Living Deäd Lights “S/T”

New red and black blood from Los Angeles! I’m always a sucker for it. Don’t be fooled, their modern heavy rock sound might first remind you of PAPA ROACH or AVENGED SEVENFOLD, but the spirit and energy of LIVING DEÄD LIGHTS has more to do with BLACK FLAG and AMEN! Punk rock, sweat and dedication!
This tattooed gang has an ever growing fanbase online and keeps on getting more interest from the international press and radio stations, which is only well deserved. Indeed, this 7 song CD is quite a pleasant surprise, opening with a killer ‘Live & Die”, you are thrown right into the heart of things, they are angry and shove their GUNS N’ ROSES solos straight into your face but don’t forget about writing catchy anthemic choruses (“What Do You Do?”, “To All The Youth”) and keeping the L.A. rock’n’roll legacy alive (“Johnny”, “Mother Mary”) without getting caught into the ever predictable glam metal revival.
We have the soundtrack for the next L.A. riots!/Laurent C.

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