Ari Väntänen – All Those Wasted Years

HANOÏ ROCKS' biography All Those Wasted Years is finally available in English. We thought it would be interesting to ask author Ari Väntänen a few questions about the book and how it all came up together. He also tells us about his everlasting love for one of the best rock'n'roll bands ever! When did you... Continue Reading →

Michael Monroe “Horns and Halos”

-Record review by Anguish Young "Every day, I feel like running away... much as I did as a teenager in Vermont in the '50s. But now, there's nowhere to run to. All the cool places have been ruined. Soon, we will all be evicted from the planet, and so the world will end just as... Continue Reading →

HanoïRocks “Buried Alive” DVD

Hanoi Rocks long career ended up on April 12th At The Tavastia Club, Helsinki .Some bands break up completely unnoticed and often others seem to have a take the money and run attitude while playing their last show and sadly some seem simply 'played out'. Hanoi Rocks does not belong to any of those categories... Continue Reading →

Sam Yaffa

Is there anyone out here who wouldn't enjoy collecting some thoughts of one of the most talented and enigmatic bass player on earth? We humbly did it, but also with a bit of pride. Ladies & Gentlemen, Mr. Sam Yaffa... When did you start playing music? Could you have ever imagined in your craziest dreams... Continue Reading →


If you haven’t heard of SOHODOLLS yet, then here’s your chance to know a bit more about the most exciting electro glam band we’ve heard in 2007. Singer Maya Von Doll answered our questions… I saw on a few old videos that the line-up was totally different before, can you give us a little history... Continue Reading →

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