The Black Crowes-My Morning Song – YouTube

Stella Assange #FreeAssangeNOW on Twitter: “” / Twitter

WikiLeaks on Twitter: “‘The imprisonment of Julian Assange’ 20 years on from the invasion of Iraq, Fault Lines looks at the case of Julian Assange who gave us an unprecedented insight into the war, including the infamous ‘Collateral Murder’ release | @AJFaultLines” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “🚨2MORO, #EastPalestine City Park—close to a contaminated creek w/ aeration machines pumping chemicals into air/soil—is having KIDS EASTER egg hunt. On the soil data USED TO DECLARE IT SAFE, the EPA says it doesn’t “necessarily reflect the policies, actions, or positions of EPA.”″ / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “”A lot of these devices that they’re using can’t even pick up a lot of the chemical byproducts when these things were set on fire initially…this sounds like another similar example. Sure, we can find it but it’s not going to be accurate” -@louisd217” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “”[Norfolk Southern] are having a hard time finding a place to put [the soil]…The state of Indiana had done some testing and found some concerning chemicals inside the soil.” — @louisd217 TOXIC TOUR #EastPalestineOH Cleanup Full Video:” / Twitter

Jordan on Twitter: “REPENT! @StatusCoup LIVE at noon eastern PROTEST Against MILLIONAIRE Reverend & VP of KILLER Healthcare Company” / Twitter


I’ll be listening to a lot of Michael rank today and probably some Waterboys and jacobites and New Model army and Quireboys and thinking about my grandparents, my childhood home, my kids and the old bandhouses ya know? All that music still consoles me, makes me feel less horrified and alone in spite of these fucked up crazy times and lies for war and capitalist billionaires ripping us all off and capturing the media and regulatory agencies and owning all the politicians even the fake progressives of the Nato left. Get anything by Michael Rank and Snatches of Pink, it’s all so good. Like an artier Replacements with seventies Stones funk soul and Prince and Inxs influences. Michael is a real soulman, a poet, the very essence of rennaisance motherfucker.

Snatches of Pink “Powder Blue” – YouTube

Michael Rank (Snatches of Pink) “Gun Breaths” – YouTube

Snatches of Pink Sleazefest 2001 – YouTube

Sara Romweber is THE best drummer in Rock n Roll – YouTube

Michael Rank “Dove” – YouTube

Michael Rank “Down to a Man” – YouTube

Snatches Of Pink All Alone Live at Studio B, Greenville SC 11 11 86 – YouTube

Michael Rank & Marc Smith “Hard Candy” – YouTube

Now It’s a Rock & Roll Show-trailer (new) – YouTube


$3 Mess – Only the Angels @ Churchill’s 10-31-09 – YouTube

The Comatones Live @ Churchill’s 9-30-06 – YouTube

Drive Around My Head – YouTube

$3 Mess – Spanish Song @ Churchill’s 10-31-09 – YouTube


Ha! I aint even got disposable income to spend on stuff I really like, all the groceries have quadrupled since the Covid clampdowns killed all the mom and pop businesses and empowered the monopolies to just gouge us slaves as much as they want and pig-tv can always just blame Trump or Putin which is really some tediously tiresome bullshit if you pay any attention at all to what’s happening in this world. So yeah I’m a flat broke desrt pauper, a hermit, we go on walks for entertainment here, if there’s too many packs of loose dogs we just end up standing in the yard, not much consumerism happening, I aint even got that “Nothing But A Good Time” 80’s hairmetal book yet, let alone exepensive box-set collectibles by artists I only kinda begrudingly like. I mean I got “Round & Round” on casstte and on youtube so I’m all good when it comes to Ratt, really, though I’d like to read his book, but can you believe RATT have a box set coming out of their like first five alnums? I thought RATT died with Robin Crosby personally, they were never my favorite band even in my pre teen heavy metal phase but you know I kinda root for Stphen Pearcy in my old age. He is still out there playing shows everynight while his lazy former bandmates and most of my former peers are all content to complain, make excuses, waste time, bitch and feud and threaten each other with tiresome lawsuits, that kinda stupid nonsense. One of my teenage goth girlfriends also dated Pearcy so I tried to hate him when I was young outta sheer spite and jealousy but I think I got over it or something cause when he came to play at my ex wife’s father’s nigtclub I did a lot of promotion for his show just cause I guess I always really liked “Round & Round”. Did you ever see that Mickey Rourke movie, “The Wrestler”? It is so much like my own life only Mickey’s character’s washedup old wrestler rather than a washed up old rebel rocker, both of us are haunted by our “metal Years” long gone forgotten heyday and are still doing our best to get back in the squared circle and do what we do best, and also still trying to recconect with our daughters who we always love. So yeah I think RATT ended up being part of all my memories even if it was never really my intention to embrace them, I ended up kinda accepting they were a big part of the whole Hit Parader wallpaper, Sunset Strip Experience, Faces Rocks, Circus Magazine, MTV, ya know there is no denying RATT really. Pearcy even flirted with a sorof Adam Ant/Prince influenced fashion hybrid I always kinda identified with somewhat. I watched him on youtube playing some live show recently like at the Rainbow parking lot jam and he still has it, while other metal dude frontmen got fat and kinda suck now, like Sebastian, Waxl, Dokken, and Vince, Pearcy still rocks, even if you’re not a big metalhead hairbanger and I’m so totally new wave, I’m just not that into all the spandex shit, but I like Pearcy. I think he’s a real good frontman and still doing it when everybody else chickend out and married their tv’s and I phones, he is rocking with the people. I love that and he’s way older than me! Mostly he just makes me wanna front a tiny basement punk band again.

RATT – Live in Tokyo – December 31, 1988 (Pro-Shot) 👌 – YouTube

NOTHING TO LOSE | A Stephen Pearcy ROCKumentary | Stephen Pearcy of RATT | ASY TV | (Sneak Peek 1) – YouTube

Stephen Pearcy (RATT) Complete Set (Live) @ Marquee Theatre Tempe Az. 1/27/23 – YouTube

Sex, Drugs, RATT and Roll: My Life in Rock | Stephen Pearcy | Talks at Google – YouTube

RATT – Lay It Down (Official Music Video) – YouTube

RATT – Way Cool Jr. (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Ratt – You’re In Love (Official Music Video) – YouTube

“he fact that every single US politician in Congress and the White House is either actively pushing for or apathetic to a hot war with Russia and/or China should make you very, very angry.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“”China must be stopped before it imposes totalitarian diplomacy on Ukraine and authoritarian peace in the middle east. We’ve got to stop China from achieving peace over there so we don’t have to stop it from achieving peace over here.”” (-Caitlin Johnstone)


The Word “Presstitute” Is Insulting (To Sex Workers): Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – Caitlin Johnstone

15 Million in US Losing Public Health Benefits (

Lying about Lying: Why We Must Revisit the Definition of ‘Fake News’ (


French Protesters STORM BlackRock’s Paris Headquarters! – YouTube

Dems & Republicans Screw 15 MILLION Americans Out Of Healthcare – YouTube

CODEPINK’s Medea Benjamin BLACKLISTED From MSNBC – YouTube

Matt Taibbi Confronts MSNBC Over Russiagate & Hunter Biden Laptop ON AIR – YouTube

Trump Prosecution Is A Distraction From Looming Economic Crisis – Prof Richard Wolff – YouTube

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Never again (conditions apply)” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Israeli occupation troops beat Palestinian worshippers as they attempt to flee the Al Aqsa compound. As usual, this flagrant thuggery was met with mealy mouthed, hollow statements by Israel’s Western patrons, leading to today’s escalation.” / Twitter

Nils Melzer on Twitter: “From 18 April at @FaziEditore: The 🇮🇹 Italian edition of my book «The Trial of Julian #Assange – a Story of Persecution» detailing the official investigation conducted in my previous capacity as United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture. With a foreword by @SMaurizi 👇🏼” / Twitter

“Israel had bombed Syria several times in the last week. Israel is currently bombing Gaza. Israel is attacking Al Aqsa in Jerusalem. And Israel will likely launch some sort of attack in Lebanon. How can anyone refer to Israel as the victim as it constantly attacks its neighbors?” (-Rania Khalek)

“LOL they literally said “journalism is not a crime,” which you hear over and over again from defenders of Julian Assange. I knew the Evan Gershkovich thing would highlight a lot of western hypocrisy in its treatment of Assange, but I didn’t expect them to be so explicit about it. ” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“”The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” (- Albert Camus)

“Neoliberals seem as strategically clueless domestically as they have been with their foreign policies. They are managing to actually generate sympathy for Trump among independents. Only the most dishonest say this is not a political prosecution. This strengthens Trump. Clueless!” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“Who even knows how much the US has actually given Ukraine in military support to wage proxy war on Russia Reuters reported $35 billion, but CFR said $46.6 billion (as of January – it has increased since then) That’s roughly the GDP of Tunisia or Jordan.” (-Ben Norton)

“If the US cares about sovereignty why are they illegally in Syria?

If they care about human rights why are they giving $4 billion a year to Israel? If they care about democracy why do they organize coups?

If they care about freedom of speech and press why is Assange in jail? Just like Libya, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, Americans will wind up figuring out that they got suckered again in Ukraine. Unfortunately, our state propaganda will overcome our common sense again and many will jump right on board to fight China next. There is no evidence to prove that the US gives a damn about democracy, human rights, sovereignty or freedom anywhere, but they’ll keep saying it as long as they can get us to believe it. When the US openly says they have to contain China, nobody seems to realize that’s why we keep trying to provoke them into a war with Taiwan, or why the hell do we feel like we have the right to be trying to contain anybody? If this country is so great, try to compete with them. I don’t think Americans and the West understand the amount of countries in the rest of the world that wants Russia to defeat NATO. The crazy thing is that it’s not even a love war or of Russia or a hatred of Ukraine. It’s because they no longer want the US to be in charge. For everybody talking about Clarence Thomas now, he is another example of when I say just about everything that is wrong in this country can be traced back to Joe Biden. If you don’t believe me go back to the Anita Hill hearings. The United States destroys every country it touches. When are Americans gonna figure out that our Gov’t isn’t fighting for freedom and democracy, they’re bringing death and destruction. The United States Gov’t was knowingly funding Nazis, that’s not a conspiracy theory, propaganda or a wild guess. Congress literally voted on it, specifically labeling the Azov Battalion of Ukraine as neo-Nazis in the bill. Nobody seems to care. Let’s face reality Americans care about what our television tells us to That’s why people care about Ukraine, and don’t even know what Ukraine was doing to the people in Donbass for the 8 years before 2/24/2022. Imagine how much of a better world it would be if Americans held the psychos in our Gov’t accountable for all the assassinations, coups, invasions, elections they’ve interfered in, and innocent people they killed with these illegal sanctions. African leaders from many different countries have given lists of leaders in their continent assassinated and couped by the US and NATO and their hypocrisy talking about Putin and democracy Ukraine flag wavers make it perfectly clear by their silence that they don’t give a shit. Most of the rest of the world knows the truth about what the US Gov’t and NATO really is, what they’ve done and why Many Americans still live in the propaganda world created for us that says we are fighting for freedom and democracy. It’s a shame that Musk labeled NPR ‘State Media’ and still hasn’t given all US corporate media their well earned titles of ‘US state-affiliated media’ yet. When you elect lifelong corrupt politicians who put incompetent, lying, war mongering psychos in their Administration you get what’s happening now. People who will do anything no matter how evil to maintain hegemony, who are so arrogant and stupid they accomplish the opposite. If you are still proudly identifying as a Democrat or Republican, as a former brainwashed Dem who thought these Parties were fighting each other, let me be the one to tell you

You are getting played!” (-Black In The Empire)

The Grayzone on Twitter: “Classified Pentagon documents containing info about US-NATO plans for a Ukrainian offensive and key details of the ongoing war have leaked. The Biden administration is reportedly demanding they be scrubbed from the internet. By @RealAlexRubi” / Twitter

Alex Rubinstein on Twitter: “LEAKED DOD DOCS: These documents closely resemble the leaks reportedly containing top secret US/NATO intelligence and planning of a Ukrainian offensive. The Biden administration is reportedly working to have them “deleted” from social media.” / Twitter

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “.@mtaibbi reminds @mehdirhasan that MSNBC spread the lie that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation. Mehdi says: “I never said a word about the Hunter Biden story.” That’s not true, but say it were: he’s admitting to staying quiet on a scam that enabled censorship.” / Twitter

“The US empire does not care about press freedoms, it cares about power and domination, and the noises it makes in support of journalism are only ever made as a cynical ploy with which to bludgeon disobedient foreign governments on the world stage.” -(Ruchir Sharma)


I didn’t know the man personally and I only saw him playing live once way back in Boston-they had a roulette wheel and a fucking actual bar onstage ala Rod and the Ronnies way, way, way back with the Faces. Now that’s my idea of high quality entertainment-the whorehouse piano player, the bandannas and carnations on their suitjacket lapels, crumpled leather hats, all pin stripey suits and cowboy boots. Spike’s microphone stand ballet moves. Man ya know nobody where I live even heard of those lads, most all my own rocknroll buddies are already gone, or otherwise almost unrecognizable, and almost all of the remaining survivors are substantially less sentimental or attached to any of those old records as I am, I mean aside from maybe the money hustler at the old record store who pretends to like everything for the usual capitlist greedhead clientele pleasin’ sales motivations-he’s probably playin’ “A Bit Of What You Fancy” for the old girls wo used to work at the mall this morning. I bet both mine and my former bassist a local legend DJ bassplayer sometimes frontman Bobby C get mentioned by the Cheap Trick chicks who’d never hire me but hired our lad the michael Hutchence lookalike superstar celebrity DJ and you know I miss him like crazy, and our old nearby town hippe record store co worker, Dave A., who got me into the Faces as a kid get mentioned if they play the Quireboys around the fifty somethings. First thing I remember the Faces playin’ was a real good rendition of Macca’s “Maybe I’m Amazed”. I dug into those lp’s when dave A. moved in with me and brought his fave records and “Ooh La La” became one of my favorite songs. When he died a couple Christmas’ ago, his wife sold off all his old records and I’m still a little bit salty I did not get a chance to buy any, myself, cause I loved that guy so much, everybody’s leaving the planet way too soon for my taste and like the Demolition 23 song laments, it’s always the good ones who are first to go, while, “The Scum Lives On!” What’s up with that? So this morning will be a party of one remembrance and music listening celebratory send off to one of the last real rocknroll greats to really tread the boards with bona fide full fledged rocknroll authority and deep coolness and blood red hot emotion. Man am I ever gutted by all the senseless died youngs and just died suddenlys, this one is especially tragic cause not only was he my favorite QUIREBOY but he was one of the rocknroll legends who always seemed so wholeheartedly, wildly alive and spirited and good natured ya know what I mean? The always so energized onstage and upbeat lads on the tiles comedian. Really bums me out to learn of Guy Bailey’s passing, not cause I harbored anymore of my characteristic hopes for a happy QUIREBOYS reunion anymore after that last unscrupulous coup against our mainman SPIKE, but cause anything Guy Bailey did, he did with real rocknroll soul and good times love of life, He mighta been the most old school FACES like of the whole lot of ’em! I love that character, thanks for all the memories, that band really did a lotta good stuff in their time, espacially in the early times. As is so sadly usual these days, I aint got no booze around out here in dead man’s land and have a whole shitload of back and knee breaking landscape duties to fulfill both here and elsewhere today but I will be playing some Faces and Quireboys this morning and sending out best wishes to all who loved him and best vibes and prayers to accompany him on his awful big adventure into the great whatever comes after. Thank you, Guy Bailey, you were a real rocknroll guitar hero and you brought all your dandified soulfulness to the Quireboys best records and tightly packed, enthusiastic sticky rooms full of wayward wastrels the worldover bringing many laughs and smiles to all the people and I salute you. My old lady sez I’m drinking too many coffee pods while endeavoring to not smoke cause of all the Wall Street moneygrubber shameless inflation but I’m gonna toast to ya with some carbonated water and coffee on this bleak Sunday morning, dear brother! Good travels and good night, good sir.

SPIKE: “I’m heartbroken to have to write this.

My best friend Guy Bailey passed away peacefully in hospital last night in the arms of his beloved Bianca.

Guy was the kindest, funniest man you could have the pleasure of being around. He was loved by everyone who he ever worked with, all the bands he ever toured with and all the Quireboys fans he ever met. He certainly loved you all more than you will ever know.

I have so much I would like to share and say to everyone about him but this is just such a hard time for me and everyone close to him. I hope you all understand.

But for the Quireboys fans out there I would just like to say, me and Guy Bailey have written the songs for a new album, and me and Chris JohnstoneNigel Mogg and Rudy Richman will fulfill his wishes that these songs are recorded and a new Quireboys album will be released this year.

So everyone raise a glass for Guy Bailey and lets keep rock ‘n’ roll alive for him.

I love you mate.

I know you’re having a drink with our dads now and looking down and watching us bubble.

Your best mate Spikey xx”

The Quireboys – Live Music Hall, Köln, Germany 1990 – YouTube

Quireboys – Tramps And Thieves – YouTube

The Quireboys – Sweet Mary Ann – YouTube

you know what time it is…The Quireboys ~ 7 O’Clock – YouTube

Quireboys – Mayfair (1988) – YouTube

The Quireboys – Sex Party – YouTube

Quireboys – White Trash Blues 💯☠ – YouTube




OH LORD from the T.V. special feat. Guy Bailey and Spike Gray – YouTube

GOD BLESS AMERICA by THIRSTY (official video) – YouTube


Ya know I don’t get around much anymore, I live so far out in the boonies that it’s about a thirty five minute walk into town and I’ve only done it twice I think cause it’s like a gauntlet of unhinged meth people, and unleashed packs of ferocious desert dogs, there’s a memorial at the church four blocks from here of a seventy year old woman who got ripped to shreds by animals eleven years ago on a bicycle, so even with a big trail stick and an electronic dog deterrant, it’s still a long and dangerous hike even if you take the back way trespassing across snaky sandy terrain, it feels like fucking Tattoine out here, ya know like, “Star Wars” with the Jawas scavengers and the Tuscan Raider sand people. All the yards are full of old cars and big stacks of scrap metal and rusty objects, damaged hillbilles with the million mile stare, even the rich people are all absolute hoarding hoarders in the desert. It’s crazy how all the winebox committees of inheritance spending hot tub women all just wanna find a handyman with a toolbelt and a white truck to boss around, ahnd him a to-do list, and you know, settlle down with their Georgia O’Keefe E.S.P. new age lady psychic comminicats with aliens friend and have Airbandb guests, together. So yeah I don’t here too much in the way of cool music I can sincerely vibe with anymore, not really since the long gone daze of the Scarecrows from Sweden I think, Three Colours Red, 60 Ft. Dolls, Black Halos, American Heartbreak, that first Buck Cherry record with that song “For The Movies”, and Beat Angels-those kinda bands, but one long lost gang of underrated rocknroll motherfuckers I still sometimes listen to on these long lonely mornings of punishing monotony, tedium, sobriety and all the angry abusive poverty shaming still echoing in my doomed skull, is the fabulous REVOLVERS. Do you remember? Well I remember!

Rock’n’Roll Babylon – YouTube

The Revolvers – Yesterday’s Fools – YouTube


The Revolvers – I send you a rockstar postcard from L.A. – YouTube

Rock’n’Roll Is Dead – YouTube

The Revolvers – A Tribute To Cliches (Full Album) – YouTube

The Revolvers – End Of Apathy (Full Album) – YouTube

‎Split by Duane Peters and the Hunns & The Revolvers on Apple Music


I don’t know if you heard this band co starring former members of Saints In Vain and Streetcar Named Disaster guys but I really like it, can kinda relate to all these songs, especially on a heartsick morning like this one when I can’t afford hairdye or any smokes and it’s kinda cold outsidde and I’m pretty depressed and alone, my little heart still yearns and yearns, mostly for long gone friends and my long absent children. Just check these songs out if you like old bands like Candy or the Plimsouls or even old golden Generation X and let me know what you think. I never got to hangout with these guys as much as I would have liked to cause I had some real distracting, dysfunctional, soap opera loud, nonstop drama in my life back then, but they are all real talented rocknrollers in my never so humble estimation and I think you should amplify these tunes and put ’em on your compilations and spin ’em on your radio show!

▶︎ The China Stars | The China Stars (


Craig Johnston ⏳🎗️🍀⏳ on Twitter: “Multi award-winning journalist, Julian Assange is a US hostage being held in maximum security prison in the UK. #FreeAssangeNOW Free all political prisoners and journalists.” / Twitter

Lee Camp [Redacted] on Twitter: “Question: Does Trump’s idling plane getting more mainstream media coverage this week than Biden kicking 15 MILLION off of healthcare, climate crisis, & possible end to Yemen war combined mean that Trump will win the presidency again?” / Twitter

Be A King on Twitter: “My father was killed because he was galvanizing an army of people committed to nonviolently eradicating poverty, racism, and militarism by placing people over profit; morality over might; and dignity over dehumanization. This video was recorded the day before he was assassinated.” / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “Washington Says “Journalism Is Not A Crime” While Working To Criminalize Journalism Schumer and McConnell both say “journalism is not a crime” in defense of Evan Gershkovich, yet both have enthusiastically supported the persecution of Julian Assange.″ / Twitter

Danny Haiphong on Twitter: “CIA Director William Burns paid a surprise visit to Riyadh last week to express frustration with Saudi Arabia for reestablishing ties with Syria and Iran with help from Russia and China, saying the US was “blind-sided.” The multipolar world is moving too fast for the US empire.” / Twitter

MintPress News on Twitter: “”China is increasingly concerned that the US is trying to bait it into a war.” Don’t miss Lee Camp’s fascinating conversation with Shanghai-based Prof. Josef Gregory Mahoney. They discuss Chinese foreign policy, current events, and political theory.” / Twitter

Petty Is Praxis on Twitter: “the US just kicked 15 million people off medicaid” / Twitter

“Our country is turning into 1984 and our zombie/controlled so-called progressive leaders are only obsessed with their political enemies, as is our corporate media and most independent media.” (-John Dissed)


Ben Norton on Twitter: “According to the US State Department, corruption is only something that happens in other countries, particularly those in the Global South and especially those that are independent and have anti-imperialist governments Meanwhile this is what unelected, lifelong SCOTUS judges do:” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Trump falsely claims to oppose war now only because it’s his Democratic opponent overseeing it But as president (when it actually mattered), Trump gave weapons to Ukraine that even Obama wouldn’t give (and he complained Obama only gave Ukraine “pillows”)” / Twitter

Bree Newsome Bass on Twitter: “‘Cop City’ opposition spreads beyond Georgia forest defenders” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “The US is giving another $2.6 billion of weapons and ammunition to use Ukraine as a proxy to wage war on Russia The US has given Ukraine more than $35 billion of military assistance in the past year (nearly the size of the entire GDP of Estonia or Latvia)” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Brazil’s President Lula da Silva is trying to negotiate peace in Ukraine and he emphasized that the US-led NATO military cartel cannot be on Russia’s borders He also stressed Crimea will remain part of Russia, and Zelensky “can’t have everything he wants”” / Twitter

Luis T🇵🇷 on Twitter: “Africa’s $20 Billion Debt Erased! Putin cancels $20 billion of Africa’s debt, opening doors for growth & development. As Africa’s global presence increases, we look at the implications. 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾…” / Twitter

We are the POST-DUOPOLY Left | The Black Agenda Report Details the Need for Independent Left Leaders – YouTube

“You Belong In The Depths Of Hell” – Pelosi Confronted Over War Funding – YouTube

Ben Norton on Twitter: “The thing the US deep state wants more than anything else in the world is war on China — exactly what Donald Trump delivered. Trump drastically escalated the new cold war on China, starting a trade war, imposing sanctions, militarizing the Pacific, etc.” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Trump boasted on Fox News that Ukraine is fighting Russia in the NATO proxy war “because of the weapons that I gave and that the Ukrainians used so well” Anyone who believes his fake “anti-war” lip service now is delusional. It’s empty campaign rhetoric” / Twitter

National Network on Cuba – NNOC on Twitter: “🧵 In spite of his campaign promises to revert to Obama-era Cuba policy, Biden has kept nearly all of Trump’s 243 added sanctions on Cuba, and the Biden administration has doubled down on the fallacy that Cuba is a “terrorist” state. (1/4)” / Twitter

The propaganda against Palestinians should be studied in schools as THE blueprint on how to manufacture consent. It’s impressive. Not only do people view an entire population of people as terrorists, but their eyes glaze over as they proudly proclaim “I stand with Israel!” (-Kim Iverson)

“Where is the condemnation of Israeli barbarism from the Biden administration? Oh I forgot, Biden said he was a Zionist. Is there any question that the Israeli settler state is a fascist apartheid state? The notion that the Zionist leaders of that state can’t be fascists because they are Jewish reflects the utter confusion around what is fascism.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “The fascist, white supremacist colonial government of Israel is engaged in a systematic slaughter of Palestinians without any effective condemnation from the U.S. & Western govts. The same govts who want the world to support human rights in Ukraine. #whitelivesmattermoremovement” / Twitter

Rest in Power Tortuguita – Streets of Atlanta

Chris Hedges: Reclaiming the US (

Two Perspectives On Defend The Atlanta Forest – PopularResistance.Org

DEFEND THE ATLANTA FOREST – an autonomous movement for the future of South Atlanta

COMBATE |🇵🇷 on Twitter: “Mexico President AMLO (2021): “It would be hypocritical to ignore that the main problem of the planet is corruption in all its dimensions: political, moral, economic, legal, fiscal and financial; it would be foolish to omit that corruption is the main cause of inequality,…” / Twitter


Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “FRANCE – Protestors outside the head office of BLACKROCK in Paris. Still think this is only about pension reforms? It isn’t, this is about Macron ignoring the people and the influence of globalist policies on a nation who didn’t vote for them 🔥” / Twitter

Defend the Atlanta Forest on Twitter: “” / Twitter

Robert Evans (The Only Robert Evans) on Twitter: “turns out a massive fentanyl importer was the head of the San Jose police union amazing who’d have thunk” / Twitter

Tovarisch on Twitter: “My first print in a very long time is dedicated to the struggle to defend the Atlanta forest, and particularly to Tortuguita, whose courage we must remember by continuing the fight no matter where we are. #StopCopCity #Defendtheforest” / Twitter

#StopCopCity on Twitter: “Today police destroyed the memorial to Tortugita built in Weelaunee People’s Park.” / Twitter

Jordan on Twitter: “Good morning @KirkPWatson this is your constituency now the rest of us are not going to do anything for you” / Twitter

#StopCopCity on Twitter: “PRESS RELEASE: Angela Davis returns award from @CityofAtlanta over the City’s support for Cop City and the destruction of the Weelaunee Forest, expressing “unequivocal solidarity with the activists who are leading the struggle to Stop Cop City.”” / Twitter

Community Movement Builders on Twitter: “The construction of Cop City is part of a larger pattern of rampant police militarization and other examples of U.S. state fascism gearing up to repress oppressed peoples as well as liberation movements and organizations. We won’t let them win. #StopCopCity” / Twitter

A is for Afro on Twitter: “Bank of America gives money to the Atlanta Police Foundation that’s funding police terror of Black & Brown communities. As they make performative posts about honoring MLK Jr. and his legacy, we shut down the BOA headquarters today in solidarity with the #StopCopCity movement.” / Twitter

emotionally intelligent papi 🇯🇲🌹🇦🇮 on Twitter: “A story of Black organizers and activists working to recenter Black radical tradition in the midst of the #StopCopCity movement! So proud of @idblatl” / Twitter

Wykeisha Howe on Twitter: “Many people don’t know but part of the green space behind this plaza was carved out from #copcity all the way up to the beltline. This was strictly about the money and Not Public Safety. All in the name of reredevelopment.🤦🏾‍♀️ #oldatlanta #morelandplaza #beltline #copcity” / Twitter

Watcher.Guru on Twitter: “JUST IN: 🇫🇷 $10 trillion asset manager BlackRock Paris headquarters taken over by protestors.” / Twitter

Whitney Webb on Twitter: “NEW – @llspacejellyll joins me to discuss FDA Commissioner Robert Califf & his role in removing regulatory obstacles for the “healthcare” related wearable, implantable devices & other emerging technologies seen as crucial to the advance of 4IR.” / Twitter

Kamau Franklin on Twitter: “The same Israeli police that just did this to Palestinians are coming on May 14th to train with Atlanta police on the same tactics and strategies. #StopCopCity” / Twitter

Johnny Graz says thanks for your SF Parrot votes! on Twitter: “If you like a few laughs while you’re being terrified, watch @jimmy_dore’s take on the ominously named “Restrict Act”. Then go out and do something to stop this.” / Twitter

Jonas goonface on Twitter: “We don’t pay rent for this view.” / Twitter

The Empire Files on Twitter: “.@AbbyMartin & Peter Phillips discuss his book “Giants: The Global Power Elite” which details 17 transnational investment firms that control over $50 trillion in wealth—and how they’re kept in power by their facilitators & protectors. Full video:” / Twitter

Rashida Tlaib on Twitter: “This is the violent apartheid government of Israel. This is horrific.” / Twitter

Paweł Wargan on Twitter: “As a tool of US unipolar hegemony, NATO is also a vehicle for the spread of neoliberal ideology to its member states—another tool to disarm the aspirations of the people and subordinate democracy to global capital. There can be no socialism within NATO.” / Twitter

Paweł Wargan on Twitter: “Hundreds were massacred in attacks carried out by US-funded right-wing groups, many of which were pinned on the left—part of a “Strategy of Tension” that terrorized people into abandoning their loyalties to the rising Communist and socialist movements.” / Twitter

Paweł Wargan on Twitter: “Covert “stay-behind” operations cultivated a new generation of militants to thwart left-wing political projects—beginning in 1948, the CIA funneled millions to right-wing groups in Italy alone, and the US contemplated invading if the popular Communist Party came to power.” / Twitter

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “This is how you do it. Vive la France!!!” / Twitter

Dr. Drew on Twitter: “”Jimmy will anger you if you’re a conservative and enrage you if you’re a liberal,” says Patton Oswalt. @Jimmy_Dore joins @AskDrDrew at 3 PT to discuss comedy in politics, woke ideology & how to enjoy some laughs (even as the world is going off the rails)″ / Twitter

Andy Worthington on Twitter: “Photos from today’s @UKGuantanamoNet vigil for the closure of #Guantanamo in Parliament Square, London, 1 of 7 coordinated vigils taking place worldwide – in the UK, across the US & in Mexico City” / Twitter

7 on Twitter: “13 years ago, Wikileaks released the Collateral Murder video exposing what our governments were doing in the name of the People they represent. Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, is now imprisoned for exposing U.S. war crimes from the Iraq and Afghanistan logs. #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

African Stream on Twitter: “JIMMY DORE SHOUTS OUT AFRICAN STREAM When big names such as Jimmy Dore look for hard-hitting, informative African content, African Stream is becoming their go-to place! Our coverage of Kamala Harris’ recent visit to the continent featured on the popular US comedian’s political…” / Twitter

Craig Pasta Jardula on Twitter: “But Communism!!!” / Twitter

How Much Aid Has the U.S. Sent Ukraine? Here Are Six Charts. | Council on Foreign Relations (

Kim Iversen on Twitter: “Israeli soldiers, as usual, violently attacking Palestinians under the guise of “safety and security” then pointing at them as terrorists when they get angry and fight back after their children are killed and elderly accosted. Here’s a rundown of what’s happened.” / Twitter

“In 2020, the US Department of Justice charged JPMorgan Chase with a criminal felony for rigging the precious metals market. The bank admitted to the crime.

Today, JPMorgan Chase controls 53% of all precious metals contracts in the US banking system.” (-Ben Norton)

China is building 8,000 schools in Iraq. The US has built less than 30 schools since its invasion of Iraq in 2003, fewer than that are operable. Meanwhile, the US’s “coalition” dropped more than 29,000 bombs on Iraq from 2003-2011. China builds, the US bombs.” (-Danny Haiphong)

Roger Waters on Twitter: ““Hey Israel leave my Palestinian brothers and sisters alone”” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: ““mRNA technology has just entered a whole much darker phase of development…”” / Twitter

sarah on Twitter: “”Those who killed Muammar Gaddafi, today are coming to teach us about democracy.” Zambia’s opposition leader, Fred M’membe, blasts Kamala Harris during her visit to Africa. Absolutely powerful speech 🔥” / Twitter

Defend the Atlanta Forest (@defendATLforest) / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “(The CIA asset bit isn’t speculation, by the way.)” / Twitter


I Support RFK, JR – Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox Newsletter (

CHD Founder Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Files to Run for U.S. President • Children’s Health Defense (

Steven Donziger on Twitter: “BREAKING: Georgia prosecutors are carrying out a “judicial pogrom” against Cop City protestors now jailed for weeks without trial on baseless “domestic terrorism” charges. The goal is to silence those protesting police abuse. All human rights violators must be held accountable.” / Twitter

WATCH: CN Live! — ‘Beginning of the End’ (

Peter Cronau on Twitter: “Vale. Bruce Haigh. A longtime fighter for justice, peace and understanding. A friend.” / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “I just the other day cited this guy’s brutal bitch slap of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. A sad loss.” / Twitter

Steve Sweeney on Twitter: “I visited the site of the killings exposed in Collateral Murder a few weeks ago. I spoke to a survivor who lost relatives in the attack. He said that Bush and Blair should be behind bars and that Assange is a hero who should be free…” / Twitter

Rand Paul SCHOOLS Moderna CEO On Vaccine Myocarditis Risk | Tucker’s “US Kremlin” Source Revealed (

350 US on Twitter: “The week of action may be over and the media may have moved on, but the people of Atlanta are still fighting to #StopCopCity. Our work continues – organize a solidarity action from wherever you are:” / Twitter

Defend the Atlanta Forest on Twitter: “Atlanta Police & contractors cutting trees in #WeelauneeForest today, as Dekalb County prepares to hear the zoning appeal on #CopCity project. Huge outcry from residents as neighbors fear flooding and sediment pollution, and increased police violence.” / Twitter

“This is such a load of obvious bullshit. Sending BILLIONS of dollars to one of the most corrupt countries on earth to fight an unwinnable proxy war with a nuclear power helps no one but oligarchs.” (-Comrade Misty)

“It’s a completely false narrative that the US is “polarized” politically. On the most consequential matters both factions are always in enthusiastic agreement; the “divisions” are limited to superficial culture war issues whose outcomes will never affect anyone with real power. ” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“Certain people with real power are fixated enough on Culture War food-fights that it’s at least arguable they could claim to be “affected” by whatever the latest passing outrage is. But this is still basically correct.” (-Michael Tracey)

“The actions of our politicians increasingly reflect the desires of our military industrial complex and big pharma because our leaders have largely been bought off. Don’t confuse them with the US populace.” (-Falcon Vigilant)

“The American people themselves really are politically polarized because they are like zombies, mesmerized by the Washington pantomime.” (-Raven9)

“Did Jill Biden call somebody else a taco?” (-Black In The Empire)

“Russia has pushed Ukrainian troops to the Western portion of Bakhmut & raised their flag over the central govt building but according to Western coverage you would never know that the city & region is about to fall to the Russians. The contrast is incredible.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Lee Camp [Redacted] on Twitter: “Bill To Kill TikTok Is Actually About Restricting Americans” / Twitter

Michael Tracey on Twitter: “Same old story. During elections, Republicans and Democrats scream that the differences between them are so seismic, civilization itself hangs in the balance. Then on the most consequential actions they can take — like hurtling into World War III — they behave exactly the same” / Twitter

Lee Camp [Redacted] on Twitter: “While announcing they’ll be sending javelin missiles to Taiwan & $2.6 Billion more to Ukraine, domestically the US government is slashing medicaid & food assistance for millions of struggling people. So here’s the simple question: Does the US government care about Americans?” / Twitter

No Cold War (@NoColdWar) / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “I don’t like quoting Chomsky because then everyone wants to tell you their opinion about Chomsky, but he did say it better:” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Thanks Ben for correcting a dangerous position among some leftists regarding Trumps pro-imperialist policies. Now there were intra-bourgeois differences reflected in some of his policies but overall his policies reflected the interests of various factions of capital.” / Twitter

jim phillips ☮️☭🕊🇵🇸🇾🇪🖖 on Twitter: “@caitoz @friedenserenity A handy visual aid:” / Twitter

Pivot To Peace (@peacepivot) / Twitter


Motherfuckers all proud about it, too. Even Shitlibs be like, “USA! USA!”

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “Who wants peace when selling weapons is the prime directive.” / Twitter

Medea Benjamin on Twitter: “The US spent 20 years killing Afghans with weapons and now is killing Afghans by starvation.” / Twitter

RFK Jr. is Running For President – by A Midwestern Doctor (

20 Years After Illegal US Invasion of Iraq, Its Architects Are Still Cashing In – Truthout

Biden’s Little-Publicized Medicare Privatization Scheme Is Starting to Raise Alarm Bells (

Hochul Tried To Help Her Fossil Fuel Donors Gut Key Climate Law (

The Vigilant Fox 🦊 on Twitter: “.@Jimmy_Dore: “They Lied About EVERYTHING!” They lied about: • masks • lockdowns • natural immunity • how we handle pandemics • Pfizer didn’t even test to see if their jab stopped transmission Those who still believe the narrative are “on the wrong side of history,…” / Twitter

Steven Donziger on Twitter: “Grateful to talk to journalists @krystalball and @KyleKulinski about the acute danger to our freedoms posed by the Supreme Court’s endorsement of Chevron’s private prosecution of me. Click here for the entire interview:” / Twitter


James J. Zogby on Twitter: “Grotesque! Israeli troops invade al Aqsa Mosque & beat Palestinians. There’s no justification for this violation. It’s their mosque. Israel has no right to violate their rights or the sanctity of the place.” / Twitter

“The latest assault on Palestinian worshippers at Al-Aqsa mosque is an egregious violation of human rights.

Israeli forces continue to carry out a violent system of apartheid with impunity. We must speak up for Palestinians and their right to live in freedom, dignity & peace.” (-Jeremy Corbyn)

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Another example of why Collective West has no moral credibility in global South & why people reacted with a yawn when equally discredited ICC indicted Putin. When White West reacts with horror to brutality like this it might regain some respect.” / Twitter

“Why? What are the goals of U.S. policy towards China? Do they really want war with China over Taiwan? And if so, why? Why has economic competition with China that the U.S. is losing automatically must translate into military confrontation? Why are people supporting this madness?” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Stop Cop City on Twitter: “When he says SROs here he means cops. $200 million for cops in schools. Since Columbine over 10,000 school cops have been hired to stop school shootings. 24 years later they haven’t stopped a single one.” / Twitter

Andrew J Douglas on Twitter: “The 21st c. Atlanta Student Movement continues to build steam. Sharing some resources these AUC student organizers have pulled together. #AUCSTOPCOPCITY” / Twitter

15 Million in US Losing Public Health Benefits (


Even though she already showed her hand and it was five Queen Of Diamonds, I guess I just wanted this to be real. They got me on April Fool’s Day! Of course she’ll never wake up or have a change of heart or join the people when she’s owned and operated by the military industrial complex, but I wanted to believe in the fairy tale happy ending bullshit, Man I can be such a wishful thinkin’ rube somedays, just like all those worshipful identity-puppet’s online-boyfriend shitlibs.

Jose Vega — Vote Diane Sare! on Twitter: “Thank you @AOC. Let’s work together to end this war and free Julian Assange.” / Twitter

The Vigilant Fox 🦊 on Twitter: “.@RobertKennedyJr: Pfizer Knew Their Vaccines Would Cause Heart Attacks, and “They Did It Anyway” “Your chance of dying of a heart attack from that vaccine, according to their own studies, is 500% greater than if you’re unvaccinated, so they knew they were gonna kill a lot of…” / Twitter

Ann Wright on Twitter: “Prediction from 7 years ago— turned out to be true!!! @medeabenjamin ROBERT PARRY: The Mess That Nuland Made” / Twitter

Ann Wright on Twitter: “Thanks CODEPINK for calling out the US and its coup government!” / Twitter

Israeli Forces Draw Condemnation Over ‘Barbaric’ Raid of Al-Aqsa Mosque (

“If anything the US could stand to be far MORE politically “polarized”, because it would mean actual political opposition happening in the world’s most powerful country instead of nonstop kayfabe combat while the empire marches on uninterrupted regardless of who’s in office.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Dr Aseem Malhotra on Twitter: “Left wing comedian Jimmy Dore slams Bill Gates, Fauci & Collins ‘They lied about everything. Where the virus came from, gain of function research, lockdowns, masks’ And Gates wonders why there’s a loss if trust?! 🤔” / Twitter

Fiorella Isabel on Twitter: “So 13 yrs ago, WikiLeaks released the Collateral Murder video. Trump may not be a victim & may be using this to elevate his campaign, but the reality is these far worse war criminals walk free & are awarded medals. The reason for Trump’s distraction is because these three will…” / Twitter

Fiorella Isabel on Twitter: “TBH CNN and MSNBC should be marked as who they’re funded by as well. They shouldn’t get to pretend they’re independent when all corporate media is owned by the same oligarchs who work with state department.” / Twitter

Americas Policy Forum on Twitter: “Join Belly of the Beast’s award-winning journalist Liz Oliva Fernández and many others at @AmericanU in DC on April 29 for the Forum: “Burying 200 Years of the Monroe Doctrine” It’s time for a new US policy that respects our neighbors #RIPMonroeDoctrine” / Twitter

CODEPINK on Twitter: “Absolutely heartbreaking. Two nights in a row, Israeli forces have attacked Palestinians praying during Ramadan at Al-Aqsa Mosque. Every year, Israel meets innocent worshippers with indiscriminate violence, yet they bravely continue to practice their faith in resistance.” / Twitter

Medea Benjamin on Twitter: “Biden and Congress: Stop funding Israeli atrocities!!!” / Twitter


Spelman College Alumni: Cop City represents an existential threat – Scalawag (

emotionally intelligent papi 🇯🇲🌹🇦🇮 on Twitter: “Nobody clearing trees is worried about public safety. Read that again #StopCopCity” / Twitter

Community Movement Builders on Twitter: “Cop City is the epitome of environmental racism. Keep our communities green! #StopCopCity” / Twitter

Center for Biological Diversity on Twitter: “The fight to protect Atlanta’s South River from #CopCity and other threats means confronting U.S. racism — past and present. Learn about the Weelaunee Forest and repression against those pushing for its permanent protection in this article and film. 👇” / Twitter

Andrea Grimes on Twitter: “When I talk about “objectivity” in mainstream/legacy journalism privileging established systems and doing activism in the name of the status quo, this is what I mean. There is no reason for the @statesman to let APD/DPS define the framing on this as if they’re unbiased sources.” / Twitter

Jordan on Twitter: “That’s right you insolent chud If you wanted to live in a city full of nothing but bootlickers then you shouldn’t have moved to Austin” / Twitter

Rainforest Action Network (RAN) on Twitter: “YES! 🔥🔥🙌 @BankofAmerica: STOP funding police terror and deforestation. #StopCopCity” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “The racist settler U.S. state supports the racist settler state of Israel and both supported racist settler state of South Africa! Why don’t Palestinian lives matter in the West?” / Twitter

Medea Benjamin on Twitter: “Critical message: #ChinaIsNotOurEnemy” / Twitter


Tortuguita Solidarity Vigil in Washington, DC: Stop Cop City | Greenpeace USA – Option USA

Mötley Crüe being sued by co-founding guitarist Mick Mars over ‘rip off, disease mockery and gaslighting’ (

Pivot To Peace (@peacepivot) / Twitter

#ActuallyAutistic – Twitter Search / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “I’ve spent many hours of my life arguing with people who claimed the Democrats are the “lesser evil”. But now some former “leftists” are trying to argue Trump and the GOP are the “lesser evil”. It’s all so opportunistic and stupid. US partisan politics inevitably rots your brain” / Twitter


Craig Murray – on Twitter: “Ciaron, I shall be at the Ecuador Embassy at noon on Tuesday for the rally. I can’t believe Julian is still in Belmarsh – and the judiciary and political establishment just dodges the issues through delay and administrative detention. I am coming down to speak.” / Twitter

Stagedive 75 year old Iggy / Passenger Tivoli – YouTube

Morris Day – Too Much Girl 4 Me ft. Billy Gibbons – YouTube

Natalie Merchant – Tower of Babel (Official Video) – YouTube

Heart Attack – Circus of Power Whisky A Go Go 11-12-2022 – YouTube

Faster Pussycat – Cathouse – Live at the Whisky a go go 2022 – YouTube

Faster Pussycat – House of Pain – The Basement East, Nashville TN. 07-09-2019 – YouTube

A Tour of Fetchin’ Bones star Hope Nichols home in 1992 – YouTube

THE CULT – VENDETTA X – Official Video – YouTube

The Black Crowes – Easter Sunday Service – 03/27/2005 – YouTube

US Imperialism & Sanctions Are Driving Venezuela Migrant Crisis, NOT COMMUNISM: RBN’s Nick – YouTube

Joe Rogan: Big Pharma BRAINWASHED The Left, Created MASS FORMATION PSYCHOSIS – YouTube

Florida GOP Forcing Bloggers To Register With The State! – YouTube

NFL Lies About Pat Tillman’s Death To Promote War – YouTube

15 Million in US Losing Public Health Benefits (

United States Hypocrisy Toward the World is Another Way of Saying, ‘Don’t Do as We Do, Do as We Say’ | CovertAction Magazine

Plasmatics – Pig Is A Pig (Bond’s Casino, NYC May 15, 1981) – YouTube

COMA-TONES viper room west hollywood 3-1-1995 a punk concert filmed by Video Louis Elovitz – YouTube

Aaron Maté on Twitter: ““It may be in no one’s interest to reveal more.” Translation: the CIA cover story planted in our newspaper was a joke, so let’s just pretend that didn’t happen.” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Fresh off co-hosting a military recruitment fair in the Bronx, AOC sprinkles faux-progressive glitter on the campaign by the intel services and Biden White House to suppress the factual #TwitterFiles. In doing so, AOC tacitly defends state censorship of online dissent.” / Twitter


Stella Assange #FreeAssangeNOW (@Stella_Assange) / Twitter


Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “There was once a wing of the Democratic Party that stood up to the War Industry The New Democrats since Clinton have become shills for Corporate America and Arms Industry What happened to the Democratic Party? Why has it become IMPOSSIBLE to question War within the Dem Party” / Twitter

WHEN RAH RAH RACIST WARPIGS COME HOME TO ROOST Compton Jay on Twitter: “Ask yourself, what does this RESEMBLE? A – “Protecting & serving” this community B – Methods used to catch enslaved Africans by Slave Patrols And All of our TAX DOLLARS go to FUND THIS NONSENSE OUR MONEY NEVER GOES TO US!” / Twitter

Proof U.S. Government Is 100% Corrupt! – YouTube

“The only “movement” associated with AOC is the bowel movement she makes in the toilet every day. Which she should increase the frequency of because she is apparently still full of shit.Glad the world is quickly realizing that #AOC is a CIA asset & war monger & not progressive.” (-Evan Lefavor)

“Liberals really have no idea how crazy their blood thirsty anti Russia rhetoric sounds to ordinary people.”

(-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

“Once you get out of this fantasy world created for us that says we live in a democracy and the Dems and GOP are fighting each other, you start to see the world as it really is more clearly. In Politics and in life in general always remember

The people who you think are your friends can do a lot more damage to you than the people you know are your enemies.” (-Black In The Empire)

““It’s possible that the empire’s violent shutdown of the awakenings of the 1960s

was the mortal wound that would ultimately kill us, & since then humanity has been bleeding out, waiting to die of ecocide or nuclear armageddon. It’s also possible that awakening is inevitable…” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“Being pro environment doesn’t equal selling the Amazon to multinational corporations & couping presidents bc they threaten your cash flow. If that’s environmentalism I don’t it. The west can go on w electric cars while destroying the earth & limiting the movement of the poor tho.Can’t wait til the plebs are only allowed to drive 1000 miles per month while the “environmentalists” fly their jets and drive their Teslas to Green tech & charity events. You’ll own nothing and love it. Eat z bugs.” (-Fiorella Isabel)

“Billionaire-funded right-wing deficit hawks love to claim about measly spending on social programs

They conveniently never mention that 53% of the new US spending bill goes to the military Why? This ridiculous $858 BILLION annual war budget is bipartisan.” (-Ben Norton)

“BREAKING NEWS: White House insiders leak that the money saved by screwing rail workers out of sick pay will be used to replace torn and damaged copies of Mein Kampf for Ukrainian Nazis, because morale on the front lines is critical to military success.” (-Garland Nixon)

“Caught up w/ the Ukrainian diaspora delegation on their way into the Capitol to cheer for Zelensky

They told me $45 billion wasn’t enough, neo-Nazis do not exist in Ukraine and the banning of the Russian wing of the Orthodox Church & oppo parties was justified bc “martial law” (-Max Blumenthal)

“They should slash the military budget and use that money to help fund Nationalized healthcare for all” (-Jay Befaunt)

“Isn’t that what those fake progressives and the fraud squad campaigned on, took all those campaign donations from workers to campaign for?” (-Burntout Recluse Remembers)

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “When Journalists Attack | From Journalism to Advocacy | PMC Journalists are THE “WHITE MODERATES” Malcom X Warned Us About Premieres at 11AM ET” / Twitter

Progressive Dems PUSH WORKERS to the GOP | White Workers Have Been Betrayed, They Aren’t Racist | Premieres at 1130AM ET (

Compton Jay on Twitter: “Dennis Kucinich chimes in on the Progressive Letter by the Squad and Progressives 16 Years in Congress and ZERO VOTES FOR WAR It can be Squad Members!! @AOC @IlhanMN @CoriBush @JamaalBowmanNY” / Twitter

Biden uses Zelensky to whip up pro-war frenzy – World Socialist Web Site (

“NATO doesn’t promote peace, they create wars. Close to $100,000,000,000 has been transferred from the American taxpayer to the military industrial complex, and the most corrupt country in Europe. The Zelensky Show comes to America

Ticket Price : $34,000,000,000. I don’t know about the rest of the world because I’ve spent my life in the military and growing up and living in America So I can’t judge Russia, China or anyplace else I can judge my country and live in actual reality, not the one the rulers put on our TV. Did Zelenskyy come to America with a fleet of armored cars to carry our taxpayers cash? I don’t know why I refuse to accept the fact that our citizens are brainwashed enough to let our Gov’t and ruling class con us into willingly be involved in another one of their wars. Translation: We’re stealing billions more from you and giving it to our donors and the most corrupt country in Europe right in front of your faces to keep this war that we provoked going Thanks again Suckers.” (-Black In The Empire)

You’ve Been LIED To About Why Ukraine War Began – YouTube

Ray McGovern on Twitter: “I would gladly risk dislocated shoulder, if allowed to be in Congress to hear Zelensky today Even Rep Barbara Lee will applaud puppet Zelensky as he dances on neocon/neonazi strings. Putin will see it as NO to hints he might stop at the Dniepr.” / Twitter

cabral on Twitter: “Fascism isn’t coming to America, it’s already here” / Twitter

Ray McGovern on Twitter: “US Intelligence community & conflict with Russia – Ray McGovern, Alexander Mercouris & Glenn Diesen” / Twitter

Gropey Joe gave the sickdays and housing for the homeless to the nazis to fight Russia just like they did with Bin ladin. Sabby Sabs on Twitter: “Please donate to @railroadworkers to help them continue to organize! They’re getting close to their goal!” / Twitter

Sabby Sabs on Twitter: “$100 billion out the door. And Flint still has dirty water. Ppl still don’t have Healthcare, sick leave, a living wage. Our government ain’t sh*t!” / Twitter

The Housing Market is The Top Way The Ruling Class Wages Class Warfare | These Sons of B*tches | Premieres at 130PM ET (


Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “The MOST PROPAGANDIZED Country On The Planet is The U S | Everyone FALLS in-line behind Zelensky War Propaganda | COP CITY is a SLAVE PATROL Training Ground | Twitter Files #8 shows how Twitter actively worked with the US military to spread propaganda” / Twitter

Dennis Kucinich: How the war machine took over the Democratic Party (

Mike Gravel Torches War Criminals To Their Smug Faces (2007) – YouTube

US Veterans Join Calls for Ending War in Ukraine (

The Hidden Truth Behind AFRICOM – US Africa Command (

Roger Waters: War, Peace, and Music, with David Swanson and Todd Pierce + Roger Waters Uncut – Dandelion Salad (

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “LOL why’s it in slow motion? I keep thinking the building behind them is supposed to explode.” / Twitter

The McProxy War Continues: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix ( WAR IS A LIE! YOU USED TO SEEM SO SMART! I THOUGHT YOU KNEW!

Matt Aldarab on Twitter: “The dumbest, phoniest, most PR-intensive proxy war of all time ~ @caitoz” / Twitter

The Perils of Pious Neoliberalism (

“War is not all that’s profitable in NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine.

U.S. politicians would rather turn Ukraine into a charity cause than to demand peace. Why? Because the more dependent Ukraine is on U.S. financial help, the more their corporations can plunder from the country. Zelensky is a war criminal. Joe Biden is a bigger war criminal. The military industrial complex is run by war criminals. The entire U.S. empire and its junior partners are war criminals.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Zelensky got a standing ovation in the US congress for being an outstanding customer of Raytheon.” (-Hassan Mafi)

“Zelensky couldn’t give an interview to David Letterman in English, but he suddenly speaks it perfectly now that he’s begging US tax payers to send billions of dollars to weapons makers & foreign oligarchs

I suppose that as an actor, he’s used to selling a script.” (-Anya Parampil)

Capitalism would collapse without being able to take advantage of highly exploited workers of the global south” (-MC Squared)

Zelensky’s at the WH getting all your student loan debt relief. How about peace negotiations instead of handouts.” (-Thia Ballerina)

“No money for stimulus. No money for student debt relief. No money end homelessness. No money for Medicare for All. But all the money you need for pork barrel projects, intelligence agencies & the military-industrial complex. This is overt corruption.” (-Primo Radical)

When you thought the world couldn’t get any crazier, the FBI now claims that the words of its own agents in tons of emails revealed by #TwitterFiles are conspiracy theories and misinformation.” (-Kim Dotcom)

Primo Radical on Twitter: “When does this guy get to speak to Congress?” / Twitter

Need help to make ends meet? Sorry, Jack! Your money’s going toward extending an unnecessary proxy war instead.” (-Holding Biden Accountable)

“If you want to know what unites Congress, it’s money laundering through war. This standing ovation is for all of the money going into their pockets in this incredible scam.” (-the Future Is Bleak)

“What the FBI is at home in facets of big tech, social media & the surveillance state domestically, the CIA is abroad at greater capacity & NATO is its allowable world agency existing under the guise of “diplomacy.” All are truly terrorist organizations that must be abolished.” (-Fiorella Isabel)

“You know I’m beginning to suspect the “national security concerns” about releasing all JFK documents are concerns that it would completely invalidate the US government.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “Remember when the MSM told us that believing someone besides Russia might be responsible for the Nord Stream attacks means you’re a crazy QAnon-Satanic-sex-trafficking-cabal conspiracy theorist?” / Twitter

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “In school, we learned that Communism was evil because people couldn’t afford food.” / Twitter

George Szamuely on Twitter: “NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg is one of the great con-men of our day.” / Twitter

Fiorella Isabel (@FiorellaIsabelM) / Twitter

Useful Idiots on Twitter: “Barbara Starr, we join the US Military in acknowledging your aggressive service in promoting Pentagon lies. We salute you. @aaronjmate @kthalps” / Twitter

The Donbass: My Articles, Videos & Interviews From/On the Donetsk & Lugansk People’s Republics (2019-present) – In Gaza (


Aaron Maté on Twitter: “Not incidentally, the world’s strongest superpower has the world’s weakest progressives:” / Twitter

Kawsachun News on Twitter: “Pedro Castillo’s family has just arrived in Mexico City. The persecution at the hands of the new regime is now over for them. They were granted political asylum by the government of President AMLO.” / Twitter

“Zelensky arrived at White House to make sure the US keeps supporting a conflict that risks taking us into a nuclear conflict with Russia. We need diplomacy, not more war!!! What is better, more war in Ukraine (over $100b in US$) or funding 12 million housing units to get people in the US out of the cold ($100b)? I vote to house people, not kill them. #PeaceInUkraine” (-Medea Benjamin)

“Kids in Virginia schools are now going to be taught these branches of the U.S. government:

Executive Judicial Court Jesters Ukrainian” (-David Swanson)

BreakThrough News on Twitter: “Who says the President doesn’t serve his constituents?” / Twitter

Ariel Gold אריאל ✡️☮️🕊 on Twitter: “May these #Hanukkah candles shine a light for justice in Palestine.” / Twitter

Cambridge University’s Course for Spooks (

Venezuela Condemns US Senate Passage of ‘Bolivar Act’ (

I don’t think the warpgs care about what you think but I know you believe that, so here, my dear, sign here. May-May Meijer on Twitter: “I just signed a @worldbeyondwar petition: Call for Peace in #Ukraine. Sign here:” / Twitter

“Stand With Ukraine?” Really?! – YouTube

“I see a million walk the city mile

The ticker-tape kings and the juveniles
Will anybody tell me which way to go
Will anybody come back on the C.B. radio

I'm counting the stars and the telegraph poles
And each one represents the hopes of a soul
You'd think that God wouldn't be so hard
When you see all the little children running, 
Running in the backyard

On a Mississippi gourd with a Sub-Sahran song
Somebody is wailing in the financial district sun
Can anybody feel the distance to the Nile
I wanna live and I wanna dance awhile

Gonna make like Eddie on my rockabilly train
Gonna beat out the blues on my ball and chain
Oh, you can't pull a hold-up with a Be-Bop gun
There's people living now
Who ain't got no heart and ain't never had none..." (-Joe Strummer)

“Mitch McConnell says that the #1 priority for the US government is giving the military-industrial complex and the Ukraine government billions more.

Meanwhile 2.5 million children in the U.S. are homeless; that is 1 in every 30 children in the county.” (-Abraham Marquez)

“We are participants in it whether we like it or not. And the biggest danger we face is our apathy in the face of authoritarian brutality and violent repression.

Fascism is intentional. It is intentional in its obsession with a fictional and romanticized past. A sentimental vision of a history that never happened. An addiction to the glorification of nationalistic militarism. It is intentional in its drive to silence voices that criticize its narrow understanding of history or the place and treatment of women or of minorities. It is intentional in its misogyny, its racism, its homophobia, its xenophobia, its violence. And given the right circumstances, like economic disparity, ecological crises or institutional rot, it can sweep through any society like a flood. And it can create a new normal in the blink of an eye, leaving us grieving for the life we once thought was simply ordinary.” (-Ken Orphan)

Danny Haiphong on Twitter: “Evil is when you can smile your way into World War III and get away with it.” / Twitter

“There’s a HUGE star over Washington, D.C. You can see if from Lockheed Martin headquarters in Bethesda. People are starting to talk about the possibility that the Messiah has arrived. #Zelensky” (-David Swanson)

So Zelensky’s wife spent more money shopping in Paris for a day than most working people in the RICHEST country in the world make in a year?

Yup, sounds like democracy to me! Sorry but Zelensky traveling thousands of miles to the U.S. Capitol to beg for more weapons that only place the world at danger of World War III makes him neither courageous nor heroic. It makes him a criminal servant of Western imperialism.” (-Danny Haiphong)

Daniel Ellsberg on Twitter: “Another segment from my interview with @democracynow, on the current dangers of nuclear war:” / Twitter

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Democracy Now! on Twitter: “Protesters in Atlanta were charged with domestic terrorism for opposing the construction of “Cop City,” a massive new police training facility. Activist @kamaufranklin explains why many residents view it as an “urban warfare center” being built in their midsts.″ / Twitter

Book review of “Combat Trauma” by Nadia Abu El-Haj – The Washington Post there’s no glory or closure when you do inhumane shit for empire, you used to get a discount at Denny’s, but Denny’s is closed where I lived. The Nato fraudsquad fanclub and lockdown left only cares about Amazon. Those 4 men will show up at your funeral though. Hand a flag to your wife. Nt worth it. Stay human, be free.

“Stand With Ukraine?” Really?! – YouTube


Ya know I’m still negatively reeling from the stupid suicide of my childhood friend Jaysin B from about four years ago. I’ll tell ya the craziest part of it, to me, besides the fact that the kid was always so lovable, charming, talented and good looking is how unmoved the rest of our teenage delinquent squad were by his tragic exit, that shocks me, those guys are just so unmoved stoic, it tells me so much about how they really feel about me, too. I know people cope with grief and trauma differently but this kid was a huge part of all our lives and only two people we knew even seemed to give a flying fuck about it. I just shudder cause I always knew he could have been a comedian, an actor, a rockstar, a million things, but he had some heavy childhood traumas that kept him chained to that abusive town we came from, trying so hard to set things right and only ever being allowed to get it wrong again and again, he was just forever being busted by the sanctimonious courts and cops and pretty people he sought affirmation from. So sad, so dumb. He’s got a Facebook memorial page where some trendy people I never particularly got along with from the eighties at least are expressing an awareness of his loss, and he posted all these Alan Watts videos about consciousness and a video of some rippling water-was that where he killed himself, scene of the crime? I dunno but I’m already haunted by a long lost love who did the same shit, a beautiful bartender who killed herself the same age and day her mom did. That childhood trauma shit is a real motherfucker-especially in those fucked up, acutely dysfunctional little tankplant towns where the people act out all these night time soap opeera dramas they were programmed with growing up. Life imitates tv in sad sports shitholes. I tried unsuccessfully to pull that kid out of that punishing, loveless, sadistic enviornment on multiple occassions, but he kept on foolishly returning to the devil he knew like a dog to it’s vomit. He’s kinda always on my mind, he was one of my besties, we met in a counseling program for troubled teens. I used to read him my poetry back when that was not a thing that dudes shared with each other and he always got it, he knew exactly where I was coming from, cause aside from his being way better looking and therefore enjoying a little more social mobility, he was subjected to all the same crass bullshit. I think I just gave up before he did, I quit seeking that pat on the head from Judge Judy and Grumpy Coach Green. The girl’s volleyball coach Catholic school counselor was never gonna “get me”.  Poor kid, he was lovely. Flawed, troubled, but very sweet. Several of my other good buddies, and even a foxy goth girlfriend were foolishly hammered into military service by insane parents and smalltown screws-one of them killed himself too, and the others are so PTSD they can’t function or have sincere relationships anymore. These dumb wars don’t just slaughter the brown people over there, they also destroy the souls and families of the so called Real Murkkkan heroes that get abandoned on the streets, so rich Republikkans can cleverly yell “get a job” out their biggest truck guzzling tanklike vehicles, and nervous shitlib Black Lives Matter rainbow flag Karens can call the cops on ’em for begging for money at the offramp. When you get real physically sick, especially if ypu’re heavily medicated, you start thinking about all that happened, what you were trying to accomplish, what is important with what little time remains. I’m so lucky I got out when I did, even if i stupidly went back for more bullshit pummelings about two more times before I really got the message and it finally sunk in. I had this goth friend who was gonna go to college in New England, she knew I needed out of that wretched place, so she took me and my little tribe with her. it was hard times, a rough hustle, in a bad neighborhood in the blue collar ghetto where her aunt got us an apartment, always wondered if her family kinda put us there on purpose to thwart our rocknroll mission so she’d retreat back to her hometown, but she got us there and that was the important thing, mighta saved some of us really, cause we easily could have ended up like our fallen amigo had we stayed there like he did. any of us. Yep, even the millionaire everybody prays to now. Instead, we discovered a whole fast paced frenzy of meeting all these wild and influential characters like Doc Hume and Mister Butch, Monoman and Willie Loco Alexander, Ned “Flathead” Landlin, and Aimee Mann and Peter Wolf. We learned about alot more writers and sixties firebrand activists traditions. One of our lot started taking karate and then joined a chess club, and a blues band, then, he was collaborating musially with Fiona Apple like sexy ingenue waifs, then he went to med school. Another guy started taking acid and exploring other realms of consciousness and writing these heartfelt rootsy Amerikkana type songs in a Bob Seger or Soul Asylum kinda tradition, wooing many beautiful women dancing to rave music on the second loor of Axis-he even fronted his own band for awhile called SIX that played the big nightclubs. I was getting to know all kindsof new people like this older goth couple who wrote these really farout proto darkwave songs, a folkie girl who was really savvy about all the English bands. Some brothers from nearby Milford who taught me about all kinds of great music. I got a job at Tower Records and started meeting people like Led Zeppelin everyday. I saw Thee Hypnotics and that was a big gamechanger for me, like, “bingo”. Shazam. That was what I wanted to do, maybe a slightly less jammy version, but those guys threwdown in a way that nobody else was and that was really a big moment for me. They were all real nice guys, too. I kept in touch of some of ’em for years and years, until like one of ’em had  some unpredictable quickdraw shootout celebrity feud with another rockstar friend of mine and I kinda got caught in all the crossfire, collateral damaged. Didn’t matter, I got alot from those guys and still draw some inspiration from Brother Ray and Jim. I think they were brilliant songwriters, atmosphere conjurors, and keep blasting out new rocknroll with a religious fervor. The UK is just way more rocknroll than this NFL and Wal Mart lowest common denominator stupfied military culture. They “get” bands like Thee Hypnotics and Beasts Of Bourbon over there. Only a few big city slickers ever, ever really understood or recognized what my little gang was doing, but it was of that same spirit. They gentrification hipsters are the ones who made off with summa our material, or nicked our glam drummer or desirable girlfriends, or copped our style a whole lot down to the pink pants, same sunglasses, whole thing, but most people who’d see my little bands play were usually struck dumb, stunned, terrified, hated it. Nerds called us white trash bruisers, confrontational and challenging. It was not rocket science. We just had some hard and fast songs we delivered with some passion, and were therefore appaaaarently somewhat persuasive about our anger, that’s how I felt about it. We thrived on that dangerous kinda conflict for awhile, but really found it laughably absurd, when these nerdy sweater vest, prep school glee club pop geeks and backpack yearbook committee straightedge safespace namy pamby Subway worker college types would respond to us like we were G.G. Allin, cause we thought we were just playing real stripped down to it’s primal essence, authentic rocknroll with me singing from my savage lil’ heart. Now I’m old and feeling deathly ill here and I’m just so glad I got to experience some stuff like seeing the Fleshtones, the Waldos, Gunfire Dance, Pillbox, Phantom Chords, Wayne Kramer, and Thee Hypnotics. I really love Jim Jones-he’s what a male rocknroll singer should be like in my estimation. Wish I had a bottle, all I got is this here crazy fever and all the echoes of my mind.

Shazam (lyric video) – Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind – YouTube

Aldecide – Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind – YouTube

JIM JONES & THE RIGHTEOUS MIND – Heavy Lounge #1 – YouTube

Somethings Gonna Get It’s Hands On You – Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind – YouTube

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My aunt got me that big “I Love Rocknroll” lp for Christmas when I was 11 and still studying with the Greg Goldston theatrical troupe and it was an immediate hell yeah. I’d been listening to like all these middle of the road George Harrison and Wings records and Joan was like a bomb on all that. I was not aware of Johnny Thunders or Stiv Bators yet, but I was wise to the Go-Go’s and the Pretenders and only vaguely becoming aware of Iggy and the Sex Pistols from reading used copies of Trouser Press and Zigzag magazines from the nearby town’s hippie used record store, Mind Dust. I say “hippie” cause Bubble Puppy was like THE band to the much older guys who worked there, also Balloon Farm, and some foreign band called Charlee. I was one of those males who wanted to dress and look like Joan and Chrissie. I went on to discover “Bad Reputation” and the Runaways and had some bad impressions of Kenny laGuna cause the other Runaways always felt locked out of Joan’s post fame life and I still have truck loads of admiration and compassion for all those girls, but having seen that documentary several times, I get it now. He saved her from failure, poverty, obscurity, maybe an early grave. Everybody with that much talent and charisma should have somebody believe in them like the Laguna family believed in Joan. That’s what a ROCKNROLL VOICE sounds like. Joan Jett. Lemmy. Little Richard. Wild and untamed. Wild and untamed. That’s why we call it rocknroll, not Adelle or fucking cocktail jazz. How did people become so stupid these past twenty five years? Chomsky says college people are the easiest to propagandize, Hedges says our greatest flaw as a people is our profound inability to even IMAGINE how evil the technocrat billionaire ruling classes are. I think the Joan Jett story is not just about her advocating for the Riot Girl movement and for finding Mia Zapata’s killer, to me, the even more romantic part of her story was how a few Real Friends who believed in each other, shared a common vision and stayed loyal to their beliefs and to each other, set a shining example, overcame every obstacle as a team, broke down all the doors.  They believed in freedom and they believed in each other-so important finding other good people to fight for waht is right with. That’s what’s gone missing. Committed, passionate people can do anything they choose. She still has the fire, the sex appeal, the rocknroll authority, integrity, all that, but she also still has that tight knit family who she co created it all with. Lucky bunch. This one’s goin’ out to all the lost lads.

Joan Jett – Do You Wanna Touch ( New Year Live) – YouTube

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – Any Weather (Official Music Video) – YouTube

The Runaways: Live in Japan 1977 – YouTube


I probably brushed with this guy when I met Iggy and Andy as a kid, as I think he was touring with them at the time, but me and my doomed buddy Mitch (RIP) were too concerned with the usual crowd of grimacing, gathering, baseball capped fratboys who were giving us the glare in the back alley behind the collegetown nightclub, ya know, doing their obligatory menacing Ohio Male bit, the usual pack of dumbfuck bruisers required by state law there to kinda stare you down, to let you know some more how they Disapprove. Iggy saw the whole thing and shrugged ’em all off sayin’ that’s exactly how their parents and older brothers had treated him before he became famous. He was a real cool guy. He made us feel so great. Alvin’s been in a lotta cool bands, I mean the UK Subs were always one of the most fun and glammy of the English hardcore bands. I keep thinkin’ about Wattie from the Exploited collapsing suddenly and how we’re never supposed to ask any questions about anything ever, unless we’re “Russian Trolls”, or “Anti Science” or “Sexist Bernie Bros”, or blah blah blah whatever. I never could stand to be around the Obedients for every long, I’m sorta anti stormtrooper, I’ll tell ya that! I like rocknroll ya know and that’s what Alvin Gibbs is all about, he likes it too. I was always surprised when Cheap And Nasty were unable to get a break over here-especially with Nasty appearing in that painfully ubiquitous Guns N Roses video, and them releasing the old Hanoi lp’s on Uzi Suicide.  I’m glad as hell some authentic punk soul rockers cats like him and Charlie Harper are still treading the boards and of course I can’t stand no fauxwoke P.C. nonsense, internet know nothing, shit talkin’ rumor mongers slagging those guys as being nazi affiliated, especially not when these same vegan safespacers all voted for politicians who actually ARE Nazi affiliated, and paying real nazis lots of money to fight Nato targeted countries! I read stories once a year in my precious and coveted annual issue of “Vive Le Rock” magazine, if I’m lucky, about Harper and company still sleeping at squats, still getting in the van, still playing rebellious punk music for the people and I find that so inspiring. People I knew wouldn’t do that in their twenties, let alone their autumn years. We don’t have no real punks left over here, just maybe some old guys who get to be book signing red carpet celebrities, or get rich quick tattoo artists on the coasts, or some excessively rich and charitable rockstars give ’em money to open a bar or whatever, but I mean REBELLIOUS punk rockers. Not got-mine dickhead capitalists in leather jackets who just care about Making More Money. You know in the midwest where I grew up, there are still rightwing Kid Rock Woodstock 99 sports mooks with like Rev. Horton Heat t shirts and Doc Martin collections who tell our former friends I “can’t be punk” cause..why, my long hair! Ha ha ha. Somehow Iggy and Rollins and Gibby Haynes and everybody else can still be punk but they wanna see my credentials, my hall pass. They just mad I won’t be in their asskiss club. Fuck those chickenshit conformist cocksuckers anyways. Poison Idea were right as rain when they said “Record Collectors are Pretentious Assholes”.The real truth is all those ten thousand record owning honchos can’t stand the fact that I’ve always stood for something and can’t be bought, it embarrases ’em to see anybody livin’ by any code, aside from their standard frathouse hazing, big truck wins, conventional bigmouth macho blowhard, my dad owns the auto parts store, Skoal chewin’, Joe Dirt, boy scout world. “Elevator goin’ up” and “Vroom Vroom” gun your manly automobile engine, all that shit. Brand Yeccch. Maybe I should’ve split for the UK a long time ago cause my country sucks, they’re all bamboozled and hoodwinked hive minds, just eagerly awaiting orders from Zuckerberg and Musk and Bezos. I can’t stand my fellow countrymen at this point. To most of them, rocknroll is just loud music you play during halftime chantings of “USA USA”, or to get real charged up and gung ho about Top Gun military service, it’s just a means to an end, something they copy poorly, because they desire wealth or tribal acceptance. I got motherfuckers trying to take credit for my original songs they only ever arranged covers of, had no real hand in composing, I mean I’m supposed to just accept that and hear some harpies singing “you shoulda gone to college, shoulda been a lawyer, shoulda bought more Bitcoin, shoulda had a parent in publishing, shoulda shoulda shoulda..” It’s tedious and gruelling at this point. A lady I was doing some work for politely laid me off and replaced me with more competant and qualified help-I can’t say I blame her really, I’m surly even when scrubbing, but I’m gonna need a new hustle once I get past this wretched virus, cause Gropey Joe’s war economy is killing us, which is obviously the big plan, bringing their puppet to Congress for many standing ovations like they did with Netanyahu, more bullshit lies for war and scapegoat boogeymen and all that shit–meanwhile everything has quadrupled in price and everybody’s greedhead gouging and Blaming Putin. All I can think is how my longlost homeless blackeyed bassplayer, Kid Loser was right when he said, “No one cares and no one remembers, fuck those people.” He was so right. He had a better sense of humor than me, pissed his inheritance away in like a couple of months, never took anything seriously. I always liked that kid, he was a bratty mooch with a big mouth and people were always punching him, but he never let it break his little troublemaker spirit. I hope he’s still alive out there, drinking his Milwaukee’s Best Ice, talkin’ all night about the Ex Idols and Mother Love Bone and Veruca Salt and Urge Overkill and pissing off everybody who believes they are “More Popular”. We wrote good songs together that people who dislike us both still cover. He used to carry his guitar around and we’d belt out “Drunk Like Me” in the street at lunchtime already shitfaced. Infuriated all the squares and nine to fivers and they took rather more than a pound of flesh from us. I’m still alive to tell the tales, so who knows, maybe he is too. Last time I saw him was at the Public Library where he spent his days cause he became houseless in the cold winter. I gave him twenty bucks but I had to leave the midwest. Long Live “The Kid”.

Alvin Gibbs is one of those dudes we all looked up to cause he was always dead cool and not mucking about. Ya ever hear Brian James & The Brains? “Cold Metal”? He’s a real true rocknroll motherfucker and that’s like a dying species. Chrissie Hynde and others keep predicting a new rebel rock will emerge from all this oppression and tyranny and mediocrity and forced bullshit, but I ain’t seen no evidence of it yet. Only real signs of rebel rock I see when i squint are still coming from Australia or the UK. I do like Factory Superstars from Hollywood quite a bit. Dramarama, but other than them, aint nothin’ really happenin’ at all. So here’s some Disobedience for ya, the way it should be, played properly. With guts. How it’s done.Reminds me of US Bombs a little bit. Good vocals. Bit Vanianesque. Apparently, he’s an author as well. You probably already heard his funny Andy McCoy impression on Youtube.

Only things I miss about big cities are indian food and “Vive Le Rock” magazine and access to record stores that have cool cds and lps on the shelf. 

Alvin Gibbs & The Disobediant Servants – Desperate Dave Is Dead – 100 Club – 10/6/19 – YouTube

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Did you ever suffer over motherfuckers who thought they were your friends but they were only ever using you to “get somewhere”, be around girls, or parlay their association with you into some kindof money scheme? Me, too. I look around at people in this country and they all seem like such suckers and rubes for buying into the whole Hierarchy and mushmouthed myth of Murkkkan “exceptionalism” and red scare and Muslim hating xenophobia, and hate your neighbor if he won’t do what you tell him, the batshit fauxwoke notion of being able to enforce your preferences or beliefs on others, and that whole dumb okeydokey hokeypokey? Me, too, man, but I was the same way once myself-I been a rube so many times, a fool for love, believed work will set you free, took bad abuse jobs trying to earn some kindof license to live, even if only in a lonely bedsit in the ghetto with a hairnet nd bloody wet apron and dead on my feet nad drinking shit bottom of the  barrel liquor just to cope and mostly just slavishly trying to not be fucked with by sexual predator cocaine promotors, the burly bouncer hockey players, and yachtclub untouchable Thurston Howell no shame junkie drugdealers, and Hee Haw yokel predators of Bottomfeeder USA. All I can tell ya is I did have some times when me and the Bastards bunch, my old band in ghetto Allston had much merriment and solidarity, creativity and good times cause we were loyal to the cause of working together, all pitching in and doing our part. That’s how the good stuff happens-you gots to be willing to share, not take more than your share, and you gotta stop ripping people off. Those two things. Carry your own weight, don’t rip people off callously. Should be easy to find four good people willing to adhere to those two simple guidelines, right? Not in a sports competition non stop repetition empire where they’re all trained from birth to believe that money is all that matters and winning is everything. I see the blood feuds all these rich fuckedup siblings get in, fighting over the parents shit, it’s just gruesome to me. I want nothing to do with the bloodsucking people on the hill, the tv watchers, the sports bar pinkyrings, and cetainly not their Globalist bankster NWO cult members or Nato one world government wooden dummies. I do not applaud Zelensky, or Fauchi, Netanyahu, Juan Gaido, Nancy Pelosi, the coup government they’re trying to force on Peru, or anybody else the Man tells me to. I do not like Elon Musk or the Kardashians. Fuck those people. Think for yourself even if high paid college grads on shitlib media tell you all day long to just trust the nice millionaires on tv over and over and over and over again. If I was gonna thank Obama for anything, it’d be for teaching me not to fall for snake oil hucksters in slick suits even if they speak in the cadences of gospel preachers, say vaguely uplifting words other people wrote, or have nice manners with their rich wives. Ex punks and former like, coffeehouse REM people who support these disgraceful wars cause the weapon makers tv provided them with a comic book fiction good versus evil narrative are tragic but also grotesque.

“It’s half way understandable why liberal chauvinists & Eurocentric latte-leftists would be excited by the visit of this Zelensky fraud but it’s unbearable to see Black & colonized people caught up in this nonsense.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Liberals are fascists.” / Twitter

“U.S. propaganda about China is pure projection. “China is imperialist” = the U.S. has been imperialist for at least 150 years “China is collapsing” = the U.S. is already collapsing “China is spying on you” = the U.S. has spied on you for decades Just insert the U.S. for China.” (-Danny Haiphong)


Newly Declassified Clues: Lee Harvey Oswald, CIA, and LSD (

David Swanson on Twitter: “This is a disgusting way to frame this. If I thought fueling a war in Ukraine would help Ukrainians I would not give a shit whether it also helped people in the U.S. who are NOT the only people anyone should care about. But fueling war in Ukraine harms us all.” / Twitter

“With latest UKR aid, cost will reach $115B + countless lives lost in war we could’ve avoided, had we not moved NATO east, supported Minsk or simply not scuttled Turkish peace deal. Meanwhile 1/2M in US are unhoused, 87M lack HC, 4M kids in poverty w/out expanded child tax credit.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

Lee Camp [Redacted] on Twitter: “There’s been over $21 TRILLION of unaccounted-for “adjustments” on the Pentagon’s books. They don’t deny this fact. How much exactly is 21 Trillion? You won’t believe it if you tried.” / Twitter

Bianca van der Kamp on Twitter: “”Too many died. War isn’t worth one life.” ~ Harry Patch (the last #WWI trench Tommy) War shouldn’t be glorified. War should be stopped. #hour4peace #ceasefire #negotiatepeace #ChristmasTruce Your voice matters for a @WorldBeyondWar:” / Twitter

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Hunter Biden made millions in Ukraine while his father the VP was put in charge of Ukraine and his father is on video bragging about firing their prosecutor.

We’ve been told there was nothing to see here. Ukraine isn’t better off with the billions American taxpayers had stolen from us, but the weapons industry, Ukranian Oligarchs and our politicians damn sure are.

Ukraine could have just honored their signed peace agreement with Russia and it would have cost us and them nothing. The same people telling you Russia tried to interfere in the 2016 elections have now been proven to have interfered in the 2020 elections. For 8 straight years Russia was working on implementing the agreed upon Peace agreement, while the West who never planned to honor it was arming Ukraine for war.” (-Black In The Empire)

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I still somewhat redundantly submit these columns here cause I been censored by almost every magazine I ever wrote for in this country and my town aint even got a print shop so I can’t make fanzines no more, maybe I’ll do a limited run chapbook sometime this year I dunno cause the wife uses the printer for her resell biz and ink cartridges get expensive. I keep trying to connect with even one other person who sees all the same kinda shit I do. Is there anybody out there? I keep thinking about that “Rock Art & The X Ray Style” song. Joe had so much figured out, just about the value of community, the bonfire, the cb radio, of making art even if the dumbfuck general public never understand it, or you only have very limited or primitive tools to work with, of broadcasting our tiny smoke signals to the faraway black sheep and fellow exiles and wrong kinds of non comformists. Trying to find the others and communicate is part of how we Stay Human, which is something Tessa Fights Robots talks about. There is rights to protest or privacy or bodily autonomy or free speech in Murkkka, believe me. If you’ve seen the articles about the Cop City compound they built, you’ll understand why they needed to make such a fuss about the Maga protest and had AOC baying for anti protest laws cause she wa s traumatized. She is definitely an intelligence asset, mostly vetted for her marketable appearance and willingness to sit down when Pelosi instructs her to. There is certainly no free press here-it’s all weaponzied Pentagon Media, propaganda of the lyinass fascist dystopian NWO/Davos elites, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon and the big banks, you dig? Other countries where I distantly know a few people seem way more free and observant, like, hip to what’s really goin’ down in front of them, than this one. Can you believe I used to consort with people who never even mention Julian Assange? La da da, look at my hair, la da da, come to my spoken word, la da da, buy my product. That’s all they care about, becoming products. I’d rather stand by my beliefs and priciples than shift some fucking boxes of stuff I paid to have made. Sheesh. No Values is the spirit of the age. The Big 5 mockingbird media is all powerful among the Divided Slaves Of Amnesia, they’re all just trained to unconditionally “identify” as this, or that. It’s all the same shit of course, but with a different sports team uniform color. They all think tv is real, elections are real, regulatory agencies still function for the good of the people, and that the fraud squad are their friends. Rightwingers are trying to champion a Gitmo human rights violator as some beacon of liberty. If he’ll dehumanize and torture human beings based on their religion, in Dick Cheney gulags, he’ll do it here, too. Of course Biden will, too, he’s helping overthrow Peru and giving all our healthcare and universal housing money to a Nato puppet for more endless war right now. I do not know any anti war activists where I live. All my former associates parrot television. “Go Team, rah rah” motherfuckers. They’re all Thank Obamas-they identify as liberals and progressives, but support no progressive values or principles, not unions, not peace. They let people like Klaus Scwab and Bill gates tell them who their enemies are. It’s all about worshipping puppet politicians and overpaid liars on tv and repeating what they say. “Orange Man Bad”. You don’t say…? Just came up with that one on the spur, just now, did ya? How VERY illuminating, I can see you are HIGHLY educated and that you Trust The Science and stand with Zelensky and it was Her Turn and you respect Lyn Cheney’s bravery and Chelle really MADE A DIFFRENCE and you wanna go back to how it was under Obama when it was also classy and dahing and we just need more techlord protections from Misinformation and Russia Troll farms hacking our elections with those dastrdly Buff Bernie memes, online. China bad, Russia bad, Iran bad, Saudis good, Israel good, Gropey Joe good, Foo Fighters and Billie Eilish? Extra special secret sauce super dooper double good and Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga and Beyonce. They are geniuses. And the Kardashians are self made, strong, independent single ladies. Grim, grisly, darkening days. Not a lotta introspection happening over here in this country. I figured the whole shithouse was up in flames when a geeky Phish kid, a jamband reeferhead I knew and worked with in a thanklessly hot kitchen, enlisted in the military to go fight those bad guys who were coming here for our freedom fries, good jobs and benefits and just hated us for our freedom. Laura Bush said we had to invade Afghanistan For Feminism. Worked like magic. Like Colt 45-“Works Everytime”.

About 100 years ago I was friends witha hard partying couple who would always say, “I’m hit”, or “I got hit last night”, meaning they were still hungover. I got hit by that creepy plague. Oh man, this dreaded covid bullshit gets worse by the day, tore up from the floor up as those self-recriminating people like to say, the bodyaches, the chills, the sore throat, it’s pretty awful. You know they concocted some real evil shit when you been through it all and did most of it twice, but you’re laying there helpless for twenty hours a day thinking you might die. I remember one other mutant virus where we had to go get some special prescription pack of pills to shake it about fifteen years ago. I remember being told my fever was so high in the county hospital post seizure that I almost died, that was all the way back when I was about 22, maybe 23, the nurses had me velcro strapped down to a gurney while they punishingly applied ice packs to my burning body as I screamed. I’ve had alcohol poisoning a couple times, food poisoning a few times, and cough syrup overdosed in a dark tattoo shop with a beautful girl who ended up seeing me in a shocking state, but this…is bad. I think about my grandparents who mostly raised me, how I must have worried them way back when I left home at a young age and galavanted around the big cities searching for my own place in the sun. I was not there for my grandfather when he was dying cause a woman decided that’d be the perfect time to divorce me, bit of a distraction that, had to find a place to live. I know I really failed him. Our last conversation was gruelling, I don’t think he really forgave me for never measuring up to his  middle class standards, and a jealous family member always rubbed that in. I did much better caring for my grandmother and aunt for their last few years. I moved back to my hometown and retrieved medicine and grocery shopped and cleaned and took a bad night shift job, and walked back n forth from the hospital, while I was doing all that, my ex took my kids across the country, bonded them to a series of strangers and now they don’t really know who I am, It took me too long to follow her out there almost three years probably, and even then, she’d already conditioned them to sorta reject my side of their family. No word from my daughter in years. Seems she cut ties with her more controlling and powerful other relatives, too. I’ve tried to make peace with my own kids and parents and some faraway people I owed amends to. You do the best you can and give the rest to a higher power, I’m not in charge of any outcomes, they say, in that cult of perpetual self blaming. Ended up in too many one-way relationships with people who only showup empty handed when they burn all other bridges and never even think to bring anything to the table, or in our tradition, the hobo stew, they just feel entitled to take what little we barely got left, so I waste less time investing in those types. I was reading that Chrissy Amphlett bio and man she went through even crazier, more brutal and chaotic shit than me, from a performing arts childhood with a traumatized veteran father and doting mom, to being a surfer party girl at the druggy beach, to discovering psychedelics and hippie-drifting all around the globe relying on the kindness of strangers, bartending, trading on her looks, having affairs, and pinballing from one loser nowhere band to another. She knew all along she was Born To Rock, but it is ever so difficult to find the right people. She knocked around from town to town jamming with an autoharp in junkie squats and singing sea shanties on boats and performing in corny undergound plays and eight piece jam bands and open mic nights and all the horrors every wouldbe frontperson is subjected to if their first couple of garage gangs aint superfunded by some showbiz uncle. It’s mind boggling how much rejection she experienced. Most of the competent musicians didn’t understand her, could not appreciate her one of a kind, offbeat style of vocalizing, a wild wailing, usually associated with hardass male singers, such as Bon Scott or Angry Anderson.”They laughed and told me I was TOO DIFFERENT to make it as a rocknroll singer. They said that with my quirky voice and dress and buck teeth I didn’t sing or look like a lead singer should. They were saying success and acceptance comes with conformity. THAT WAS CRAP. ROCKNROLL IS FOR REBELS.” Hear, hear, my dear. Me, too. 

   I was laying in the sick bed last night smiling as I remembered the time some super gifted guitar prodigy who drove an old yellow vintage convertible like a Beach Boy and lived in a haunted mansion, had invited me to audition for his very painstakingly tight, studio musician band at some well to do square’s suburbanite house. They banged into a whizbang perfect Wrecking Crew rendition of that old Monkees song, “Pleasant Valley Sunday” and obviously you don’t call me, if you want Davey Jones, a lead singer’s job is to put his own stamp on it and entertain the people so I let ’em have it, the full bug theatrical, Birthday Party shambolic, lounge singer gone bad, howlingly combatitive, wildeyed rocknroll business, just like Iggy Pop or Jim Morrison would. They were shocked and appalled and kept asking me to do it again but sing normal. You get me for your band if you want somebody with their own voice and vibe and point of view who can command a room and has stories to tell, not if you’re looking for some Ricky Martin/Robin Thicke/Justin Timberlake/Harry Styles note perfect milk n cookies guy to be polite. No, I’m not cutting my hair. No, I don’t care that your friend the wrestler does not like me. No, I don’t care that your wife’s mother’s hairdresser says I’m the devil corrupting the children with too much Aqua Net and Dramarama records, no I’m not here to make desk job people feel proud about voting for Kamala cause it shows how they can’t be racist. It’s always been that same old shit with the gadfly booj peeps, they invite you into their thing, but say you have to change completely. The shredder’s rhythm section were horrified when the sweat started pouring and the makeup started running, my waist length hair was wet and the shirt came off and you know I used to wear a buncha crucifixes and rosaries underneath my shirt and they thought that might be something really bad, and I started improvising beat poetry on the spot I expected them to jam to. They were clearly uncomfortable with the black shiny pleather clad presence of my much beloved, beautiful old bartender/roommate/confidante/soul sista Jessa Belle, who’d accompanied me to the audition and brought a big bottle of booze along for laughs. They were oblivious to the irony of wanting to cover “Pleasant Valley Sunday” while insisting it be properly music school renditioned. They were such scolding, humorless, textbook squares. “Pleasant Valley Sunday”? They WERE the weekend warrior uncool people on the hill, pompously trying to repremand me for not being serious, refusing to “sing normal”. Does anybody tell Rotten that? Lux? Bators? Taime Downe? Billy Hopeless? Bryan Small? Jim Jones? Texacala? “Sing Normal”. That was some tv people shit, and they were supposed to be the big Cobain lovers. They’d never seen punk rock in real life. That town jumped on the Nirvana bandwagon but it was all real new to the sports doofuses. You had one group trying to be Beatles and one group trying to be Pearl Jam, not a lot of real action. There were only a couple of punkish outfits in their circle: a comelately hot rod satanic jugband with many tattoos when Nashville Pussy was the latest thing, and a trust funded Cramps ripoff band with sixties antique fuzz pedals and tube amps and expensive guitars galore, hundreds actually, and very rare and hard to find echo machines and their own recording studio, so they could endlessly churn out garage noise for hipster labels in disco shirts, they’d all applaud for that band in that town, but not for their tunes really cause they had none, they were applauding their money, the rare gear they played badly through. Rich Sees Rich. People blindly, deaf and dumbly, applaud success or accoutrements of succes in those rightwing wealth worshipping sports enclaves. Man fuck those guys, they did not get rocknroll, at all. That prodigy guitarist’s brother was a promising drummer who was smart and decent, rare characteristics in that particular town in the grunge era, but he needed to be accepted by their rich lawyer dad way, way, way more than he needed to rock, he needed to belong with his obedient, mansion dwelling, “Less Than Zero”, business minded classmates, so ya see his picture online now, and he don’t look like nobody from Oasis anymore, he looks like a showbiz shark, sports jacketed Doc McGhee rock manager. Had a similar experience in the recording studio with some locals only fellas who had their one and only exacting familiar process and I was expected to emulate the vocalist of their local band, which is just not what I do. No thanks man. “Sing normal, they said.” They had an exaggerated opinion of their own singing voices-the “normal ” ones. They’d wipe the first three takes instead of mixing ’em together, and in my world, that’s where the magic usually is, all the feeling is embedded in the first or second take. 

   So yeah I take heart from Chrissy’s hardknocks sordid tale, it’s a real hair raising, roller coastering, holy smokes barnstormer, she did hard time in a foreign prison, endured all manner of grisly abuse, so when the usual lazy lackey self proclaimed journalists started shooting off the mandatory questions about how hard it supposedly is to be a beautiful and talented female with a killer band in rock, she’d just sorta chuckle and roll her eyes. She went places you wouldn’t go with a gun. What a powerhouse, all soul, always and ever only about singing it from the heart, she got that–in spite of childhhod forays into choir and ballet, she was just there to deliver the feeling, she was All Feel, and she’s brutally honest and I love that about her, too. One of my alltime favorites. When you’re going through all the hard times, lookin’ for some kinda sense or meaning, taking inventory, contemplating the hard facts of life, giving up on humanity, there are still these half forgotten artists from ancient times, you can read about and listen to who get it, who felt the same way and wern’t just trying to milk some jive hustle and get over and make money, who really seemed sincere and true and good and heartfelt. I love them for all that. The first two Divinyls albums were like AC/DC meets Billy Idol. Chrissy was the unprecedented Wild Card. Real Rocknroll is ALL ABOUT the Wild Card. They got lucky when they recognized the right character to manage them and he jettisoned the first wanker bassplayer who thought he was the cat’s pajamas cause he’d played with Mark in Air Supply, like that was something to be proud of, he fucked over the band on copyrights and a shady publishing deal, that was fucked up. Mark McEntee was ALSO wild, I mean he was like an elegantly pouncing, slashing Malcolm Young or Keith Richards real  instinctive kinda guitarist but he had a Billy Duffy or Steve Stevens like flash and talent, just more understated, he let the song breathe, made room for Chrissie. And let’s just repeat for the record how he flatout always just looked cool as fuck, and moved ever so cat like gracefully, him and his model wife ran a super cool rocknroll boutique that sold threads to Michael Jackson, Kate Moss, Chrissie Hynde, Deborah Harry and Amy Winehouse called Wheels & Dollbaby–if you aint from Australia it’s almost impossible to imagine rock god Mark ever playing in Air Supply!!!? Mark McEntee is one of those rare snow leopard guitarists who are so impossible to find anymore. A unique stylist almost like a Brian James. What an excellent band. Even though she’d done time in every corny cover band and Belgian experimental Hawkwind dervishing hippie collective, when she strted composing intimate original like “Boys In Town”, it took her awhile to summon up the appropriate nerve and audacity to deliver those songs with the inflammatory, take no prisoners, no apologies, storming authority they deserved, so her manager took her to see AC/DC, and she stole Angus’s gimmick, which seemed even more dangerous on a voluptuous female-the schoolgirl persona helped her release her incorrigible, bratty banshee side the world all came to love in the new wave era. They were touring with bands like Simple Minds and the Furs and gaining an audience overnight. First fame’s hard on people. They got ripped off so bad, their publishing was stolen when they were young and naieve and “desperate” as the song goes-at least they signed the dotted line, nowadays, these industry manuvering social vampires got ways of trying to steal your shit without ever paying you a cent and with no signed contract. They just copyright your shit. Fuck you, ha ha, the end. House always wins. The Fix is always in. Don’t kid yourself, sunshine. I think the world is becoming more wicked by the day. Maybe I just feel crummy cause I’m so shockingly sick, I dunno man, it all seems so bleak. I got no trust or faith in people, they’re like demons. Mass hypnotized soldiers of the Nato/Bill Gates/imperialist Status Quo. You can’t talk to the see no evil coincidence theorists. They spend their whole lives in school but never heard of any most basic, well documented, historical facts…except for shit that makes them FEEL GOOD, they are the proud, the many, the virtue signaling, on trend, bumper sticker people, “I VOTED”, they feel scientific cause they watch all that good guys versus badguys copaganda on tv. Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil. They make excuses for coups and wars and censorship and torture and kidnapping, murderous cops, big tech spying, poisoned water, bad medicine, human experimentation. I been social distancing for a real long time. I don’t see that changing much.

Divinyls – Siren – YouTube

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Wheels & Dollbaby – Official Store ( if ya wanna get me anything for Xmas…I’m medium-size.

“The CIA didn’t kill JFK to replace him with Lyndon Johnson.

The CIA killed JFK to replace American democracy with an unaccountable shadow government that you can’t vote away. HUD says that it would cost $20 billion to end homelessness in America. We are told that that is impossible, yet the government is about to pass a $1.7 trillion spending bill, which includes an ADDITIONAL $44 billion to Ukraine. Our government isn’t just corrupt — it is evil.” (-Primo Radical)

The progression There are no Nazis There are only a few Nazis The Nazis don’t have any real power These aren’t the same kind of Nazis Doesn’t matter if the Nazis are fighting for your country So what, Every country has Nazis The Nazis have been deradicalized now…The former President of Ukraine and German Chancellor Merkel both admitted that the Minsk agreement signed with Russia was only signed to bide time for Ukraine to build their military and they had no intention of honoring it

Our Gov’t is tells us that Russia can’t be trusted…Our ruling class is not as dumb as many think

They cut off Europe’s cheap energy supply and got them to pay our companies 4x more They have weakened Russia, though not as much as they hoped and stolen billions from us to give to their donors. That’s not me saying this, it is the words of the former Ukrainian President and Merkel. American propaganda wins.

Sadly, Ukraine had to be sacrificed…Propaganda working is having Americans look at what is happening to Ukraine and believing this is what winning looks like, when they could have just honored the Minsk agreement and none of this would be happening. Maybe we should be using all these new IRS agents to audit the Pentagon The United States has more people in prison than any country in the world…Is it possible that some of your so called allies telling us about women’s rights, just don’t want black babies born? 

We don’t live in a democracy. There is no Dem vs GOP. Our Gov’t doesn’t care about Ukrainians. Fauci works for Big Pharma. Trump doesn’t care about working class whites. Obama doesn’t care about Black people..We are all just pawns being exploited.” (-Black In The Empire)

“A new poll shows at least 80% of people in Peru reject the right-wing oligarch-controlled congress, which launched the coup against elected President Castillo on December 7, with US backing.

Protesters have been in the streets demanding the closure of congress and new elections” (-Ben Norton)

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JPierre on Twitter: “The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is the soft power arm of the CIA. Its operations in Haiti have played a large role in undermining sovereignty.” / Twitter

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Ben Norton on Twitter: “We Charge Imperialism: US Sanctions Against the Global Majority This is a very important, must-watch event organized by @Iran_Solidarity, featuring @bikrumsinghgill, @MullinCorinna, @KillSanctions, @nodutdol:” / Twitter

Kucinich Says Call for Diplomacy to End Ukraine-Russia War Must be Heard; Silencing of Congressional Progressive Caucus Casts Dems as the “War Party” – Dandelion Salad (

“Twitter’s attempt to suppress my reporting on the relationship between UK Foreign Office/MI6 and the world’s largest media organizations gets to the heart of the social media platform’s collaboration with trans-Atlantic intel. Twitter introduced its “hacked materials” policy when I exposed Reuters, BBC and Bellingcat as UK intelligence cut-outs running Foreign Office ops against Russia.” (-Max Blumenthal)

“Just a reminder that last month Ukraine bombed Poland (a NATO member) killing two people, tried to blame Russia in order to start World War III, then refused to apologize.

Yet they’re continuing to get tens of billions of dollars from NATO.” (-Primo Radical)

America believes in Freedom of the Press

That’s why our Gov’t plotted to kill a journalist that exposed their war crimes, then kidnapped, jailed and tortured him and one of our allies dismembered a journalist and another just shot a journalist in the face while we did nothing.” (-Black In The Empire)

“Nancy Pelosi salary: $193,400

Nancy Pelosi net worth: $196million Mitch McConnell salary: $193,400 Mitch McConnell net worth:$54million Like it or not, they both play for the same team. Neither party is on your side. They are on the side of getting themselves rich.” (-Tyler Todt)

Putin is just evil and a vicious dictator that went into Ukraine for no reason, just bored I guess The proof is simple. Our Gov’t and media says so and is of course fighting for democracy There is no amount of evidence that will convince us otherwise. (-” (-Black In The Empire)

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Mainstream US reporters silent about being spied on by apparent CIA contractor that targeted Assange – The Grayzone

“The same ones convincing us to hate China, when they’re the ones who gutted our middle class giving our jobs to China

Nobody seems to notice. Americans get out of the Matrix.” (-Black In The Empire)

Former German Chancellor Merkel Admits that Minsk Peace Agreements Were Part of Scheme for Ukraine to Buy Time to Prepare for War with Russia | CovertAction Magazine

Operation Warp Speed is Using a CIA-Linked Contractor to Keep Covid-19 Vaccine Contracts Secret (

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Ben Norton on Twitter: “Colombia’s President Gustavo Petro denounced the overthrow of Peru’s Pedro Castillo as an undemocratic “parliamentary coup,” saying it is a warning for all elected left-wing leaders in Latin America. Transcript here:” / Twitter

The Twitter Files reveal influence of Russiagate disinformation (

“The Pentagon honors the CNN correspondent who functioned as its most loyal stenographer, churning out press releases in the form of articles and granting it untold millions in outsourced public relations services.” (-Max Blumenthal on war propagandists complimenting each other.)

As leaks expose UK op to ‘weaken’ Russia, suppression of Grayzone reporting backfires – The Grayzone

Katalin Pota ☮️☮️☮️ on Twitter: “It’s 29 degrees in NYC and homeless people are sleeping on the street.” / Twitter

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Medea Benjamin on Twitter: “I can’t wait to participate with many others who are terrified that this war in Ukraine could lead to a nuclear disaster and want to see peace talks NOW! It’s definitely time to @RageAgainstWar #peaceinUkraine” / Twitter

“The Left in the USA is overwhelming a Middle-Class formation

It’s the FIRST LEFT historically to have NO CONNECTION to the WORKING CLASS A big chunk of these people say they don’t want to hear about poverty” (-Compton Jay)

“When any white man in the world says, give me liberty or give me death, the entire white world applauds. When a black man says exactly the same thing he is judged a criminal and treated like one.” (- James Baldwin)

In her Best Steve Urkel voice AOC says “Did I do that?” About Her Political Choices | Premieres Thurs Dec 22nd at 1030AM ET (

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“$45 Billion more to “Ukraine” proves that the war is really between US & UK led “neoliberal/predatory/finance based economics” and “industrial/commodity/reality based economics” of Russia, China, and the Global South.” (-Garland Nixon)

Zelensky Makes Outrageous Demand During U.S. Visit – Biden Accommodates! – YouTube

Liberals have their heads shoved so far up the “Democratic” party’s ass that they now support the military industrial complex, FBI, and CIA and falsely accuse those of us who distrust our corrupt government of being MAGA. There is no polite way of saying it: They’ve become sheep.




Our good pal ex GUTTER CATS legend and gypsy vagabond wandering troubadour, Lazy Stars Jonny Kaplan has a buncha interview questions stashed in an old email he might get around to answering for you someday, but he’s usually busy sailing his boat back n forth from Florida to California or exploring foreign lands, but in the meantime, here’s some music for yas. We love ya, Jonny!

Jonny Kaplan and The Lazy Stars “When You’re Down” feat: Daryl Hannah – YouTube

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JOEY PINTER has always had a keen eye for young talents-he’s who hipped me to Dirty Eyes, John Tyree, Sweet Things, Dr. Boogie and the glammy POISON BOYS. Check ’em out.

Poison Boys – “Tear Me Apart” Official Music Video – YouTube

Poison Boys “Been Here All Night” Official Music Video – YouTube

Poison Boys – Out Of My Head (Full Album) – YouTube

Don’t You Turn on Me – YouTube

Poison Boys – “Bustin’ Out” Official Music Video – YouTube

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Always preferred the Quireboys to the Black Crowes whose best song was a naked ripoff of Mother Love Bone’s “Crown Of Thorns”. “Sometimes Salvation” was good and that kool chick from the Rat, Kit was her name, her mom owned an Egyptian dress store on Newbury Street, Kit played “She Talks To Angels” to me all night long way back when we were friends. So I have a soft spot for that one, I was crazy about Kit who looked just like Virgian Madsen from that eighties new wave movie, “Modern Girls’, but really the Crowes mostly had super nice, enviably Brian Jonesy clothes. As soon as Johnny Colt split they kinda became Deadheads, and as a non potsmoker reefer jams and Zeppelin covers aint my scene at all. The Quireboys have always been an oustanding rocknroll band. As someone who hadda lotta different bandmates who sang my songs in a velvet newsboy cap without me figuring they can pass as both of us, my sympathy and solidarity is always gonna be with SPIKE, basically my generation’s finest velvet jacketed, ciagrette raspy, Rod Stewart storyteller. Love him to death.


“I don’t want to live in a make believe democracy where our lying corrupt Gov’t is telling social media companies what they can and cannot report and who they should and should not censor, no matter what the Party affiliation or personal beliefs.

I guess that makes me crazy. Putin isn’t trying to take over the world, the United States is trying to maintain their control of it. How has nobody noticed that our Gov’t only cares about democracy, sovereignty and human rights in countries that do not obey us?

Countries that serve a purpose for us can be a dictatorship, apartheid State, chop off their citizens heads, and committ genocides with a free pass. Until Americans escape the false reality we have been conditioned to believe since childhood that our country is a force for good, things in the world will get worse

The country that is most responsible for war, theft, lies, greed and suffering in the world is the United States. If our citizens cared about the truth, we’d look at what happened for the last 8 years before Russia went into Ukraine, but Americans will continue to believe this ridiculous narrative that Putin is just some crazy dictator doing this for no reason trying to take over the world. Matt Taibbi relayed the communications between people working at Twitter The Establishment wanting to hide truth and their captured media trying to spin it like it doesn’t matter or just ignoring it, doesn’t make him the bad guy It makes him one of the few real journalists left.” (-Black In The Empire)

“Ultraleft is when people get sick days.” (-DJ Cthulhu)

Sabby Sabs on Twitter: “Boston is still pushing out public housing residents. Where are they supposed to go? @MayorWu you made a lot of promises when you ran. Yet you’re allowing this to happen.” / Twitter

“Every legit journalist or human rights whistle blower in this country is a target of the One Percent if they tell the truth. Look at Hale and Schulte and Manning and Snowden and Kirakou and Assange. Just ask Seth Rich or Michael Hastings who embarrassed some generals and DNC insiders. Oh yeah, you can’t ask them shit. They’re dead as Gaddafi. Who killed them?” (-Pepsi Sheen)

Rev. Paul S. Cunningham | Machias ME | Facebook

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Top Ten for 2022: Our Man In The USA JD Stayfree | Columns (

“All but 1 of “Squad” crossed the picket line, voting w/ Dem-Rep majority to break rail workers’ strike.

A socialist can’t be a strike breaker. ” (-Kshama Sawant)

“Leftists are not liberals.

Leftists are not Democrats. True leftists oppose war, fight for workers’ power, and stand with all oppressed people and nations under the gun of US imperialism.” (-Danny Haiphong)

Why is it so difficult for U.S. left forces to understand neoliberalism as a right-wing phenomenon rooted in the power of a fraction of the capitalist class? A fraction that is dominant & controls the state with Its’ servants – Biden, Obama, Clinton the public face of this power.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“I find it hilarious (morbidly so) that anyone refers to the US as a democracy or a republic.

We’re an oligarchy, a violent empire where our “elected” officials get marching orders from war criminals. ” (-Eleanor Goldfield)

“For the first time, UK military official publicly admits conducting covert operations in Ukraine. After ten months, what everyone had rightfully assumed all along is finally put on the record: NATO forces aren’t just passive observers of the war” (-Michael Tracey)

The techniques used on alleged ⁦ @wikileaks

⁩ whistleblower #Schulte are considered torture: long-term solitary confinement, sleep deprivation, sensory overload, starvation… #Assange has reason to be worried, despite the US’s deceptive & unenforceable “assurances.” (-Jesselyn Raack)

“Stay away from those people who try to disparage your ambitions. Small minds will always do that, but great minds will give you a feeling that you can become great too.”


Media Lens on Twitter: “But, out of the goodness of his heart, Biden’s donating tens of billions of dollars to US arms companies supplying weapons to Ukraine. Is anyone fooled by this?” / Twitter

Bernie Sanders Pulls Yemen War Powers Resolution Amid Opposition From White House (

Biden Kills Senate Resolution To End Yemen Genocide (

Political Rebellion with Jill Stein | 2nd Annual General Strike Summit | Activist Edition – YouTube

Isabel Maxwell: Israel’s “Back Door” Into Silicon Valley (

Under Cover of War, Zelensky is Leading Ukraine’s Massive Privatization Drive (

Caitlin Johnstone: NATO Chief’s ‘Fear of War With Russia’ (

UN Report: 11,000 Children Killed in Yemen (

Leaked files: private spying firm targets global population with illegal spyware – The Grayzone

Documents show Bill Gates has given $319 million to media outlets to promote his global agenda – The Grayzone

Covid-19 – Mass Formation or Mass Atrocity? (

Glenn Greenwald | Substack

US finalizing plans to send Patriot missile defense system to Ukraine – CNNPolitics

“Bernie Sanders Caves in to White House Pressure, there will be no vote on the Yemen War Powers Resolution. What a coward.” (-Dave DeCamp)

Elon Musk & Ron DeSantis will be the new face of the GOP. Anti-Fauci, anti-woke, and “pro-free speech” (with major exceptions). Fully in-league with Big Tech, intelligence agencies and Israel. This is the establishment trying to capture Trump’s base while getting rid of Trump.” (-Primo Radical)

“Billionaires are not our friends. None of them. How can you be a grown adult and not realize this yet? Stop looking to billionaires and celebrities for political direction.

Why would anyone think any one celebrity gives a crap about you? The thought that celebrities and billionaires care about us and have good intentions is absolute madness. Billionaires & Trillionaires are the oppressors.” (-Jory Micha)

“1,100 New York Times workers commenced a 24-hour walkout for better conditions, the largest walk-out at the Times since the 1960s. While I’d prefer all 1100 workers find jobs where they don’t pump out US empire propaganda garbage… I still think workers should be treated right.” (-Lee Camp)

The defense budget keeps goin up. Interest rates keep goin up. Food prices keep goin up. The cost of living keeps goin up. But the federal minimum wage hasn’t gone up since 2009.They unite faster than fk for wars, while ppl work 2-3 jobs to make ends meet. Pay Congress $7.25/hr.” (-Thia Ballerina)

“Former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey is more honest than the liberal intelligencia providing ideological support for the neoliberal totalitarian state when he admitted losing control & warned of the danger of centralized control” of the internet by governments and corporations.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

#FraudSquad – YouTube

An Enemy of the State (@2njtd65rhx) / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “This story is not getting enough media attention. FBI agent shoots a black man to death in the Washington subway. At first, police say the victim was unarmed. Then, the next day, they say there was a handgun on him.” / Twitter

Stella Assange #FreeAssangeNOW (@Stella_Assange) / Twitter

Brittney Griner and the U.S. State | Black Agenda Report

NY Times’ EPIC Flip-Flop Over China COVID Policy – YouTube

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Zelensky’s Ukrainian forces are rounding up Jewish leaders in Kherson and accusing them of “cooperation with the aggressor state” Their crimes include allowing Jewish Russian soldiers to pray in their synagogue and not killing a lost Russian soldier” / Twitter

MintPress News on Twitter: “Last week, there were two coups targeting leftist Latin American leaders. They show how the neoliberal regime change playbook has grown beyond simple military violence. Ben Norton and Lee Camp explain what happened to Pedro Castillo in Peru. Follow the 🧵 below.” / Twitter

Lee Camp [Redacted] (@LeeCamp) / Twitter

Video: Fauci Lying About Recommending Lockdowns – YouTube

Chris Hedges: Israel & the Rise of a New Fascism (

As long as they give millions to the Clinton foundation, right?! That automatically makes ’em woke and feminist for science and diversity and freedom. Corporate media always calls their prince a progressive. Saudi Arabia BEHEADS 81 In Unprecedented Execution – YouTube


Suspect AI Software Verified Mail-In Ballots With Little Human Oversight in Key Battleground States (

PATRICK LAWRENCE: Germany & the Lies of Empire (

The Unreluctant Vassal (

“As someone who is/was shadowbanned simply because I don’t toll the hegemonic neoliberal political line, I welcome Twitter’s promise to deal with this policy & to reveal users shadowban status.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“Working class liberation dies within the Left versus Right paradigm.” (-Joey Wreck)

“The Chris Hedges Report Podcast with Dennis Kucinich on the folly of the proxy war in Ukraine and how the military-industrial-complex has become the enemy from within.” (-John Dissed)

The Chris Hedges Report Podcast with Dennis Kucinich (

“The US “government” is a huge corporation in itself and most of us work for it no matter if we like it or not. Every single federal level politician is sold out to corporations no matter what letter they put beside their names.” (-Jory Micha)

“We live under a capitalist and imperialist state where the government and both parties exist to serve Big Business and the military industrial complex. Voting for more of this kind of government is not socialism and will never bring about change for the poor and working class.” (-Ryan Knight)

“In Peru protestors started taking police hostage every time a protestor was arrested. Today they met & did a hostage exchange.” (-Castillo Libertad)

“A San Antonio cop who was fired for intentionally giving a homeless person a sandwich with feces in it was rehired to be a police officer in Floresville, which is a town 30 minutes from San Antonio. Matthew Luckhurst should be in jail, but instead they give him a gun and a badge.” (-Fifty Shades Of Whey)

“One thing about jails and prisons is that there is nothing humane or rehabilitating about them. That’s why this is not a war between republicans and democrats. They are actually on the same 1% capitalist class team.

This is a war between the 1% capitalist class and the 99% of us, and we are losing. Trump, nor the Clintons will ever be locked up for anything because they are rich and you live in a capitalist society that unjustly excuses the rich and punishes everyone else.” (-Jory Micah) hey Santa…

New book tells Isle of Wight’s Hanoi Rocks drummer Razzle’s story | Isle of Wight County Press

PRE-ORDER 2nd edition REBEL SOUL – Musings, Music, & Magic Hardcover BOOK by Bebe Buell – HoZac Records

Rose Tattoo – Beats From A Single Drum (Remastered) Blue Vinyl – Golden Robot Global Entertainment (

Milwaukee Police Department ASSAULT 74 Black Men – YouTube

FBI Won’t Release Seth Rich Laptop Info Because RUSSIA! – YouTube

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “What’s the most insane thing you’ve read today?” / Twitterilluminatibot on Twitter: “” / Twitter

Elon’s Twitter Is Still Infiltrated with Former FBI and CIA Agents – These Agents Are Frantically Scrubbing Their LinkedIn Accounts, Read the List Here (

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “I personally completely support this. Psy-ops are supposed to be illegal in the U.S. but legislation passed under the Obama administration on so-called disinformation provided the space for wholesale domestic propaganda operations in the U.S.” / Twitter

“Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, and he had a kill list, started 5 more wars, and dropped more bombs than Bush Needless to say, the award has kind of lost its prestige. How many elections will you live through before you notice that we still end up screwed and the rich keep getting richer? We live in the reality created by the people that are exploiting us and creating worldwide chaos They own the media, the politicians, the Gov’t agencies and have no intentions of giving up their power They see their control slipping Sometimes the evil you fear is in your house. You’re allowed to type the name Seth Rich now? You don’t have to cross an ocean to find the people who are really interfering in our elections. If it exposes the people that I like, it is obviously untrue or unimportant If I don’t like who said it, they’re obviously lying If it is about people I hate it is definitely true So there is no need to research myself, because I have my team to confirm what we want to think. People get mad when I criticize Obama and I don’t care because the truth is that we got the same Presidency from him than we would have got from Mitt Romney. I’m 56 and I thought I voted for the first Black President, but now I realize that I’m still waiting. Dems use fear of what the GOP wants to do to the Black community, but if you pay attention, the things they told us to fear, they did to us themselves, as we celebrated their victory

Now if you want a fight for voting rights, they’re here as long as we’re voting for them. In spite of what the part of the Black community that is captured by the Democrats think, censorship is also a Black issue, because the second we step out of line from what the Establishment wants, we’ll be at the top of the list of people they want to shut up. I don’t focus on the Democrats because I like Republicans, I focus on them because they’ve been the ones suckering my community into voting for them for a half century, while delivering nothing for us.” (-Black In The Empire)

The reason you view your oppressors as your saviors is because billions of dollars are spent to warp your mind into believing that you are an imbecile who is incapable of taking care of yourself or knowing what is best for you.” (-Just. A. Thought on censored Twitters)

“Schools in America are more like prisons than they are halls of learning.” (-MC Squared)”

The problem with America is that we are nothing like what we think we are. We are a land of cowards. We do not have a democracy or republic. We barely even have a real government. We lock up the most prisoners in the world. We are subjected to 30,000+ laws made up by rich people. So many bootlickers on this app. Lol. What is wrong with some people?

The US is a fake “government” that does not care if you and your entire family die. Notice how when you are out you rarely see crime, even in big cities. The ruling capitalist class needs us to believe we are in extreme constant danger so they can hire more cops to protect THEM and their properties when Americans inevitably revolt.” (-Jory Michah)

“Breaking a strike & forcing workers back on the job against their will = always bad.” (-Leila Charles Leigh)

Briahna Joy Gray on Twitter: “”This is just stunningly dishonest…Hundreds of thousands of workers who understand what has happened are calling out the betrayal of the squad & the Dem Party & pres Biden, you have commentators…saying that if you agree then you are actually sneering at workers…” @cmkshama” / Twitter

“I done watch this a million times I can’t stop watching it. Ryan Grim

is straight trash & playing dūmb but he is getting paid well by the oligarchs to play his role well & redirect. I’m not falling for that bull sh!t that Ryan is just a reporter when he weighs in almost every damn day to play Captain Save A Hoe to the progressives and especially AOC.” (-Natorrie Lee)

“AOC and the Squad soften the longer they stay in the Democrats — betraying striking workers is the latest.” (-ruth Coppinger)

It is commentators like yourself who…whenever the Dem Party is w/in the cross fire of workers, justifiably, then those people are going to be protected. So when the fire was against AOC & jayapal, then suddenly AOC starts tweeting & you all start defending her.” (-Brihana Joy Gray)

Worker here. Just got done listening to the whole interview. Kshama and Bri are 100% spot on. You are so disconnected from the working class it’s not even funny.” (-Nate Spud talking to a typical corporate media soldout deceiver in the TYT mold, fake as fuck DNC elite bridge troll RG)

Dems were opposed to $15 until the very end, at every step they fought it tooth n nail until a grassroots campaign forced their hand. Same with the #AmazonTax which was won twice, 2nd time after the Dems worked with billionaires to repeal the 1st” (-Ocadd)

Natorrie Lee (@Natorrie32) / Twitter

“In 2020, liberals said we must vote for Biden to end the war on Yemen. Media falsely credited him for ending it, and progressive dupes applauded him. Now Biden is openly pushing to continue the war. In 2024, the same liberals will again insist we vote for Democrats. A rigged game.” (-Dan Cohen)

“Wow supporting rail workers is now an “ultra left” position.” (-Purushva commeting on how far to the right the warpig Clintons and Obama and sellout Sanders and Rebooted Pelosi Fraud Squad have pushed the Overton Window.)

Briahna Joy Gray on Twitter: “‼️Fraud Squad? (w/ @cmkshama & @ryangrim‼️ “I’m sorry — what the actual f*ck?” – Kshama Sawant “They have to justify why they voted to break a strike knowing they had zero to gain from it.” – B A must watch debate about the future of the left.″ / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: “This is essentially Obama melting down because young people keep calling him a war criminal” / Twitter the droner who took away due process and the fourth amendment is just Cheney rebranded for boomers

Rando Calrissian on Twitter: “@ComptonMadeMe” / Twitter

Tara Reade 🐎 on Twitter: “The Krassenteins are Dem ops & back on Twitter. They relentlessly stalked me & my family & issued death threats. My daughter was traumatized. They even purchased an old phone number to stalk me. There was also hacking. Terrifying. There are police reports. @Twitter @elonmusk” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “(NATO) Western hypocrisy in promising russia not to expand eastward via @YouTube” / Twitter

““House members who voted for the $858 billion FY23 NDAA—an $80 billion increase over the amount authorized by the FY22 version—received 6.9 times more money from military contractors than those who voted against it.” (-Matt Hoh For Senate on whores for war)

“There are two major grifts going on in US politics:

The fauxgressive “Left” of the Squad, TYT, Sam Seder & Breadtube. And the corporate populism of Musk, Ben Shapiro, Crowder & Charlie Kirk. Neither side questions US imperialism or the true crimes committed by US intelligence.” (-Primo Radical)

“On this Human rights day let it be said that the U.S. is the number 1 violator of human rights on the planet. No nation in human history is responsible for more death & destruction than this settler nation & capitalist empire.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“I’ll gladly wait a day to get my “pop-tarts” if it means workers get paid sick leave. Also, commerce flows because of workers, not the CEOs or corrupt government officials who exploit them. This is propaganda. President Biden & Vice President Harris just sided with the railroad companies over rail workers who are fighting for paid sick leave. They are working to deliver results for Big Business, not working families.” (-Ryan Knight)

“So-called American “leftists” who have swallowed anti-Russia and anti-China propaganda are far more frustrating than the right.

At least the right is honest and direct. American “leftists” cover up their warmongering in “freedom” and even “socialism.” “The communists who run Twitter.”

“The communists who run the FBI.”

This is your brain melting from anti-communism.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“But there is no money for children in poverty so take away the child tax credit and certainly no money for sick and parental leave. Why? The public’s money is being plundered to support a ruling class adventure in Eastern Europe where everyone is making money!” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“The US embassy is pushing the narrative that Peru’s President Castillo launched a coup. In reality he’s victim of a coup by the right-wing-controlled congress

Police arrested him. Congress swore in a new president Dina Boluarte, who was expelled from the leftist Perú Libre party” (-Ben Norton)”

In other words, if twitter does not comply with assisting the state in monitoring the public they will have a problem with Congress. Folks, what you are witnessing is the disarray among ruling class forces with neoliberal fraction opting for more repression & control.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“The only way to make this article honest and not sleazy would be if it were titled “Australian military industrial complex-funded think tank says Australians should pour way more money into the military industrial complex.”” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“Yes, we should all love capitalism for creating billions of poor people just to enrich a tiny few elites. Bush lied, more than a million Iraqis died.

Obama lied, more than 500,000 Syrians and Libyans died. Biden lied, more than 100,000+ Ukrainians died.

U.S. Presidents are the world’s most dangerous gangsters.

Meanwhile, the US is inching closer to World War III with Russia and China, monopolists like Musk have caused permanent recession, and hunger and poverty are skyrocketing.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“People defend their rulers for the same reason cultists defend their cult leader: because they’ve been indoctrinated. And using many of the same psychological manipulation techniques.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)


Last year for Christmas I got that fantastic book about the New Romantic movement and it made ya smile alot, ya know if you grew up on “Smash Hits” and “ID” and “Interview” magazine like me-all the stories of weirdos nightclubbers like Marilyn and Boy George and Steve Strange and Nick Rhodes and John Taylor forming bands or obtaining early synthesizers and primitive drum machines and imitating Kraftwork and Bowie and Reggae and Bambatta however poorly gave us everything from Soft Cell to Howard Jones, Depeche Mode and Ministry. I still love all that stuff. One of the girls in the band quipped that Phil Oakey probably wanted some foxy black chicks like Bryan Ferry had but got two white chcicks who couldn’t sing, instead. So I gotta rememeber to cancel this Roku 7 day free trial probably expensive concert channel before they start charging me an arm and a leg but wow, man, in spite of my Loud Teenager yelling over most of it and complaining about how bad they suck, and he is not entirely wrong, I really loved and enjoyed watching the HUMAN LEAGUE concert video and hope to finish seeing the rest of it tonight. I love Human League, Phil Oakey is one of the reasons I first pierced an ear and dyed my hair and started dressing like I did back in 82 or 83 resulting in so much authoritarian persecution and conformity cow violence. I’ll always love The League. Anti-Nowhere League, too.

The Human League – Love Action (I Believe In Love) from ‘Multi Coloured Swap Shop’ – YouTube

The Human League – Mirror Man – YouTube This one will stay in my head for weeks now!

The Human League – The Things That Dreams Are Made Of TV Electronic Beats – YouTube

The Human League “Together in Electric Dreams” – Stockholm, Debaser Medis 11th November, 2016 – YouTube

The Human League – (Keep Feeling) Fascination – YouTube

The Human League Being Boiled 1978 – YouTube



Chris Hayes uses ILLOGICAL LOGIC to Defend the SCAB Left – YouTube

Progressive Democrats’ Failures featuring Jimmy Dore – YouTube

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German Peace Activist Under Criminal Investigation for Speaking Against War – World BEYOND War

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “NATO Chief says a full-blown Russia-NATO war is a “real possibility” that may go “horribly wrong,” as he charges ahead. How can a warmonger we never elected drag us into a war we never authorized, that can kill us all with no questions asked?” / Twitter

Socialist Alternative | 2nd Annual General Strike Summit | Activist Edition – YouTube

You CAN’T Support Labor IF you Support Democrats (or Republicans) – YouTube

Kyrsten Sinema Declares Herself an “independent” to push the Democrats Further Right – YouTubeMax Blumenthal on Twitter: “Each dot represents $100,000 in US taxpayer dollars, according to the creator of this highly illustrative graphic” / Twitter

The Future Of AI Is Finally Here – And A Lot Of People Are Going To Be Out Of A Job (

The Mafia, CIA & Jeffrey Epstein Worked TOGETHER To Traffic Minors – YouTube

The Justice Democrats are like an episode of The Benny Hill Show – YouTube

danny haiphong – Twitter Search / Twitter

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “This story can only exist in a failing society. That it’s being presented as a feel-good article is all the more dystopic.” / Twitter

Julian Assange Activists | 2nd Annual General Strike Summit | Activist Edition – YouTube

Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH™ on Twitter: “Alright everyone, I am back on Twitter! Let’s see my verification and completely uncensored, no unfollow programs, no bots assigned to me, and absolutely no shadow-banning. Let the world hear the medical truth (98% want it) on the pandemic and more! @elonmusk” / Twitter

Whitney Webb on How Government Steals From Us, Bombshell Epstein Book, #Bitcoin & Decentralization – YouTube

Kim Iversen: WEF Is Marching Us Toward a Life of Passive Obedience • Children’s Health Defense (

‘Strung Out Johnny’ Iggy Pop – Madeline Bocaro (

Out of time but not running on empty | Reviews (

Top Tens for 2022: Spencer P Jones biographer Patrick Emery | Columns (

GUY GRIFFIN The Quireboys – Blackwater – Orchestral Quireboys Live – YouTube WHERE’S SPIKE?

MONDAY MORNINGWokeup terrified about going to the dentist again, worried about my very estranged and missing adult children, what kinda world we are lettin’ ’em inherit while we sleepwalk drowsily through this bullshit big pharma mooodpill I-phone metaverse psy ops propaganda spell. Try to talk to some friend you’ve known since third grade about 5Gen warfare, how d’ya think they’ll respond? All the middle aged, middle class moms seem mostly content to help preserve the far rightwing corporate billionaire secretive ruling class staus quo, s’long as they are presented with some diverse and fauxwoke politeness, shitlib celebrities like Kopmala and AOC (they/the man) they can worship, and nobody threatens to take away their winebox/pain pills, hot tub, passive income, or Amazon priviliges. Dudes I knew will stab you in the back just to stand in some squre foot beneath a lightbulb in the corner of some gentrified hive mind brunch bar, or to smack talk ya to that girl you used to know. So windy out here in Marlboro Country, that all the town’s Santas blew down, ya know-they all look passed out drunk…or weeping for humanity. I’m in a hostage situation, nowhere to run, nowhere to go. Can’t relate to nobody, got nothing in common with the money having empire havers. Somebody told me you can’t get on an Amtrak or Grayhound without a valid ID since Bush launched his fakeass police state “war (of) terror”, but DMV stayed closed during Fauchi shutdowns when a lotta people’s ID’s expired-now you need an appointment. And two forms of ID to get your ID even if you still got the expired ID. Shitlibs think all this stuff is just clerical errors, human oversight, bureaucratic red tape, oopsy daisy “well you shoulda blah blah blah”, but us poor people down on the street know the motherfuckers who own the government are trying to kill off all us inconvenient poor people. Kissinger calls us useless eaters-his protege Schwab has big plans to chip you and steal all your stuff. First they put their operatives in government and they incrementally strip you of human rights, while their gatekeeper bridge troll media whores bullshit you into thinking it’s all for a higher cause, the greater good-woke science and proper pro noun diversity. It’s a sham. You been pink and greenwashed-no billioniares care about your children’s wellbeing. When your Sunday church Target says Expect More Pay less, they talkin’ ’bout their policy towards their slaves. I don’t believe in billionaires or political parties, or today’s new slogan on pig-media, or that my identity can be assigned, defined or dictated or replicated by others. Certainly not by insanely giddy depopulator Gates or his Bond villain creepy crony Klaus in his occultic sci-fi dress. I was watching “Blade Runner” on VHS in the garage, hadn’t seen it since the 80’s-good flick-one of the Replicants is telling his hunter what it’s like to be a slave and live in fear all your life. That’s also a theme of my own song lyrics, so I guess others have been contemplating these grim facts of life before me. It really is a class war being aggressively waged on multiple fronts against us slaves by theses mighty psychopaths and we’re all so conditioned, we applaud them while they kill us, and curse our fellow slaves. Think about how England was forced to mourn for weeks when their monarch died. You better order that big pizza box football feast before halftime or it might be late, nudge, nudge. I live in the Southwest nowherelands and have to hear about the fucking UK royals and what Elon Musk had for breakfast EVERYDAY. Try and go a half an hour without hearing somebody Blaming Trump for everything, even though he’s just one more asshole ruling class bigoted blowhard, there’s millions more just like him. My high school sports coaches, most of the old men at my grandfather’s golf course. Every judge. Every member of the military. Your former father in law the nightclub owner. C’mon, think about it, you think he’s some unusual anomoly? Take a look at your dad. Ain’t he bitchin’ about the immigrants and protestors and Colin Kirkpatrick and how nobody wants to work, like, right now? Scotch n steak and casual racism? Law & Order, backs the blue? I’m so depressed I wanna go to sleep, but the mail lady’s gonna be here soon and she don’t like gettin’ out of her car so she honks the horn so I’ll come fetch the mail at the end of the driveway-she drive real fast, they all seem like maniacs to me now. I’m supposed to be getting a book for my birthday. I asked my mom for the Repalcements book, but then I realized, I should’ve asked for the RAZZLE book instead. Lucky to get anything, hope the heat holds up tonight. At my age you’re lucky to ecven have a roof. If you’re poor, you’re lucky to have even some of your teeth. Supposed to get down into the twenties tonight. The wind has knocked the whole town sideways. Lotta people are frightened as fuck about the stuff that Mark Crispin Miller and Tessa Fights Robots have to say about science, truth, facts, and profit motive propaganda, but I believe their main message remains, “Stay Human”, which is becoming ever more challlenging, in this Bladerunner-like Fifth Gen Warfare Metaverse Hive Mind Total Spectrum Domination Panopticon Monopoly Twitterverse Fake World.

Cold morning, many worries, miss my longlost, long gone, sadly absent, adult kids, might be taking more landscaping work, helping care for an ailing cowboy, the lady I was working for kinda gently replaced me with an infinitely more qualified and knowledgeable handyman, who actually knows how to fix things with tools, and aint as afraid of climbing high ladders, she was fortunate to find him, he works cheap and most fix-it guys around here are halfassed fly by night leave it all undone/might steal shysters. I don’t mind getting my hands dirty helpin’ out, but I’m not a handy dandy to-do list, roof and heating repairman, home improvement kinda guy, which was of course, my ex wife’s main complaint-she said she wanted a help-mate, somebody to retile the floor on her flip properties. I’m better with like a microphone stand and some scarves than I am with you know a hammer, rake, plunger or drill. I keep thinkin’ bout the Guy Griffin/Spike split and what a shame it is. I tend to sympathize with Spike. Ya know it’s happened to me before-even the guys who I helped build their whole thing from the ground up have looked at me and decided, i don’t need that guy, I’ll just sing his songs and wear his old hat. Use his bandname, nobody’ll know the difference. Of course everybody knows the difference. It’s kinda trippy bein’ me cause to my face all the hipsters and artsy fartsies will talk about how it’s groovier to be free, than have money, can barely hold  the pose for five seconds before they are full on back to rambling on about how they’re gonna be rich and famous, rich and famous, rich and famous, overnight rich and famous. Their mother in laws’s letting ’em run the Airbandb and they got their lotus flower paintings for sale in the lobby, or their wife bought ’em a website and a podcast and some vanity merchandise so now they decided they can eat your face and be you, they got the Tuesday night records DJ spot at the fake divebar in the gentrification zipcode where douchelords can punch homeless sick people and get away with it. The fake rocker kids in the expensive hats will all slap ’em on the back and affirm their alpha male ownership society “Thank You, Sir” status so they can keep theirTuesday night records DJ spot and free drink tickets to give to girls.

Cinderella – Gypsy Road – YouTube

Why Do Many Anarchists Seem to Support the Establishment? – YouTube

Ghost Stories of Capitalism: Racism is REAL, and It’s a Class Struggle | Black Agenda Report

Primo Radical on Twitter: “Vox Populi, Vox Dei” / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “Notice that he did not answer the question.” / Twitter

If the US Told Rwanda and Uganda to Get Out of Congo, the War Would End | Black Agenda Report

The right will claim to boycott Disney and call them groomers (without actually boycotting them) but still support all 1000 member corporations of the WEF.” (-Politics Noticer)

“Different sheep, same Shepard.” (-Thunder)

To be fair, the same thing happens on the right.

You can see it happening now with how Elon is trying to make the Twitter Files about Republicans vs Democrats rather than about the fact that the FBI & DHS engaged in a criminal conspiracy to interfere in the election.” (-Primo Radical)

ESSAY: Negroes Speak of War, Langston Hughes, 1933 | Black Agenda Report

Cryptome on Twitter: “Daniel Ellsberg @DanielEllsberg and John Young @Cryptome_org and will appear on @democracynow tomorrow morning, around 8AM, to discuss #Assange direct support. Check schedule at:” / Twitter

WikiLeaks on Twitter: “Live: European Parliament Press Seminar on the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought Speakers include wife of Julian Assange – who was nominated as one of this years three finalists @Stella_Assange #FreeAssangeNOW @Europarl_en Watch Here:” / Twitter

Dr. CBS on Twitter: “1/3: This Wednesday 12/14 at 8pm, tap into this very important conversation about anti-imperialism! As our communities are increasingly under siege by police occupation, militarism, and endless war, it is important to organize for self-defense and self-determination. +” / Twitter

Another Study Reveals that Kids’ Screen Use Can Stunt Emotional Development and “lead to more severe challenging behavior” – Activist Post

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Primo Radical on Twitter: “They arrested him so he wouldn’t be able to testify before Congress today. Could this country be any more openly corrupt?” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “”Is Sean Penn a Hollywood honey trap for the five eyes intelligence alliance..? Or is Penn nothing more than a member of the rising celebrity cult-humanitarian complex spearheaded by entertainment stars, billionaires and activist NGOs?” By @VanessaBeeley” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Sean Penn calls The Unvaccinated criminals and demands they be stripped of their jobs, while pushing the lie that the jab prevents transmission Penn is a Covid profiteer whose CORE received millions from Gates, Jack Dorsey & Clinton Inc to do mass testing” / Twitter

Catherine Perez-Shakdam: The “Israeli Spy” Who “Infiltrated” MintPress (

Michael Monroe – Midsummer Nights (Official Audio) – YouTube

I Will Stay (Live) – YouTube

On International Human Rights Day: Money for Ukraine and War But Austerity for the People | Black Agenda Report

“Building authentic radical opposition is no joke. That is why you won’t see millions being thrown at the Black Alliance for Peace by the enemies of humanity. We depend on the people. Please consider dying deep to support grassroots movement building.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Well, like I always say, brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution, the clcok on the clubhouse wall sez it’s time for me to do my morning chores, I’ve procrastinated long enough, I suppose, but keep your electric eyes on the Revolutionary Blackout Network and Caitlin Johnstone and Whitney Webb’s pages if you wanna know summa what’s goin’ on behind the NWO propaganda bullshit. I love ya, Stay Wild, Stay Free! xo SF JD


⚠️ Massive country-wide blackout in #Cuba after the passing of #HurricaneIan.   Strong winds took down Cuba’s National Electric System, leaving the entire country in the dark. Cuba’s vast darkness is visible from space.” (-Alejandro Galiano)

“Love is now the law.” Communist Cuba approves same sex marriage law in historic referendum & allows surrogate pregnancies, broader rights for grandparents in regard to grandchildren, protection of the elderly & measures against gender violence. Revolutionary greetings CUBA.” (-Miyukh Biswas)

 “Sikorski was Polish Defense Minister when his govt took a $15 million payoff from the CIA to host a black site where suspects were brutally tortured. “We do not apologize” for hosting the black site, he said Roger Waters is a musician being cancelled for calling for negotiations.” (-Max Blumenthal)

“In 2020, ex CIA Director and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo threatened that the US would “do everything” to stop the Nord Stream 2 pipeline between Russia and Germany. “Everything” sure does include a lot. I’m pretty sure sabotage falls under “everything” (-Ben Norton)

“The Nordstream 2 pipeline allows Russia to send gas to Western Europe without paying transit fees to Ukraine and Poland. Russia just completed it in the teeth of massive opposition from Ukraine, Poland and USA. Now they are trying to convince you it was Russia who blew it up”. (-Craig Murray)

“The Wolfowitz Doctrine, set up after the fall of the USSR, made it US policy to ensure no other superpower develops which can rival US supremacy. It’s important to understand that this wouldn’t just apply to nations like Russia and China, but to the EU as well.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“Inflation is hitting working people hard. I’m the only US Senate candidate in NC supporting true living wages, as well as public systems to provide healthcare, housing, education, childcare, energy, and broadband.” (-Matt Hoh For Senate)

“Nobody falls harder for smooth-talking corporate politicians (like Barack Obama and Pete Buttigieg) than liberals.” (-Ryan Knight)

“The moment we stop hating each other is the moment we all turn our attention & our anger toward our true oppressors.” (-Lee Camp)

“Senator Bernie Sanders’ insurgent presidential campaign in 2016, sabotaged from victory for the nomination by Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Party apparatchiks, could be seen as a mass voter action. However, Sanders has yet to take this huge support and mailing list and convert it into a mass movement. And so, the painful years keep passing.

Other majoritarian reforms and redirections have similarly failed to coalesce into mass movements, as occurred for Civil Rights and environmental protection in the Sixties and early Seventies. Reforms such as living wage, to allowing workers to more easily form unions’ bargaining with big business, ending the student loan gouging and rackets, eliminating the huge tax escapes for the wealthy and corporations, investing in rebuilding communities’ public works all over the country, cracking down on the corporate crooks draining consumers’ pocketbooks, harming their safety and ending the corrosive impact of corporate campaign contributions. All these measures have broad public support.

What are some reasons for a sedentary citizenship in a country? Remember our Constitution starts and ends with “We the People,” not “We the Corporations.” You, the readers, know all the ways powerful forces keep people down, feeling powerless and distracted with 24/7 so-called entertainment, plus everything in between. Many aggrieved people have a hard time just getting through the day.

Imagine if, despite the obstacles to action, just one percent of the citizenry got knowledgeable and mobilized for Congressional reforms that have a quieter, large majority of the people behind them. One percent of adults is about 2.5 million Americans spread throughout 435 Congressional Districts. In the Sixties, it took a lot less than that level of organized and committed people.

Someday, some leaders will emerge in the above-noted fields and other crucial areas of injustice and practice this one percent theory.

I wrote a small book, Breaking Through Power: It’s Easier Than We Think, to explain how optimistic critical masses throughout American history worked together to improve our society.  I described the kinds of changes that one percent of the people could advance to revolutionize politics for the common good and “the pursuit of happiness.” For that to happen, a sufficient number of people have to civically believe in themselves and lock arms together on actions for a change. (See,” (-Ralph Nader)

“BREAKING Guam District Court judge throws out @Earthjustice & @PrutehiLitekyan

 lawsuit against Air Force’s open burn pits & detonations causing environmental destruction of sacred lands. Once again the US military is deemed to be above the law.” (-Abby Martin)

Who is Raising Our Children? Liberating Tweens From Corporate Tentacles – Ralph Nader

What Would We Do Without Police, Prisons, Surveillance, Borders, Wars, Nukes, and Capitalism? Watch and See! – World BEYOND War

Failing to Count the Arabs: the Myth of the “Democratic” Jewish State (

The Insanity That Grips Washington – Consortium News

14 Things We Know About The Mysterious “Explosions” That Severely Damaged The Nord Stream 1 And Nord Stream 2 Pipelines – Activist Post

“The loss of Barbara Ehrenreich to the many causes of justice in our country is evident in her many realistic writings. Her most famous book, Nickel and Dimed, represented reporting at its best—experiencing the lives of poor people, speaking with them, and then conveying their grim reality to millions of Americans who might take their critical services for granted. Her empirical writings about reality in America comprise an antidote to the escapism inside virtual reality. Her message for decades was: Face up to the realities and you can produce the face of justice.” (-Ralph Nader)

World BEYOND War (@WorldBeyondWar) / Twitter

The One Thing The Israeli Military Is Terrified Of (

A New Doc Says Sinéad O’Connor Matters More Than You Think. It’s Right – Rolling Stone



Aww, man, my nice neighbors down the block who love our loud kid and share their garden vegetables have had Covid for three days and need us to fetch cat food for them. Cuba has no electricty but I did not even know that because cable tv only covers Cuba when they wanna shit on them some more-even Sanders disgracefully slags Cuba and Venezuela all the time. I love the Cuban people and they are in my prayers. We got lotsa relatives in Florida which is also getting it’s ass kicked by the hurricanes. If we measure ourselves by what our loved ones think of us, what happens when they embrace the unrealistic media programmed false standards of the corporate fascist death machine? 

Been watching all the punk rock shit on Amazon Prime, I never used to watch tv and actually got angry when my former peers started talking about sit coms and so called “adult cartoons”, I was like, appalled. Back then I was kinda starring in my own show. My bartender brother Andy would try to turn on the Simpsons at the bar and I would raise hell, like fuck no, motherfucker. I could never stand the tv people. and here, now, I am finally succumbing-becoming one of ’em, but it’s like this. Aint nowhere to go no more. Deep state locked outta social media for anti war posting. I’m broke, there are only two bars in this town and I don’t frequent pubs anymore cause I can’t stand the drama, the price gouging, the yuppies, the really gross and obnoxious horny old men. Usually, I go on these long walks to burn off all this restless energy, and take breaks from my teenager’s non stop media blare, but man, between the nutty sadist lady in the convertible who uses her leashless pitbull to fuck with people outta some weird spiteful malice all day, everyday, and the nutjob property owners and nothing to lose crackpots, just looking for some kinda Hatfields & McCoys style feud over anything, I’m kinda inclined to stay put, even though I’m anxious, fretful, worried about money, loved one’s health, employment, the future, bureaucracy, hyper inflation, superiority complex bosses-landlords-former friends, the cold, cold hearts of ex loved ones, the total lockstep goosestepping conformity of professional class media, etc., etc. My family is preparing to move into a new place next month and after a lifetime of fucking crazy instability, insane poverty, and unreliable former associates, I don’t really like change no more. If you suffer from depression, the same lonesome hours of remembering all the bad memories and old traumas that drive you outside, will find you sitting yourself straight back in that uncomfortable chair again, when you meet the angry, impossibly propagandized and misinformed people, just eagerly spoiling for any kind of fight or conflict, out there. Everybody’s pissed off. All these retirement aged busybodies just look for somebody to have confrontation with-they’re pissed off they can’t get laid, they don’t like thee outtatown city slickers showing up and successfully lobbying city hall to hassle locals. They don’t like the fauxwoke gentrification people moving in and opening the new age aibandb’s or overpriced coffee shops or gourmet pizza places, attempting to change the desert southwest cowboy culture to conform to some Brooklyn Hipster Aesthetic. They don’t like kids, they don’t like cats. They don’t like anything. They are unwell old hermit loner loose cannons. Shit will shock you like a sucker punch when you encounter all these dead inside abuser motherfuckers with zero moral sensitivity or compassion who just gotta take the cheap shot, come for you AGAIN, they’ll send you fleeing right back to your lonely room when you remember how brutal the culture’s become out there. Ya know how maybe sometimes, you wanna use alcohol to self medicate and relax with, and maybe some consoling old rocknroll tunes that remind you of all your more innocent or victorious hours, just for some simple respite and escapism, a fleeting relief from the pain and futility of your sad existence, but it only lowers your inhibitions enough to make you drunk dial, foolishly still looking for some kinda long distance connection with some long gone ex friend, and upon talking to ’em you are horrified to remember you aint got nothing in common with ’em no more, that they’ve bought into the script, society, tv, the whole bamboozle. You find ’em quoting the adult cartoons or propaganda trope of the day? Heartbreaking shit aint it? Hard to get over all those callous rejections, casual rip-offs, and wounding betrayals, I know. You know man I can not stand how the evil mockingbird monopoly fake muzak industry makes all these old dinosaur stadium acts collaborate with their nobody little beta programmed puppets like Taylor Momsen and Miley Cyrus-that’s how they try to legitimize all those crappy One Direction-NSynch-Pink-182 robots at those stupid tribute concerts and fake awards shows. I don’t care for any of that fake music or Foo Fighter class clown joke show mediocrity. 


So there is this really influential bureaucrat lady who lives behind us, she is one of those kinda animal lovers who have all five of her dogs names posted on wooden signs in her front yard. Somedays, she goes to work and leaves all five dogs in the backyard barking all day. This pisses off a lunatic neighbor of mine who hates animals. He yells at them, tries to scare ’em into silence with bottle rockets, cussing at them, shit like that. I think he caught one of our outdoor cats in a coon trap and relocated it, he did it before but, wherever he dropped the other cat off, she found her way home after my family mourned her absence, many months later. My kid posted missing cat photos all over the local social media pages. We are getting ready to move and I can’t wait. I see why everybody has the high fence compounds in the desert-it’s because there are way way way too many fuckedup psychos in the desert southwest. Mentally ill people. Seems like everytime I go for a simple walk around here there’s some kindof ridiculous conflict with unwell humans. Looking forward to fixing the fence at the new place and hunkering down and staying away from angry humanity. They are all so irrationally pissedoff and stressed out and looking for any excuse to make some kinda scene. I’m watching that Germs movie, “What We Do Is Secret”, it’s really good so far. I can’t wait to relocate deeper away from the gentrifier scumbags and McMansion building hot tub fuckers, retreat into some deep woodsy enclave. So sick of these awful money hipsters who wanna push us around everywhere we travel. Some rich artist dude has his Ludwig drums in a storefront for sale for $700. That’s way too much for me, but I want to buy some cheap drums so I can make some primitive music by myself, or maybe with my kid. I’d love to see him get into making music. Not the industry side or popularity hipster bullshit, but the creative get down part. For all the heartache and frustration, I’ve endured over all the brokeup bands and plagiarists and ripoff artists who steal my shit, it’s still provided me with a therapeutic outlet all these years, a creative and productive way to blow off steam. If you aint a yup yup joiner, growing up in the midwest, getting on the schoolbus, trudging into the locker room, having to walk into college bars full of grunge jocks who slept with your old girlfriend, it’s all like being a standup comedian bombing onstage, but like, 24/7. You just feel like you’re  falling. Forever. You have to leave. The midwest is permanent middle school. Nobody deserves that kinda Divided Slaves Of Gitmo fuckedup fast food job hairnet torment.


I used to think cat people were crazy. Man, now I live in the desert where every asshole property owner has the by-law, obligatory twin pitbulls. I’ve been attacked twice so I no longer think it’s cute and cuddly. Me n the kid are walking to the river this morning when a big dumb barking dog comes hollering at us. We bark back at him, “Woof, woof” and his psychopathic property owner fatfuck dickhead comes running out from behind the house, screaming at us, “don’t tease the dog!” To which I respond, “If he’s gonna say Good Morning to us, we’re gonna say hello back!” The nutcase who thinks he owns the street screams some bullshit threats back at us and I’m realizing this is about to go to guns or fisticuffs and my kid is with me, so I tried to let it go, deescalate, let the crazy fanatic feel l like he’s having the machoman propertarian last word, but he just keeps frothing at the mouth. Rabid, screaming some whackjob hostile hysterical nonsense at us. So I said something like, “Your dog is friendlier to his neighbors than you are!”, which sent him into a fuckedup tizzy. I kinda hate these fucking stupid ass property owners and their goddamn delusions of their weaponized pets being more entitled and privileged than us poor motherfuckers just walking down the street. Why do goddamn no brains Tarzans kid themselves that having a pitbull or a truck give them special rights over the whole street? Go fuck yourself, dog breath! He’s allowed to bark at us, but we’re not allowed to bark back at him? Pet owners are fucking insane man with their animal worship. Seriously out to fucking lunch.


Man Chaz has always been a pretty good singer/songwriter but it must be emphasized how good a guitar player he’s become, too. I’m happy for him. He has succeeded where I have failed. He’s become a really great songwriter/performer. Does music on his own terms, makes records, has a worldwide cult following and keeps getting better at all of it. Cheers!

Cheap Cassettes – Ever Since Ever Since – Power Pop News

“It shouldn’t be controversial to call for the abolition of the CIA. The CIA has destroyed dozens of countries and waged hundreds of covert operations to satisfy U.S. interests at the expense of everyone else. It needs to be scrapped, along with the rest of the war machine.” (-Danny Haiphong)


If the person you had your longest term, sincere relationship with, suddenly, no longer has any credibility because they did not marry into wealth or get a ceramics degree or stay at the lightbulb changing janitor job working for his friend’s dad’s company back in Squaresville, USA, you might wanna look deeper into that. Just cause somebody did not get a hall pass from the ruling class, or suck up to the man, don’t make him crazy or stupid. ESPECIALLY if you still shell out untold thousands to go to so called punkque festivals and wear a blaque jacket and self identify as old school.

I never went to college or even finished high school. They gave me so much shit growing up, I had no fucking desire after that last time when I was about 17 and the weasel vice principal caught me hanging out with the downtown school dumbfuck headbangers who were smoking in the boy’s room and he singled me out to make an example of, as usual, after Ray Hughes handed me his lit Marloboro Lite before marrying a new wave chick that looked like Stacey Q who both me and my dead friend Jaysin had dated. Vice principal blackmailed me into letting the cosmetology teacher cut off my long hair-she cried, all the girls in vocational cried, he said he was gonna get the shithead corrupt juvie judge to send me to Toledo for more corrections if I didn’t consent to it and I’d already done three months in their abusive juvie jail. I looked so awful with that fuxcked up haircut, I never went back to school and make no apologies for it. Other ex friends of mine made it their whole identity forever-the college experience transformed them. I never thought I should like have to pay some asshole, or institution, I know how to read. I mean my wife n kid have watched “Dawson’s Creek” and I know some teachers who like R.E.M., and have brushed with millions of idiotic Beastie Boy frathouse types who I could never stand, and had to hear alot of Gender worship from various big city shitlibs, but that’s about as close to the college experience I ever got, you know aside from working at Tower Records Harvard Square and watching my loss prevention friends bust those Richie Rich Harvard motherfuckers for stealing cds everyday. I don’t think I could be friends with cops at this point but back then, I really kinda just got along with the Cambridge constables who busted Harvard motherfuckers with backpacks full of bad music everyday. Yo Yo Ma, Pearl Jam, Tuvan throat singers, Bare Naked Ladies, Presidents Of The United States, and Crash Test Dummies. I did however have some stages in my life where I had a party all the time communal dorm like existence, like when I had my series of bandhouses in Ohio and Boston. The first was the most fun because it was with my original friends from the teenage years ya know, and my first big major girlfriends. I mean I was single back then and dated five or six girls at once, but it was no secret or anything. They were all kinda there hangin’ out. Sometimes, together. I was into punk rock and glam and we were just learning how to write songs. We played alot of covers, people were still learning. We did a Dogs D’Amour like rendition of Janis Joplin’s “Piece Of My Heart”, Quireboys “Seven O’Clock”, Dogs D’Amour “Wait Until I’m Dead”, Alice Cooper’s “Be My Lover”, “Under My Wheels” and everybody’s favorite, “Is It My Body”. A bunch of Stiv Bators songs. Some Gun Club, Cramps, Misfits, Circus Of Power. My own songs kinda sucked back then, they all sounded like fake Dogs D’Amour. I was itchin’ to ecsape that town L.A.M.F. cause I’d been through the wringer with Catholic school wrestling team assholes, deep suburban preppie football motherfuckers, jealous shitkicker redneck hate mobs, and real asshole zero tolerance juvenile authorities who looked the other way when the rich kids did fucked up shit but really made it a personal crusade to torture working class weirdos for being into the Replacements and Deadboys rather than sports or acquiring the most golf shirts. Man it was some hellish bullshit tribulations for years on end back there. Scarred For Life shit. Some of the guys in my band though, ended up becoming real like popular with the mainstream crowd, so they weren’t in any hurry to get outta town, HELL A COUPLE OF THEM ARE STILL BACK THERE WITH THE SPORTOS DOING JAGER SHOTS RIGHT NOW-they came from preppie suburbs and were invested in that whole hierarch, they liked that quarterback and cheerleader suburban scene. Not me, all I could do is dream about leaving. I’m the black spot on their permanent record. We read “RIP” magazine every month and really devotedly followed the bands on the coasts. Oh yeah, and Kerrang! from the UK! We sometimes too these big road trips to NYC to record- shop and buy punk t shirts from Trash & Vaudeville or see the Ramones and shit. We saw Faster Pussycat a couple times, the rest of the kids from my Little Ceasars job and my baby mama all went to see Guns N Roses but I had to work that night. One of the “new bands” me and a couple pals were all ginned up about was called KILL FOR THRILLS-they kinda  had the image we were shooting for, some pretty good, well produced songs and they were better players than we were back then. I had already been a fan of Gilby’s old band, Candy for a number of years. I found my copy of “Whatever Happened To Fun” at a shortlived record store on Second Street in Maysville Kentucky! Believe it or not. But yeah, man, that was sorta my kinda thing back then, what me and at least a couple of my former gang were still setting out to do. My long gone Catholic school friend embezzled money from his fast food management job and wanted to invest it in our band having better clothes, relocating and recording. He was the first person to really sincerely believe in my songwriting. He died when I was 25 and I kinda never got over it. I co wrote a great song about him when I was about 27 called “Thick As Thieves”. I still stand by it. It belongs on a record. It’s a true story too. 


I remember goin’ through some hard times after a divorce years and years ago and living in a shithole $90 a week hotel next to the Squirty Worm Family Fun Plaza in Nowhere, USA. I was working at a friend’s record store in a drive through beer place with a pizza joint in the other tiny room. It was a startup venture. I was allowed to smoke, I think he paid $8 an hour cash for me to sell rocknroll records to fat rich kids from two honky suburban high schools I’d been kicked out of, tell ’em stories, teach ’em about punk rock, they’d play hooky to come spend their parent’s money in the shop cause I was there, and at least a couple of ’em went on to make records, open up for my heroes’ bands, and even sought out several of my own former bandmates from different cities to be in their well funded hipster garage bands. Another guy was stalking Mike Davis from the MC5 for awhile who he knew I was friendly with. So yeah man, I was drinking about a fifth of vodka a night, listening to Material Issue and 60 Ft Dolls and the Beasts Of Bourbon, selling lots of cd’s, sulking, chainsmoking, and feeling bad about my life. The Cherry Bombz bootleg VHS came in and I got real depressed because I had no VCR-the triple ex girlfriend’s bitchy popular gay friend had talked her into keeping, or shitcanning, all my stuff except a box of 45’s which was promptly stolen by a slacker grunge ex bassist friend of mine, who got an inheritance, and paid for my ex roommate to record covers of songs I’d written, at an expensive recording studio I, myself, could never afford. That was becoming a big trend back then-other people doing versions of my tunes. My life’s sorta been a comedy in that way. Even the day I was picking up my box of 45’s from the dumbfuck grunge bar, some dickhead beardo bartender hockey wannabe Soundgarden fan was giving me some senseless scenester grief cause he had the hots for my other ex’s sister with the big boobs and I guess he figured being a dick to me was just gonna make her hot n horny for his dumbfuck jock ass. Is there anything in the world worse than a dickhead bartender? 

So yeah I remember how excited we all were when we first started seeing those little pictures of the Cherry Bombz in the heavy metal magazines. I was not hip to Anita or her band that had the Cannibals song back then, but was dazzled by a band that co starred former members of Lords Of The New Church, Hanoi Rocks AND The Clash. When we finally got our dirty hands on the Cherry Bombz wax, we gawked for hours at the pix on the LP sleeve only DREAMING of someday owning our OWN blue leather pants and velveteen clad gypsy toubadour apparel. Back in Shmohio, Loverboy had always been a big radio band you could seldom avoid. I ended up really loving “Hot Girls In Love” AND “House Of Ecstasy”. Later on, we discovered Suicide Twins and loved those songs even more but never understood why anybody woulda lip synched a Rene Berg lead vocal when they both had voices just as likable. I’m having a bad day today, under a lotta stress so I probably got no business traipsing down the bottle strewn Memory Gutter again, it only makes you feel worse. Used to think me and this one cat were like a no name smalltime dirty dive  bar version of the Suicide Twins but we broke up a long time ago. Still wrote about fifty great songs together. Right now, my kid is attempting to make “Breaking Bad” inspired rock candy and is using blue food color but not wanting any supervision or assistance from me and it’s stressing me the fuck out. ‘Afraid he’s gonna stain the counter tops or floor tiles and I’m gonna take the blame. My life’s been a comedy that way.

BREAKING: The Cuban people voted Sunday to approve some of Latin America’s most progressive laws on family, women’s and LGBTIQ+ issues.


 reports 67% (4 million people) voted for the Families Code, revised 25 times based on citizen feedback.

I’m Sorry, Biden’s *WHAT* Foreign Policy?? – Caitlin Johnstone

“Largest Armed Robbery in History”: FBI Robs 1400 Safety Deposit Boxes of $86 Million, Said Cash Smelled Like Drugs – Activist Post

unR̶A̶D̶A̶C̶K̶ted on Twitter: “BREAKING: Drone whistleblower, peace activist & war veteran #DanielHale has filed a Petition for Commutation. #ClemencyNOW” / Twitter
Continuing Ed — with Edward Snowden | Substack

“People who want to quibble over whether or not Julian Assange is a “journalist” miss the point. The issue is his case (and other Espionage Act cases where the « espionage » is talking to media) has relevance to media either way, criminalizing mere knowledge/possession of secrets.” (-Matt Taibbi)

Who Controls the News Controls the World – Activist Post


I was back in my Kentucky hometown when my grandmother was getting older helping care for her when a record store called Sam Goody was going out of business and liquidating all their stock. They had all kindsa stuff I wanted. Ramones dolls, big cool Clash books and this New Romantics A-Z magazine. Me and my old lady, we were so poor back then, it was a hard struggle to pay heat in this drafty old historic building we lived in. She was a waitress and George Clooney’s parents were among her regulars. I was a dishwasher and was very unhappy cause my kids had been relocated across the country without my permission by their mother. I was really suffering over them being gone. Has not changed. Anyhow, it’s been about twenty years since then and I still aint got a copy of that magazine from England but I have not given up. I do not quit. I am still trying to find a new band. I am still trying to record my songs. I am still trying to find my long lost childern. Still hope to get a copy of that new romantics magazine someday. Adam Ant was on the cover.


They lie to us, they spy on us, grope your granny at the airport for security theater Chertoff/Kerry profits, training you to accept totalitarianism, they take away our rights and people are duped into believing they are somehow represented by some pro war, pro kkkop, token women of color (D) who vote with the Republikkkans like 95% of the time. Tweeting Orange Man Bad don’t help anybody at the bottom.

Watch Out for Big Corporations and Dangerous Politicians Breaking Our Established Norms – Ralph Nader

Bill Gates Pushes for “trusted sources,” Has a Group That Tracks What People Say About Him Online – Activist Post

The New Corporate Dictators – Super-Rich & Super-Immune – Ralph Nader

Cuba without electricity after hurricane hammers power grid | AP News

Senator Wyden: US Military Bought Mass Monitoring Tool that Includes Email and Browsing Data – Activist Post

(-Jory Micha

M.A. Christian Doctrine & History)

“Everything is “but Trump…” while we’re being gaslit by Dems telling us how much better the economy is when we’re worse off than before and they just act like they can’t hear us and don’t do any of the shit they said they’d do to get elected in the first damn place.” (-Comrade-Tron)

“I spoke with renowned journalist John Pilger about the US’s war on Julian Assange. Pilger called Assange’s torture by US and Western authorities a historic miscarriage of justice where journalism itself has been criminalized.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Biden and the Democrats continue to gaslight the public about “how great the economy is” as we enter a recession.” (-Ryan Knight)

Roger Waters Shows in Poland Canceled After Remarks About Ukraine ( I been cancelled since ’83!

“In the span of 1 week my comedy show of 8 yrs was canceled because of sanctions, my podcast of 12 yrs was banned by Spotify & my youtube is now banned across Europe. All in the name of US imperialism. ������If you want to keep supporting my work, check out” (-Lee Camp)

“The United National Anti-war Coalition (UNAC) will be going to the streets the third week of October to oppose war in Ukraine & all of the never-ending U.S./NATO wars. Let’s see what kind of coverage we get from the U.S. “free press.” (-Ajama Baraka)


Texacala Jones (

Danny Fury | SugarBuzz Magazine

Michael Rank and Stag | SugarBuzz Magazine

Pusherman of Love | SugarBuzz Magazine

Paul K. “Hollywood” | SugarBuzz Magazine

Captain Zapped / Alex Mitchell | SugarBuzz Magazine

Shiteland Ponies | SugarBuzz Magazine

Future Generations (If There Are Future Generations) (

Get Mad About Nuclear Madness – Let’s Try Democracy (

“Why aren’t progressive Dems in Congress calling for ceasefire and negotiations in Ukraine instead of more weapons?” (-Medea Benjamin)

“None of them are really progressive or anti-war in any meaningful way, they are vetted and bribed and blackmailed controlled opposition. Warpigs in pink wigs.” (-General Labor)

Ajamu Baraka (@ajamubaraka) / Twitter

The Best Journalists Are Persecuted And Despised: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Listen to a reading of this article:

The best western journalists are overwhelmingly despised while the worst are acclaimed millionaires. Western civilization is built on lies, dependent on lies, powered by lies. Don’t seek widespread approval. It’s worthless.

Live long enough and you’ll learn that the people who’ll really hurt you and screw you over aren’t the obvious, overt monsters but the sly manipulators who smile to your face. The US empire is a sly manipulator smiling and posturing as the good guy by contrasting itself with overt monsters.

As our consciousness has expanded it’s become unacceptable to be seen as an overt tyrant by the public, but that just meant the emergence of a sneakier form of tyranny. The age of the brute gave way to the age of the manipulative bitch. This manipulative bitch of an empire has been instigating and orchestrating violence at mass scale and then using its unrivaled narrative control machine to blame the violence on other powers. And its provocations are only getting more and more aggressive and more and more dangerous.

If humanity meets its end, it will come not at the hands of the overt monsters but the sly manipulators. The trajectory toward the horrifying global conflict we appear to be fast approaching was set by the manipulative bitch of the US-centralized empire.

If there’s one thing sly manipulators hate, it’s people who continuously highlight whenever they are being manipulative. That’s what drives the ongoing push to silence, censor and marginalize critics of empire. Julian Assange is in prison because he spotlighted the manipulative bitch.

Manipulators can only manipulate when their manipulations are invisible to their subjects. A grassroots push to bring public awareness to the empire’s manipulations would hamstring the empire. The empire knows this, hence the push to neutralize empire critics in myriad ways.

Friendly reminder to the English-speaking world that Iran is none of your fucking business and any kind of intervention from your government literally always makes things worse.

Remember, it’s crazy and conspiratorial to say the CIA likely is involved or will soon become involved in domestic uprisings in a US-targeted nation. The sane position is to believe that the CIA never does anything, and its officers are all sitting in their Langley offices watching Netflix. The responsible, correct view is that the CIA’s extensively documented role in fomenting domestic uprisings around the world is strictly a thing of the past, and that the agency now receives billions and billions of dollars each year to do nothing whatsoever.

If you lived with someone who always steals things you’d suspect them anytime one of your valuables goes missing, but you’re a crazy conspiracy theorist if you think domestic uprisings in a US-targeted nation might involve the CIA. We learned the CIA was literally plotting to assassinate Julian Assange five years ago and people still act like it’s crazy and outlandish to suggest that they’re doing evil things in the world currently.

If you don’t want people speculating about CIA involvement whenever there’s unrest in a nation the US government doesn’t like, you should be calling for the dismantling of the CIA. Otherwise you’re just supporting the CIA as it works to foment those kinds of uprisings and yelling at people who don’t like it.

People don’t “serve” in the military, they work in the military. It’s a job. And if it’s a job with the US or any of its imperial member states, it is one of the most unethical jobs that anyone can possibly have.

People who defend the US empire from criticism aren’t actually defending the empire, they’re defending their worldview. They’re staving off the flood of cognitive dissonance they’d experience if they saw that everything they believe about the world is a propaganda-induced lie.

That’s why so many of them say things like “Of course our government does bad things BUT-” and then make up some nonsensical gibberish like “you think Putin is an innocent little flower” or whatever. They don’t love the empire, they’re just flailing around protecting their worldview. Their arguments consistently lack robustness because they’re not invested in defending some globe-spanning power structure (people don’t usually do that unless they’re paid to), they’re just throwing up any walls they can that will protect their worldview.

Still, though. Imagine being such an embarrassing, sycophantic bootlicker that you’re emotionally incapable of handling the fact that there are a few fringe people on the internet who spend their time criticizing the most powerful and destructive government on earth. Imagine actually seeing that as a problem. There are actual people who sincerely see the existence of empire critics anywhere online as a problem that needs to be solved. How far gone do you have to be to live like that? How much bullshit must you have poured over your mind and heart for that to seem sensible?

Most people get that you can’t win a nuclear war, but not enough people understand that you also can’t even remain fully in control in a nuclear standoff. There are too many small moving parts, too many things that can go wrong. Google “nuclear close calls” if you doubt this.

Our rulers are ushering us into a nuclear standoff of steadily increasing escalation, and they cannot, cannot, cannot control its outcome. They’re gambling everyone’s life hoping to win the prize of planetary domination, and their game is getting more dangerous by the day.(-Caitlin Johnstone)

Huracán Ian: Cuba se recupera lentamente del apagón total tras el ciclón, que dejó 2 muertos y graves daños – BBC News Mundo

Victory for Frontline Communities: Dirty Permitting Side Deal Stripped from Government Funding Bill | Sierra Club

Willie Burnley Jr �� on Twitter: “After a 10-day trip to Cuba w/ @WfPSolidCollect, the Somerville City Council has unanimously passed my & @BenForWard3’s resolution for @JoeBiden to remove Cuba from the State Sponsors of Terrorism list & for Congress to end the blockade. Amazing that the Cuban ambassador RT’d it!” / Twitter

The U.S. government has become a master of deceit.

It’s all documented, too.

This is a government that lies, cheats, steals, spies, kills, maims, enslaves, breaks the laws, overreaches its authority, and abuses its power at almost every turn; treats its citizens like faceless statistics and economic units to be bought, sold, bartered, traded, and tracked; and wages wars for profit, jails its own people for profit, and has no qualms about spreading its reign of terror abroad.

Worse, this is a government that has become almost indistinguishable from the evil it claims to be fighting, whether that evil takes the form of terrorism, torture, drug traffickingsex trafficking, murder, violence, theft, pornography, scientific experimentations or some other diabolical means of inflicting pain, suffering and servitude on humanity.

With every passing day, it becomes painfully clear that this is not a government that can be trusted with your life, your loved ones, your livelihood or your freedoms.

Just recently, for example, the Pentagon was compelled to order a sweeping review of clandestine U.S. psychological warfare operations (psy ops) conducted through social media platforms. The investigation comes in response to reports suggesting that the U.S. military has been creating bogus personas with AI-generated profile pictures and fictitious media sites on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in order to manipulate social media users.

Of the many weapons in the government’s vast arsenal, psychological warfare (or psy ops) can take many forms: mind control experiments, behavioral nudging, propaganda.

In the 1950s, MK-ULTRA, the mind control program developed under CIA director Allen Dulles as part of his brain warfare Cold War campaigns, subjected hundreds of unsuspecting American civilians and military personnel to doses of LSD, some having the hallucinogenic drug slipped into their drinks at the beach, in city bars, at restaurants.

As Brianna Nofil explains, “MK-Ultra’s ‘mind control’ experiments generally centered around behavior modification via electro-shock therapy, hypnosis, polygraphs, radiation, and a variety of drugs, toxins, and chemicals.”

The CIA spent nearly $20 million on its MKULTRA program, reportedly as a means of programming people to carry out assassinations and, to a lesser degree, inducing anxieties and erasing memories, before it was supposedly shut down. Yet as journalist Lorraine Boissoneault concludes, “Despite MK-ULTRA violating ethical norms for human experiments, the legacy of brainwashing experiments continued to live on in U.S. policy.”

Fast forward to the present day, and it’s clear that the government—aided and abetted by technological advances and scientific experimentation—has updated its psy ops warfare for a new era. For instance, the government has been empowered to use its ever-expanding arsenal of weapons and technologies to influence behaviors en masse and control the populace.

It’s a short hop, skip and a jump from a behavioral program that tries to influence how people respond to paperwork to a government program that tries to shape the public’s views about other, more consequential matters.

Add the government’s inclination to monitor online activity and police so-called “disinformation,” and you have the makings of a restructuring of reality straight out of Orwell’s 1984, where the Ministry of Truth polices speech and ensures that facts conform to whatever version of reality the government propagandists embrace.

We’ve already seen this play out on the state and federal level with hate crime legislation that cracks down on so-called “hateful” thoughts and expression, encourages self-censoring and reduces free debate on various subject matter.

The end goal of these mind-control campaigns—packaged in the guise of the greater good—is to see how far the American people will allow the government to go in re-shaping the country in the image of a totalitarian police state.

The government’s fear-mongering is yet another key element in its mind-control programming.

It’s a simple enough formula. National crises, global pandemics, reported terrorist attacks, and sporadic shootings leave us in a constant state of fear. The emotional panic that accompanies fear actually shuts down the prefrontal cortex or the rational thinking part of our brains. In other words, when we are consumed by fear, we stop thinking.

Fear not only increases the power of government, but it also divides the people into factions, persuades them to see each other as the enemy and keeps them screaming at each other so that they drown out all other sounds. In this way, they will never reach consensus about anything and will be too distracted to notice the police state closing in on them until the final crushing curtain falls.

This Machiavellian scheme has so ensnared the nation that few Americans even realize they are being brainwashed—manipulated—into adopting an “us” against “them” mindset. All the while, those in power—bought and paid for by lobbyists and corporations—move their costly agendas forward.

This unseen mechanism of society that manipulates us through fear into compliance is what American theorist Edward L. Bernays referred to as “an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.”

It was almost 100 years ago when Bernays wrote his seminal work Propaganda:

“We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of… It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

(- John & Nisha Whitehead)

“Obama, 2016, when neocon Jeffrey Goldberg demanded to know what he wouldn’t arm Ukraine: “Ukraine is a core Russian interest but not an American one.” Liberals and their neocon leaders, 2022: Why, yes, I do think Ukraine is important enough to risk nuclear war over.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

Politics is a Game of Fear: The Chris Hedges Interview – YouTube

Dan Denton on Twitter: “I wrote a book and it’s getting published and releases in November. Its my second book, and you could preorder a signed copy at the link #book #published #prose #poetry #writer” / Twitter

“There should be a “Progressive Challenger” to Joe Biden in 2024 AND IT ABSOLUTELY SHOULDN’T COME FROM THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY The Democratic Party IS NOT THE WAY TO GO!” (-Compton Jay)

Compton Jay on Twitter: “There should be a “Progressive Challenger” to Joe Biden in 2024 AND IT ABSOLUTELY SHOULDN’T COME FROM THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY The Democratic Party IS NOT THE WAY TO GO!” / Twitter

Bad Faith: Episode 164 Promo – The Progressive Misleadership Class (w/ Chris Hedges) on Apple Podcasts

“I stand with the people of Iran, Russia, and China against the predatory and murderous US regime seeking to destabilize them via sanctions, color revolutions, and war provocations. If you don’t, you cannot call yourself an anti-imperialist or even a proponent of peace.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“After Zelensky’s de facto call for the cleansing of ethnic Russians from Donetsk and Lugansk, his arrest of their political representatives, and the banning of their language, it’s really a mystery why they are voting the way they are in today’s referendum” (-Max Blumenthal)”Labour’s “antisemitism crisis” under Jeremy Corbyn was one of most intense propaganda campaigns ever fought in peacetime Britain. It was a fraud pushed by the Labour right, Israel lobby, mainstream media, among others. The truth is finally out. Watch:” (-Matt Kennard)

The War On Dissent – Bitcoin Magazine – Bitcoin News, Articles and Expert Insights

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Corporate Media Ignores Senate Hearing on Corporate Greed and Inflation – Ralph Nader

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First thing I remember was the “Mayfair” E.P. I got it at Mind Dust Music, in Elida, Ohio. What a phenomenal band. Kinda saddens me when classic groups fracture over control of the band. As far as I’m concerned SPIKE is the heart n soul of that band and he will be the cat I follow. Those guys were so beautiful in the early days. I MUCH preferred them to the Black Crowes, they were soulful, heartfelt, but also had a pop the corks, all night, fun hog FACES party side. I saw ’em in Boston and their stage set looked like a brothel or some shit. They really knew how to get down. I always tried to have that same balance in all my own shortlived crash n burn trashy punk bands, soulful ballads and good time anthems. We even threw in some insurrectionist protest songs. Bands nowadays hardly say anything about anything, ya know? Where the fuck are all the rebels, all the wild rocknroll people at?Quireboys singer Spike – official site, news, tour dates & more. Welcome to the official site of Spike – founder of The Quireboys, solo artist, songwriter and storyteller. Explore this site for latest news on his solo acoustic dates and forthcoming news on his band The Quireboys. (


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As a shut-in hermit, primary caregiver for a couple of years, it surprised some of my old goth gang when I got social media addicted, cos in the nineties I had been a total internet resistor. My way of communicating with folks was always via punk postcards we’d buy at new wave boutiques, mix-tapes, in your face basement shows, and D.I.Y. fanzines – which is how I became pen pals with ‘The Golden Arm’, Hiroshi Nakagome, aka ‘The Japanese Johnny Thunders’. If I remember correctly, he had an early band back then called The Remains that gradually changed into The Golden Arms. All his music was totally seventies influenced, and straight out of the Church Of Thunders. He really had the touch. Real rock ‘n’ roll is all about feel, and soul, and jungle instinct. Either you have it or you don’t. Hiroshi has it, in spades. He was also famous for cutting quite the dapper silhouette. Man, that courageous cat really knew how to send a vibe.

Motorcycle Boy from Hollywood were one of the most original sounding bands of their era. They might have been influenced by the New York Dolls, Iggy, the Cramps and Stray Cats, but they totally found their own sound. Their lyrics were unique, and they looked like all the greatest rock stars of every era. A little bit Elvis, a little Sputnik, a little bit Thunders, and a little bit Clash. Man were they cool. I found the band via the much missed newspaper print pages of Flipside magazine, the one true bible for the underground back in those years. In 89 they also released the immortal single, ‘Feel It’ b/w ‘One Punch’. Triple X Records (the label that first brought you bands like Jane’s Addiction and The Ultras) then released the classic, Sylvain Sylvain produced album ‘Popsicle’, and they became one of the most popular rock ‘n’ roll bands of their day. Back then the corporate media juggernaut was mostly emphasizing faux-alternative and gimmicky hipster bands, yet all my diehard underground rock ‘n’ roll friends were totally smitten with Motorcycle Boy. Everybody in my extended circle were trying to dress like them and covering their song ‘Get Around’. I always said they had the greatest haircuts in rock ‘n’ roll!

The ‘World Famous Mr Ratboy’, the innovative sonic architect behind Motorcycle Boy, took his big, hollow bodied guitars and red leather jackets to NYC, where he formed Pillbox with Canadian new wave pinup star, Chris Barry, previously with the 222’s and 39 Steps. Pillbox’s much beloved record, ‘Jimbo’s Clown Room’, was one of the only real standout rock ‘n’ roll masterpieces of its era and was recently re-released on vinyl. It was like a restless, sleazy, nocturnal collection of howling catcalls, moonlit rooftops and sultry swagger. Equal parts Birthday Party and Gun Club, all my close friends consider it one of their all-time favourite records. For years my old personal road buddy, notorious hellion, AC/DC bar brawling, degenerate hoodlum guitar player, NF Bastard, made careful study of that album’s hypnotic riffage, integrating a little of that circling cascade, sonic spiral into his own sound.

There is only one ‘World Famous Mr Ratboy’ though, who was probably the most distinctive stylist of his time, with a one in a million, signature sound as immediately recognizable as Brian James or Neal X. Pillbox were on Circumstantial Records, a cool label that was also home to the Road Vultures and the Trash Brats. Yet without the promo muscle of a major label, it was through word of mouth and homemade fanzines that made ‘Jimbo’s’ a cherished artefact, forever sought-after by punk ‘n’ roll record collectors and reckless rock ‘n’ roll hooligans all over the world. It was followed by ‘A Gift From Mr Ratboy, a solo album with some real standout hit songs like ‘Rocket To Reno’, and a class act, cover of the deadpan Lou Reed gem, ‘A Gift’.

In the early 00’s, the ever prolific Mr Ratboy assembled still another crack team of Stooges enthusiasts called Sour Jazz, releasing a steady succession of catchy and diverse albums that showed impressive range, and relentlessly reimagined rock ‘n’ roll, adding P-Funk and James Brown influences in their glittering Alphabet City gutter stomp. Mr Ratboy then relocated to Japan, where he has continued to tirelessly generate an inspired oeuvre, most recently collaborating with the mythic Golden Arm Hiroshi as The Golden Rat. In the death plague years, those rock ‘n’ roll perfectionists delved deep into their own favourite record crates to carefully curate a loving and surprising collection of heartfelt renditions of some of their most cherished tunes. From a soulfully sung ‘Dancing Barefoot’ to a snarky ‘Some Girls’, their exemplary version of Bowie’s ‘Pinups’ is certain to become a closely guarded favourite of real rock ‘n’ roll aficionados from here to Elvis Presley Boulevard. In the words of Lux Interior, they got good taste!


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Cherry Bomz (guitarist Andy McCoy, guitarist Nasty Suicide, drummer Terry Chimes, bassist Dave Tregunna and singer Anita Chellemah), rock band, pose for a group portrait, in October 1985. Cherry Bomz were formed by Andy McCoy after the break-up of his former band, Hanoi Rocks. (Photo by Fin Costello/Redferns/Getty Images)

Gutter Gospel: General Labor Ruminations On USA! USA! Blood Soaked Violence Culture, Ice All Up In Your Underwear Drawers, Depeche Mode, Electric Frankenstein, Spike Of Quireboys, Gun Crazy Police State & Michael Des Barres Movie!


Georgetown Law’s Center on Privacy and Technology uncovered this dragnet after filing over 200 Freedom of Information Act requests and reviewing ICE’s contracting records from 2008 to 2021.

In its report, released May 10, the Center found that ICE has spied on most Americans without a warrant and circumvented many state privacy laws, such as those in California. The authors conclude: “ICE now operates as a domestic surveillance agency.” (-Farrah Hassan)

“For instance, those who “violently oppose” “all forms of capitalism” or “corporate globalization” are listed under this less-discussed category of “domestic terrorist.” This highlights how people on the left, many of whom have called for capitalism to be dismantled or replaced in the US in recent years, could easily be targeted in this new “war” that many self-proclaimed leftists are currently supporting. Similarly, “environmentally-motivated extremists,” a category in which groups such as Extinction Rebellion could easily fall, are also included. 

In addition, the phrasing indicates that it could easily include as “terrorists” those who oppose the World Economic Forum’s vision for global “stakeholder capitalism,” as that form of “capitalism” involves corporations and their main “stakeholders” creating a new global economic and governance system. The WEF’s stakeholder capitalism thus involves both “capitalism” and “corporate globalization.” 

The strategy also includes those who “take steps to violently resist government authority . . . based on perceived overreach.” This, of course, creates a dangerous situation in which the government could, purposely or otherwise, implement a policy that is an obvious overreach and/or blatantly unconstitutional and then label those who resist it “domestic terrorists” and deal with them as such—well before the overreach can be challenged in court.

Another telling addition to this group of potential “terrorists” is “any other individual or group who engages in violence—or incites imminent violence—in opposition to legislative, regulatory or other actions taken by the government.” Thus, if the government implements a policy that a large swath of the population finds abhorrent, such as launching a new, unpopular war abroad, those deemed to be “inciting” resistance to the action online could be considered domestic terrorists. 

Such scenarios are not unrealistic, given the loose way in which the government and the media have defined things like “incitement” and even “violence” (e. g., “hate speech” is a form of violence) in the recent past. The situation is ripe for manipulation and abuse. To think the federal government (including the Biden administration and subsequent administrations) would not abuse such power reflects an ignorance of US political history, particularly when the main forces behind most terrorist incidents in the nation are actually US government institutions like the FBI (more FBI examples hereherehere, and here).

Furthermore, the original plans for the detention of American dissidents in the event of a national emergency, drawn up during the Reagan era as part of its “continuity of government” contingency, cited popular nonviolent opposition to US intervention in Latin America as a potential “emergency” that could trigger the activation of those plans. Many of those “continuity of government” protocols remain on the books today and can be triggered, depending on the whims of those in power. It is unlikely that this new domestic terror framework will be any different regarding nonviolent protest and demonstrations.

Yet another passage in this section of the strategy states that “domestic terrorists” can, “in some instances, connect and intersect with conspiracy theories and other forms of disinformation and misinformation.” It adds that the proliferation of such “dangerous” information “on Internet-based communications platforms such as social media, file-upload sites and end-to-end encrypted platforms, all of these elements can combine and amplify threats to public safety.” 

Thus, the presence of “conspiracy theories” and information deemed by the government to be “misinformation” online is itself framed as threatening public safety, a claim made more than once in this policy document. Given that a major “pillar” of the strategy involves eliminating online material that promotes “domestic terrorist” ideologies, it seems inevitable that such efforts will also “connect and intersect” with the censorship of “conspiracy theories” and narratives that the establishment finds inconvenient or threatening for any reason.” (-Whitney Webb, Last American Vagabond)

“The TV man is not your friend. I shouldn’t even have to say this. Do you know what happens to mainstream media figures who provide real resistance to empire agendas? They get fired. Ask Phil Donahue or Chris Hedges. The fact that Tucker Carlson is a top pundit on imperial media (Murdoch Media, no less) proves he’s an agent of the empire.” (-Cait Johnstone)

“There’s nothing remotely progressive, let alone ‘revolutionary’ in voting for $40 Billion dollars worth of funds for Ukraine, funds that end up in the hands of Neo-Nazis, especially while the economy is tanking. The left in U.S is dead.” (-Fiorella Isabel; the Convo-Couch)

“Fascism is a false revolution. It cultivates the appearance of popular politics and a revolutionary aura without offering a genuine revolutionary class content. It propagates a ‘New Order’ while serving the same old moneyed interests”. (-Michael Parenti, Blackshirts and Reds, 1997)

While the so-called liberal and conservative media – all stenographers for the intelligence agencies – pour forth the most blatant propaganda about Russia and Ukraine that is so conspicuous that it is comedic if it weren’t so dangerous, the self-depicted cognoscenti also ingest subtler messages, often from the alternative media.

A woman I know and who knows my sociological analyses of propaganda contacted me to tell me there was an excellent article about the war in Ukraine at The Intercept, an on-line publication funded by billionaire Pierre Omidyar I have long considered a leading example of much deceptive reporting wherein truth is mixed with falsehoods to convey a “liberal” narrative that fundamentally supports the ruling elites while seeming to oppose them.  This, of course, is nothing new since it’s been the modus operandi of all corporate media in their own ideological and disingenuous ways, such as The New York Times, CBS, the Washington Post, the New York Daily News, Fox News, CNN, NBC, etc. for a very long time.” (-Edward Curtain)

“The shuttering of RT America is devastating news. It was one of the only alternatives to US centric corporate domination of our airwaves & it gave unmatched platforms to consistent anti-war voices like Lee Camp, Chris Hedges & myself. Every country’s state media is biased for their government. RT is obvious but US has a much more sophisticated propaganda apparatus. 5 corporations that control almost all US news are dutiful stenographers for American exceptionalism, capitalism & imperialism. Dissent against US empire is not allowed on corporate media, and anchors & panelists becomes vociferous cheerleaders for US wars when they happen, but it would be totally unacceptable if every country shut suddenly down CNN. I was in Gitmo & had detainees lawyers tell me they all watched Breaking the Set every day & thanked me for telling their stories. In the West Bank, Palestinians told me they appreciated my coverage of their plight. That perspective matters to many & I’m so proud of my work there.” (-Abby Martin)
“We were right all along. Even the mainstream media and the two corporate-owned political parties now admit this is a proxy war.” (-Lee Camp)

“It is a contradiction Democrats are unable to reconcile so they will continue to rehabilitate or deny white supremacists in Ukraine. For some of us that has been even more dangerous because it disarms people from understanding scope & global reality of white supremacist movement. So Democrats with Republicans support send 40 billion worth of guns to Ukraine but are trying to take the moral high road on weapons & violence in the U.S.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“This is a de facto proxy war between the West and Russia. The goal is to bleed Russia dry. Russia will destroy Finland before they allow Finland to join NATO. Ukraine is gone. There’s got to be an off-ramp.” (-Scott Ritter)

“So now right-wing war criminal Kissinger is an appeaser according to the Ukrainian actor president with his years of seasoned experience. The interesting thing about his remarks is it demonstrates how far to the right he & liberal/left who support him are.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

 “George W. Bush is a war criminal.” (-Nina Turner on Bono and Ellen and Chelle’s folksy, cuddly “partner in crime”, the Country Time lemonade sippin’, back porch sittin’, blue jeans wearin’ brush on the ranch a clearin’ “painter” who helped Uncle Dick destroy the Geneva Conventions and Fourth Amendment)

“This particular crisis will ease but it will be followed by more. There is still $1.9 trillion in student loan debt incurred by people who only wanted to improve their lives. After allocating $30 billion for policing, the Biden administration is telling states and localities to use unspent covid stimulus funding for the police, who apparently can’t get enough public money. Covid hasn’t disappeared and neither have any other health care needs that could sorely use this funding. Of course, the Ukraine cash cow has to be milked to the tune of an additional $40 billion.” (-Margaret Kimberly)

“Whatever one’s views on this war, it should be deeply concerning how little debate or scrutiny is being permitted as the Biden administration aggressively escalates the U.S. role in what is clearly its most dangerous war in decades. If Congress has no role in asking where these weapons are going or who is receiving these staggering sums of money, then it has no role at all.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

“Exciting new development in the struggle to defend democracy from autocracy: according to Forbes, an Expanded NATO Will Shoot Billions To US Defense Contractors. Forbes columnist: with NATO expansion, “the real winners are American defense companies.” Whereas misguided, elected EU leaders previously “spent lavishly on social safety nets” and “expedited pacifism,” the proxy war in Ukraine has, thankfully, “changed everything.” When US leaders and pundits pledge their love for NATO, they happen to never acknowledge what this Forbes columnist does: “aligning with NATO is a commitment to interoperability with the American defense ecosystem,” which “directly benefits the big U.S. contractors.” (-Aaron Mate’)

“It’s easy to understand the affinity from Davos for the Kiev regime when you consider how the US-directed Maidan coup opened Ukraine up to unprecedented pillaging by corporate multinationals like Monsanto and DuPont, which took over Ukrainian agro in 2014 as part of an IMF loan”. (-Max Blumenthal)

“Joe Manchin, one of the most powerful elected officials in Washington, tells the WEF that he opposes any kind of peace agreement in Ukraine and only wants total victory with the ultimate goal of regime change in Russia. In the next clip, he calls this war an ‘opportunity’.

All forward motion in this war has nothing but violence as far as the eye can see on its trajectory into the future. No matter how much wealth and war machinery you pour into this conflict, that trajectory of death and destruction will just keep stretching out to the horizon. As Chris Hedges recently explained, war is the only path the empire has left open to itself. I’ve seen some cute kids in my time, but nobody’s as adorable as people who think the US pours weapons into foreign nations in order to achieve peace.”  (-Cait Johnstone)

“BREAKING: Erdogan said Turkey will launch a “military operation” to create a 30-kilometer zone which will be under control of the Turkish army. I am looking forward to the Western world condemning a NATO member for invading even more Syrian land and violating its sovereignty.” (-Richard Medhurst)

“Actually, by voting blue no matter who, no matter what, you’re creating a lack of accountability for bad politicians.” (-Briahna Joy Gray)

“If Joe Biden were Donald Trump, he would have been impeached several times over for sending $40 billion to Ukraine amid food and baby formula shortages.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) has an article out titled “‘Disinformation’ Label Serves to Marginalize Crucial Ukraine Facts” about the way the mass media have been spinning that label to mean not merely the knowing distribution of false information but also of information that is true but inconvenient to imperial narrative-weaving.

“In defense of the US narrative, corporate media have increasingly taken to branding realities inconvenient to US information goals as ‘disinformation’ spread by Russia or its proxies,” writes FAIR’s Luca Goldmansour.

Online platforms have been ramping up their censorship protocols under the banner of fighting disinformation and misinformation, and those escalations always align with narrative control agendas of the US-centralized empire. Just the other day we learned that Twitter has a new policy which expands its censorship practices to fight “misinformation” about wars and other crises, and the Ukraine war (surprise surprise) will be the first such situation about which it will be enforcing these new censorship policies.

Then there’s the recent controversy over the Department of Homeland Security’s “Disinformation Governance Board,” a mysterious institution ostensibly designed to protect the American people from wrongthink coming from Russia and elsewhere. The board’s operations (whatever they were) have been “paused” pending a review which will be led by Michael Chertoff, a virulent swamp monster and torture advocate. Its operations will likely be resumed in one form or another, probably under the leadership of someone with a low profile who doesn’t sing show tunes about disinformation.

And this all comes out after US officials straight up told the press that the Biden administration has been deliberately sowing disinformation to the public using the mainstream press in order to win an infowar against the Kremlin. They’ve literally just been circulating completely baseless stories about Russia and Ukraine, but nobody seems to be calling for the social media accounts of Biden administration officials to be banned.

Pressure Mounts on Patel Over Assange Decision

— Consortium News (@Consortiumnews) May 23, 2022

You see so many discrepancies between what the oligarchic empire says and what it actually does regarding the issue of disinformation because the empire has no problem with disinformation. The empire that is built on propaganda and lies has no problem with propaganda and lies. It has a problem with the truth.

They’re not worried about disinformation, they’re worried about information. They’re worried about journalists using the unprecedented information-sharing power of the internet to reveal inconvenient facts about the largest and most murderous power structure on earth. They’re worried about people finding out that they’ve been lied to their entire lives about their world, their nation and their government. They’re worried about people using their newly connected minds to decide together that they don’t much like the status quo as it’s been laid out for them, and deciding to build a new one.

All the safeguards they’re setting up now to manipulate the flow of information online are not there to eliminate lies, they’re there to eliminate truth. These people have a vested interest in keeping things dark and confused, and we the ordinary people of the world have a vested interest in shining a big inconvenient spotlight on everything. The elite agenda to keep things endarkened is at direct odds with the people’s agenda to get things enlightened.

We are not being protected by a compassionate alliance of corporations and governments who only want us to know the truth, we are being manipulated and oppressed by an oligarchic empire that wants us to believe lies. That’s why they’re locking up Assange, that’s why they’re censoring the internet, that’s why they’re filling our minds with propaganda, and that’s why we can’t let them win.” (-Cait Johnstone)

 “In December Socialist Alternative leader and Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant defeated a well-funded campaign by the city’s business community to remove her in a recall vote. Since being elected to office in 2013 Sawant and her socialist party have been locked in a bitter battle against the city’s moneyed elites, which has poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into a corporate PAC called “A Better Seattle” and saturated television and digital platforms with negative advertising. She and her party have been denied ads by Google, YouTube, and Hulu. Amazon alone spent over $ 3 million to defeat her run for office in 2019. Sawant is hated because she is effective. She helped lead the fight in 2014 that made Seattle the first major American city to mandate a $ 15 dollar an hour minimum wage. Following a three-year struggle against the richest man in the world – Jeff Bezos – and his political establishment, she and her allies pushed through a tax on big business that increased city revenues by an estimated $210 to 240 million a year. She was part of the movement that led to Seattle’s successful ban on school-year evictions of schoolchildren, their families and school employees She was one of sponsors of a bill that protects tenants from being evicted at the end of their “term leases,” requiring landlords to provide tenants with the right to renew their leases and prohibiting landlords from evicting tenants for non-payment of rent if the rent was due during the COVID civil emergency and the renter could not pay due to financial hardship. Her leadership and her party provide an example of effective resistance to that war being waged on the working class and the poor. Joining me to discuss her nearly decade-long battle against the billionaire class and the lessons we can take from her successful struggle is Kshama Sawant. (-Chris Hedges)

 “The world – not the 10% of the population the U.S. & Europe that pretends to be the “world”- has long recognized the U.S. with its wars of aggression, violent coups, police violence, mass incarceration, rejection of Economic rights, as #1 human rights violator on the planet.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“The lengths to which progressive media figures have gone to avoid having to directly criticize the Squad for unanimously voting for Biden’s $40b war package to Raytheon and CIA is amazing to behold. They will literally talk about anything to avoid having to address this. What makes this subject infinitely more uncomfortable for progressive media figures who say they’re against US involvement in Ukraine is the only elected officials willing to ask questions or dissent are right-wing members of the GOP. This fact is shattering to their world-view.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

“For a people who live off of Netflix, Amazon and Uber Eats, Americans sure are anxious to fight in wars they are never gonna get off their couch for. Hillary Clinton and the Democrats moved right from being caught rigging the 2016 Primary to creating Russiagate.  You might want to look somewhere else if you want to protect our make believe democracy.” (-Black In The Empire)


Three things I do not understand about middle class Vote Blue No Matter Whos: How they rationalize that mass murder is okeydoke s’long as some Dems tweet about justice, why they trust billionaire techlords to censor the internet when the real left have already almost all been purged, and why they so stubbornly cling to this policeman is your friend fucking fuckedup fantasy. Reading Mint Press, Gray Zone, Black Agenda Report, and Consortium News have become radical acts. When we were new wave and heavy metal loving weirdo teenagers, the school admin always sicced military recruiters on the working class and about ten of my former peers were browbeaten into joining the military. I had friends who were forbidden from hanging around me and my band, or from wearing rock t shirts, who were given weapons for Christmas. Beautiful girl I once loved-her dad was a detective, her kid brother picked up dad’s gun and killed his friend. The black side of town where I grew up was always kept flooded with crack and guns and many beloved friends of mine were murdered. One by bullet, two by knives. Just ugly, painful, traumatizing stuff that scarred everybody I knew. One of my friends killed himself after serving in the Bush war. “Somebody’s dead forever”.

Remember back in the Reagan 80’s, the mass-media was already selling a ludicrous, unattainable fantasy of shoulder padded glitz n glamour to all the drunken country club moms with shows like, “Dynasty”, “Dallas”, and “Lifestyles of The Rich & Famous”? Tom Cruise movies promoted getting rich, becoming a yuppie, flying around in air force jets, and fake news talking heads kept everybody busy debating wedge issues, abortion and gun control, while ignoring all the connections between John Hinckley and his cousins, the Bush family, or their Ollie North secret wars backroom double dealings with gun trading and hostages in Iraq and shit? They’re doing it all again, it’s how they keep us believing the “opposing” political parties are the problem, rather than the greedy oligarchical, Wall Street billionaires Davos set, who own the crooked bipartisan politicians and want wars. These oligarchs are to blame for keeping the country broke, sick, immobilized, only paid slave wages, and in a non stop fear state so we think they are doing us a favor by surrounding us with barbed wire and nationalist stormtroopers with military grade weapons and forbidding free speech in public spaces and censoring dissent online, like that’s gonna stop some future Kyle Rittenhouse militia groomed “gun show” kid from taking his cop dad’s gun somewhere, and imitating all the video games and war glorifying, flag waving, violence sensationalizing Democrats and Republicans bipartisan batshit stupid, violence is brave and noble narratives. I grew up jamming to all those new waveish gun control songs-Concrete Blonde’s “God Is A Bullet”, Billy Idol’s “Don’t Need A Gun”, Prince “Annie Christian”. You know what changed since then? More guns on the streets, more tanks in the hands of racist cops. The super rich just consolidated more power and unprecedented control of the media. The billionaires stole all our money, jackedup rents, refused to raise wages, broke up families, mass incarcerated targeted populations, normalized kidnapping and torture and separated families in border gulags, made it legal to spy on everybody without warrants, they consolidated the media into just 5 companies who program us with their parent company’s agendas. Dick Cheney started contracting shady mercenary groups like Blackwater/Academi/Xe to overthrow other countries whose governments are not compliant enough-they just send in the proxies, bribe some locals, commit warcrimes and blame the governments they wish to topple. Same playbook everytime. Now that Assange is in jail and Hastings was killed in a scary ball of fire, nobody in mass-media dares question any media narratives, ever. The panopticon tech surveillance minted many new techlords who spy on the people made triple profits under Covid, all those big money companies took big emergency handouts and still laid off people, ya know no one in Congress works for the serfs though a few do sometimes talk pretty. College people were conditioned to believe the tv unreality is what’s actually happening rather than paid advertisements for war and dystopian new world order. I can’t believe Andy Fletcher, one of the founders of Depeche Mode has gone. When I was growing up, those Smash Hits pinups of Depeche Mode and Adam Ant covered all my friends and my lockers and bedroom walls. Upon revisiting the hellhole town I grew up in about 20 years back, I was horrified to behold all the pudgy suburbans who gave me so much shit as a teenager were now, in their thirty something middle age, country line dancing at the sports bar to Depeche Mode‘s “Personal Jesus”, when me and my dead new wave pals listened to that band and The Cure and Gary Numan and Grace Jones, as styling gel and Aqua Net abusing goth teenagers, all those fake blonde sports bar people gave us so much shit, but now the fat spray tanned golf shirts and mall Barbies all act like they were also just totally new wave all along. “Some Great Reward” was one of the records I first fell in love to as a kid, and then, a few years later, “Black Celebration” became the soundtrack of another doomed teen love affair. I loved the band’s lyrics that were more vulnerable and intimate than anything I’d ever heard people say before. They were just achingly, embarrassingly sincere and kinda inspired me to write my own from the heart lyrics. Had a deeply felt, lifelong impact on myself and my diversion program friends I met in counseling for bad kids with funny haircuts. Also emboldened us to wear more leather and bondage type gear even though all that shit just used to irrationally ENRAGE the hicks, jocks, and juvenile authorities where we grew up. The bullshit Rock Hall inducted Depeche Mode a few years back- Dave Gahan and Martin Gore and Andy “Fletch” Fletcher, along with former members Vince Clarke and Alan Wilder and me, I’m personally glad Duran Duran will be joining them this year. Those were my bands, ya know?


    A foxy chick at my school I sat next to in history class named Paulette, was who first got me into Duran Duran-she was a beautiful, coltish brunette, ‘told me I should get my haircut like Limahl. Closest I could come was your standard self cut Sid Vicious spiky top, but I really got into Duran Duran, and also Arcadia, and the Power Station. I remember being actually bummed out when Robert Palmer quit the Power Station. I liked his R&B cover of “I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On” a lot and thought he was a cool white soul crooner. As a pauper, I never got a tailored suit of my own, of course, ‘can’t even properly tie a tie, but back then, Bryan Ferry, David Bowie, Robert Palmer had these really fabulous suits, ya know? But me, I was really into the Andy Taylor/The Alarm/Steve Stevens big haired, silver spurs and gun belts, gypsy bandido look, and girls and makeup and hotel room debauchery and heavy drinking. I was not yet hip to Des Barre when he took over the vocal duties, and they started like appearing on “Miami Vice” and shit. Of course, we all loved Animotion, though I did not know he co wrote that “Obsession” song when it was the big smash radio hit but me and my synthpop friends all loved that song and would gleefully all sing along in our best fake English accents, which is the way we all sang along to anything, back then-even Murkkkan music, I dunno why but we all sang in fake English accents for our formative years-at least me, my Bono lookalike sidekick, JB, and the celebrity DJ, BC, who played bass in my second full fledged garage band with a real drummer. When I was two or three years older, I made friends with some way, way older guys already in their mid twenties who lived near a smalltown record store and had generous parents who gave them a real liberal beer-smokes-records-smut-amyl nitrates-gasoline-guitar string-concert tickets-travel allowance, and I remember discovering their scratchy copy of Checkered Past because ya know, I was into Blondie and the Sex Pistols. Fast forward a few more years and I was struggling to find a glam band on the Sunset Strip in the grunge era, it was all too late, I missed the whole shebang, but met another cool cat older guitarist with dynamite hair and shoes, and that fella got me into SILVERHEAD! He also taught me a whole lot about civil rights struggles. From, there, I secured a secondhand copy  from Aron’s Records of you know, Checkered Past, and was starting to really appreciate the Marquis Des Barres. Read Miss Pamela’s book. So yeah I been a casual fan for years. So I am pretty jazzed when I find out they made a movie about his lifestory. I mean he was lead singer of Scum Of The Earth on WKRP, ya know?  Dr. Johnny Fever was another childhood role model of mine. When Michael talks about abusers at boarding school, always being drawn to show-biz from a young age (he appeared in To Sir With Love) and the rocknroll lifestyle being more important to him than the actual music, I kinda smile, remembering my lost youth. I guess everybody gets into music for different reasons. I had a procession of really gifted Randy Rhoades style guitarists who spent all their time in their rooms, just studying tablature and practicing scales, I had a wouldbe keyboardist who shared my appreciation for bands like Duran Duran and Depeche Mode who’d been like, well funded art projects, rather than real disciplined, music school trained, technically proficient musicians. Both my early bassists were just naturals, a drummer we knew from catholic school marching band, he was brought in by my first grand love. So we started playing these real awkward, amateur hour attempts at original songs, usually based on somebody elses melody with my comic book heavy metal lyrics about crows and rattlesnakes. I had gone to a rich school in the deep burbs where the only two Madonna wannabe chicks who liked stuff like Billy Idol, “Pretty In Pink”, all that, just totally rejected me flatout, preferring the usual, much taller athletes and older guys with sports cars and shit, so when I started going to the downtown high school, I was super surprised all those girls with bleached blonde or blue/black hair all suddenly wanted to be around me. My friend, JB had hidden out for three or four months under a table in my basement in our teens, as he had been involved in a reckless cross country joyride to Vegas with his Chess King clad karate pals, and the cops were looking for him. “ARENA” had just come out and we were really into the Wild Boys song, cause that’s kinda what we were, ya know? “Always shine”. Eventually, he got bored and ventured out to see some girls and ended up being lockedup for ninety days. Couple years after that, I was also lockedup in the same cell as him for ninety days, for drawing Love & Rockets and Flesh for Lulu logos in my history book. My history teacher was also the school wrestling coach-man, he hated me as I’d always been kinda activist minded and challenged his racist history narratives, he used to put me in the classroom closet to scare the normal kids in line. Always left big bruises up and down my scrawny little arms-they don’t get away with that as often, anymore. After I got outta detention hall, I lived in an unheated garage for about a year unbeknownst to my friend’s mom. That’s where all these different girls started showing up and I started enjoying the hard partying, fulltime, around the clock, permanent rocknroll lifestyle, if ya know what I’m sayin’. 

Personally, I always liked Silverhead better than Detective, that was kinda the vibe I was going for too. When my band started playing little ramshackle shows, I was wearing the same kinda runny raccoon makeup as Cooper and Des Barres, the leather pants, no shirt,  or sparkly, see through girl’s blouses, I was about 120 lbs., we were attracting girls, my lead guitarist was much better looking and more androgynous than myself, so he had an even bigger circle of rotating girlfriends than me. Booze and girls and roadtrips and outta town concerts became my main concerns. Clothes, art, mixtapes, cutout bin records. You know: Bauhaus, Gene Loves Jezebel, The Cult! We all loved MTV and I was envisioning theatrical treatments to accompany the glammy little tunes I was writing. We were trying to make our own no budget, dumb little videos from day one. Everybody I knew drank all the time, so there was only maybe one adultish figure ever really admonishing me for being so completely hedonistic, all the time. I cut ties with all the authoritarian types who thought it was okey dokey for poorer kids to be singled out and rich jocks to run roughshod over the rest of us. I’d always had a bit of a social justice consciousness that put me at odds with authorities, and even other punks-ya know lotsa my pals wanted to wear Lewis leathers and new boots like The Clash, but almost none of them seemed to ever, ever even once really listen to the lyrics. I kept advertising for musicians influenced by The Godfathers and Lords Of The New Church, but it was the late eighties and almost everybody was just into Poison-stupid party rawk. Even us, really, we wanted to party all the time like Rick james and eddie Murphy, we’d grown up on Van Halen and the Blues Brothers, it was a long, slow fight, waiting to escape the truant officers by turning 18. Raising hell was what we specialized in, merry making, singing, performing, dressing up. Whenever these old rock docs get to the cleanup time, the recovery moral of the story, I am usually sorta noting how the music kinda sucked after that. They say Steve Tyler is back in rehab, I aint liked much of his songbook since maybe “What It Takes” and “Ragdoll” and “F.I.N.E.” I still love all his seventies records though, and never deny he was one of the best frontmen. I send him all my good vibrations. It’s sortof a shame that Des Barres only had commercial success with “Obsession” cause so many of his records rocked like fuck, “Checkered Past“, man. They did  a whiplash version of “Vacation”. They toured with Ratt and Billy Idol, but their record has a cheeseball KISS style production, formulaic hair metal, ya know? It’s hard to even truly love the Steve Jones solo hairmetal shit ya know? Just too shit-metal, canned drums, cheesy production values, half written songs. Kinda funny when Jones talks about cleaning up but only meaning no smack, he was still doing everything else. I was never personally all that impressed with like, the “Drugs Suck” commercials of the fake sober Doc McGhee anti drug concert in Russia. Anyways, the Des Barres story is a wildass rocknroll fairytale gone wrong again and again, and if you’re anything like me, you know that roller coaster firsthand. I wish Power Station woulda written some better material, ya know, they were fabulous in their own way, but needed better songs, besides “Some Like It Hot” and “Bang A Gong”. In more recent years, DES BARRES has continued acting and has also been releasing new solo tunes and they’ve all been very good. He knows how to rock. I’m still a big fan. He’s a real smart, entertaining, charming motherfucker. My kinda dude.

“White supremacy is as American as apple pie, as the latest killings in Buffalo show.”  (-Dr. Cornel West)

“They don’t censor lies. It’s the Truth that scares them. Remember: Assange is in prison for telling the Truth.” (-Jimmy Dore)2022/may/21/trump-bl


More military grade weaponry in the hands of overmilitarized, unaccountable, racist cops is never the answer. All cops are there for is to protect the property of the ruling class, the coercive arm of the billionaires total spectrum domination, homeland police state. Davos techlords are employing all their marketing people to create more consent for less civil liberties and more authoritarian military training. People want the same fools who don’t help when they’re supposed to, but kick down paramedics doors and shoot them in bed, to be the ones always being ever more heavily armed, while Democrat politicians drone on and on about the horrors of gun violence while giving fifty mill a day for regime change mercenaries in the Ukraine to commit gun violence. Myself, I’m not a textbook liberal, okay? I can’t stand Democrats or Republicans. All they do is blame the other team, worship the rich and give more powers to the gestapo to keep their boots on the necks of the poor. Malcolm X said, “that’s not a chip on my shoulder, that’s your boot on my neck”. I think it’s probably gotten worse, since then. Julian Sanchez said, “I suspect this is an underappreciated harm of police militarization: Now cops think it’s not their job to protect people, if it involves some risk and they don’t have a tank and a SWAT team.” Everytime there is a school shooting, everybody seems to fall right back into their standard programming, with people on the right insisting there are school shootings because unpatriotic poor people are insufficiently Caucasian or rightwing religious, and should pre-emptively be jailed as soon as they are identified as somehow less militarized than say, Kyle Rittenhouse, less than John Wayne gung ho “kill ’em all and let God sort em out”, and we just need more cops in schools and more people of color being feltup and patted down at Israeli style checkpoints. That will always be their position cause they are always rah rah pro military and cop oriented-at least their rank and file are. Why do Dems think the policeman is their fucking friend and that more profiling and spying and censorship and snitching is always the answer? I never get that bullshit, at all. They go right back around the Mulberry Bush from “defund the cops” to fucking “see something/say something”. Kalling the Kops Karens love dialing those three little numbers as their primary conflict resolution strategy, whenever they are offended or wish to speak to an always strangely absent but way overpaid manager. Since when does the establishment protect the little people, the kids, the elderly, or the most vulnerable? NEVER. They don’t care about teachers. Both Betsy Des Vos and Bill Gates have done everything in their power to fuck up public schools and usher in all their robot mind control, charter school and common core bullshit, armed goons in schools just hassle anybody who is different. I thought we knew this and understood that. Everytime the tv tells people they are supposed to get more involved with copping and snitching, and superfunding more jackbooted thugs who only ever end up targeting weird kids, latchkey children, children with disabilities, or on the spectrum, the shitlibs watch tv and all go right into their lifelong “I love a man in a uniform”, cop trusting. Where all the ACABS at? As Ajamu Baraka of Black Alliance For Peace reminds us everyday, “Democrat party opportunists are thinking they finally have an electoral issue, because they literally have nothing else. However, they don’t understand connection between social violence and pro-war legitimation that they helped to foster means the nation will quickly move on.” Shitlibs on the false left just automatically default back to their usual, “just trust Kopmala to superfund the cops and the IDF to train the hypermilitarized alphabet gangs and military and secret mercenary proxy army regime change contractors who we should all trust with guns”. Most of the time, the crazies with access to military grade weapons are members of military and cop families, and sometimes even ex cop or military themselves. That guy that killed all the people at the gay bar had been a military contractor. Dems never see any correlation, whatsoever, between their party promoting extrajudicial assassinations and drones, coups, and torture gulags, endless wars based on lies for corporate pillaging and land grabbing, the mass media glorifying violence all day, and these “lone shooters” who go postal after lifetimes of being taught that violence is somehow heroic and patriotic, as long as their preferred party is in office. POVERTY IS OUR MAIN PROBLEM. And mass media that gaslights us and helps keep us in a fearful, divided and traumatized state, at all times, where we think we need to be more “protected” by armed gangs of stormtrooper robo-cops, and new laws against free speech, and protests in public spaces and stuff. Your Republican friends think we should go to war with China, your Democrat friends are all still hopped up on blaming “RUSSIA!” for Hillary’s rigging the DNC primaries twice and even high rents and gas gouging, and “inflation and supply chain issues”. I asked the guy at the grocery when a certain product would be restocked and he belligerently screamed, “NOBODY WANTS TO WORK!” Margaret Kimberly from Black Agenda Report, opines: “This week was designated #NationalPoliceWeek. Congress picked the anniversary of George Floyd’s killing as a date. Yes they did. Of course, they didn’t know that cops would stand around letting kids get shot, even though that police department claimed to have a SWAT team.” I know shitlibs who still believe there are pornoscanners and TSA gropings in the airports to protect them from scary Muslims with boxcutters coming for their big box retail jobs and freedom fries and special preferences. “The proxy war in Ukraine provides an excellent “you’re either with us or against us” moment for US hegemonic power. US ruling elite are now viewing any country that doesn’t support endless war in Ukraine as the “bad guys” and have begun exerting heavy pressure against them. House bill H.R. 7311 states the US will hold accountable African governments the US feels are aiding Russia’s “malign influence.” But of course “aiding Russia” could be as simple as having economic ties to them. One can see how this quickly spirals into an economic World War.” (-Lee Camp)

Everybody I used to know in high school is deeply immersed in gun flooded Zelensky super hero narrative, and virtue signal by waving flags for Biden who cheerfully ignores all our suffering here in this so called homeland, while giving away unaccountable billions to proxy armies and psy op marketing and flooding Ukraine with weaponry, just like they did in Syria and Libya, it’s a batshit world we live in. Matt Taibbi from Rolling Stone’s Useful Idiot podcasts suggest reading Consortium News online: “Wow: YouTube removing Victoria Nuland-Geoffrey Pyatt call showing U.S. involvement in the Maidan coup – the “Yats is our guy” tape. This is how the alleged fight against “misinformation” will be used to cover up damaging truths.” I avoid mass media, cause I’d be as baffled as the rest of ’em, if I spent hours a day watching police state propaganda. Glen Greenwald nails it, again: “Cultural left-liberals really do believe that they have reached such a state of unprecedented enlightenment that all communities and discourse involving marginalized people — including ones to which they have zero connection in their lives — are theirs to control and dictate.” In the Midwest, they don’t really care for music-they even get drunk IN FRONT OF THEIR TV’s. Everyday, I have to see headlines about Elon Musk and the Kardashians, and all their fucking opinions. Who cares about those obnoxious rich people? Kardashian’s even promoting the Bill Gates Solylent Green brand of fake meat. She won’t eat it but she wants you to. They overnight put that shit in all the fast food places and that no one in the “news” mentions it, makes me wonder what kinda fuckedup shit the shareholders of Bayer/Monsanto got in store for us, now. I been vegetarian for about twenty years, but I have no faith or trust in any of these billionaires incessantly heralded in mass media as SUPER SCIENTIFIC SPACE SAVIORS FOR PROGRESS. It troubles me that Gates and Blackrock have taken control of the seeds, farmlands, and food supply. But what do the girls from Blackpink have to say about it? Just kidding-I’v never even heard that shit. I still mostly listen to eighties new wave. I don’t watch tv or believe in anything the politicians have to say about anything, anymore. I’m not one of those people who know the government lies about SOME topics but always tell the whole truth about others, because of “identifying” with some politician. Burroughs said, “everytime there’s a mass shooting they always want to take all the guns away from the people who did not do it”. I still think we need to keep talking about DEMILITARIZING THE POLICE. Your college friends never heard of a disposition matrix. I got no interest in hearing violence loving, gun crazy, drone giddy warpigs lecture anybody about gun violence. 

How Team Obama Justifies the Killing of a 16-Year-Old American – The Atlantic


As a prole and an antisocial glamarchist I ain’t one to shell out big money to be herded by gym hulks in staff t shirts into some sports arena with a buncha sunburnt idiots who might just trample each other to death to see a roster of hasbeen metal wankers, none of whom were able to keep their original lineup together. It’s just like Waxl and company dragging the brand through the money trenches without Izzy and Adler, they’re just superfame millionaires perpetually doing the cash grab victory lap without any real rocknroll soul, but they aint playing for rocknroll people anymore, they’re playing for like, rich as fuck techlord or vacationing hedge fund managers or attorneys, Hard Rock Cafe tourists. So yeah the idea of a QUIREBOYS who were already down to like only two charter members, playing metal shows with Enuff Z Nuff guys in the band, that’s just not probably gonna be my thing. Call me old fashioned, but I’ll probably be sticking with SPIKE, wherever he goes. Mary Ann, 7 O’Clock, yeah? I always preferred the Quireboys to The Black Crowes or any of those other eighties suitjacket bands.


Last night I had to take a break from parenting stresses and went on a walk right after dusk, tried to photograph a very strange beige sunset but doubt my cheap camera really captured the colors correctly. On my way home past a house the locals refer to as the stabbin’ cabin, I suddenly heard the sound from behind of a vicious barking dog, I started running forward at a breakneck pace, hoping to make it to my friend’s house who has a pickup truck in her driveway I was gonna jump up into, but I heard the animal right at my heels and turned around and hit the ground with my walking stick right in front of it’s face as a warning, yelling, “go home!” Now this is the third narrow escape from attack dogs in the four and a half years I been in the desert. There is a sick personality type who likes having their leashless pitbulls chasing strangers down the streets, as a way of sortof broadening their property, expanding their turf. One crazy new age monster loves letting her dog own the streets and just smiles smugly at passerby, it’s kinda like gun nuts, only they are double pitbull dog nuts. This is the only place I ever been where elderly people are too lazy to even walk their fucking dogs, so they let them run down the middle of the street and the, just follow them from behind, driving slowly in their big oversized fifty thousand dollar fucking white pickup trucks. The pitbull crazies are both men and women, it’s a freakish thing to me-weaponizing animals and refusing to obey local leash laws that can never be enforced because every single oldster who owns a big desert high fenced compound have the two obligatory, snarly pitbulls and the lady who owns the one chased that me last night, she’s been cited by cops before. One of her old pitbulls had to be put down after biting somebody. The animal control place made her post signs all around her compound that say dangerous animal, but I see she has been allowed to adopt another secondary pitbull, in spite of the fact that people have been harmed by her animals in the past, and hell, somebody was stabbed at her place a couple years ago, I think by her son, but somehow cops just let her remain there, letting the pitbulls out of her gate to roam the streets whenever she just feels like it, what a crazy freak, and ya know, let’s just say she has, “guests” visiting her place in different automobiles, all around the clock. So it’s always nuts to me how cops will target some random old hermit for harassment if they don’t particularly care for his taste in yard ornaments, but batshit crazy old women can dominate the entire neighborhood with vicious animals. Fuckin hell. Somedays, the thought comes-maybe I’LL get an animal and sic it on all these batshit old women and see how they like running from a big creature baring it’s fuckin’ teeth, but ya know, “revenge is mine sayeth the lord”, I try to give it up, to the God of my understanding. It’s tough, though. So much smalltown corruption. Couple years back attack dogs are said to have killed somebody who was riding a bicycle here. It’s a drag cause I gotta take walks to preserve what mirage of sanity I still got left, even in these horrible days of unbearable wildfire smoke and ninety seven degrees hetwaves where you can barely even breathe, but everywhere you go, there are some evil forces allowed by the establishment to operate right there in the open with full impunity. Those fucking people suck so bad. I don’t like wishin’ ill on animals-what the fuck is wrong with their fuckin’ sick, ghastly, evil owners? I will repeat again that I blame corporate media for keeping people in a perpetual state of fear that makes people think they need the ten foot high fences, doorbell cameras, oversized knives on their belts, the tank like vehicles, the guns and pitbulls. When you glorify war and conquering all day, it affects people. We all cope with trauma differently, some of us arm ourselves to the teeth and buy emergency supplies from Alex Jones, some of us drink and weep, others stay in a cozy prescription pill bubble in front of Netflix and focus on pop culture garbage, others get back to rigorous conformity believing obedience to authority is always the right thing to do. Even and especially totally corrupt authority. UGH! I’m told by many witnesses that one time when I was losing a street fight against nazi skinheads, two nazi sympathizing cops just sat in their cars and watched while I was stomped on for almost ten minutes by nine guys in steel toed boots. My life was saved by a crack dealer with an aluminum baseball bat. True story.

Mornings in the desert, moon is still in the smoky sky when the roosters wake me up, I go check on all the outdoor neighborhood feral cats we help take care of, put my outgoing stuff in the mailbox, make some coffee, start skimming the headlines, once you see the brazen police state war propaganda for what it is, you can’t stop seeing it. My neighbors say things like, “we have to support the real estate investors”. HUH? Whut? Not me, Jack. Affluent people all have some idea that it’s poor people’s patriotic duty to “support” the richer people. No, man. Not I. They are all fucking ugly, selfish, horrible, misguided, heavily propagandized warpigs. Not my scene, man, not my job. I scoff at the whole horror show, we don’t even know what’s going on. But you can bet it’s some crazy horrific shit. Like the headline where odious Kissinger is saying depraved occultist and techno-fascist Klaus Schwab’s Future Leader’s School Grad, the comedian/actor/millionaire/action star Zelensky is gonna have to give up territory and him saying, basically that Klaus and Nato and Davos predators will not allow that. The WEF billionaires are meeting at DAVOS and planning their “fourth industrial revolution” C3PO transhumanist, NWO wars in secret. I’m not privy to the specifics of how they plan on waging endless wars and redrawing maps and installing more puppet regimes and ultimately taking on China, but I understand it aint nothing pretty and it sure as hell in no way is at all intended to help out poor people-my ex associates though, are all media suckers-they’ll believe anything the tv says. So long as an official corporate network millionaire says it’s true, it’s gotta be the facts: Rachel Maddow can not tell a lie, they insist. She’s on the tv! Maybe those goshdarn Republikkans lied, but only about Trump electoral stuff, and some middle eastern war in Afghanistan they can barely remember, but the main thing is Biden/Zelensky is good and Trump/Putin is bad, and that’s all anybody in history will ever need to know, ya know, for science and feminism and woke, vegan, pro noun diversity. And AOC! And her feelings-that one blue lives matter/Maga protest at the capital “traumatized” her. The Thank Obamas cling desperately to their rigged primaries and gentrification mimosa bruncheons. I can’t even start to have any sort of real conversation with those people, they have just been hopelessly programmed to recite advertising slogans, like “standing with Ukraine”, “trust science”, “blue no matter who”, “just do it”, that kinda shit, and almost nothing else-maybe some Taylor Swift lyrics, “shake it off, shake it off, ooh hoo hoo.” It really is a Spice World, now. Boy bands and wealth worship, video games and product updates, and shit-libs celebrating that General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin and Dyncorp weapon manufacturers are creating robot armies for our health and the public good. And censoring the internet for freedom and ACADEMIA! Maybe if I’d inherited a house and a fake part time business and spent the past forty years watching television on mom’s couch, Bruce Willis action thrillers and such, I’d wanna believe that Oprah and Dr. Phil know what’s best for us. I can’t do it, I can’t even be around the shitlibs with their I-Phones and their know nothing paid for diplomas. They’re having debates about Amber Herd and Elon Musk and quoting the Simpsons. Fantasizing about being macho, unshaven, brave, zombie fighters with flat stomachs and big crossbows.  Get me outta here. Fucking Foo Fighters fans. Vaping for science and diversity. I can’t help ’em. Gotta use my walk away powers. I knew they were lost in 95. They kept talking to me about that tv show, “Friends”. Suckin’ up to the fortunate son drug dealers, hoping for a coveted ticket to the swimming pool party at the mama Mcmansion, waxin’ on and on about how they were fourth hand famous because their friend’s friends’s friend’s friend used to open up for the fat fratboy band who got five minutes of being grunge famous cause somebody’s dad was a media monolith CEO who bought ’em a recording studio and now they are all friends with the cops and somebody got to go with them to the stripjoint that plays Fiddy Cent and Lil Wayne, once. Ehhh. I’ll pass. I hate capitalist rappers. I don’t even like Eminem or Jay Z. They in bed with Masons. Gimme Boots Riley and Immortal Tech, anyday. Media is gonna scream about nothing but abortion, gun control and why Biden should kill always more social safety net programs to redirect funding to kkkops and proxy war regime change armies. I’m a keep talking about poverty and bullshit jacked up rents, slave wages and corporate media providing cover for all that chaicanery, mass murder, selective grieving, exploitation and quiet weapons for silent war. I remember when my old heavy metal guitar player gave me the book “They Rule By Secrecy” by Jim Marrs and not being ready for much of it. I gave all my kids books by Howard Zinn when they were growing up-I want them to know that things are never what the tv makes ’em seem. Like this rotating villain strategy, where the corporate puppet Dems blame all their own whitewashing and wrongdoings on some boogeyman du jour, usually an external villain, but sometimes a Republikkkan with the Big D in parentheses, so they can tweet all day about “taxing the rich” or “fake news” or “RUSSIAN! disinformation”, but never actually help anyone.

We can’t believe this really happened: last week George W. Bush took responsibility for being a war criminal.  While criticizing Russia for having rigged elections and shutting out political opposition (which would already be hilarious coming from any American in general and Bush in particular), the 43rd president made the following comment:

“The result is an absence of checks and balances in Russia, and the decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq. I mean, of Ukraine.”

This was followed by him adding “and Iraq, too.”  To which the audience laughed.  

As Caitlin Johnstone so brilliantly commented: “The bullshit doesn’t get any more brightly illuminated than this, folks. While the western political/media class constantly rends its garments over “disinformation” about the Ukraine war even as US officials openly admit they’ve been using the media to circulate disinformation about that same war, and even as the Biden administration imprisons and persecutes a journalist for exposing US war crimes, we get a square admission that the US is no better than Russia and that the only thing obscuring this is the fact that we are all swimming in a sea of disinformation and propaganda provided by that same political/media class.”

The U.S. media is driving us to and keeping us at war. We saw the media drive us to war in Iraq and we saw the devastating consequences and now it is driving a U.S. proxy war with Russia in Ukraine.  It must stop!  

Where are the media calls for peace?  We must demand they stop cheering on the killing of people and publish and platform plans for peace.

The U.S. media drives us to war and fries our brains. This time the stakes are literally nuclear. Not one Democrat in Congress is opposing the tens of billions of weapons being sent to Ukraine to keep the war there going and last month, the Wall Street Journal published an article titled: ‘The U.S. Should Show it can Win a Nuclear War.’ What!?!?!?! This kind of dangerous thinking must be debunked, but the New York Times and Washington Post are too busy campaigning for more weapons for more war — all the way to nuclear apocalypse.

Contact The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC and tell them to stop driving war.

 They must call for negotiations, not escalations, weapons and more hate.

Stop the lies and hate. Call for peace,

Jodie and the entire CODEPINK team: Ann, Ariel, Clay, Danaka, Emily, Farida, Justina, Jodie, Kelly, Leonardo, Lola, Marcy, Mark, Medea, Michelle, Nancy, Olivia, Paki,  Sam, Sophie, Sohpia, Samantha, Teri, Shea, and Suzie


“On your street they try to tell you ’bout the pain, in my streets, we try to do it all again…” (-Electric Frankenstein)

Sometimes, it’s best to lead from the back, wolf style–like Chappelle said, in this kinda culture you gonna need a pretty white girl to SING any true fact you wish to convey. I been busy fighting advanced periodontal disease, a city hall in bed with horrifyingly shady developers who seem to have boundless resources for destroying my part of town, the wildlife habitat, and hoping to erase the traditional, desert southwest cowboy culture and in it’s place, install a cul de sac of rich, suburbanized or gentrified, tech money, part time, two months a year, snowbird McMansions, exclusively for rich people. It’s fucked up. Talk about being replaced. When we were back in kindergarten and Sunday School, they taught us that the ruling class really cared about our suggestion box preferences, and petitions, that our wishes and interests would be “represented” by some pre vetted, rich brand models we got to choose from, but of course, it was all lies. The fix was probably always in. Smoky backrooms and secret societies. It’s really weird knowing people who still think the Democrat Party represents regular people and not just big pharma and the military industrial complex. I mean, I’ve known a lot of ignorant Republikkkans in my time, but now, they are ALL dumb Republikkkans only some have NAMASTE bumper stickers, know wot I mean? Warpigs-they are all warpigs. Ever since they consolidated the mass media back in 96 under Clinton’s Telecommunications Act, every fucking aspect of monopoly media has been weaponized-the bullshit news, the super hero movies, the mk ultra occult pop, it’s all bullshit, it’s gotten grim, Jim. I remember back in 95, me and my dead friend, Charlie Die from Margate, NJ, we used to exchange fanzines, we did not have the internet, we made fanzines and cassette compilations for one another. I couldn’t even type back then, had to get girls to type my little 45 record reviews for me. We were all really into like, the NY Loose, Mummies, Teengenerate, The Humpers, the R.A.F.R. compilations, and ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN who just flatout rocked so hard, man. Sal from Electric Frankenstein used to talk about The Anti-Rock Conspiracy and how the corporate powers that be wanted to remove rebellious rocknroll that provoked thought from the airwaves, or herd it into little ghettofied free speech zones, controlling when we were allowed to hear it-mostly just during sports or army commercials. After the war of terror started by Bush/Cheney on 9/11, Radio banned 900 some anti-war songs, ya know? Nobody gets to be heard, if they say any shit that is a problem for the billionaires and warpigs and surveillance tech-fascists. Where I live, the town print shop closed down during the Plague Years. Also, the book store. What remains? McDonalds, Wal-Mart, the legal reefer white people pot dispensaries and liquor stores. Couple of yuppie tourist traps where you can get your ten dollar beer, or eight dollar coffee, or fifteen dollar waffles. When I quit a record store job, because our rightwing dickhead boss was an all around uptight, predator, bully abuser, shit went bad for a couple years. Series of bad dishwashing jobs, breakups, lost my record collection, lost all my books and cool clothes, kinda went to drink for awhile until I met a woman who owned a trendy pizza place, who got me off the street and helped me clean up for awhile. I got a bookstore job in the rich suburbs, that kinda sucked, too, had to take shit from crazy new age Karens all day, but I did not have to pick chicken, or be around the post grunge, tattoo hot rod hipsters. I don’t remember liking much new music after that. The little labels I used to jam to like Sympathy all died. Flipside magazine went out of business. The bars were all overran with these big dumb mook sports people, who never really liked music to begin with. Those assholes put “The Simpsons” on TV, at the bar, preyed on drunk women, beatup smaller people to impress drunk women, sold drugs outta the back room, the baseball caps turned the music scene into a sports bar frathouse type environment, killing off old school punk people’s desire to wanna be involved in local music. It was all just sports dummies and pro war chanting: “USA! USA! USA! USA!”, after that. “Who Let The Dogs Out”, “American Idol”, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Been almost nothing but Foo Fighters, ever since. I’d visit big cities, and even there, the bars were too gentrified and overpriced and it was all just like cover bands and tribute nights. How many more times do I need to hear those same ten songs played badly? I did my part, I kept on writing and archiving songs from the heart about my life and this fuckedup crazy war world we live in, but my former collaborators all split to play with people who were richer and more famous. I almost never hear any new music I like anymore, that speaks at all to my reality. It’s all bullshit. Richard Duguay from Canada, he is great. It’s been a long time, really. Circus Of Power and Junkyard and The Hangmen are still good. The World Famous Mister Ratboy and Hiroshi the Golden Arm have a new band in Japan called THE GOLDEN RAT. I think Australia’s awesome VICIOUS KITTEN RECORDS Gray Brothers might be releasing their “PINUPS” style new LP! Anything by TEX PERKINS or any BEASTS affiliated side projects or spinoffs are always great. I been thinkin’ about Maria McKee lately. I think she left the country to escape all those evil producer predatory industry sleazebags. Same with Terrence Trent D’Arby-changed his name and got outta town. It’s probably a bad idea to go anywhere near the USA monopoly media record labels. TIM YO from “Maximum Rocknroll” tried to warn us over 25 years ago. It eats talent and shits war propaganda. Corporate Rawk still sucks. Now more than ever before. Where I live there aint no international newwsstands so ya can’t get import rock magazines and USA killed off the print media except for Spin and Rolling Stone which are literally, actually sickening. If you read that bullshit, it makes you physically sick. Mostly cause it’s all lies and promotes all those Disneyfied, fake Hip-hop, lapdancer/boyband monarch industry slaves.


“The United States, as the near unanimous vote to provide nearly $40 billion in aid to Ukraine illustrates, is trapped in the death spiral of unchecked militarism. No high speed trains. No universal health care. No viable Covid relief program. No respite from 8.3 percent inflation. No infrastructure programs to repair decaying roads and bridges, which require $41.8 billion to fix the 43,586 structurally deficient bridges, on average 68 years old. No forgiveness of $1.7 trillion in student debt. No addressing income inequality. No program to feed the 17 million children who go to bed each night hungry. No rational gun control or curbing of the epidemic of nihilistic violence and mass shootings. No help for the 100,000 Americans who die each year of drug overdoses. No minimum wage of $15 an hour to counter 44 years of wage stagnation. No respite from gas prices that are projected to hit $6 a gallon.

The permanent war economy, implanted since the end of World War II, has destroyed the private economy, bankrupted the nation, and squandered trillions of dollars of taxpayer money. The monopolization of capital by the military has driven the US debt to $30 trillion, $ 6 trillion more than the US GDP of $ 24 trillion. Servicing this debt costs $300 billion a year. We spent more on the military, $ 813 billion for fiscal year 2023, than the next nine countries, including China and Russia, combined.

We are paying a heavy social, political, and economic cost for our militarism. Washington watches passively as the U.S. rots, morally, politically, economically, and physically, while China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, India, and other countries extract themselves from the tyranny of the U.S. dollar and the international Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), a messaging network banks and other financial institutions use to send and receive information, such as money transfer instructions. Once the U.S. dollar is no longer the world’s reserve currency, once there is an alternative to SWIFT, it will precipitate an internal economic collapse. It will force the immediate contraction of the U.S. empire shuttering most of its nearly 800 overseas military installations. It will signal the death of Pax Americana.

Democrat or Republican. It does not matter. War is the raison d’état of the state. Extravagant military expenditures are justified in the name of “national security.” The nearly $40 billion allocated for Ukraine, most of it going into the hands of weapons manufacturers such as Raytheon Technologies, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing, is only the beginning. Military strategists, who say the war will be long and protracted, are talking about infusions of $4 or $5 billion in military aid a month to Ukraine. We face existential threats. But these do not count. The proposed budget for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in fiscal year 2023 is $10.675 billion. The proposed budget for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is $11.881 billion. Ukraine alone gets more than double that amount. Pandemics and the climate emergency are afterthoughts. War is all that matters. This is a recipe for collective suicide.

There were three restraints to the avarice and bloodlust of the permanent war economy that no longer exist. The first was the old liberal wing of the Democratic Party, led by politicians such as Senator George McGovern, Senator Eugene McCarthy, and Senator J. William Fulbright, who wrote The Pentagon Propaganda Machine. The self-identified progressives, a pitiful minority, in Congress today, from Barbara Lee, who was the single vote in the House and the Senate opposing a broad, open-ended authorization allowing the president to wage war in Afghanistan or anywhere else, to Ilhan Omar now dutifully line up to fund the latest proxy war. The second restraint was an independent media and academia, including journalists such as I.F Stone and Neil Sheehan along with scholars such as Seymour Melman, author of The Permanent War Economy and Pentagon Capitalism: The Political Economy of War. Third, and perhaps most important, was an organized anti-war movement, led by religious leaders such as Dorothy Day, Martin Luther King Jr. and Phil and Dan Berrigan as well as groups such as Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). They understood that unchecked militarism was a fatal disease.

None of these opposition forces, which did not reverse the permanent war economy but curbed its excesses, now exist. The two ruling parties have been bought by corporations, especially military contractors. The press is anemic and obsequious to the war industry. Propagandists for permanent war, largely from right-wing think tanks lavishly funded by the war industry, along with former military and intelligence officials, are exclusively quoted or interviewed as military experts. NBC’s “Meet the Press” aired a segment May 13 where officials from Center for a New American Security (CNAS) simulated what a war with China over Taiwan might look like. The co-founder of CNAS, Michèle Flournoy, who appeared in the “Meet the Press” war games segment and was considered by Biden to run the Pentagon, wrote in 2020 in Foreign Affairs that the U.S. needs to develop “the capability to credibly threaten to sink all of China’s military vessels, submarines and merchant ships in the South China Sea within 72 hours.” 

The handful of anti-militarists and critics of empire from the left, such as Noam Chomsky, and the right, such as Ron Paul, have been declared persona non grata by a compliant media. The liberal class has retreated into boutique activism where issues of class, capitalism and militarism are jettisoned for “cancel culture,” multiculturalism and identity politics. Liberals are cheerleading the war in Ukraine. At least the inception of the war with Iraq saw them join significant street protests. Ukraine is embraced as the latest crusade for freedom and democracy against the new Hitler. There is little hope, I fear, of rolling back or restraining the disasters being orchestrated on a national and global level.  The neoconservatives and liberal interventionists chant in unison for war. Biden has appointed these war mongers, whose attitude to nuclear war is terrifyingly cavalier, to run the Pentagon, the National Security Council, and the State Department.

Since all we do is war, all proposed solutions are military. This war mongering accelerates the decline, as the military defeat in Vietnam and the squandering of $8 trillion in the futile wars in the Middle East illustrate. War and sanctions, it is believed, will cripple Russia, rich in gas and natural resources. War, or the threat of war, will curb the growing economic and 

military clout of China. These are demented and dangerous fantasies, perpetrated by a ruling class that has severed itself from reality. No longer able to salvage their own society and economy, they seek to destroy those of their global competitors, especially Russia and China. Once the militarists cripple Russia, the plan goes, they will focus military aggression on the Indo-Pacific, dominating what Hillary Clinton as secretary of state, referring to the Pacific, called “the American Sea.” 

You cannot talk about war without talking about markets. The U.S., whose growth rate has fallen to below 2 percent, while China’s growth rate is 8.1 percent, has turned to military aggression to bolster its sagging economy. If the U.S. can sever Russian gas supplies to Europe, it will force Europeans to buy from the United States. U.S. firms, at the same time, would be happy to replace the Chinese Communist Party, even if they must do it through the threat of war, to open unfettered access to Chinese markets. War, if it did break out with China, would devastate the Chinese, American, and global economies, destroying free trade between countries as in World War I. But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

Washington is desperately trying to build military and economic alliances to ward off a rising China, whose economy is expected by 2028 to overtake that of the United States, according to the UK’s Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR). The White House has said Biden’s current visit to Asia is about sending a “powerful message” to Beijing and others about what the world could look like if democracies “stand together to shape the rules of the road.” The Biden administration has invited South Korea and Japan to attend the NATO summit in Madrid.

But fewer and fewer nations, even among European allies, are willing to be dominated by the United States. Washington’s veneer of democracy and supposed respect for human rights and civil liberties is so badly tarnished as to be irrecoverable. Its economic decline, with China’s manufacturing 70 percent higher than that of the U.S., is irreversible. War is a desperate Hail Mary, one employed by dying empires throughout history with catastrophic consequences. “It was the rise of Athens and the fear that this instilled in Sparta that made war inevitable,” Thucydides noted in the History of the Peloponnesian War. 

A key component to the sustenance of the permanent war state was the creation of the All-Volunteer Force. Without conscripts, the burden of fighting wars falls to the poor, the working class, and military families. This All-Volunteer Force allows the children of the middle class, who led the Vietnam anti-war movement, to avoid service. It protects the military from internal revolts, carried out by troops during the Vietnam War, which jeopardized the cohesion of the armed forces. The All-Volunteer Force, by limiting the pool of available troops, also makes the global ambitions of the militarists impossible. Desperate to maintain or increase troop levels in Iraq and Afghanistan, the military instituted the stop-loss policy that arbitrarily extended active-duty contracts. Its slang term was the backdoor draft. The effort to bolster the number of troops by hiring private military contractors, as well, had a negligible effect. Increased troop levels would not have won the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but the tiny percentage of those willing to serve in the military (only 7 percent of the U.S. population are veterans) is an unacknowledged Achilles heel for the militarists.

“As a consequence, the problem of too much war and too few soldiers eludes serious scrutiny,” writes historian and retired Army Colonel Andrew Bacevich in After the Apocalypse: America’s Role in a World Transformed. “Expectations of technology bridging that gap provide an excuse to avoid asking the most fundamental questions: Does the United States possess the military wherewithal to oblige adversaries to endorse its claim of being history’s indispensable nation? And if the answer is no, as the post-9/11 wars in Afghanistan and Iraq suggest, wouldn’t it make sense for Washington to temper its ambitions accordingly?”

This question, as Bacevich points out, is an “anathema.” The military strategists work from the supposition that the coming wars won’t look anything like past wars. They invest in imaginary theories of future wars that ignore the lessons of the past, ensuring more fiascos. 

The political class is as self-deluded as the generals. It refuses to accept the emergence of a multi-polar world and the palpable decline of American power. It speaks in the outdated language of American exceptionalism and triumphalism, believing it has the right to impose its will as the leader of the “free world.” In his 1992 Defense Planning Guidance memorandum, U.S. Under Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz argued that the U.S. must ensure no rival superpower again arises. The U.S. should project its military strength to dominate a unipolar world in perpetuity. On February 19, 1998, on NBC’s “TodayShow”, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright gave the Democratic version of this doctrine of unipolarity. “If we have to use force it is because we are Americans; we are the indispensable nation,” she said. “We stand tall, and we see further than other countries into the future.”

This demented vision of unrivaled U.S. global supremacy, not to mention unrivaled goodness and virtue, blinds the establishment Republicans and Democrats. The military strikes they casually used to assert the doctrine of unipolarity, especially in the Middle East, swiftly spawned jihadist terror and prolonged warfare. None of them saw it coming until the hijacked jets slammed into the World Trade Center twin towers. That they cling to this absurd hallucination is the triumph of hope over experience.

There is a deep loathing among the public for these elitist Ivy League architects of American imperialism. Imperialism was tolerated when it was able to project power abroad and produce rising living standards at home. It was tolerated when it restrained itself to covert interventions in countries such as Iran, Guatemala, and Indonesia. It went off the rails in Vietnam. The military defeats that followed accompanied a steady decline in living standards, wage stagnation, a crumbling infrastructure and eventually a series of economic policies and trade deals, orchestrated by the same ruling class, which deindustrialized and impoverished the country.

The establishment oligarchs, now united in the Democratic Party, distrust Donald Trump. He commits the heresy of questioning the sanctity of the American empire. Trump derided the invasion of Iraq as a “big, fat mistake.” He promised “to keep us out of endless war.” Trump was repeatedly questioned about his relationship with Vladimir Putin. Putin was “a killer,” one interviewer told him. “There are a lot of killers,” Trump retorted. “You think our country’s so innocent?” Trump dared to speak a truth that was to be forever unspoken, the militarists had sold out the American people.

Noam Chomsky took some heat for pointing out, correctly, that Trumpis the “one statesman” who has laid out a “sensible” proposition to resolve the Russia-Ukraine crisis. The proposed solution included “facilitating negotiations instead of undermining them and moving toward establishing some kind of accommodation in Europe…in which there are no military alliances but just mutual accommodation.”

Trump is too unfocused and mercurial to offer serious policy solutions. He did set a timetable to withdraw from Afghanistan, but he also ratcheted up the economic war against Venezuela and reinstituted crushing sanctions against Cuba and Iran, the latter two of which the Obama administration had ended. He increased the military budget. He apparently flirted with carrying out a missile strike on Mexico to “destroy the drug labs.” But he acknowledges a distaste for imperial mismanagement that resonates with a disenfranchised public, one that has every right to loath the smug mandarins that plunge us into one war after another. Trump lies like he breathes. But so do they.

The 57 Republicans who refused to support the $40 billion aid package to Ukraine, along with many of the 19 bills that included an earlier $13.6 billion in aid for Ukraine, come out of the kooky conspiratorial world of Trump. They, like Trump, repeat this heresy. They too are attacked and censored. But the longer Biden and the ruling class continue to pour resources into war at our expense, the more these proto fascists, already set to wipe out Democratic gains in the House and the Senate this fall, will be ascendant. Marjorie Taylor Greene, during the debate on the aid package to Ukraine, which most members were not given time to closely examine, said: “$40 billion dollars but there’s no baby formula for American mothers and babies.”

“An unknown amount of money to the CIA and Ukraine supplemental bill but there’s no formula for American babies,” she added. “Stop funding regime change and money laundering scams. A US politician covers up their crimes in countries like Ukraine.”

Democrat Jamie Raskin immediately attacked Greene for parroting the propaganda of Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Greene, like Trump, spoke a truth that resonates with a disenfranchised and impoverished working class. The opposition to permanent war should have come from the tiny progressive wing of the Democratic Party, which unfortunately sold out to the craven Democratic Party leadership to save their political careers. Greene is demented, but Raskin and the Democrats peddle their own brand of lunacy. We are going to pay a very steep price for this burlesque.” (-Chris Hedges)

“Justin Trudeau bans RT and then  whines when Russia bans Canadian media in retaliation. This is a perfect example of how the US empire and its vassals see the world.” (-Garland Nixon)

Dogkennel Hill “Sweethearts Of The Rodeo”

This is a re-release from the 1999 debut album of DOGKENNEL HILL, the band formed by Guy Bailey (The QUIREBOYS) and his school friend Tim Bewlay who also played with The QUIREBOYS for a short time. You’ll also find Chris Johnstone (piano; who also played in The QUIREBOYS), Simon Hanson (SQUEEZE) on drums and Dave Tregunna (The LORDS of The NEW CHURCH…) on bass on this album. This should be enough for you to get interested into it, right?
Playing a FACES/STONES kind of rock’n’roll would have been a bit too predictable for the band even though Tim’s voice sometimes get close to Spike’s, so these dandy bandits offer us some fine bluesy country rock instead with lots of slide guitar and violin by Sarah Denton. You’ll find some old Bob Dylan or even Lou Reed (“Put Him Down”) traces in this album but the ROLLING STONES spirit is never too far (“Smart Girl”, “Dirt On My Shoes”…) Actually, some of these songs (I’m thinking of “Never Get To Heaven”, “Las Vegas”…) could really be classics.
I’m not sure if the re-release will have the same cover-art, but in this case don’t let it keep you away from it, this is no Rondo Veneziano! Get this album, put your best gypsy scarf on, open a bottle of wine and let it carry you away… /Laurent C.

Smash Fashion “Blame It On The Brandy” 7″

Los Angeles doesn’t only produce MOTLEY CRUE/GUNS N’ ROSES clones. Look at SMASH FASHION for instance, these guys get most of their influences from the swinging 60s and sparkling 70s. Is it surprising? Not that much when you look at the band line-up: Nigel Mogg (ex-QUIREBOYS), Repo (ex-SMACK), Lloyd Stuart Casson (ex-ROCK CITY ANGELS) and lead singer Roger Deering who probably owns more than one or two SLADE, MOTT THE HOOPLE or FACES records!
Only two songs on this limited edition 7″: “Blame it On The Brandy”, a killer song with a great T.REX/Bowie guitar riff and a pretty catchy chorus, and “Marionette, a track that was previously recorded and which sounds a bit like a mix of STONES and CHEAP TRICK with 70s glitter rock backing vocals!
These rock’n’roll dandies definitely have good tastes and this is rare enough to be underlined these days. Now let’s play the hell out of these songs while waiting for a new album!/Laurent C.