Ricky Rat “She Feels Like A Good Thing” 7″/ Brian McCarty & The Jen-U Wine Faux Diamond Band “Hamtramck Jukebox” 7″

I-94 Recordings offers us two new singles by two TRASH BRATS members: RICKY RAT-  "She Feels Like a Good Thing" b/w "Born in Detroit -7" vinyl single Our good friend Ricky is back on vinyl after recording almost 150 songs on video during the 2020 pandemic."She Feels Like a Good Thing" has a big NEW... Continue Reading →

Ricky Rat “Songs In C Major Love”

From the Post-NAFTA, hard-hit ruins and economic devastation of a burnout junkyard, Detroit, where the police union warns you to "visit at your own risk", comes the debut solo lp from Trash Brats guitarist, Ricky Rat, who has recently relocated to Indiana. For decades, the flamboyant punk-pop pioneer, Ricky Rat, has entertained fans all over... Continue Reading →

Ricky Rat “Crossfire Summer” 7″

TRASH BRATS' guitar player Ricky Rat has just released his first solo album "Songs in C Major Love" and elegantly introduces it with the single "Crossfire Summer"(vinyl on New Fortune Records), a great power pop tune with a well-dosed mix of early KISS and HEARTBREAKERS guitar riffs emphasized by a melodic and catchy chorus. Ricky... Continue Reading →

Ricky Rat

"PLANET BOY!" ...Veglam Cub Reporter, Anguish Young, Catches Up With Free-Style, Rock'n'Roll Super Hero, the amazing, RICKY RAT! Detroit Rock City's always been home to loads of internationally-celebrated musicians, but few still fly the flag for "That Old Time Rock'n'roll", like Motown's own, charismatic guitar-star, Ricky Rat. He's still playing his Andy McCoy/Johnny Thunders/Bob "Derwood"... Continue Reading →

Trash Brats (1999)

The TRASH BRATS really succeed in mixing the punk rock authenticity and state of mind with the glam image. These guys are not here to compromise, rock'n'roll is in their hearts and they will keep the flame burning, come hell or high water ! Ricky Rat talks... Can you give us a summary of the... Continue Reading →

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