of concern about the impact of such an Orwellian organ on America.

But there’s no need to engage in hypotheticals to understand the dangers. One has to only consider the past of Nina Jankowicz, the head of the new disinformation board.

Jankowicz’s experience as a disinformation warrior includes her work with StopFake, a US government-funded “anti-disinformation” organization founded in March 2014 and lauded as a model of how to combat Kremlin lies. Four years later, StopFake began aggressively whitewashing two Ukrainian neo-Nazi groups with a long track record of violence, including war crimes.” (-By Lev Golinkin The NATION magazine)

Meet the Head of Biden’s New “Disinformation Governing Board” | The Nation

“It’s catastrophic. While Zelensky is attending Klaus Swaub’s globalist affairs. Not even trying to hide the elitist strings anymore. This whole country needs to mesh itself in REALITY for a change and stand up for a global anti-war strategy. Or we’re going to COOK!” (-Lisa Lowell)

The most blatant and shameless liars from the first term of the Bush/Cheney administration have, revealingly, enjoyed great success in media and journalism. That is because serial deceit is not a liability for a thriving career in corporate journalism but rather a vital asset — provided that the lies are in service of ruling class policies. Tawdry propagandists who helped drive post-9/11 America into a bottomless pit of lies and self-destruction have become the most highly-paid and beloved stars of liberal media. They include:

  • Former Bush White House speechwriter David Frum of The Atlantic and CNN;
  • Bush/Cheney CIA and NSA Director Gen. Michael Hayden of CNN;
  • Ubiquitous amoral neocon warmonger Bill Kristol of MSNBC and various #NeverTrump groups;
  • Al-Qaeda/Saddam conspiracy theorist Jeffrey Goldberg, now editor-in-chief of The Atlantic;
  • The various scumbagscon artistspredator-protectors and fraudsters of the Lincoln Project, drowning in #Resistance cash and frequent MSNBC appearances;
  • Pro-war Florida GOP Congressman Joe Scarborough, now a multi-million host of MSNBC’s flagship morning show and anchor of its corporate brand; and,
  • Rep. Liz Cheney, long-time vocal supporter of her father and now a literal “hero” to American media liberals.

But few Bush-era propagandists have thrived more, made more money, and developed a more devoted and swooning liberal fan base than the official Communications Director of the Bush/Cheney White House and 2004 Bush/Cheney-reelection campaign, Nicolle Wallace. Having catapulted from her work as Jeb Bush’s Press Secretary to the White House to senior adviser to John McCain’s presidential campaign (working for her close friend, Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt, who recently performed one of the most public and sustained nervous breakdowns in the history of the internet), Wallace was always beloved by the DC press corps.

In 2005, when she was named Bush White House Communications Director, The New York Times lavished her with praise, claiming that she “comes from a different mold than the small band of Texans who carry out the White House press policy” and admiringly noted that “she was once fired for being too nice to reporters.” She endeared herself further to corporate journalists by repeatedly sabotaging the McCain campaign from which she was collecting a paycheck, leaking negative stories about McCain and his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (whose selection as Vice Presidential candidate was driven primarily by liberal icons Bill Kristol and Steve Schmidt).

As Wallace — seeing the media’s love affair with Obama — began shrewdly repositioning herself as a liberal, she claimed in 2010 that she did not even vote for McCain due to her misgivings about Palin (a claim which Schmidt repeated about himself for the first time last week during his multi-day psychological erosion). When Wallace published a self-glorifying novel about the first female chief of staff (modeled after herself) to the first female president in 2011, liberal corporate journalists including MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow gushed over it, while The New York Times’ reporter Ashley Parker, now of The Washington Postheralded her as “the tough, savvy and hard-charging conservative political operator” who enjoys a close friendship with CNN’s Dana Bash.

So beloved was Wallace by the corporate press that she was rewarded in 2014 with a highly lucrative contract to be a co-host on ABC’s The View. She then joined NBC News. Quickly adapting to her new role as a Republican who vehemently despised Donald Trump — easily the most lucrative Trump-era archetype —- MSNBC bestowed her with her own afternoon cable show in 2017. She quickly became one of Democratic viewers’ most popular hosts — constantly giving a platform to Schmidt and other Lincoln Project sleaze merchants as part of the #NeverTrump gang, a faction so beloved by corporate media employees that they filled cable green rooms and newspaper op-ed pages while having little to no representation among the actual voting populace. Liberals love Wallace so much that she was given a second hour to host in 2020.

But lurking beneath her perky smile, multi-million-dollar media contracts, gushing liberal fan base and a long list of media admirers is something extremely dark and pernicious. In a swamp of professional liars and sleaze merchants, Nicolle Wallace has distinguished herself easily as one of the most seamless and casual liars in the world of Washington politics and media. She thrived in the Bush/Cheney administration precisely because she was so adept at selling the White House’s deadly lies to liberal corporate media employees, dressing up those lies in a pleasing-to-liberals packaging that she learned from growing up in an extremely affluent Orange County, California neighborhood and then at Berkeley and Northwestern’s School of Journalism. She was the vintage conservative who liberals could love — a smiling sophisticate, someone willing to betray her GOP employers to impress liberal journalists, an amicable young woman touting degrees from the types of schools that impress coastal media elites — and it was virtually inevitable that she would thrive within media corporations that need women who can credibly claim to be conservatives yet appeal to liberal sensibilities and flatter liberal audiences.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

“Our ally Saudi Arabia dismembered a journalist, Israel shot a journalist in the face and attacked her casket and the US plotted to assassinate a journalist and instead kidnapped, jailed and tortured him I’m getting a feeling this talk about the US caring about the press is BS” (-Black In The Empire)

Twitter has published what it calls a “crisis misinformation policy” announcing that it will be actively reducing the visibility of content found to be false which pertains to “situations of armed conflict, public health emergencies, and large-scale natural disasters.”If you’ve been paying attention to the dramatic escalations in online censorship we’ve been seeing in 2022, it will not surprise you to learn that the Ukraine war is the first crisis to which this new censorship policy will be applied.Twitter says that it “won’t amplify or recommend content” found to violate its new policy, and will also attach warning labels to individual tweets and even hide offending content behind a warning label and disable the retweet function on particularly naughty posts.The problem here is of course the question of how to impartially establish whether something is objectively false without it turning into at best a flawed system guided by fallible human biases and perceptual filters and at worst a powerful institution shutting down unauthorized speech. Twitter says it formed its new policy with input from unnamed “global experts and human rights organizations,” and will be enforcing it with the help of “conflict monitoring groups, humanitarian organizations, open-source investigators, journalists, and more.” This will come as no comfort to anyone who’s familiar with the history of propaganda peddling that can be found in every single one of those respective categories.Twitter lists the following examples of the kind of content that will be found in violation of its crisis misinformation policy: False coverage or event reporting, or information that mischaracterizes conditions on the ground as a conflict evolves;False allegations regarding use of force, incursions on territorial sovereignty, or around the use of weapons;Demonstrably false or misleading allegations of war crimes or mass atrocities against specific populations;False information regarding international community response, sanctions, defensive actions, or humanitarian operations.Dorsey’s Twitter Resignation Sparks Fears Of More Internet CensorshipTwitter’s new CEO has given some indications that he has a lot less interest in free speech than his predecessor and is much more favorable to censorship via algorithm manipulation.— Caitlin Johnstone ⏳ (@caitoz) November 30, 2021When Jack Dorsey resigned as Twitter CEO last November, I noted the warning signs we were seeing that his replacement, Parag Agrawal, supported the use of measures which make unauthorized content much less visible than authorized content without eliminating the unauthorized content altogether.”There’s a lot of content out there,” Agrawal said in a 2020 interview. “A lot of tweets out there, not all of it gets attention, some subset of it gets attention. And so increasingly our role is moving towards how we recommend content and that sort of, is, is, a struggle that we’re working through in terms of how we make sure these recommendation systems that we’re building, how we direct people’s attention is leading to a healthy public conversation that is most participatory.”This agenda to “direct people’s attention” toward “healthy public conversation” by controlling how content is “recommended” to viewers echoes the censorship-by-algorithm tactics we’ve seen employed by Facebook, Google, and by Google-owned YouTube. Google has been hiding dissident media in its search results for years, and in 2020 the CEO of Google’s parent company Alphabet admitted to algorithmically throttling World Socialist Website. Last year the CEO of YouTube acknowledged that the platform uses algorithms to elevate “authoritative sources” while suppressing “borderline content” not considered authoritative. Facebook spokeswoman Lauren Svensson said in 2018 that if the platform’s fact-checkers (including the state-funded establishment narrative management firm Atlantic Council) rule that a Facebook user has been posting false news, moderators will “dramatically reduce the distribution of all of their Page-level or domain-level content on Facebook.”Twitter has generally been the most reluctant of the major platforms to exercise censorship on behalf of the empire, which is what has made it a better source of ideas and information than any other major platform. But now we’re seeing the most pernicious form of online censorship, censorship by manipulation of content visibility, take hold there as well.The examples given in Twitter’s new “crisis misinformation” policy sound like preparation for an escalated or wider war— Joanne Leon (@joanneleon) May 20, 2022Censorship by visibility manipulation is the most destructive form of online censorship that exists, because its consequences are both so much more far-reaching and so much less attention-grabbing than the controversial act of banning users from platforms or removing their posts. It’s a kind of censorship that people don’t even know is happening, and it’s happening all over the place.It is deeply disturbing that Silicon Valley megacorporations have simply accepted that it is their job to help the US win a propaganda war against Russia, and how everyone’s just going along with that like it’s fine and normal. Our ability to share ideas and information on the platforms where most people congregate is being increasingly restricted, not on the basis of whether our speech is harmful, or even whether it is true, but on whether it helps or hinders the US propaganda campaign against Russia.Silicon Valley censorship with the Ukraine war is an unprecedented escalation because they’re not pretending to be doing it to protect people from a virus or to safeguard elections or defend the public good in any way. It’s literally just “Well we can’t have people thinking wrong thoughts about a war,” without even really explaining why that’s important in any coherent and sensical fashion.There’s no longer any pretense that the internet is being censored to protect the public interest. It’s just open censorship of information about a war, solely because they take it as a given that it’s their job to control the things people think and say about that war. They’re coming right out and saying yes, we are the platforms you come to in order to share ideas and information with your fellow humans, and yes, we are agents of the US empire. This is a dramatic escalation.’Disinformation’ Label Serves to Marginalize Crucial Ukraine Facts— FAIR (@FAIRmediawatch) May 18, 2022All this public hand wringing about misinformation and disinformation is itself disinformation. They’re not worried about the spread of disinformation, they’re worried about the spread of information. Your rulers are not concerned that you’ll start learning false things about Covid or the war in Ukraine, they are worried you’ll start learning true things about your rulers. That’s what all this fuss is really about.They are locking down our minds and sanitizing our information ecosystem for the protection of the empire. I will keep saying this and saying this for as long as I am able: we’ve got to wake up and stop these bastards before it is too late.

(-Caitlyn Johnstone)

“Shireen Abu Akleh, the Al Jazeera reporter with more than two decades of experience covering armed conflicts, knew the protocol. She and other reporters remained last Wednesday in the open, clearly visible to Israeli snipers about 650 feet away in a building. Her flak jacket and helmet were emblazoned with the word “PRESS.”

There were three shots fired in her direction. The second bullet hit the Al Jazeera producer Ali al-Samoudi in the back. The third shot, al-Samoudi remembered, hit Abu Akleh in the face below the rim of her helmet.

There were a few seconds when the Israeli sniper saw profiled in his scope Abu Akleh, one of the most recognizable faces in the Middle East. The 5.56 mm bullet from the M-16, designed to spin end over end upon impact, would have obliterated most of Abu Akleh’s head. The accuracy of the M-16, especially the M16A4s equipped with the Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG), a prismatic telescopic sight, is very high. In the fighting in Fallujah so many dead insurgents were found with head wounds that observers at first thought they had been executed. The bullet that killed Abu Akleh was deftly placed between the very slim opening separating her helmet and the collar of her flak jacket.” (-Chris Hedges)

“The Essence of Capitalism Is to Turn Nature Into Commodities And Commodities Into Capital. The Live Green Earth…Into Dead Gold bricks…Luxury Items for the Few And Toxic Slag Heaps for the Many… Demoralized Humanity …Kept in Line With Drugs, TV, And Armed Force”. (-Michael Parenti)


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