Walter Lure “Live In Berlin” (2008)

Mostly known as a member of The HEARTBREAKERS, Walter Lure decided to come and rock Europe in 2007 and this wasn’t a bad idea! With the help of a solid backing band from Belgium, Walter toured the old-school way in most European rock’n’roll clubs.
This live album was recorded at the famous Wild At Heart in Berlin, Germany and allows us to hear kick ass live versions of classics such as « One Track Mind », « Chinese Rocks », « Born To Lose », « I Wanna Be Loved », « London Boys », « Too Much Junkie Business » among others. And yes we’ll never get sick of hearing these tunes! You’ll also find an amazing wersion of « Cry Baby » on this CD.
Fans will love it and if you just need a good compilation of these songs, then this can be for you too./Laurent C.

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