Duff McKagan’s Loaded “Sick”

I’ve always liked Duff McKagan’s voice, actually since the day I first saw him behind a mic shouting himself hoarse on “Attitude”. His vocals on other covers such as “New Rose” and “You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory” on “The Spaghetti Incident?” could only convince me more. Duff was a punk rocker. Perfect.
Nevertheless, I have to admit with shame that I haven’t really followed him since the NEUROTIC OUTSIDERS. So, what could be better than this remastered vinyl version of “Sick” (with an acoustic bonus 7″!) to catch up with this? Although most songs mainly seem inspired by 70s (and sometimes 80s) rock, Duff and his band managed to add a modern touch to them and make a few punk grains germinate here and there in order to record a very successful album that will please all kind of rockers.
With highlights such as “The Slide”, “Translucent” (on which Jeff Rouse makes us hear his cool voice), “Blind Date Girl” or “Wasted Heart”, the band is impressive and is hitting so hard that any other band in that style can’t even compare to them.
I’m not forgetting the beautiful declaration of love in “IOU” which confirms once more that a heart is indeed beating under ever rocker’s shell…
I think that this pretty collector vinyl was pressed in four different colours. Mine is purple. What colour will yours be?/Franckie.http://www.duff-loaded.com/Loaded/index.html

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