Tango Pirates

(-by Anguish Young)
The most exciting and energetic new band to come along in ages may seem like overnight sensations to the young or uninitiated, but regular readers of Veglam will need no introduction to TANGO PIRATES, who are composed of alumni of many, many of our favorite bands, you know, where do you start? Lords Of The New Church, Kill City Dragons, Vain, Sham 69, Cherry Bombz, Wanderers, Dogs D’Amour, Rogue Male, Shooting Gallery, Anita Chellemah, Izzy Stradlin, Arthur Kane, Cheap N Nasty, the list just goes on and on.
Lead vocalist, Danny Fury, is a swashbuckling, gothic dandy in the romantic tradition of Stiv Bator, Jim Jones, and Mike Monroe. He has a really cool voice and is an outstanding entertainer, who looks and moves like he is about twenty. Dave Tregunna is obviously one of the most spellbindingly unique and beloved bass-players of our gothic/glam/punk rock subculture. He has switched to guitar, while the low-end is being nailed-down by one Vera Wild, an attractive and mysterious new presence to many of us, bringing a youthful energy to the surly and savage Pirate’s vibe. One can never say enough about how talented Timo Kaltio is, a flamboyant and highly-gifted guitarist/songwriter, who’s worked with all your heroes in Hanoi Rocks and Smack and Guns N Roses. Ex-Pleasure Victims drummer, Steve Grainger has a big job, playing drums behind a former drummer of Danny Fury’s stature.
Together, these wild-eyed outlaws who sail under no flag but the black ones, they are making some of the coolest and most vital underground music we’ve heard in a long time. Sultry, sensual, bluesy punk’n’roll that’s certain to appeal to young people who love style, drama, and an element of danger, as well as old-school glam and punk rock aficionados. They have come for your children, and for some of your grandfolks, too. This is the type of rock group that can bring all the real rocknroll tribes back together, luring the witches and underdogs, androgynes, new romantics, grebos, hooligans, bikers, and mohawks back out of the cupboards to dance in the half-light of a bloodshot moon, they have resurrected the seductive spirit of another time. VEGLAM was pleased to speak with DANNY FURY about what inspires him, his life and times, and all the real rock’n’roll with heart and soul.

VEGLAM MAGAZINE: Aren’t you originally from Switzerland? Did you ever know “The World Famous Mister Ratboy” from Motorcycle Boy/Pillbox NYC/Sour Jazz, who’s also from there?

DANNY FURY: Yes, I was born in Basel, Switzerland. I grew up there in a children’s home and left for London in January of 1984. I don’t know Mister Ratboy, I was probably gone too long.

VEGLAM MAGAZINE: Steven Tyler and Joey Ramone are two other drummers who became frontmen, having drummed for so many of rock’n’roll’s best frontmen, does that put extra pressure on you as a performer, have you always sang and written songs?

DANNY FURY: I don’t feel pressure from any singer, ‘cuz I don’t try to be them! If I would wanna be Robert Plant, or Stiv Bator or anyone….I’d be under pressure, for sure! But since I’m into being the best me I can be, I’m very relaxed. That is what it’s all about in my book : being yourself !!! I started singing late in life, at a point, where most people already pack it in! I always used to think that I could not sing, but have been writing lyrics, forever. After coming back to Switzerland from San Francisco, I could not find a good singer and decided to give it a go, myself. People around me thought it sounds cool and I should keep going. So I went out, bought me a guitar, learned a few chords and found out, that I had a talent I did not know about. The lesson in this (for me and all of you) is, it’s never too late for anything, as long as you’re still breathing !!!

VEGLAM MAGAZINE: Describe the first time you encountered Stiv Bators. Did you get to record much with him? Were you a Deadboys fan? What do you think about this C.B.G.B. movie and the Harry Potter lad playing Cheetah “MF” Chrome?

DANNY FURY: I met Stiv at a gig in Zurich, supporting the Lords Of The New Church. I had my mind set on London and asked him, if he would know a band in the UK, looking for a drummer. he replied, if Nicky (original Lords drummer) dies, I’ll get his job! Well, Nicky did not die, but when he left the Lords, 2 years later, I did get his job !!! Stiv thought, that it was in the stars and meant to be and was proud enough, to tell that story in interviews, announcing me joining the Lords. I always loved the Dead Boys and other great punk bands. I have not seen the CBGB movie, but the Harry Potter dude seems a bit of an odd choice to me, playing Cheetah Chrome, but maybe he can pull it off? ‘Would have to see it first, though!

VEGLAM MAGAZINE: Is Tango Pirates the Wild At Heart project with a revamped name, or are they separate entities?

DANNY FURY: Wild at Heart was basically me doin’ my own thing. Tango Pirates is still me doing my songs but with input from Dave and Vera, who write as well, and I’m happy to enrich our music with their talents! It seemed logical to call it something else, cuz it was a new start. There’s also too many heart bands out there. Tango Pirates is a term invented by the New York establishment, in the 1920’s, for those early jazz and blues musicians. Believing them to be a threat to their youth, which of course, they were….lol, seducing them to the devil’s music, sex and drugs–that kinda sounded like us, and seemed a good choice of a name.

VEGLAM MAGAZINE: Did you ever see or hear Steve Von Saint’s band, Angels In Vain? Whatever became of Augie Raia, and Elka Brandt? Jeni Foster from Princess Pang?

DANNY FURY: Steve von Saint played me Angels in Vain and gave me a t shirt that I wore ’till it fell apart.

VEGLAM MAGAZINE: When was the last time you saw Billy from Kill City Dragons?

DANNY FURY: I saw Billy last in L.A, at Steven Adler’s house (G’N’R) in the 90’s. We partied and talked about a Kill City Dragons reunion, but it has not happened (yet).

VEGLAM MAGAZINE: Did you get to see any of the recent Scabies James show? Rat’s birthday gig, fronted by Texas Terri? Are you still friends with Brian James?

DANNY FURY: I am still good friends with Brian James and since it is the Lords 30 years anniversary, we talked about the possibility of a Lords reunion for some gigs or tours. It’s up to him to announce that, if it should happen. I saw Brian/Rat/Texas Terri’s band and it was brilliant! Texas Terry is also a good friend and an amazing performer, a bit like a female Iggy. She came to a few of our shows and sang “Method To My Madness” with us, which we dedicate to Stiv.

VEGLAM MAGAZINE: What do you think of Urban Voodoo Machine, Jim Jones Revue, Michael Monroe?

DANNY FURY: Urban Voodoo Machine, Jim Jones and Michael Monroe are three great bands! ‘Love ’em all.

VEGLAM MAGAZINE: Do you know Paul Hornby, who all those musicians from Dogs D’amour and Quireboys are doing those benefits for? Ever see Tyla perform?

DANNY FURY: I don’t know Paul Hornby, but I heard about his illness. His is a hard destiny and I wish him and his loved ones strength! Did i see Tyla perform? Well yeah, the Dogs D’amour supported the Lords back in the day, a few times and I toured with Tyla earlier this year, playing drums for him.

VEGLAM MAGAZINE: What is the TANGO PIRATES song, “Ghost” about?

DANNY FURY: “Ghost” is a song about me being stubborn! Doing my own thing, against all odds and sometimes, against the grain! It’s about not giving up, even in the face of disaster! It’s also about my lust for life and a big fuck you too all the musicians in previous line ups who deserted me. It was originally called “Against The Grain”, but the band renamed it “Ghost”, cuz they felt that was the hook.
The chord sequence came out of a sad mood over another line up goin’ down the drain and was meant to be a bit of a ballad, my band had other plans with it though, and it turned into what it is now.

VEGLAM MAGAZINE: I know Cherry Bombz and Shooting Gallery supposedly got some of their cool leathers from a store on Melrose called Red Balls On Fire. Where do TANGO PIRATES get all your fabulous threads?

DANNY FURY: I used to work for that store back in the Dragon days and picked up some skills. but i’ve always designed my own clothes, too. That way I’m sure to get one-off stuff, ‘cuz I’m a one-off kinda guy! Some kids wrote to me, wanting to know about our clothes and I told ’em, that it’s not about clothes !! It’s about the message and the music ! The clothes are just another expression of who we are, some kind of visual language. You might not think so, by looking at me, but they become less important, as time goes by. Basically, what matters is on the inside, but in my case, the inside is reflected on the outside. I’m also a bit of an Errol Flynn victim, in that I watched too many of his pirate movies as a kid!

VEGLAM MAGAZINE: What do you remember about Gunfire Dance? The Bounty Hunters?

DANNY FURY: Gunfire Dance (a great band name) was a great band around the late 80’s and early 90’s. We played with them in the Dragon days and became good friends. ‘Just saw Ozzy last Saturday. I like those guys a lot! They are for for real and proved to be friends!

VEGLAM MAGAZINE: Ever met Dave Parsons? Were you a WANDERERS fan? How does Dave describe that project? I thought they wrote some really, really amazing songs, in spite of the dated 80’s production.

DANNY FURY: I have played with Dave Parsons for about a year now in Jimmy Pursey’s Sham 69. I get to play drums with them and really started to enjoy it again after a long break !! It’s great as well, to be a rhythm section again with Dave Tregunna. We are real tight since we played in so many bands together over the years.

VEGLAM MAGAZINE: How long have you guys been backing Anita Chellemah and how are those shows being received, will their be any recordings? Ever see Cherry Bombz back in the day?

DANNY FURY: Dave, Timo and I played with Anita over the last nine months, or so. She’s a great Lady with a great voice and good songs! Her gigs were unfortunately poorly attended so far, but this might change once the music, we recorded for her, is out there.I saw her back in the day with Cherry Bombz, playing at the old marquee in Soho, London.

VEGLAM MAGAZINE: Have you ever met Andy McCoy, Henri Paul Tortosa, or Gass Wylde?

DANNY FURY: I met Andy Mc Coy several times and saw him last in the early 90’s, stealing my singer. No hard feelings, of course!! He could not have done that, had still been tight with Billy at the time.

VEGLAM MAGAZINE: Describe each of your TANGO PIRATES bandmates…

DANNY FURY: That’s not an easy task, cuz they all are very colorful personalities and have many sides to ’em! To really describe ’em, I would have to write a small book. They are all very talented, though and we get along famously. The chemistry is great and I think they are the coolest bunch I worked with, since the Lords and Dragons days and I love the music we make together!!! I hope that they will stick it out with me, but will carry on, should any one of them decide on other plans.

VEGLAM MAGAZINE: Weren’t you in Stiv’s EVIL BOYS? What do you remember about Danny Nordahl, the Throbs?

DANNY FURY: I think he had that band in New York City. I was in a band with Stiv Bators, Nasty Suicide (Hanoi Rocks) and Dave Tregunna before I joined the Lords. Stiv called it Gang Bang and we recorded three songs but as far as I know, they never saw the light of day. We ended up reforming the Lords which was fine with me, since they were my favorite band at the time.

VEGLAM MAGAZINE: What contemporary bands do you enjoy listening to?

DANNY FURY: I have to admit, that I don’t know too much about contemporary bands. I’m too involved with my own projects, but I get to hear new cool bands we play with, like the Healthy Junkies, or Gasoline Queens. One band that stands out are the Peckham Cowboys. they just put out an album I really like! Blues rock with a modern twist and great grooves.

VEGLAM MAGAZINE: Wasn’t Timo affilliated somehow with Smack, as well as Izzy Stradlin, Cherry Bombz, Hanoi, Thee Hypnotics, and Cheap N Nasty? Ever meet Les Riggs?

DANNY FURY: Timo Kaltio played with all those bands as well as Johnny Thunders! We used to hang out with Cheap and Nasty and I met Les, back then.

VEGLAM MAGAZINE: Are TANGO PIRATES playing the Rebellion Festival?

DANNY FURY: I wish we would have, always been a bit of a rebel, myself…..lol…I love playing festivals and hope we get to play some next year! So get in touch, all you promoters !!!

VEGLAM MAGAZINE: What is your opinion of the Cult?

DANNY FURY: The Cult were a great band in the 80’s and 90’s! No idea what they are doin’ now.

VEGLAM MAGAZINE: Tango Pirates have been playing a lot of shows lately. Highlights? Has Ray Zell from Kerrang! come to write about you?

DANNY FURY: Yes, we played quite a bit lately. As people tell us, every show is better then the one before, so it’s going in a good way and I’m exited to watch it grow! We gonna have a break from live activities at the moment to work on the new great songs we’ve written. There is one I wrote about Stiv, called “Dark Star” and I think he would have been proud of me. Ray Zell has not been showing up, so far. Maybe I ought to give him a call. Got his number?

VEGLAM MAGAZINE: Will you be self-releasing an EP, or LP? Where will it be available? Is there any other TANGO PIRATES merchandise ready for purchase? T shirts?

DANNY FURY: We just recorded five songs that we put on our band page to listen to. Gonna put ’em out as downloads. We’ll do the same with the next batch and once we have enough to call it an album, we will release ’em on a cd as well, with artwork and all.
Merchandise will be available soon, too. We have a Tango Pirates Face-Book page where people can check up on our activities. We’ll have our own website soon, too.

VEGLAM MAGAZINE: Are you familiar with a young band called SILVER from Norway? They remind me a lot of Lords Of The New Church and early Flesh For Lulu. Very gothic sounding.

DANNY FURY: Never heard of ’em, but you made me curious. Gonna check ’em out.

VEGLAM MAGAZINE: Plans for the future? What do you hope to accomplish with TANGO PIRATES? What else would you like to discuss? What have I neglected to ask you about?

DANNY FURY: The plan is, to take this as far as we can!!! I’m like on a mission now and I ain’t gonna stop ’till I drop !
Music is a healing thing to me and I feel that I’ve been given something, that I have to pass on ! At the same time, we hope to turn people on to question things, or just make them feel that it’s ok to be different! Of course we wanna entertain ’em, too. I usually write when intense things happen in my life and it’s a way to work things out for myself and then pass on the conclusions. If it helps me, it might help others, too, cuz we all go through similar experiences in life. Iit is importent to me, that people know, that this is a very honest thing we do !!! It comes straight from our hearts and has not much to do with fame and fortune ! (Although we would not mind some of that….lol) It is what we do, Regardless of any outcome and our way of expressing ourselves !! We hope to continue the vision and attitude we shared with Stiv Bator in the Lords. our love to ya all xx TRUTH IS THE SWORD OF US ALL!

(Stiv Bator…R.I.P.)

Dogkennel Hill “Sweethearts Of The Rodeo”

This is a re-release from the 1999 debut album of DOGKENNEL HILL, the band formed by Guy Bailey (The QUIREBOYS) and his school friend Tim Bewlay who also played with The QUIREBOYS for a short time. You’ll also find Chris Johnstone (piano; who also played in The QUIREBOYS), Simon Hanson (SQUEEZE) on drums and Dave Tregunna (The LORDS of The NEW CHURCH…) on bass on this album. This should be enough for you to get interested into it, right?
Playing a FACES/STONES kind of rock’n’roll would have been a bit too predictable for the band even though Tim’s voice sometimes get close to Spike’s, so these dandy bandits offer us some fine bluesy country rock instead with lots of slide guitar and violin by Sarah Denton. You’ll find some old Bob Dylan or even Lou Reed (“Put Him Down”) traces in this album but the ROLLING STONES spirit is never too far (“Smart Girl”, “Dirt On My Shoes”…) Actually, some of these songs (I’m thinking of “Never Get To Heaven”, “Las Vegas”…) could really be classics.
I’m not sure if the re-release will have the same cover-art, but in this case don’t let it keep you away from it, this is no Rondo Veneziano! Get this album, put your best gypsy scarf on, open a bottle of wine and let it carry you away… /Laurent C.http://www.myspace.com/dogkennelhill

The Lustkillers

I first met Adam 8 years ago (time flies!) during the first AMERICAN HEARTBREAK tour. I quickly noticed quite a few similar tastes about music while we were talking in my old car on our way to dinner at my band’s rehearsal place. We then met again for the epic 2003 LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH tour as my band SPARKLING BOMBS was opening for the French leg of the tour.
Later on, I saw him play with The BLACK HALOS both in the US and in Europe but this time, Adam is comin’ back to the old continent with his own band The LUSTKILLERS. So don’t look no further, you’ll know everything you need to know about the band after reading this interview…

So, let’s start from the early days… What made you pick up a guitar and what or who got you into rock’n’roll?

My mother’s youngest brother was a real degenerate and young enough to be more like my older brother. He was always into trouble, wrecking cars and getting arrested, so to me that was normal. He fed me a lot of rock n roll. He was also responsible for getting me my first guitar. It was a cheap white telecaster. Kiss Destroyer captured my imagination. I started playing guitar after my first concert, Motorhead.

You were in L.A when the whole Sunset Strip scene was big, what bands did you play with there? I know you don’t have only good memories from those times, but can you give us a few good ones?

I was too young to be taken seriously by bands when I got there, so I never found a gig. I was finally being courted by this band Damn Yankees(Not the 90’s supergroup) but they split up. They became Kills for Thrills with Gilby Clarke. By the time I got their call, I had moved back to Chicago and gave up guitar. The LA rock scene got really into shredding and I wanted nothing to do with it. I ate drugs and went dark into the goth/industrial thing. It was a shame because when I got to Hollywood there was so much great rock. I was at GnR’s signing party at the Whiskey knowing that I was witnessing history. Faster Pussycat were playing parties nude. Hangmen were playing Raji’s. I was catching Jane’s Addiction and Human Drama at Club Lingerie. Blah Blah Blah. I could see the end coming when Warrant and LA Guns were getting interest. Oh yeah and Filthy Phil Animal nearly puked all over me hanging out in the Rainbow parking lot. Really big deal to a kid like me 😉

You then moved back to Chicago to play in darker bands, right?

Before LA, I was in bands and bad shit with older guys by 16. Kids now don’t even start bands til 22? I was too young to be doing what I did out there in Hollywood. I came back to start over in a different scene but I got even worse because everything was at my disposal as a “Goth” in Chicago at that time. To me guitar was a tool to write music, not crap all over it with a solo. I was primarily singing and programming, writing some really great dark wave stuff and then industrial with John Soroka of Ministry.

What about your San Francisco days? You played with AMERICAN HEARTBREAK there, did you know the guys before or just decided to move there and found them?

I’d seen Jetboy in LA. They actually opened at The Whiskey GnR signing party. I’d been playing as a hired gun in the SF Bay, so people knew of me. When Curtis left American Heartbreak, it seemed the entire scene expected me to just step in. They were right.

Didn’t you live in New York too?

I did nearly 3 years of NYC before SF. It was awesome times with a lot of great rock and bands spilling into the streets everywhere, every night. D-Gen had just signed and I made great friends with a lot of great people. Bands like Devil Dogs, NY Loose, LES Stitches, Radio Zero, Spitball, Sulfur, Pillbox. There was a little bit of everything going on and all of it good. Especially, the band I landed in, The Heartdrops. Heartdrops were a fantastic band, with great songwriting. Once again, the scene nearly destroyed me and then the scene was being destroyed. Clubs started closing. I have noting but fond memories of NYC. I miss it everyday of my life. Sadly, it’s not there to return to.

In 2003 you joined the LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH for their reunion tour and recorded the “Hang On” album with them. Tell us how all of this happened. Will you record some songs again with them in the future?

Just spoke to Brian (James) a couple days ago. Every month we compare notes and pursue leads to work together again. He’s still very keen on writing new Lords material and I have songs and lyrics he’s really into at the ready. In 2002, mutual friend/photographer, Devorah Ostrov, suggested to The Lords that LustKillers open a US Tour. When they received the LK demos (now released as “Black Sugar Sessions”) they changed their minds and enlisted me to sing for The Lords. When the US Tour didn’t happen, The Lords flew me out to Brighton to sing on 10 new songs they had recorded. Those songs “Hang On” and the 2003 Lords EuroTour were hjacked by a person who trademarqued The Lords logos and band name. Even with the help of Attorney David Quinton (Stiv’s “Disconnected” drummer) The Lords were held hostage for 4 years before reclaiming their trademarks. Halloween 2007, The Lords played their 25th Anniversary in London. It was brilliant. So many long time friends of Stiv and the band were there to see us. I’d never seen Brian so happy and he and Dave have been eager to continue The Lords ever since.

Then you played with the BLACK HALOS (from Canada), was the distance a big problem as you were in Chicago? What’s the situation with them now? Are you still in the band?

Distance is no problem when you are serious about your craft. Problem is, there are only two real reasons to do something, Money or Passion. You can’t just do things to be cool.
Black Halos was swell but now the swelling’s gone down.

Let’s talk about your own current band now, The LUSTKILLERS. For how long have they been around? It seems like you had many problems to find the right line-up, tell us a bit about the new guys.

The LustKillers were firing on all cylinders in SF until I left to do The Lords. That sent the bassist and drummer out touring in Swingin Utters. I’ve always filled the LustKillers with available friends. All you leave this world with is memories, this way I make the best I can. The players cum ‘n go ‘n cum again. We’ve become quite an extended family, this LustKillers Kult 😉 Bryan, James and Roger are comin’ ta Europe!
Bryan’s the young gun on guitar. The kid’s gonna be a star. He’s got B.L.A.M.F. tattooed on his arm and he’s full of charm.
James loves the ladies. He’s got southern drawl and pull. He hits things with sticks. Roger Rags was in Trashlight Vision and most recently with Sorry and the Sinatras.

Your “Black Sugar Sessions” songs got released by Swedish label Nicotine records. Were you planning on releasing them on a record? How did it happen?

In just 9 months of SF, The LustKillers were headlining the larger clubs on a Sat. night. This created a lot of interest, so a lot of people came to our studio to record us.
The only thing meant for release was gonna be a single recorded by Chip Hanna (One Man Army). When that didn’t happen we never expected anything else to see the light of day. We referred to the demos as “black sugar” because we were convinced nothing good could come from them. I gave some of the demos to French Journalista Thomaxe Goze, whom I’d met in Marseille on Lords Tour. He loved em but I ended up joining Black Halos and all my energies went to writing/recording/touring albums for them. Last year when Halos had everything stolen on the Canadian Tour, Thomaxe arranged the LK deal with Nicotine Records. Two months later when Halos toured Europe, Nicotine brought me the product! So cool to see it released and very cool when TornadoRide Records pressed the vinyl.

I suppose you’ve got a lot of new songs now. How would you describe them compared to the “Black Sugar Sessions” ones?

The next material is like the Black Sugar stuff but just harder in each direction. What was fun is more fun and what was dark is darker. Let’s face it, as long as I’m singin’ it, it’s gonna sound like LustKillers 😉 We tried out 11 or so new songs on the SouthWest audience and they really got off. Some cellcam bootlegs made it to youtube I think.

The LUSTKILLERS have been touring in the U.S. quite a lot lately,… how was your South West tour? Highest and lowest points?

LK are extremely productive when together. We pulled off 6 shows in 10 days, finished 15 songs and covers, tracked acoustic versions of stuff, appeared in a Reality TV show and Recorded all the shows and videoed. We also gigged with The Hangmen and reunited their guitarist Rane with his old SMACK bandmate Mika.
Low Points… none that I can name. We were disappointed the cold nights prevented us from filming a video for Culture Clash. Also we all went home extremely sick from the final gig. It was outdoors at night in the courtyard between a bar and Chinese take-out restaurant WOK STAR. They had no permits. We played every song we knew and twice as many we didn’t know 😉 It was late and freezing and turned into a boozefest of toiletpaper and blood. I have the audio bootleg, can’t wait to see the video.

You’re coming to Europe in April/May. You often toured here with your previous bands but not with The LUSTKILLERS. Is it more exciting for you? More stressful maybe?… Have the other members been to Europe before?

LustKillers will be the 4th band I have toured Europe with. I’ve outlived ‘em all. It’s what I do. Painters Paint 😉 I’m very excited to share LustKillers with Europe because it is all mine and me. My songs show off the players playing them, so I can be me and tell my stories. Only thing stressful is the business of it. I’ve always attempted to keep LustKillers sacred from all of that. Guitarist Bryan is young but he’s a road dog. He’s gonna love touring Europe. James is a vegetarian, he might not 😉 hahaha. Roger can’t wait to return.

I know you’ve got a lot of records. can you name 5 that you listened to more than 500 times? Give us a few description too, what they mean to you.

Jim Carroll – Catholic Boy. Anyone can die. Jim’s a survivor. His voice is poetic and true.
Lords of the New Church – Is Nothing Sacred. They wrote this album for themselves and it shows so many of the Lords influences….. I thrive on variety.
Devil Dogs – I throw on Devil Dogs when I’m feeling low. I guess I feel low often?
Manic Street Preachers – This is My Truth… This album blew me away emotionally.
The Figgs – Sucking in Stereo Maybe only 400 times. The Figgs are the last of the real songwriters. They throw away songs that are better than anything I could imagine writing.

What’s wrong with most bands today?

Go look at videos on youtube of The Runaways or Generation X. You tell me. They were so young and fresh and playing from their hearts. Everything now looks rehearsed and considered. Players don’t even move naturally now. No ones found themselves.
Albumwise, in the Corporate Industry, they hide behind over production and compression. If we are talking about rock on the club circuit, I see too many bands playing loud, hard and fast. To me, only two bands did that proper, Motorhead and Ramones. I prefer dynamics and integrity in my rock. Give the ears a moment to consider what they just witnessed then hit em again. I guess I’m just no longer fond of “the hard sell.”

Have you seen any good live bands lately?

ahem…. THE GODFATHERS. Peter Coyne still has so much focus and conviction live. It really made me realize what I’ve been missing in new music, not to mention the Cynicism! The Figgs wanted me to roll with last tour but I only caught 2 shows. They are masters at taking risk live with brilliant songs and 2 incredibly honest voices. Polyphonic Spree was so powerful live. 23 + players up there all smiling and rocking hard on every instrument. Not one single person on that stage wanted to be anywhere else. I guess heart goes a long with me.

You once told me that you considered Wendy O. Williams and Lisa left Eye Hopes as the most important women in music, can you explain?

They both Lived and DIED by their own rules, which is extremely rare for females. Lisa even more so than Wendy. I dare you to name one person Male or Female in the Corporate Music Industry since Lisa, that stood up for themselves. Lisa publicly took on her own Label, Mgt and Band to get to the truth. Her Boyfriend cheated on her and Lisa Burrrned the House Down! Wendy O and Left Eye both accepted the limit of their talents. They embraced their sexuality and were empowered by it rather than victimized.

I know you’re also a MANIC STREET PREACHERS fan. What are your thoughts on Richey? Do you think he’s still alive?

It’s still a very fascinating and intriguing tale. I rarely have much respect for people who throw their lives away, so I prefer to believe he’s starting over elsewhere. Unfortunately, there’s not one indication in his personal past strengths to believe he didn’t just cash it in.

Any good books or movies you’ve enjoyed lately?

I was quite impressed with “the Assassination of Jessie James.” It was historically great.
The dialogue was smart and the camera work impressed me.
I really enjoyed “Choke” so much more than the book.
I had to stop reading books. They were ruining all my movies 😉

Tell us a bit about your love for bikes…

Before there was a guitar, there were dirtbikes and motorcycles. I had to sell my XS650 Classic Twin when I lived in SF. I had a back surgery while in American Heartbreak, needed to pay bills and never thought I’d be vertical again.
After cancelling the Halos Eurotour to open for Social Distortion, I shaved my head and spent the summer training to race cyclocross. I have an addiction for speed. It was aggressive, incognito and had absolutely nothing to do with rock n roll. How very Stiv Bators of me, eh?

Anything else to add?

Thank You, Laur for almost loving music as much as I do.
I encourage those reading this to join us and participate at http://www.myspace.com/lustkillers
FaceBook seems like the cool place to be now so add up LustKillers at http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-LustKillers/81689005186

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Lust n Daggers,
Adam Becvare