Sohodolls “Ribbed Music For The Numb Generation”

A band with such a great name can’t be wrong, can they?… Just a quick look at the photos and you’ll see a coherent glamourous unit consisting of a gorgeous female singer (Maya Von Doll) and male musicians (Toni Sailor, Weston Doll, Matt Lord and Paul Stone) with a great sense of style reminding me of 80s HANOI ROCKS. They definitely can’t be wrong! Beware though, all of this doesn’t mean that SOHODOLLS are a British glam punk rock’n’roll band. Well, yes they are British but you’ll get the idea as soon as opening song “Stripper” starts, a modern keyboard driven glam rock song sounding like an unexpected, sparkling mix of T-REX and GOLDFRAPP. If you like the best of MARILYN MANSON (from “Mechanical Animals” of course) or KYLIE MINOGUE’s new single “2 Hearts”, then there are big chances that you will love this as well. While “Prince Harry” sounds like a big dancefloor party between PEACHES, BLONDIE and LADYTRON, “My Vampire” takes the listener to a slightly darker side of the band and singles such as “Right and Right Again”, “Trash The Rental” or the fantastic “Bang Bang Bang Bang” won’t leave your mind after listening to them only once!… While most of today’s bands take the easy way and mix 80s synth to rock without any originality or identity, the SOHODOLLS aren’t afraid to experiment with more original influences like in “I’m Not Cool” in which they amazingly incorporated a bit of New Orleans jazz. This is not on the album but I can’t resist telling you that as a Christmas present, the DOLLS have recorded their own version of HANOI ROCKS’ “Dead By Christmas”, watch it here! This band has the image, the songs and managed to build their own universe in a country where the so-called indie scene has been giving birth to clones for too long now. I’ve yielded to the “Pleasures Of Soho” and I can tell you that this is nothing but the best electro glam of the year to me!/Laurent C.

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