Dogkennel Hill “Sweethearts Of The Rodeo”

This is a re-release from the 1999 debut album of DOGKENNEL HILL, the band formed by Guy Bailey (The QUIREBOYS) and his school friend Tim Bewlay who also played with The QUIREBOYS for a short time. You’ll also find Chris Johnstone (piano; who also played in The QUIREBOYS), Simon Hanson (SQUEEZE) on drums and Dave Tregunna (The LORDS of The NEW CHURCH…) on bass on this album. This should be enough for you to get interested into it, right?
Playing a FACES/STONES kind of rock’n’roll would have been a bit too predictable for the band even though Tim’s voice sometimes get close to Spike’s, so these dandy bandits offer us some fine bluesy country rock instead with lots of slide guitar and violin by Sarah Denton. You’ll find some old Bob Dylan or even Lou Reed (“Put Him Down”) traces in this album but the ROLLING STONES spirit is never too far (“Smart Girl”, “Dirt On My Shoes”…) Actually, some of these songs (I’m thinking of “Never Get To Heaven”, “Las Vegas”…) could really be classics.
I’m not sure if the re-release will have the same cover-art, but in this case don’t let it keep you away from it, this is no Rondo Veneziano! Get this album, put your best gypsy scarf on, open a bottle of wine and let it carry you away… /Laurent C.

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