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GUTTER GOSPEL WITH YOUR HOST GENERAL LABOR: When the murderous billionaires and forever-warpigs and evil empire occultist-techlords meet in secret and pig-media never mentions it; We, The People still fighting for JULIAN ASSANGE; Bon Jovi bassist;  Boys From Nowhere;  Amanda Jones, and More!

“The truth has a habit of reasserting itself” (-Julian Assange)

“If you didn’t care about Hillary and the DNC colluding against Bernie, Big Tech and media trying to block the Hunter laptop story, the Establishment creating Russiagate or Intelligence Agents making up the Russia Bounty story before an election then you don’t care about democracy.” (-Black In The Empire)

“The FCC has turned the 1934 Communications Act into a nullity. The act requires broadcasters to address “the public interest, convenience and necessity” of the public’s right to know. These stations use our public airwaves property for free. Disgraceful.” ( -Ralph Nader)

“Generally speaking, think tanks are institutions wherein academics are paid by the worst people in the world to come up with intelligent-sounding reasons why it would be good and smart to do something evil and stupid.” (-Caitlyn Johnstone)

“”The goal is to use Afghanistan to wash money out of the tax bases of the US and Europe through Afghanistan and back into the hands of a transnational security elite. The goal is an endless war, not a successful war.” (-Julian Assange)

“Heavily armed cops cuff, taser, pepper spray agonizing parents as children were slaughtered – instead of confronting the shooter. This is what militarized policing looks like.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

 “It was the arrogance of the democrat party that thought it could lie to the public to win office & then not deliver anything except war & higher prices that only benefited the agenda of their ruling class funders that is responsible for Biden’s abysmal poll numbers.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“The empire’s oligarchy also lost narrative control in the 1960s. They regained it by recapturing the mainstream media & academic institutions. In the Trilateral Commission’s report “Crisis of Democracy,” they admit that average Americans were not “obeying” as they did before. The co-founder of the Free Thought Project (

@TheFreeThought2) just got a 3-day ban from Facebook for an old post of the “Free Julian Assange” poster from my website. Facebook needs to learn JOURNALISM IS NOT A CRIME!” (-Lee Camp)

“The US government thought police at Twitter locked journalist Danny Haiphong

@SpiritofHo‘s account, threatening to suspend him because he contradicted the Western propaganda narrative on Tiananmen, calling it “abuse”. There is only “free speech” for US regime propagandists here.” (-Benjamin Norton)

 “The US is thinking about “allowing” Europe and Venezuela to trade together. Think about what this story tells us about global power relations and who is in charge.” (-Alan MacLeod)

“A recent article in Politico’s Lockheed Martin-sponsored National Security Daily newsletter featured a quote from an empire think tanker who argued that the tyranny of Saudi Arabia’s murderous crown prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) can be tempered by sending him to seminars.

In “Saudi Arabia shows Biden can’t have it all,” Politico describes an entirely imaginary conflict of presidential interests between a sincere desire to prioritize humanitarian concerns in Saudi Arabia and a need to maintain warm relations with Riyadh to keep oil prices low amid Washington’s economic war against Moscow. I say entirely imaginary because of course the US would happily turn a blind eye to Saudi royals using babies for skeet shooting as long as they continued to advance US fossil fuel interests.

The article features all the usual mundane empire apologia you’d expect from a mainstream publication that is funded by war profiteers (the newsletter was sponsored by Northrop Grumman before Lockheed Martin), but one part stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of sheer foam-brained idiocy. Arguing that the US can advance both its fossil fuel interests and its super important humanitarian concerns, a denizen of the imperial hivemind named Kirsten Fontenrose is cited in the following text (emphasis mine):

Using Saudi Arabia to lower gas prices and secure geopolitical gains doesn’t have to be divorced from human rights promotion if the U.S. molds the wayward crown prince into a moral king.

“Shaping young leaders into the types of decision makers America would like as partners takes mentoring, monitoring and shaping,” said KIRSTEN FONTENROSE, a former top Middle East official on Trump’s National Security Council. “There is no reason we can’t establish something akin to a private seminar series for MBS and the inner circle as well as other young leaders in the Gulf or elsewhere around the globe.”

This quote belongs in a museum somewhere. Seen a lot of bad policy proposals but few match this combination of arrogance (America must teach foreign heads of state how to do their jobs) and futility (as if they’d even attend, let alone be “shaped” by it)

— Gregg Carlstrom (@glcarlstrom) June 5, 2022

So in Fontenrose’s empire-addled brain, the US can simply provide private seminars for not just MBS but other foreign leaders as well, teaching them not to do atrocities and war crimes. And this will reconcile the glaring dissonance between what the US government says it values and what it actually does.

That’s the kind of thinking that gets you made into a top national security advisor in the government with the most powerful military force ever assembled. Indeed, that’s the kind of thinking that runs the empire.

Fontenrose is a Nonresident Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council, a NATO-entrenched think tank that is funded by government entities, the military-industrial complex, fossil fuel companies and plutocrats. When questioned by The American Prospect last year about the fact that the Atlantic Council has received millions from Gulf state monarchies, Fontenrose responded, “Every think tank in Washington gets money from Middle East governments.”

This is true. Generally speaking, think tanks are institutions wherein academics are paid by the worst people in the world to come up with intelligent-sounding reasons why it would be good and smart to do something evil and stupid. Those narratives are then inserted at key points of influence before decision makers and the public, where they are used to help make the world a worse place to live.

AVOIDING ACCOUNTABILITY AND TRANSPARENCY: THE BLOB EDITION – brought to us by @mideastXmidwest & Kirsten Fontenrose

1.) Work for the Atlantic Council, a think tank that receives $1m+ from close Saudi ally UAE & $$$ from UAE state run entities. [THREAD]

— Eli Clifton (@EliClifton) March 22, 2021

This is not the sort of dynamic which lends itself to lucid thinking. Fontenrose’s Atlantic Council bio reads like a recipe for turning a human brain into a cog in the imperial machine: from Harvard to the National Council on US-Arab Relations, to “building relationships with military officers and diplomats from the Middle East and South Asia for the Near East Center for Strategic Studies at the National Defense University,” to positions in the Pentagon and State Department, to Senior Director for the Gulf at the Trump administration’s National Security Council, and then on to the Atlantic Council.

And at the Atlantic Council she shall wait, spewing imperial mouth farts and earning handsome paychecks, until it’s time for the revolving door of the Beltway swamp to usher her back into a government position again.

These are the kind of people who run the world. The imperial machine is packed to the rafters with sniveling power worshippers of this variety, people who choose to spend their lives clawing their way up into positions of influence within the most depraved power structure on the face of this planet, demonstrating their worthiness by their continual willingness to advocate awful things no matter how reckless or stupid.

This is why the world is as it is. The systems which allocate power and wealth elevate the worst among us to the most consequential of positions, where they are then free to act out their own inner misery on the rest of humanity and keep us in a state of suffering and trauma. Nothing will get better until we change those systems.” (-Cait Johnstone)

“So another left journalist with Black Agenda Report & writer, Danny Haiphone is being suspended from twitter. It is getting to a point where this is becoming normal.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“Zelensky told Newsmax this week that 60 to 100 Ukrainian soldiers are killed and 500 are wounded every day. This staggering human toll is the price of his ticket to Cannes, Davos, the Grammys, and a post-presidency golden parachute. Once he negotiates for peace, the gig’s up.” (-Max Blumenthal)

“Independent journalist Danny Haiphong has been suspended from Twitter. Censoring excellent journalists is the last resort of an empire that relies on propaganda to keep its people from rebelling against the sociopaths at the top.” (-Lee Camp)

“If I were in D.C I would be right there. Why are there like two journalists covering this? Shame. These are the fascists hiding in this country.” (-Fiorella Isabel from the Convo Couch regarding so few self proclaimed “journalists” reporting on shady Bilderberg and WEF Great reset agendas)

” There’s no such thing as satiating the bloodlust of woke sociopaths who live to destroy people to compensate for their own lack of self-esteem and purpose.” (-Glen Greenwald)


I grew up in the flyover states but could never wait to get the fuck out and always regretted it whenever I went back to visit, man. For the past twenty years, I even skip funerals. I avoid evil people, places, and things.  Even on days when I got nothing to do, nowhere to go, no money, it’s triple digit heat barin’ down on me and most of my most cherished loved ones are estranged or long long gone, I still wake up everyday thanking the God of my understanding that at least I ain’t in the white baseball capped, drive through brainwash states where they manufacture the dumbfuck fuckin’ future rent-a-kkkip fratboys. I remember being like twelve years old and loving that Talking Heads song about the midwest “The Big Country” because the lyrics: “I wouldn’t live there if you paid me to.” People who stay there are insane, to me. No, really, like you can’t even talk to ’em. They really do actually sit around and watch tv shows like “COPS” and “Coach” and “Frazier” and “Seinfeld” and “Friends”. Their dads all love Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity and they all wanna be white truck washin’, patio grillin’ racist old curmudgeons like their FOX watching golfer dads. One of the only real kool bands that came outta that part of the country was BOYS FROM NOWHERE. How good is this shit? Play this loud! That vocalist Mick Divvens had the kindof rocknroll voice I have always loved. The kind that Amerikkkan Idol and normie types have always hated.

I’m not usually that wild about covers, this is like the best I’ve heard that wasn’t Andy McCoy:

Another great related  band that never got enough credit were BARBED WIRE DOLLS, one of the only wild and dangerous punkroll bands to come from that part of the country in that era. Never mind the chick in the hotpants who stole the name. This is the real thing. One of my ex bandmates also played with the vocalist in some other group he had, and one of my old drinking buddies, a now famous radio DJ co produced one of their 45’s. I dunno about you, but I love this kinda music, you can hear the Smack influence.


When I was living in the Bowery, I was by myself all the time while my grownup roommates had jobs. I remember listening to the NYC radio station Howard Stern was on, circa ’84, and how they played Bon Jovi, all the time. I was never a fan, but begrudgingly thought “Runaway” and “She Don’t Know Me” were okay, at that age, cause, well, I was a runaway and felt like “she” did not see me. “Like I loved her.” So yeah that Alec John Such guy dying kinda did affect me today, just ’cause man, that band were like THE only band back then, at their peak, they seemed huger than all the other plastic metal bands put together. Dunno what else I can say about that, aside from remembering how Bon Jovi owned MTV and the magazines and walls of all my teenage girlfriends bedrooms, aside from a precious two or three who, like me, preferred Morrissey and Duran Duran. I do remember being about seventeen and hanging out at a hamburger joint called Happy Daze when I liked an older girl with a great smile named Gina, across the street from the biker tattoo parlor that was my sanctuary as a teen when that fuckin’ “Livin’ On A Prayer” song was on the radio, non stop. It was seemingly always snowy outside and I had a girlfriend back then named Heather who had a big gigantic warm house but her parents sortof hated me, but she sometimes would sneak me indoors through a window into her heated basement. I sure do miss those days, of listening to Depeche Mode with her, sometimes-that city tore her old house down, oh man, it’s all disappearing now. She was a real cool chick I did not treat as well as she deserved. She naturally became kinda jealous because of my infidelities and could always figure out where me and my guitar playing best friend were because of our cowboy boot tracks in the snow. ‘Round that time I was living in an unheated attic above a friend’s mom’s garage, but an older punk dude finally helped me get my first apartment. One of the loves of my young life, this other chick who was always just unattainable, helped me paint it purple and she used to come visit me there and I got to shelter my rocknroll mentor from the hippie record store, when his parents and dog died and he was evicted by the banks. We had a lot of fun, drinking cheap champagne and beer and making mixtapes there. So yeah. Formed some bands there, wrote some songs, sheltered lost souls, had a million fuckin’ laughs. My cool as fuck acidhead roommate used to trip his head off and endup running around naked in tha bank parking lot below. Man do I ever miss that dude. Everyday, L.A.M.F.!

Two ladies not actually named named Becky and Sally were really into Bon Jovi, Def Leppard and Cheap Trick. They managed the National Record Mart record store in the mall. I got along really well with Becky’s boyfriend, Floyd, a mullted local musician who played corny covers at happy hours and Italian restaurants owned by my childhood friend, Joey V.’s family, Floyd reminded me of say, Richard Marx. Nice Guy. First dude who I ever saw use like a drum machine and sing and accompany himself on guitar while people ate dinner. Those ladies hired every preppie guy in town with a Bon Jovi perm, except the deedly Judas Priest cover band guitar hero who worshipped Paul Shortino and liked beating up smaller people. He was the local popularity, bully Karate Kid suburban guitar gawd, but the thirty something, NMR  ladies also loved every kid with that kind of boofy Bon Jovi hair, so they hired all of ’em, like I said, they only missed one with the boofy Bon Jovi perm. They always claimed they just could not hire me to work in the mall, because of corporate dress codes regarding long hair, but the truth was, I was just too new wave, gawky, pale, Stiv Bators or Joey Ramone-like, they did not think I was conventionally good enough looking. It ain’t like I didn’t know everything about music. I needed the job, too, cause I had a kid. So, yeah, they didn’t like me enough to give me a fucking job and that was one of the reasons I knew I’d have to leave that town, if I ever expected to fuckin even get by, in life. I was about 18 when I ended up at those old lady’s new year’s eve party, I guess I was kinda suckin’ up to ’em, hoping they’d hook me up with an income stream. If you were an unemployed male in that town, the nagging and putdowns never, never ceased. “Is he on the clock or off the clock” is all the suburbans ever wanna know. ‘Found myself talkin’ to some older guy, who’d taken most of my girlfriend’s virginity named Mike. He was the “Simon” in my close brother Bobby’s Duran Duran tribute lip synch act. His younger brother went to my school and wore many Swatch watches, and hung around with my homie, Jaysin B. I started guzzling some Maker’s Mark and ended up getting sidetracked while fooling around and socializing with all these older people when suddenly, I remembered, I was supposed to be meeting my one true fine, first love, muse, inspiration, advisor, confidante back at my downtown purple apartment, so I rushed into the living room and demanded my heavy metal girlfriend, Susie the Metallica cover band bassist, drive me home, before midnight. By the time I arrived, and rushed up the stairs, and ran down the darkened hallway where the lightbulb had blown out, oh my god, I could not believe it, there she was, alone and crumpled up in that back hallway in front of my door-the prettiest girl who ever lived, the blinding genius of my young life, man, I was gobsmacked, did not know what to say, except sorry. She did not dig the cigarette smoke or hardwood floor lack of furniture, it was a humble little one bedroom apartment in a downtown tenement full of druggies and all I had was some used furniture, a boombox, The Psychedelic Furs “Mirror Moves”, some beer and a leather jacket and shit but man, I just loved, loved, loved her, I mean, this was the one I’d been foolishly, ridiculously, passionately, sincerely, devotedly, wholeheartedly in love with, since we were about 13 and 14. She gave me some purple candles and regifted me with a Jim Morrison book, “Wilderness” for my birthday and Christmas that year. Or maybe she pre loaned it out to some other dude previously. I knew some other male had perused it cause he had left an index card in that book she wrapped in purple tissue paper that said, “don’t go to war with yourself like this guy did.”, and ya know I thought to myself, as much as I loved her all through the years, she always seemed to prefer like, lifeguard type of guys. Who, apparently, did not go to war inside themselves, like me and Jim Morrison did. You know that Leonard Cohen lyric, “she told me again she preferred handsome men, but for me, she would make an exception”? We stayed friends for years and she def. made a mark on my memory. Good soul. I just couldn’t make her mine. Even when we were shy little misfit Smiths fans together at 13 and 14, I’d be sitting on her couch listening to her talk about old King or Sting lyrics, Arcadia and Dream Academy and shit, and the doorbell would keep ringing-with all the neighborhood boys wanting her attentions. She’s happily married with a teenage kid now but I bet the doorbell has never stopped ringing.  God bless her and her family!

“If you think that a party that sues to kick third parties off ballots, rigs its own primaries, and governs for Wall Street believes in “democracy” then you are an easy mark and useful idiot for the oligarchy. The Democrats are not an ally to anyone except their wealthy donors. The Democrats and their sycophants have some nerve to think that after doing nothing with their majority to help the people that they can continue to berate, bully, and scare people into voting for their corrupt corporate party.” (-Ryan Knight)

“Militarization of the police was done to protect the ruling class, not to protect the people”. (-Antifa Music Director)

Sabby Sabs on Twitter: “”We could’ve never achieved what we did in the 60’s and 70’s, if we had the Congress that we have now.” – Ralph Nader” / Twitter


Man, I used to booze it up with summa these guys at the still skuzzy and dangerous RAT in my early twenties. I’d always run into the guitarist at a nightclub called Bunratty’s and he’d be hanging out with a drummer named Jesse and they’d always say we were gonna start a band together, but it never really got passed the passing out on my couch stage. I really liked the guitarist, Mark, he had a lot of style and good humor. Fun person to be around! He was like a genuine Thunders/Richards/Pinter/Drake kind of guitarist. Always looked so cool in his dirty white leather and winklepickers. Him and the vocalist Jamie of this amazingly perfect rocknroll band who shoulda been big stars way back in the Hanoi Rocks days, even wrote a song that caught Alice Cooper‘s ear and helped regenerate his career. It’s so fuckedup getting old like this, cause this is still my kinda rocknroll, ya know, I still put out a musicians wanted ad on music store bulletin boards a couple times a year, forever looking for cool cats who understand the Stones and Dolls and Aerosmith and Joneses punk, they just get harder and harder to find. Listen to this fucking great record and try to tell me they aint the best thing you’ve heard in a long time. These dudes had so much rockstar potential. The leatherclad heart throb singer Jamie was in some other bands who were also real cool-the Jetsons from the midwest, and also the Fighting Cocks in Boston. Their lp on Throbbing Lobster is nearly impossible to find but I think Simon Ritt the fabulously cool bassplayer on this still has a box of ’em in his basement. I really miss pre gentrification, dirty old Boston, they still had the best dive bars in the world and four used record stores and an allnight diner on every fuckin’ corner. 

“Thirty or forty years ago, supporting free speech was understood to be a non-negotiable core value of the liberal left. As a lifetime liberal it’s unbelievably depressing to see how completely Democrats have betrayed us on this issue. The average Dem is no better than Falwell or Helms on this issue now.” (-Matt Taibbi, Author of GRIFTOPIA, THE DIVIDE, THE BUSINESS SECRETS OF DRUG DEALING, and HATE INC. Podcast, Useful Idiots: http://UsefulIdiots.Substack.Com on mass censorship and erosion of free speech under Davos reset orders.)

“It’s yet another indictment of the American media system that a popular, bankable media figure like Ventura has essentially been squeezed out of the mainstream media landscape. At the same time, his arrival is yet another gain for Substack, and I don’t just say that because Predator was awesome. I’ve heard criticism of Jesse from various Washington-based pundit types who denounce him as a joke and an unserious person, pointing to TruTV episodes about the Bilderbergs or Reptile-People (“Lizard-like shape shifting humanoids: are they real?”). To which I always shrug and reply, “Yeah, but does your party take money from Goldman and Raytheon?” What would you rather have, an honest wrestler or a polished sellout?” (-Matt Taibbi on Jesse Ventura who thinks John Lennon was assassinated by MK Ultra patsy)


Man, I first started seeing the establishment manufacturing consent for the ballsout, no mistake about it, brazen koddled Klass kkkop persecution of the poor in a notoriously rightwing racist city in the midwest. Some preppie teenage black kid had been waiting for a bus and the kkops showed up and hassled him for no reason-he was overconfident about his rights because as an honor roll student he had dutifully learned the script about freedom and due process, but when some racist authoritarians decided to fuck him up anyway knocking him over some planter backwards and spraying him in the face pointblank with mace for a longass time while he was handcuffed and it was captured on video, the whole system went into overdrive to make believe it was somehow okeydokey. They said he had not been compliant enough. Scumbag rightwing talk radio guys talked shit about the kid like he was some demon all night and day, and a fucking judge even sent him to some fuckedup bootcamp like he was some kinda badguy, fact was the Man had got caught fucking people up for no reason, so then they had to like double down on their bullshit authoritarianism. I looked for the video of the incident on youtube but it was wiped. Koo-koo. Just a couple years later, another black teenager had some warrants for petty bullshit charges like failure to appear, seatbelts and tinted windows, and a hardon kkkop shot him the back. Killed ’em dead in ten years that city had extrajudicially assassinated TWENTYFIVE mostly unarmed black folks, some with disabilities and shit, so the community rebelled and broke windows and protested so gentrification weasel Mayor Headroom called in fuckin tanks and declared curfew and did not enforce it in republikkkan neighborhoods where white rich fat people bars stayed open, boozing it up and crowd singing Neil Diamond songs. That guy smirking Mayor Headroom still smugly pats himself on the back about helping usher in a gentrification era where rich white people have displaced poor black people. Overpriced condos galore. Shakedown kkkops in stormtrooper armor. I moved to a poor neighborhood that was bourgeoise honkifying a couple years later and was wide awake late night talking one night cause my baby mama had arbitrarily decided to come take my kids who were supposed to be spending the night and bond them to her crunchy granola new yuppie boyfriend. We heard 8 gunshots in the alley and THEN, kkkops yelled “drop your weapon”. Story on media the next day was he was coming towards kkkops with a weapon, but in real life, he was running away from them, shot in the back, no one cared. No one even wanted to know-me and my girlfriend are fuckin traumatized-kkkops killed a mf in the alleyway. Other white people just like, shrugged. I was telling everybody I encountered about it-musicians and scenesters, another ex girlfriend was dating a dude from a famous band with a dead singer, his nickname was The Spooge and he was telling me how I looked homeless while I was trying to tell her about the kkkops killing somebody in my alley outside where my kids came to visit, but no one cared. Basically, all the grungy music scene white people were all totally gung ho happy with the racial profiling and stop and frisk broken window theory policing, totally complicit in the gentrifying. They just wanted to get rid of ikky poor people so they could have mimosas and talk about the shit they own or how they are somehow fourth hand famous cause some band got signed a long, long time ago. Couple years after that, kkkops killed a white drummer kid with tattoos and a knife who was a hipster popular guy and FINALLY the white side of town rose up and complained-marches-jazz funeral, murals, memorial gardens, sculptures, speeches, tearful protests and permanently ongoing pearl clutching, hand wringing, finally concerned online tributes, a whole city of posh whiteys were social justice activated, but only over their one celebrity-here’s more weeping, more jazz funerals, more memory gardens, the whole bit. Nobody minded killer kkkops at all-at all-at ALL, until it was a hipster white kid. Who by all accounts had a weapon. To me, the whole fucking world is an upside down whackadoodle-doo KKKrazy town. All the tech platform execs, Kissinger, Gates, shady occultist WEF tyrants, Pfizer execs, and Deathstar military industrial complex CEO’s are planning some bad shit and they ain’t tellin’ you about it. But by all means tell me more about Amanda Heard and Will Smith and shit.


   So then, I followed my ex to the booj Northwest to stay near my kids and could not believe the kindly, karing, karens of city hall thought it was just okeydokey to declare an “exclusion zone”, in their OWN WORDS, that’s what they called the trendy downtown neighborhood where sports tourist hotels and rich lawyers wanted to push all the poor people out of view of visiting college parents. The Occupy community protested and broke the no camping ordinance in solidarity with 3000 men, women and children of gentrified sports tourism Honkytopia who had fallen into houselessness, cause all the shameless fuckin landlords were jacking rents up to two grand a month or just flipping their ranch style homes into Airabndb’s so they changed laws and shit and banned people from demonstrating in Free Speech Plaza. I’ll say that again. They changed laws and banned people from demonstrating in FREE SPECH PLAZA.  Painted a single parking space that said “free speech zone” in a nearby parking lot. Some evil bureaucrat declared it a health emergency hyping some kinda hopped up fiction about human feces being found in the plaza, a “Poop Fiction”, and that freaked out all the yuppie home owners and landlord classers who never liked having to lay eyes on unsightly homeless people or panhandlers outside of Trader Joe’s. The town spent tens of thousands putting big sharp rocks beneath underpasses, hiring ex jock hardon gestapo and Wackenhut mercenaries to hassle poor people at the bus station, started locking all the park restrooms, year round, stopping and frisking kids with backpacks on the corner, it was all so fucked up, wrong and evil, and the mean ex liberal Mayor and her nauseatingly insincere wine n cheese party yuppie friends all rationalized that this fucking brazen war against the poor was all somehow feminist and ceramic and vegan and okeydokey if they got women of color to participate in crusades against the poor. Obama and the Clintons had turned the Democrats into rightwing conservatives and corporate media convinced middle class people that as long as there were some token women and people of color presiding over the oppression of the poor, it was all kumbaya and copacetic. Just don’t say bad words, and obey their narrative mangers. They really do seem to believe in their holes where hearts are supposed to be that middle class college people’s self importance and the rights of their booj companion pets was all that mattered, you know-s’long as self aggrandizing middle class college people felt woke and unoffended, fuck the poor-ya know? So that’s where all the shitlibs seemed to come from-the pro war, gentrified, “educated”, rightwing Democrat, P.C. sensitivity-studies, safe space children of Hillary and Obama. Pig-media convinced all those safe space motherfuckers that no egalitarian principles or Bill Of Rights civil liberties mattered-only tokenist high visibility hue and gender, and ultimately, class. Truth was no longer important-just like, surface images, appearances, feelgood bumper stickers and feelings of rich people. Vibrant and diverse human rights city, they said-as long as you were a college educated home owner. I kinda doubt if you watched any of the videos from WEF but basically Scwhab’s puppets are all insisting the mass censorship USA techlords have been engaging in is not enough and that the Reset Billionaires want even more thought control and LESS free speech. So many people I grew up with have been college and media programmed to worship the billionaires and wanna put always more military grade weapons in the hands of the already insanely milittarized bastshit crazy racist kkkops, and more narrative control in the hands of just 5 corrupt monopoly media companies. It’s terrifying, how they went to school for fucking twenty five years and all they learned was white middle class property owners deserve more respect and FOX NEWS is the only channel that ever, ever lies for the powerful shareholders who sponsor them. Any shitlib who is not a free speech absolutist is no friend of mine. I do not stand with the corporate propagandists, war criminals, weapons manufacturing forever war profiteers, prison lobbyists, Lyn Cheney, mass murderers, surveillance tech billionaires, or kidnappers of whistleblower journalists, and you should not, either. FREE ASSANGE!

If you are having trouble coping with all the fuckedup fascist police state rollouts and blinding wildfire smoke and 102 degree heatwave, maybe some rocknroll music might help ya remember “freedom”. Rumor has it Hozac records is gonna publish a Jeff Drake autobiography if the rulers don’t blow up the world before then! Enjoy yaself! (-link appropriated from Twangsville and here’s an old int you might remember: Jeff Drake (

“I took heat as someone who said to give AOC the benefit of the doubt. But AOC, the “squad,” Sanders, the progressive caucus don’t have the character, ideological orientation & principles to respond to the capitalist crisis of the moment. None of you are working for the people.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Pfizer CEO, Head of CIA, Facebook VP & Other Elites Secretly Meeting in DC — Corporate Media is SILENT (


“All I need is a pint a day…” 

Every significant sized Murkkkan town’s the same now-empty downtowns, super extravagant posh hotels and condos and designer boutiques for the rich, robokkkop shakedowns and violence and exile and jail and death and ripoff Wal Mart price gouging for the poor. Middle class people all wanna be Judge Dredd kkkop “deciders”, they all just love the feckin kkkops, got 911 on speed dial as their go-to conflict resolution strategy, all the shitlib AOC lovin’ CNN watchin’ Rachel Maddow trustin’ gatekeepers, almost every college person became a shitlib kall the kkkkops karen or brand building, vanity merch pimping, pay to play faux “populars”. One thing I never could stand about the ongoing Brooklynization of every mid-sized college town is how the elites use the arts as a weapon against the poor. You mighta seen that meme about how when you see people wearing a Joy Division t shirt in your neighborhood, rents are about to go up. That is no joke. You ever seen some hipster owners put like, pictures of old drunk blues singers all over the front of their store, but obliviously wage non stop relentless outright war against street people? Ever seen a hipster record store that did not ripoff down on their luck rocknroll people? ‘Heard the hipsters talk about “needing” more hip-hop influenced murals on the side of their healthfood stores painted by rich white grad students, who think they can imitate-become Basquiat? Rich people art is always, always so unimaginatively, sadly derivative of some poor person who died in the gutter, ya know? I remember the beginning stages of the Anti-Rock Conspiracy before live music died when 900+ sports fans would still crowd into some gimmick bar to watch the local richies impersonate famous “Alternative”TM bands from Seattle. It got tedious having to listen to all these shite glorified coverbands. While visiting family, I had taken a job at a horrible grunge bar, worked the backdoor for about a year. Mediocre Alice In Chains/KORN wannabes, Pussywillows, will still be ruling the roost in Crackerville when they are in their nineties jes cause shitty grunge imitators and wretched whiteboy rappers never went outta style in Crackerville and they went to school with all the people who stayed in their rich parent’s zipcode and inherited all the businesses and liquor licenses. The Najinski 5 got signed by a hipster label on the strength of their covers nobody recognized as covers, so they had to overnight write some crap originals, but after they’d duped the hipster label, covering some disreputable, lonesome troubadour, dead cowboy’s tunes, they had to double-down on the big bluff and the guitarist quit cause he’d met a pretty girl, and he was the one with the talent who could play rare old Motown tunes and an unknown songwriters stuff those blowhard other guys traded on. They had a rich parental benefactor and a famous DJ friend and still became famous for their cheek, their front-shameless crooning bullshit slow songs featuring naughty language. Total hammy shtick. The Scuzzbuckets did a passable tribute to fuckin Hole, Babes In Toyland or Sonic Youth-unattractive people making a dissonant racket. Goosey Lucy co starred a bashful nerd with Hello Kitty barrettes in his hair and two chicks who couldn’t play, they did a cutesy Shaggs shtick everybody loved and linedup for cause the girls were pretty. You had the Hoo Haw Gang in their shorts and football jersies doing all the palsied Beastie Boys hand gesturing, obviously imitating Ugly Kid Joe or Faith No More. The Eebie-Geebies impersonating Pearl Jam and the Chili Peppers, with all the big amps and nice gear and Doc Martins and goatees galore. Fat Face, who did some kinda experimental shtick with trombones and violins and bullhorns, thought they were being arty: like Kurt Cobain. The Silver Studs were there in Loreal blue/black hair imitating Green River and Mudhoney. The Periwinkles wanted to be The Pastels or Posies or some shit but could never really write any memorable songs so they compensated by going to the thrift store every single day and loading up on all the Herb Tarlick from WKRP tacky suitjackets from the seventies and that was supposed to make them good. Poor people were always muscled out of the grunge bar by hockey player oversized bouncers who just grew their hair out cause Soundgarden. Sadists and ex sportos became blank check celebs for having cred in the money generating realm by exploiting this whole “Alternative”TM hoax. The barstool in crowd permanently applauded the local gentry movers and shakers who dealt white people drugs on the sly and got off on pepper spraying drunks and shit at the bars that made sure the working class zeroes were silenced and excluded by the richer hipsters, it was just like middle school, the worst middle school in the world, and if you online look-in on anybody from that whole “SEEN”, nothing changed 25 years later. Dudes all have less hair, but that’s it. Same five cokedout, self congratulating faces are still highfive podcasting, interviewing their old “Alternative”TM colleagues from rich school, and owning every Saturday Night Forever, cause their parents said they could. Here’s your business, here’s your record company, here’s your mama mansion for the Less Than zero swimming pool partying, here’s your second rental property, here’s your coke mirror in the corner office. Some doofus, aged-out nerd, old coverband music store guy we’ll call Billy F. was bartending at the grunge bar and like, lost his mind, did this whole meltdown, just carried on like a hysterical PMRC Washington wife cause he saw a gutter punk friend of mine freshen his drink with a pint in the bathroom. I mean this guy fucking lost his shit over that. “We could lose our liquor license! We could lose our liquor license! We could lose our liquor license! We could lose our liquor license!” Say it again, Billy F.! Say your thing, man. I mean this dude just carried on and on about it. He wanted a whole investigation and supposedly was just so flummoxed and outraged and offended, he was like running around with his head cutoff for hours. Narc’ing non stop to all the busy co workers. That’s the level of cool that was ever achieved at that place. The richies could deal drugs openly all day and night, right outta the back room as local worshipped superstar celebrities, but a gutter punk has a pint, holy shit! Call in the national guard. So yeah, it was me who let the gutter punk in, and the snitch ratfink nutbag got me fired for it. His real agenda was to push me outta the bar, cause even though summa these business owners were like twenty years older than the college age girls they hit on, everybody thought that was proper and acceptable if they owned businesses. They just could not abide with a gutter punk who couldn’t afford their jackedup drink prices having a pint of his own. Or a dude who was not part of their hometown clique having a job watching their goofy bullshit from the back wall that’s willing to let a gutter punk from the dive bar down the street who can’t pay the cover charge in the back door for free. Half the town got in for free at the front door, just not gutter punks.  

  “Alternative”TM turned collegetowns into generic and elitist fucking country clubs for predator class trust fund babies with elaborate collections of vintage gear and fancy shamancy recording studios. Not my jam, yo. They turned underground music into sports, or McDonalds. I never even thought Nirvana were very good. “Grandma take me home, Grandma take me home” was like any Happy Flowers or Killdozer song on some No Trend college rock compilation, we already had The Pixies. So like 10,O00 fake Nirvanas featuring the asskisser student council and bully quarterback from your hometown sports high school was just redundant and trite as all fuck. Simon Cowell changed music into sports. TV is one helluva drug. People still swear to me they like the Fucking Foo Fighters. I always think they must be kidding. Foo Fighters make Green Day look almost, like, uh, semi nearly kinda okay. UGH! I hated all that shit-they really did “break” punk, didn’t they? They didn’t want people cultivating one another’s critical thinking skills. They want us all competing like the Hunger games for crumbs of nothing. Your college friends say they live in a “DEMOCRACY” and suckup to evil oligarchs who meet in secret.

The “Crisis of Democracy” clearly states that Americans were not respecting the established hierarchy enough & were questioning authority — which the rulers believed was a serious threat.” (-Lee Camp) 

Pfizer CEO, Head of CIA, Facebook VP & Other Elites Secretly Meeting in DC — Corporate Media is SILENT – Activist Post


When I was growing up, I loved bands like Lords Of The New Church, The Clash and The Godfathers-you know, bands that weren’t stupid. I also loved melodies and pop songwriting and these dudes from the Hollywood supergroup deserved to become a lot more famous and popular than they did. If you know who the purplehaired Zeros are, it was Joe Normal on guitar, John Napier on the John Waite/Robin Zander style vocals, Derrick from The Andersons and Bangles on bass, Tom from Big Elf on drums, and Anthony on perfect hair and cool shoes and the world’s only BETTY PAGE autographed guitar! They don’t make bands like that no more, I suspect cause it’s so hard to even pay for fucking practice spaces nowadays, the little record labels and Murkkkan rock press are all gone, and the evil elites have dumbed everyone down for 25 years. Do you remember when bands had talent, style, and anthemic songs with thoughtful lyrics? Veglam remembers!


If you’re anything like me, you want less bullshit fucking creepy garbage pop and more heartfelt, original and innovative, authentic real rocknroll. HERE IS THE WORLD FAMOUS MISTER RATBOY from Pillbox, Motorcycle Boy, Sour Jazz and the Golden Rat‘s absolutely fabulous solo album. 

“Doesn’t look suspicious at all. Just a bunch of bros doing bro stuff.” (-Rania Kassim on Bilderberg secret meeting)

*What’s a Logan Act??? The ruling class meeting in secret Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “I attempted to enter DC’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel, secret site of the Bilderberg Meeting. CIA director Burns, NSC principals Sullivan & Campbell, Pfizer’s CEO Bourla, Peter Thiel, Kissinger & media elites are there to discuss Ukraine & global economy – entirely off the record.” / Twitter

“I don’t understand why Max is only journalist asking questions about this gathering. But thanks Max. For those folks still under the illusion they live in a democracy this is where the real decisions are made. Another group probably not participating are Ukrainian officials.” (-Ajama Baraka on Max Blumenthal from Gray Zone being the only reporter talking about Bilderberg)


Bilderberg reconvenes in person after two-year pandemic gap | Bilderberg | The Guardian

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