Ricky Rat “She Feels Like A Good Thing” 7″/ Brian McCarty & The Jen-U Wine Faux Diamond Band “Hamtramck Jukebox” 7″

I-94 Recordings offers us two new singles by two TRASH BRATS members:

RICKY RAT-  “She Feels Like a Good Thing” b/w “Born in Detroit -7” vinyl single

Our good friend Ricky is back on vinyl after recording almost 150 songs on video during the 2020 pandemic.
“She Feels Like a Good Thing” has a big NEW YORK DOLLS vibe and the backing vocals add a touch of old HANOÏ ROCKS so need to say that glam punk afficinados will love this one! “Born In Detroit” is a cover of The ROCKETS and Jimmie Bones guests on piano. Good old Chuck Berry kind of rock’n’roll!

Brian McCarty & the Jen-U-Wine Faux Diamond Band “Hamtramck Jukebox” b/w “A Place in the Sun” – 7″ inch vinyl

“Hamtramck Jukebox” pays tribute to Lili Karwowksi and her bar Lili’s 21 which was the hangout bar for the TRASH BRATS back in the day. This is American powerpop with good punk rock’n’roll energy and Ricky Rat is on guitar on this one. “A Place In The Sun” is a Stevie Wonder cover that sounds like a good old rock’n’roll classic, well done!


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Ricky Rat “Songs In C Major Love”

From the Post-NAFTA, hard-hit ruins and economic devastation of a burnout junkyard, Detroit, where the police union warns you to “visit at your own risk”, comes the debut solo lp from Trash Brats guitarist, Ricky Rat, who has recently relocated to Indiana. For decades, the flamboyant punk-pop pioneer, Ricky Rat, has entertained fans all over the globe with his glammish brand of punk, or punkish brand of glam, reminding some of Mick Ronson, some of Ace Frehley. This exciting new vinyl long player from Tornado Ride Records will appeal to fans of power-pop and 70’s glitter greats like T.Rex, the Romantics, the Records, the Boys, Generation X, Celebrity Skin, and Hollywood Stars. He covers “Time And Space” by eighties new wave pin-ups, Flesh For Lulu, while his other poppy, singalong anthems will remind you of being young, fireworks, cook-outs, all night drunken singalongs, smokin’ cigarettes and starin’ at the moon, and the painful break-up’s that followed. Kid Rock and Jack White may get all the glory and the cash, but beautiful loser, Ricky Rat, is the one with the real, authentic, “Creem Magazine” heart! (-review by FREE)


Thee Trash Brats “American Disaster” (2001)

It seems like nothing can stop the Detroit BRATS from rocking, and it’s like they’re becoming better and better as the years go by. Indeed, “American Disaster” is a first class TRASH BRATS album, it has the maturity as well as the wildness of their first recordings. Some songs like “Rocket To Heaven”, “Imitation Generation”, “Nice Girl To Visit” or “Who Put The Words In Your Mouth” are all glam punk rockets that will reach the target, that is to say your heart. As far as the sound is concerned, it is still raw, punk, defying this age of technology. The voice is still tuneful, which is not going to disappoint any old fan and could please every NO FX fan. Now, everybody should be aware that the band goes straight to the point, just listen to ‘Must Be The Cocaine”, this is pure rock’n’roll !This is one of the sweetest disaster that America has created. Thee TRASH BRATS keep on doing what they wanna do, come hell or high water, and with this album, they keep their undisputed status of US glam punk heroes.
Laurent C.

Ricky Rat “Crossfire Summer” 7″

TRASH BRATS’ guitar player Ricky Rat has just released his first solo album “Songs in C Major Love” and elegantly introduces it with the single “Crossfire Summer”(vinyl on New Fortune Records), a great power pop tune with a well-dosed mix of early KISS and HEARTBREAKERS guitar riffs emphasized by a melodic and catchy chorus. Ricky is on lead vocals with the help of his old bandmate Brian McCarthy and this works very well.
The B-Side is a cover of the BAY CITY ROLLERS ‘classic “Saturday Night”, a song that totally fits with Ricky’s music and glammy universe.
Ricky Rat will be back in Europe in March/April 2012 to tour with his road rock’n’roll comrade Kevin K, and there might even be some solo shows! Meanwhile, you have some very cool tunes to listen to here!/Laurent C.http://www.reverbnation.com/rickyrat

Ricky Rat

“PLANET BOY!” …Veglam Cub Reporter, Anguish Young, Catches Up With Free-Style, Rock’n’Roll Super Hero, the amazing, RICKY RAT!

Detroit Rock City’s always been home to loads of internationally-celebrated musicians, but few still fly the flag for “That Old Time Rock’n’roll”, like Motown’s own, charismatic guitar-star, Ricky Rat.
He’s still playing his Andy McCoy/Johnny Thunders/Bob “Derwood” Andrews/Mick Ronson-inspired, glammy pop guitar, all over the globe. His old band, Trash Brats, have been the subject of renewed interest, in recent years, having been repeatedly showcased in several movies about Detroit.
World-renowned for bringing the Mitch Ryder/MC5 tradition of hardworking showmanship to the people, they broke barriers, and kicked down doors, for the next generation of kids, to express themselves, freely, back when New York Dolls/Hanoi Rocks style glam-rock was still perceived as threatening to conservative Middle-America. It has frequently been suggested that the misunderstood Trash Brats might have “signed to the majors”, all the way back in the 80’s, had they only been willing to “tone-down” their circus-atmosphere, hedonistic, stage-shows, or their kooky, cross-dressing, T.Rex-meets-Jayne County, stripper-regalia. They were ALWAYS being advised to dress more like the London Quireboys, and less like the Sweet, or Spiders From Mars.
However, their look reflected their ever-changing moods, and Marx Brothers sense of humor. Not everyone fully appreciated the Brat’s idea of fun. They had a comedy-improv sensibility, shared by their friends in the Dickies, Celebrity Skin, and Sloppy Seconds. I know I didn’t understand it, in the early years. I was always a bit of a death-rocker, I suppose-my outlook on the world was always a lot gloomier, than the Trash Brats’. I spent much of my adolescence, hiding-out in my basement utility-closet, listening to “Marrianne” by Sisters Of Mercy, and moping, about the town’s one and only, New Wave chick, who had first introduced me to the Smiths, and Lords Of The New Church, and thus, had stained my life, forever.
The Trash Brats had already formed, and were partying in their old bandhouse, before I had even escaped from Bible-School, in South Eastern Kentucky. It took me a bit to catch-on, ‘cos they weren’t ever really aspiring to be furrow-browed, and solemn, all the time, like Bauhaus, or Joy Division, or whoever! They were more like Ken Kesey’s Merry Pranksters! Or the Ramones! Or even, the Monkees! Fun? I wasn’t ready for “fun”, just yet.
I may have wrongly perceived them, initially, as bozo metal-dudes, like Motley, or Ratt, when I still identified myself, oh-so-seriously, as “goth”, or “punk”. Whatever. It’s called being Teen-aged…and jealous that their bassist was attracting all my favorite little Vampiras in the Indiana punk-scene! That was all, nearly, a quarter-century ago, and it would appear as if Ricky Rat still constantly continues cris-crossing the world, teaching people how to let down their hair, and forget about their suffering for awhile, and have a good time! Thank You, Ricky!
We Americans are brought-up in this relentlessly commercialized, advertising-culture, so we have this nagging tendency to want to put our artists in boxes, categorize, and label everything. The Trash Brats never even cared if they were taken seriously, as long as they were taken to heart.
There are many military-minded parts of the fly-over states, that are STILL, not ready for make-up wearing males, but the Trash Brats have always been more concerned with entertaining audiences, and being true to themselves, than in compromising their personal integrity, or sense of humor and style, for Wal-Mart shopper, McDonalds-Rock, or dummy mass-consumption. Americans are trained from birth to be conformists, but still refer to ourselves as mavericks. It’s like, you wouldn’t ask Lux Interior to “tone it down” to be more like Bon Jovi. You shouldn’t ask Stiv Bators to try to “act more like” Brett Michaels, y’know? And BESIDES—didn’t TWISTED SISTER have top ten records in the U.S.? It just takes us uncomprehending yokels forever to get used to any individuality, or spark of originality, because we are all being forever-programmed by our televisions (“Electric Babysitters”) to be marine-macho, square-heads, and “git-r-done” laborers, and taser-happy, police-state shock-troops, in the so-called heartland, of the corporate-owned and operated, good ole boy, U.S. Of A.
All the way into the mid-nineties, they were still getting mobbed and gobbed by mis-educated sports-fans, frat-boys, hicks, and even some insecure metal-heads, for their flamboyant, and sometimes campy, stage presentation. While other local bands split for the coasts to pursue corporate-rock contracts, the Trash Brats always stayed true to their hometown punk rock roots, and maintained Detroit, as their central base-of-operations. Their independent releases, such as, “Out Of The Closet”, “The Jokes On You”, and “American Disaster” still do brisk trade all over E-Bay, and in used record stores, nation-wide, and are all essential additions to anyone’s punk/glam rock collection.
While there was always a Sunset Strip teeming with all those West Coast, Nikki Sixx-worshipping bands, who maybe, looked cool on their fliers, or claimed similar influences, but the sad reality is, that few of those bands ever wrote good songs, or made good records. They were mostly all about the look, or the life-style, with little to offer in the way of actual music. The Trash Brats may primarily be cult-heroes for their explosive, hard-partying, live performances, but they also possessed a genuine knack for writing meaningful, upbeat anthems, like, “Sentenced Man”, “Bubblegum Girl”, “S-M-U-T”, “Clown Act”, and “You Threw Me Away”, that have always, instantly, rallied rooms full of jaded hard rockers into singing along, no matter where they’ve traveled. The Trash Brats’ storied career has seen them playing shows with Cheap Trick, Bang Tango, Seduce, Johnny Thunders, G.G. Allin, Pretty Boy Floyd, Joan Jett, and L.A. Guns, and they’ve always left a confetti strewn trail of broken bar-stools, broken hearts, empty bottles, and shiny party hats, wherever they roam. No one has ever forgotten a Trash Brats show.
Currently, they’re getting set for a reunion concert in September, starring all four original ‘Brats.This is certain to be a memorable, and star-studded event, attracting punters from all over the world, so book your plane-tickets, and hotel-reservations, now.
Ricky’s always had a love for the road, and he tours as much as he can, perpetually staying out on the rock’n’roll highway, like Willie Nelson, Motorhead, or the Ramones. Motown’s where he keeps his junk, but Ricky Rat has always felt most at home, in rock’n’roll. On the stage, in the spot-light, playing his rebel-heart out, for the rock’n’roll people. It’s in his blood-the smell of the fans, roar of the greasepaint. He’s been touring the world, in recent years, with the likes of Bootsey X And The Lovemasters, Texas Terri, Cheetah Chrome, Kevin K., and the Luxury Pushers, and he always enjoys meeting his fans, and other members of the real rock’n’roll-community. He’s also, recently documented some of his adventures, in Kevin K.’s “Thunder-Pop” fanzine. Idealistic rock fans still wonder when Sami Yaffa and Sylvain Sylvain are gonna get it together, and take the classic Trash Brats line-up on tour with the reconstituted New York Dolls!
If I owned a record label, I’d sign the ‘Brats, in a heart-beat, because they already have an established, worldwide, fan-base of devoted followers; they love to tour and record; and they’re all easily, utterly, marketable-personalities. Ricky just took time out from his busy schedule, to answer some questions for Veglam! So here we go:


RICKY RAT: Not totally sure. I do know that the one guitarist , Dave Boutette, plays acoustic, on the singer-songwriter circuit. I haven’t had a chance to check him out, just yet.


RICKY RAT: -Nothing planned at the moment. We did a few shows this year, but no new songs, or recordings are planned at this time.


RICKY RAT: -Ha Ha. Musically, G n R, but NOT Axl’s voice. “Too Fast For Love” is still pretty unique, too.


RICKY RAT: – Being able to play to so many people, and being able to meet so many great people, that have become life long friends.


RICKY RAT: -Amazing. It was such an honor for me to be able to share the same stage with him, night after night. To look over and see him playing…wow. It was great to just hang out with him, and hear so many interesting stories from the old days. He is, for sure, one of the most underrated punk-rock and roll guitarists ever.


RICKY RAT: – I don’t know-I guess I’m out of the loop. I do love the newest Green Day album though. Awesome songs!


RICKY RAT: -I’m currently starting work on my first solo album. Finally…! I just recorded one song with the Luxury Pushers and will also be doing some more recording with Kevin K., in France, in the fall of 2009.


RICKY RAT: -Which one?! Ha Ha. There have been so many, these last few years. The acoustic one that we just did in France, in May, was really great. It went better then we had ever thought an acoustic tour would go. The people really dug the stripped-down version of the songs, and the closeness, and feel, of the acoustic setting. We were like the old drunken uncles, having drinks, and telling stories…


RICKY RAT: -I remember thinking, “Wow! I’m glad that Iggy got those guys back together, and got them out in front of some good crowds..” It was nice to see him get some solid recognition, after so many years.


RICKY RAT: -It was a very fun, very long, tour. Met a lot of great new people, and caught up with some old friends as well. Some of the crowds were very small and we had to cancel out on the final dates of the tour.


RICKY RAT: -I always love 31st Pub in Pittsburgh, the Spitfire in Cleveland is a trip (with its fenced in stage) I don’t really know what all is happening everywhere, at the moment. This was my first U.S. tour since ’04


RICKY RAT: -Keep my head together, and survive my latest, personal set-backs. This past year was horrible for me, in my personal life.


RICKY RAT: “Why do I still play music”?!!! ha ha ha

Follow the further adventures of Ricky Rat at:
(-by Anguish Young, Exclusively For Veglam Glitter Zine!)


Trash Brats (1999)

The TRASH BRATS really succeed in mixing the punk rock authenticity and state of mind with the glam image. These guys are not here to compromise, rock’n’roll is in their hearts and they will keep the flame burning, come hell or high water ! Ricky Rat talks…

Can you give us a summary of the TRASH BRATS’ history ?
We have been together since summer of 1987. Me, Brian and Toni have been here the whole time and we had about 5 or so drummers til Craig joined in fall on 1993. We have never had any major deals etc, just been going and going surviving in the “underground” and dealing with mostly all small indie labels, distro etc.  We keep playing the kind of music we want not worrying about trends etc. We’re the Trash Brats, we sound like the Trash Brats, we look like the Trash Brats. We’re us.

I’ve read that you played for 24 hours in Detroit !! Can you tell us more ?
Yes we did a “24 hour show” that was a benefit for this art program here in Detroit that helps out inner city kids. We didn’t actually play the WHOLE 24 hours but did play a hell of a lot both regular electric sets and acoustic and also some help from some of our other friends in Detroit bands etc.

All of us were up the whole time with no naps, etc…so when not playing we were drinking, hangin’ out with friends/fans, etc. It was a really great time despite the awful draggyness of being up soo long. Our last sets the second evening (we played from midnight on a friday to midnight on saturday..!) we actually maybe some of the best ones of the whole show!! It was all captured on video and maybe a “shortened Version” will be released in the future.

I suppose that the audience must be of various kinds at a TRASH BRATS show, do all these people always coexist peacefully ?
Yes ,for the most part our “crowd” does get along. even though our shows are very much uptempo, loud, rockin’, etc we have managed to not get too many macho asshole types metal/punk wise over the years. Some shows are of course more crazier then others but for the most part no one gets hurt or gets onto fights etc. The early days for us here in Detroit were very rough..lotsa shit from skinheads and all the “hardcore punks” as well as the metalheads. For awhile pretty much all the crowds hated us. So, we pretty much developed our own crowd and following which doesn’t fit into any other catagory and does include all sorts of people.

Nowadays, there are many divisions in the punk scene (skate-rock, emo, crust,etc.) Are you interested in all these genres that make this scene so varied ?
Don’t you think that most of the time, the problems existing between these divisions are just stupid because they are often due to ways of life (those who drink, those who don’t, those who are into politics, those who aren’t…) which is in contradiction with the “live the way you want” punk philosophy ?
Yes, very stupid. To us, “punk rock” was always about doing what ya want, dressing how ya want etc. We found out early on how closed-minded alot of these so called “punks” really can be. Its like we were too punk etc, for the metal scene and too glam or whatever for the punks. And yeah, these days the scenes are more chopped up then ever. Its all rock & roll really, if ya don’t like certain bands or styles etc. just don’t go to the shows or buy the records etc. Support the stuff ya dig and try to stay positive about things. Why waste time putting someone else’s taste down etc?? Do your own thing and worry about yourself first before ya go tryin’ to change the world or something.

What bands do you like to play with in the US ? Any anecdote ?
Texas Terri & the Stiff ones are always great and very fun to play with, as are the Teenage Frames, Jeff Dahl, Sloppy Seconds, Kevin K, Candy Snatchers. We had a really killer time doing some shows with Joan Jett & the Blackhearts last year and on tour in 96. Thommy Price and the rest of the blackhearts loved to go out after the shows and go drinkin’ and do more jamming at local bars etc. We really enjoyed playing with them and getting to meet Joan after diggin’ her music for so many years.

Have you already played in Europe ?
Just one mini-tour of Germany in 1996. But me and Toni (brats’ bass player) have done tours of Japan and Germany, Italy as part of Kevin K’s band. There’s some talk about maybe a TRASH BRATS/KEVIN K double bill-tour later this year in Germany, France, Italy etc.

What would be your five favourite records for the last three months ?
Valley Of The Dolls-Generation X,  Nights Are So Long-Michael Monroe, Unhappy Hour-the Beat Angels,  Muscle Of Love-Alice Cooper Band, Being There-Wilco.

In 1997, you appeared on a PETA benefit, are you interested in animal rights ? Do you often appear on benefit records/tapes ?
We try not to think of ourselves as a “Poltical” band but yeah, that seemed like a good cause to be a part of. I am a vegatarian and Brian doesn’t eat much meat either. I have been away from meat since 1997 and its been working great for me, but its not something I would push on people. But yeah, I am all for animal’s rights very much. We will appear on a benefit comp if we feel its a worthwile cause etc..

Here’s a difficult one for you : choose (and tell us why) between : AC/DC and KISS, The SEX PISTOLS and The CLASH, MOTLEY CRUE and TWISTED SISTER, SOCIAL DISTORTION and BACKYARD BABIES…
Good question! And yes, very hard to answer for most of them… Kiss over AD/DC even though BOTH are really great..at least all their old stuff. I go with Kiss as that was my first favorite band when I was a kid and they pretty much got me into playing rock & roll, so they hold a special place in my heart. But I love Bon Scott era AC/DC just about as much!


SEX PISTOLS over the CLASH although AGAIN I think BOTH are really great and I love them both. But, I just LOVE The Pistols overall approach, lyrics, SOUND and how much shit they fucked up in such a short amount of time. Just saw the movie “Filth & the Fury”-which was great-and have been back on a Pistols kick again. I love a lot of the Clash stuff but they lose me at times and get a bit artsy-fartsy etc. But again they have so many great songs, a great sound etc….


yet another hard decision…I guess TWISTED SISTER over MOTLEY CRUE although I love Too Fast For love which was the album for Motley Crue, as they had their own sound then and no one was sounding/looking like that then. But over all, I think Twisted Sister had more good songs over the years and I loved their so over the top look-attitude and a lot of the lyrics, etc. They were even too freaky for most metal heads and punks, unlike motley crue who were a bit more rocker-normal and most people could relate to all the songs about girls etc.


no question on this one- SOCIAL DISTORTION for sure. Mommy’s Little Monster is still such a great, fun classic Punk Rock album. And pretty much everything they have done has been pretty cool or at least tolerable. I don’t like what I have heard from Backyard Babies at all except maybe one or two songs. The singer sounds like a cross between Social Distortion and like Metallica or something. I just don’t think the songs are that good. I saw ’em live once too and they were pretty boring.

Your projects, hopes, dreams ?
Our new 7″ ROCKET TO HEAVEN b/w 3RD GENERATION NATION will be out in a month or so on LAWLESS records. Our new album (no title yet) will be out on STORM records in late fall. We’re finishing it up this upcoming month. Maybe more touring in the fall after the album comes out, and of course we are always looking for better tours, shows, labels to work with etc. There will be a lot of songs coming out soon on various comps(the firstful of rock series..we’re on vol 5 that just came out)(A tribute to the Flamin Groovies on Safety Pin records from Spain.) Thanks to everyone for the very great support over the years..we got a long way to go yet! Please keep checkin ‘out our website for all the latest & greatest TRASH BRATS news, info, tour dates, etc. Keep supporting the REAL rock & roll bands, zines, labels, etc.