The Biters “It’s Ok To Like The Biters” EP

Remember the HEART ATTACKS from Atlanta? Well, this is Tuk (their guitar player)’s band and he also sings on these 5 songs.
Sometimes I get depressed when I look at what’s happening in rock music nowadays, so many bands around the world and most of them forget about the melody, the pop side of a good song! Well, it seems like The BITERS have heard my prayers and are ready to deliver their music to the world. “It Ain’t That Easy” they say with style, but they did it! Take various high-quality influences such as CHEAP TRICK, The NERVES and the best of 70s glam rock, put them into a glittery shaker and you’ll get this fine power pop jewel.
“Shout It” is like the bastard child of early KISS and AMERICAN HEARTBREAK, and “Melody For Lovers” is so catchy that you won’t be able to get it out of your mind after listening to it for the first time! The guitar riff might remind you of The DARKNESS but keep in mind that they got it from René Berg who probably got it from some old bluesman… It all comes in circles and there’s never really anything new under the sun in the rock music world, but it’s all about how you learn from the old bands and take the best of it in order to create something of your own. Magic can happen and this is a proof of it!
“Electric Nights” is the perfect teenage saturday night song and “No Connection” is a brilliant melancholic 70s pop rock’n’roll hit with a slight HANOI ROCKS touch ending up in a THIN LIZZY kind of explosion! Ouch! I got bitten really hard but keep coming back for more!/Laurent C.

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