Living Dead Lights “Black Letters”

LDLBLNice to hear from L.A’s LIVING DEAD LIGHTS 3 years after their promising 7 song CD. Mixing hardcore energy with a chorus reminding bands like PAPA ROACH on opener “”I’ll Be Your Frankenstein” , the band still sounds modern without sounding flat and overproduced ( the album is produced by Fred Archambault, AVENGED SEVENFOLD…), and keeps on hitting hard with songs like “Follow”, “It’s Drowning In My Veins” or “Hey Stranger.”
From US alternative rock influences (“Everybody”, “Vacant”, “This Is Our Evolution”) to contemporary hard rock, LIVING DEAD LIGHTS sometimes make me think of a modern version of STONE TEMPLE PILOTS with a touch of Californian sleaze rock (The GUNS N’ ROSES influence can definitely be heard in the guitars.) This well balanced mix gave birth to potential hits such as “Dead To Myself'” or “Johnny” (a song that was previously released on the band’s 7 song CD), and
while it’s easy to remain stuck in the past when you’re a rock band in Hollywood, LIVING DEAD LIGHTS shows us that L.A. rock influences can fit in nowadays music as well. They will be touring Europe in October./Laurent C.
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Living Deäd Lights “S/T”

New red and black blood from Los Angeles! I’m always a sucker for it. Don’t be fooled, their modern heavy rock sound might first remind you of PAPA ROACH or AVENGED SEVENFOLD, but the spirit and energy of LIVING DEÄD LIGHTS has more to do with BLACK FLAG and AMEN! Punk rock, sweat and dedication!
This tattooed gang has an ever growing fanbase online and keeps on getting more interest from the international press and radio stations, which is only well deserved. Indeed, this 7 song CD is quite a pleasant surprise, opening with a killer ‘Live & Die”, you are thrown right into the heart of things, they are angry and shove their GUNS N’ ROSES solos straight into your face but don’t forget about writing catchy anthemic choruses (“What Do You Do?”, “To All The Youth”) and keeping the L.A. rock’n’roll legacy alive (“Johnny”, “Mother Mary”) without getting caught into the ever predictable glam metal revival.
We have the soundtrack for the next L.A. riots!/Laurent C.

Living Deäd Lights

LIVING DEÄD LIGHTS tell us about their history and projects. Alan Damien (guitars) answered our questions. You’ve been warned. Hollywood may burn again!

Let’s start with a bit of history. How did you guys meet?

Taka and I have been friends for years, we met partying a while back and started songwriting together..which eventually led to LDL starting. Taka had met Martin and Nick on the scene too….and we recruited them a few months in and the rest is history!!

Have you only played the L.A. club circuit so far or did you get the chance to go on tour and open for bigger bands?

We’ve opened for quite a few bigger bands like Murderdolls, Unwritten Law, In This Moment etc… We’re actually going to be touring Europe this fall in 2011, (Italy, Norway, France, Spain, UK etc…)

You have many influences ranging from hard rock/metal to punk rock, etc. Did you have the idea of how your band would sound and look before actually starting it?

Thats a convo Taka and I had when we started it because we have such a wide range of interests..But we knew we wanted to do something raw in your face with a punk rock attitude. We like to keep our options open though we have a lot of songs with a melodic thing going on too and will I think it’ll definitely show on our upcoming record.

How do you usually write songs in the band? Is there any main writer(s)?

Taka and I wrote the 1st ep together but as weve been working together for a while now everybody has been putting stuff out there. There’s really no method. We write individually and as a band. We have our own studio so we work things out as write new ideas.

What about recording? Do you try to record as live as possible or record every instrument separately?

Depends… When we’re doing a song ”for real”, we may play together for the vibe but we like to track separately to get it as much personality out of it as we can. If you listen closely there’s a lot more cool shit going on that you would think.

Why is the song “Johnny” considered as a bonus track on your EP?

We originally released the Ep earlier on and then we got a distribution deal with Hot-Topic, so at that time we decided to throw Johnny on there (it’s just a demo) but we do anticipate re-recording it for the full length at the end of this year.

Are you working on an album?

We’ve been writing and recording preproduction for a few months now getting ready to record a real full length this fall.. Its dark, nasty, raw and beautiful!!!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a rock’n’roll band in 2011?

We like to be as positive minded as we can….but we’ve been told it’s the hardest time in history for new bands or any band for that to make an impact in music or on society…People are afraid to spend $$$… So this is why we’ve held back from releasing our full length…..The advantage is it feels like so much has been done in the past so it gives you an opportunity to learn from the greats. Whether it’s song writing or coming up with cool logos…It’s def. easier to reach out to people via the internet too.
Basically we’ve taken our sweet ass time trying to perfect everything we do, so when we feel it’s ready, we WILL make an impact, there will be a point to it.. We don’t want to just mindlessly release stuff for the fuck of it.. It’s not about the money, it’s about releasing stuff were 100% into. Something that’ll hopefully make a difference out there

Any bands you like in L.A. these days?

We’ve been so tied up in the studio for the past couple years that we don’t go out that much…. But honestly… there any one band besides us that’s reallllllly bringin’ it? I don’t personally see it in the “rock world”.
So if you’re out there, I’m interested and I want to be inspired!! Show yourself haha

5 records you couldn’t live without?

Heres 7!!! Guns n Roses “Appetite For Destruction”
The Beatles “White Album”
Dead Boys “Young Loud and Snotty”
Pink Floyd “The Wall”
Skid Row “ Slave To The Grind”
Marilyn Manson “Anti Christ Superstar”
The Black Crowes “The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion”

Best live performances you’ve seen? The ones that had a big impact on you.

Guns n Roses(back when they were), Metallica, Marilyn Manson.

LIVING DEÄD LIGHTS could probably do well in Europe, and especially in the UK. Are you coming before 2012?

Ya we will be there this fall in 2011!!!!

Anything else to add?

Find us on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter or You-Tube And buy our shit!!!!!! Haha
Check out our new video HERE !!!