Thee Trash Brats “American Disaster” (2001)

It seems like nothing can stop the Detroit BRATS from rocking, and it’s like they’re becoming better and better as the years go by. Indeed, “American Disaster” is a first class TRASH BRATS album, it has the maturity as well as the wildness of their first recordings. Some songs like “Rocket To Heaven”, “Imitation Generation”, “Nice Girl To Visit” or “Who Put The Words In Your Mouth” are all glam punk rockets that will reach the target, that is to say your heart. As far as the sound is concerned, it is still raw, punk, defying this age of technology. The voice is still tuneful, which is not going to disappoint any old fan and could please every NO FX fan. Now, everybody should be aware that the band goes straight to the point, just listen to ‘Must Be The Cocaine”, this is pure rock’n’roll !This is one of the sweetest disaster that America has created. Thee TRASH BRATS keep on doing what they wanna do, come hell or high water, and with this album, they keep their undisputed status of US glam punk heroes.
Laurent C.

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