Rock City Angels “Use Once And Destroy”

Those of us who constantly crow and moan about the sad lack of real rock’n’roll in the police-state, bleak age of war-radio, and musical propaganda, have much to celebrate with the long-awaited release of “USE ONCE AND DESTROY”, by those honky-tonk heroes, ROCK CITY ANGELS!
The reunion of real rock’n’roll’s finest heart and soul beltin’ badass-rising, BOBBY DURANGO, with the punk’n’roll underground’s finest guit-sling, JIMMY JAMES, from the Hangmen, and legendary Coma-Tones! This LP is way better than “YOUNG MAN’S BLUES”, their long-buried classic debut from the flash-metal years. Plenty of these newer tunes are as good as much-loved classics like, “Damned Don’t Cry”, and “Mary” from the old daze! It’s like, what if Billy Burke joined the Juju Hounds? It rocks like the Heartbreakers, or Replacements…or the original Guns N Roses with their punk street-cred, intact.
All those corporate wanking, sell-out, hairband whores only WISH they could rock this hard. Axl Rose could hire-in another ten Zakk Wylde’s for his shredder-army, and he still ain’t gonna come close to touching Jimmy James, just outta bed with a hangover. Joe Perry and all his lawyers and assistants and dieticians just ain’t got the soul, to make this kind of emotional music without syrupy song doctors, and their survellance-empire evil eyes on still more tedious product-endorsements, and film, and commercial-licensing, anymore. It’s such a damned shame, esp. if you can remember how good Aerosmith were, before it became all about big money, video games, Super Bowl appearances, and selling hot sauce.
Rock City Angels got vintage Aerosmith guts with Joe Strummer soul. A few high-lights include, the Cherry 13/Electric Frankenstein blitzkrieg of “Psychopath”, the heart-achin’ Dogs D’Amour blues-punk of “Corrine”, and the John Doe/Tom Waits influenced, “Coffee And Cigarettes”. The Rock City Angels are raunchier than the Quireboys, and as intelligent as Primal Scream. I like the Rock City Angels way, way better than the Diamond Dogs, because Bobby Durango still has plenty to say, he ain’t just sellin’ us old wine in new bottles.
All you glam casualties, street punks, gutter-snipes, and impoverished street-corner urchins, with the forty ounces and bad attitudes, can rejoice. I can only imagine how good “I Keep Fighting”, or “I Ain’t No Miracle Worker” must sound, if you’re drunk. Dee Dee Ramone melodies, with Hank The Third, or John Easdale quality lyrics. Absolutely essential, if you’re starved for real rock’n’roll. It just feels so fresh, so original, so exciting to hear the genuine stuff, again. It’s been a longass time. (-Anguish Young)

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