Rock City Angels “Use Once And Destroy”

Those of us who constantly crow and moan about the sad lack of real rock'n'roll in the police-state, bleak age of war-radio, and musical propaganda, have much to celebrate with the long-awaited release of "USE ONCE AND DESTROY", by those honky-tonk heroes, ROCK CITY ANGELS! The reunion of real rock'n'roll's finest heart and soul beltin'... Continue Reading →

Smash Fashion “Blame It On The Brandy” 7″

Los Angeles doesn't only produce MOTLEY CRUE/GUNS N' ROSES clones. Look at SMASH FASHION for instance, these guys get most of their influences from the swinging 60s and sparkling 70s. Is it surprising? Not that much when you look at the band line-up: Nigel Mogg (ex-QUIREBOYS), Repo (ex-SMACK), Lloyd Stuart Casson (ex-ROCK CITY ANGELS) and... Continue Reading →

Rock City Angels

Rock City Angels: Use Once And Destroy! First of all this is an interview about the Rock City Angels new album, “Use Once And Destroy”. To all the folks who loved “Young Man’s Blues”, I appreciate it and will give some background, but honestly, THIS is the album I’ve always wanted to make and I... Continue Reading →

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