HanoïRocks “Buried Alive” DVD

Hanoi Rocks long career ended up on April 12th At The Tavastia Club, Helsinki .Some bands break up completely unnoticed and often others seem to have a take the money and run attitude while playing their last show and sadly some seem simply ‘played out’. Hanoi Rocks does not belong to any of those categories and Mike & Andy left in grand style and at the height of their fame after a stunning show, a virtuoso performance, a highlight.
Brilliantly supported by Conny Bloom, Andy “A.C.” Christell and a Jolle Atlagic full of Razzle spirit (and undoubtedly the main architect of the return to the “true” Hanoi Rocks sound), for their last set they delivered an anthology that made one stand back and shake their heads in disbelief while watching the amazing power that was there in front of them, true legends giving something that money simply couldn’t buy.
They gave us their all and left us with their best songs since they brought the band back together among the long list of old standards which created the legend.
This is one performance that I assure you will forever be engraved in the mind and heart of any Hanoi Rocks fan long after the last curtain went down.
As you watch the faces in the crowd you can see the mixed emotions of being included in a major part of musical history being made and the sadness that it would be the last time we’d ever be in such a force of musical genius that is Hanoi Rocks.
While mascarared tears were rolling down the cheeks of young girls as they looked on and became emotional during the ultimate chords played at the end of this long daydream, the heroes finally have gone for good…
It does not matter, they will remain forever the greatest./Franckie.
PS: Thanks to Cat.http://www.hanoirocks.info/

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